Saturday, January 23, 2010

Einstein's Accidental Invention

Einstein’s letter was written June 18th 1943 to Lt. Stephen Brunauer, Bureau of Ordnance, Navy Department, Washington DC

The device was to deflect torpedoes during world war II in 1943. The device was tried on U.S. Naval Ship U.S.S. Eldridge VE173 , a destroyer escort class ship. This was the Philadelphia experiment. Two large massive field coils were put on board the deck of the ship along with two large electrical generators.

When the experiment was initiated a green fog enveloped the ship. As the fog dissipated not only was the fog gone but so was the U.S.S. Eldridge itself. Then eventually an order was given to turn the generators off and the ship reappeared in the same green fog but was in a different location possibly hundreds of miles away. Some people were missing, some people were deranged, and some people had literally become a part of the ship as if flesh and metal had become one.

-It is reported that two men were embedded in the steel decks
-two men embedded in the steel bulkheads
-One man with his hand embedded in the steel bulkheads
-people running around totally bananas
-some men were on fire
-some men were glowing
-some men were just missing

Supposedly, they discontinued further experiments after this. End quote from “That’s Impossible” at it played on the History channel wed 1/20/10 on the history channel at 11:30 pm pacific time.

My conjecture:
However, if I know the U.S. Government during wartime someone continued these experiments somewhere then or eventually after the war was over. It is this research that leads me to believe they were on the precipice of discovering (once it was properly calibrated(time space travel and dimensional travel) first on earth and then beyond. The potential for Dimensional travel is indicated by the deranged men and of men embedded into the steel of the ship

Today, for example, if anyone takes a metal ship and duplicates this experiment without any humans on board with instead remote controlled or autonomous digital cameras and robotic equipment instead they could likely duplicate the green fog and moving a ship from one location to another without killing or maiming anyone and therefore could learn more about (time space travel and dimensional travel invented by accident by Einstein in 1943 in Philadelphia Harbor).

However, it is important to note that attention was diverted after the deaths and maimings of these good sailors to the Atomic Bomb which Einstein also invented that actually ended World War II for Good.

However, if I'm right and Einstein also invented time-space and potentially dimensional travel as well then the nuclear bomb pales in comparison to the dangers of time space and dimensional travel.

This is one of the reasons that I write about this problem. As an intuitive it is obvious to me that time travel in various forms has existed on earth in at the very least U.S. hands since World War II or thereabouts.

There is one caveat to all this. If I'm right no one who produces real evidence that supports my theory can be allowed to be left alive by the U.S Government.So not having proof that I'm right keeps me alive and all the others alive who don't have physical proof. If you have physical proof that I am right it is likely that you and possibly your family might disappear. But if I'm wrong we are all safe(at least in regard to this one thing).

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