Friday, January 29, 2010

Verifiable Trust

I was thinking tonight in regard to "What is the main problem of all Utopian societies" which of course includes socialism, capitalism, democracy and many many more. The main problem is Verifying Trust. In other words one or more people who don't play by the rules screw the whole thing up for everyone. And the problem with all utopian systems is that these are not common dumb criminals. No. The people who really screw things up the most are the smartest most educated people who are very good at acting like they are perfect model citizens in every way. Likely they will never go to jail or anything else. They will be rich likely and have every convenience. No one will ever be able to prove what they are really doing. This is the real problem of Socialism, capitalism, Democracy and any utopian system ever devised.

The problem: Someone always games the system to their advantage and so ruins it for everyone. I don't know the solution really because the only solution is that all people in power have to be deserving of trust whether they are governmental leaders world round or corporate heads or any person in power. Without verifiable Trust there is nothing!

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