Sunday, November 30, 2008

A 50-50 chance of relative immortality

I have been watching closely the medical and psychological advances of the upper end of the human race. I am amazed at what I see. It is now theoretically possible for some humans to live to 100 or more years and more and more as cancer and alzheimer's and senile dementia are defeated one by one, quality life will be championed into the 100s for more and more people worldwide.

There is a good reason to have strong and wise people who have survived everything to 80 or 100 or more years around. They can teach us what we need to know about the past so we can survive the future.

For example, because I'm 60 both my parents and their parents as well as their brothers and sisters all survived the Great Depression and World War II. What they all survived and what their experiences were then will help us all survive this year and on into the future.

"For those who have forgotten the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them."

Economic Terrorism

When I grew up as a child in the 1950s terrorism as we know it now did not exist. Yes. There were nations that fought like the United States and the Soviet Union in the Cold War and I suppose one could say that the Cold War was the real beginning of the present form of terrorism we now see on earth. But, in general most people in the world still believed in the "Common Good" even if it was only the common good of their area of the world or nation or religion.

Now, there is a level of cynicism and self destructiveness that reminds me of the concept of the rise and fall of Civilizations. I'm talking about the fall of a world civilization here. Maybe, what we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg that is actually caused by overpopulation and group suffering reaching such a hopeless level for so many peoples on earth that what we are seeing is just the result.

Let me give you an example: The big three CEOs of Detroit Automakers recently went to the US Congress to ask for a 25 billion dollar bailout. However, they all took private jets to this meeting which blew the whole deal. What I'm saying here is that parts of the world are so completely out of touch with other parts of the world that these discontinuities exist worldwide. While some have enough or even too much, others have nothing, are starving, are slowly dying from bad water, bad food or even no water and no food or are being starved to death by their governments because their religion or skin color or ethnicity is wrong.

Things are just so out of control in so many parts of the earth that it actually amazes me that things are as in control as they are.

No, I now believe economic terrorism is primarily caused by overpopulation, no clean water, no good food, and centuries of traumatization of certain world populations. However, because the World is now Flat because of the internet and planes and ships and trains and trucks and cars there is no nook or cranny that anyone can hide in anymore. Everything is public whether any of us want that or not. And when everything is public everyone is in danger.

So, to summarize, when the starving and dying are related to the educated then I believe worldwide economic terrorism begins.

I think what we witnessed in Mumbai is a form of economic terrorism against the wealthy of India by poor Islamic terrorists.

The only way I can see to stop terrorism is to make sure everyone has clean water, clean food, some clothes and a place to live. Until this is done internationally we are all in danger in the world we presently live.

The actual main reason I believe there is not clean water, clean food and clothes and a place to live is that no realistic way to deal with overpopulation other than war has been worked out realistically by those in charge on earth.

Until over population and birth control and women's rights and children's rights are addressed terrorism, war, starvation and all the rest will go on until it destroys all civilization on earth.

So dealing with over population and birth control and women's rights and children's rights is in the single most important thing that needs to be done on earth if we want civilization to continue.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

when a tree falls in a forest

First year of college Philosophy you will likely hear, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one observes it, did it really happen?" The required philosophical answer is "No.It didn't happen because no one observed it." This is the basis of all the sciences that all sprung from philosophic questioning of everyday phenomena. This is done so no one can make up something if no one observed it first hand.

The reason I bring all this up is that I am witnessing things here at my blog that I have witnessed or experienced at one time or another in my 60 years on earth. So, if like the native American over 150 to 200 years ago who was the first person in his tribe to see a piano or anyone playing it described it thus paraphrased, "When the creatures teeth were hit by the white person the creature screamed. I've never seen anything like it" His people laughed at him and thought what he said was crazy. Likewise, when one of you sees or experiences something like I have, you will say, "Hey, Old FRED on the internet said something about this only there is more too it than he said". Then you will blog on your keyboard or by video cam and report your further experience of what I mentioned because you figured out what I was talking about. This is how human knowledge expands. Each of us as internal and external explorers must speak about what we experience and the next persons have in this way external and internal maps that can be updated as the external and internal terrain changes through time and space.

Tree Man

Since I have spent many happy times over the years walking alone in the forests of California, Oregon and Washington as well as many happy remote but beautiful places in the western United States and Hawaii and the Himalayas in India and Nepal. However, in Hawaii and India and Nepal I must admit I was not alone but with my family. That was nice too.

Since I have always been intuitive I have learned to communicate with trees like my father and grandfather before me who were also mountain men and woodsmen. However, since my father raised me a lacto ovo vegetarian I found I could telepathically communicate better with both people and animals and plants than people who were meat eaters. Though people who are meat eaters are telepathic too then tend to use it differently than vegetarians, just like animals who are meat eaters use their telepathy to stun animals they want to eat and vegetarian animals use their telepathy to try to go into another predator's brain and say sort of "You can't see me I'm not here" which works a lot of the time.

However, trees can best be understood by understanding that they breathe the carbon dioxide that we breathe out and we breathe the oxygen that they breathe out. The basic tree human relationship is totally symbiotic. We both need each other. And beyond that when men and women hid in trees from predators it was symbiotic then and now still where people still have to do that to not get eaten in the world.

Though I wasn't in danger of being eaten I was in danger of being killed by a White Rhino in Nepal on the terai. I was very grateful that I was able to wriggle higher in the tree before the Rhino split me up the middle and then stomped me to death which is what white rhinos do in a turf battle with human tourists in Nepal in Chitwan National Park.

Anyway back to the trees. I was walking on one of the many trails in the forest next to where I live on the ocean in California. There was one poor tree that was probably under 10 to 20 years old that was a pine. He obviously had pitch canker because he was bending over into the trail where I can see the ocean easily from a bluff like promontory point. The tree said to me, "Can you lift me up straight?" So I said, "I'll see what I can do." However, when I lifted up the tree as straight as I could I had to say to the tree. "I'm sorry your pitch canker is too bad. If I lift you up straight you will just break." The tree thanked me for trying to help and said to me, "Could you help me be born as a human?" Since no tree had ever asked me a question like this I was completely amazed. I said, "Maybe I can help you. I can ask God and his dieties and angels on your behalf." When I did this the tree began to tell of when he was a man and knew me in another lifetime. I said, "Why did you become a tree if you were a man?" The tree said, "Because my life was so hard I thought being a tree for a while would be a rest. But then I have now been trees for 500 years about 4 or five or more trees since I knew you." I was amazed to know that the tree and I had shared so much so long ago. The tree went on, "You chose to become enlightened and I chose to become a tree. We both loved trees but you said to me at the time,"My friend, I remember being a great Red Tree in a land far away from Asia. I was a tree thousands of years but as wonderful and noble a thing it was to be a gigantic red tree for thousands of years it is much better thing to be a human because at least as a human one can become enlightened and better help all beings in the universe to the permanent end of their suffering. I did not listen to you in my stubbornness and became a tree anyway. I was told by the Tree Deva's who are sort of like Angels for trees that I should return to being a man as I was not a natural tree but a contrived one by spirit nature. But I did not listen and became a tree one last time because I retain my intuitive abilities since I knew you over 500 years ago. I also knew I would meet you and that although the next tree I would be would be rough at least I would meet again my friend who would help me to become a man again."

As all this took place I was very amazed. I did not remember until this moment being a huge redwood tree in north America who died around the time of Christ but who lived before thousands of years. But I did know that being a man was the only true way to enlightenment at least for a spirit like I am. So I went from being a redwood tree to a Roman Centurian who met Christ in Galilee. This set my present path. One this path I met this fellow who became a tree. I tried to get him to keep being a man but he chose his path in becoming several trees in a row. But now he wanted to become a man again and I was glad to help. However, something else was going on that I found amazing, all the trees in the forest listened carefully to all this conversation and I felt their amazing awareness like never before that moment. They didn't know I had been an old and wise redwood tree either I don't believe. However, they had called me "Tree Man" for years. I had thought it was only because I loved them and could easily talk to them. But I see now it was more than that. Life is so amazing. Live and learn. The lessons we learn that are so very amazing never ends!

All Life is Electricity

To understand what I'm getting at I'm using the original science of asking questions-philosophy combined with the Scientific method to get at where I'm trying to go.

I was sitting in my spa or Hot tub outside as I got sort of cold inside the house because I didn't turn on the heat this morning yet. So as I sat all warm at 104 degrees I was amazed how the cold outside didn't make me too hot in the hot tub. Then I began to think about how the hot tub was heated by 220 volts of electricity in a resistance coil as water is pumped through this coil much like pumping water over an oven electrical 220 element inside a metal pipe. I was thinking about how electricity works and wondered that since the electrons that enter the wiring at the power generating station are not the ones that arrive at the coil but instead a chain reaction of electrons much like in a nuclear blast but controlled withing the copper or aluminum wiring through my house from the street and back to the Electrical generating station. I was wondering whether the heat was actually excess electrons bouncing around actively in the water and I wondered whether this was why I felt so invigorated by this experience on a beautiful (cold for California) sunny day on the California Central Coast. I can usually hear the sea lions in he distance from my hot tub, especially at night on their rock where they gather.

As my mind followed through on my questioning I looked up at the trees in the sun in my back yard and my neighbor's yard. The sun lightly peeking through the leaves of the trees with the sun on a lower arc from the the horizon than in the summer when it would be high in the sky.

I began to correlate the electricity energizing my hot tub and keeping me very warm and cozy while it was cold all around me in my back yard(relatively cold not like freezing or anything like that just below 55 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit).

As I thought about it I realized that every living thing on earth comes from sunlight and that there is no life on earth that is not sunlight based either directly or indirectly through chemical conversion in the stomach of a human or animal or other creature of earth.

I REALIZED THAT EVERY LIVING THING ON EARTH IS CONVERTED SUNLIGHT. Yes, water and minerals and air in different forms contribute but without the basis of all life being photosynthesis there would be no life at all.

Since the basis for solar cells came from the study of photosynthesis here on earth maybe through solar cells we are creating a new way to create electricity so that it could be called artificial photosynthesis. This is a much bigger deal than you might have realized because since photosynthesis is the main basis of life on earth, artificial photosynthesis, solar cells that convert sunlight to energy could be equally in the future as important to human and all life on earth as photosynthesis always has been since life in any form has existed on earth.

Here is the philosophic questioning part that I was talking about. Since I am a naturally intuitive and common sense kind of man with an overlay of intelligence on top of that I would like to share my experience of the earth and the sun.

My experience since I was little has been that the sun is my physical father and the
earth is my physical mother.I'm not talking about who bore me in her womb I'm talking about where the substance of my life and its workings came from.

Also, since the Sun is my father and since likely the earth is a part of the suns plasma or magma that spewed out in burps and later congealed into this and the other planets, it could be said that the Sun is both father and mother to Earth, which because there are both father and mother, at least for humans, works better in my telling of how I see things and have since I was little.

In another article I realized that the plasma of the sun as it affects the magnetosphere of earth causes the magnetization of congealed rock on earth to be magnetized. When we take these magnets and spin them in a coil of copper wire we get electricity. But what does the electricity really come from. IN my other article I believe that the electricity just like sunlight makes electricity through photosynthesis that is the basis of all life on earth, the sun through plasma jets influencing the magnetosphere of earth makes it possible for us to generate electricity usually by spinning a magnet within a copper coil of wire or spinning a copper coil around a magnet in almost infinite circles and thereby generating either AC or DC electricity depending upon the equipment and the need.

So, in conclusion, the sun is the source of all life on earth and the source of all the electricity we generate on earth either through solar cells or by breaking the magnetic field of a magnet with a copper coil of wire.

Mumbai vision?

I had a dream or vision of Mumbai last night. In the dream or vision Mumbai cratered to a level below the ocean and the ocean water came in. Whether this is metaphorical as dreams often are about the temporary financial doings like they were with 9-11 and New York or real I cannot say. However, I just thought I should share the dream since many of my dream visions happen. So, I like to write about them when I would like to see another better outcome. This often changes the future to a better one.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Individual and Group Field Generations

There is a story that is likely true that I heard about that took place in Ghana. A Gentleman who was high up in one of the governments that fell there during the late 1970s or early 1980s had studied with Elizabeth Clare Prophet and her husband Mark Prophet. Their religion became the state mandated religion for a while in Ghana until the Government was overthrown in a revolution. One of the ministers devotedly did a prayer called the "Tube of Light" which is a prayerful way to generate a forcefield to protect that person from spiritual or physical harm. He was in prison and knew the next day he would be killed by firing squad so all night long he did his "Tube of Light" prayer.

The next morning when he was stood up against the wall the bullets bounced off his "Tube of Light". The firing squad did this several times and finally decided to let him go because obviously he was a "Man of God" for this to happen. Later, the Government minister visited the United States and told Elizabeth Clare Prophet about this.

This would be through prayer, "Generating a protective Field" that in this case was so strong even bullets couldn't penetrate it.

I heard another story about Saint Germain(this likely took place during the middle to late 1600s) because he is said to have attained enlightenment and therefore immortality around 1684. It is said that Saint Germain had to sit on a battlefied with blood spurting all around him from dying and dead men with his generated "Tube of Light" on and his test was to keep calm and centered while all this mayhem took place right around him, not interfering with the battle in any way but staying calm and protecting himself from harm. This is said to be one of his last tests before becoming immortal.

When I was a baby through adulthood my parents trained me to visualize which is the key to manifesting. So if you have an artists eye that is a good start. They taught me to go into a God fusion(a state where God and I are one) and from that place to visualize what I want to happen.

Since then I learned that if you are actually going to do this with full power you must first develop compassion for all sentient beings in the universe first or else it likely will cost you your life.

So, since we seem to be entering a time where nuclear conflagrations could begin we must all( as many as possible) learn to join in God Fusion prayers in generating a field in order to prevent the destruction of earth and all humans.

The reason for this is simple. Up until now one could pray for something and things could be saved. However, now a nuclear conflagration could take place worldwide within about 5 minutes time, so there is no time to even learn what to pray about.

So, I'm suggesting enough of us begin a new type of prayer that is known as manifesting with God. It is a way to set such a strong group field 24 hours a day that no individual nuclear explosion could blow earth into pieces like what happened with the asteroid belt millions of years ago when it was a planet that was destroyed by a nuclear war.

The solar system has already lost one planet to nuclear war. It doesn't need two.

So, the way to do this would be to reinforce the connectivity within the earth so a nuclear blast if it occurs doesn't break through the mantle and release incredible amounts of magma onto the surface like it did before the last time a solar system planet was destroyed and the chain reaction after that turned it into the asteroid belt. (This was documented during the 1970s by a Soviet Probe to the Asteroid belt). The only reason it didn't get beyond Pravda and Izvestia I believe to be that Christian and other religious leaders in the rest of the world prevented this scientific information from the Soviets from Spreading. However, at least the intelligentsia of the Soviet Union took it to heart and it was one of the main reasons for the collapse of the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Union.

So, what I'm advocating is a 24 hour a day prayer(one to 8 hour shifts in prayers and meditations individually) from as many as possible to prevent or stop all nuclear weapons from being used and for those more advanced in their meditations to do what you can do with your prayers and generating fields to keep both earth and the human race alive.

It is my belief that being aware at all times what we are thinking and feeling and realizing each moment how we think and feel and act is a prayer that has ongoing consequences throughout earth and the entire galaxy and beyond.

Learning how to become one in consciousness with the Creative Energy of the universe is the beginning of manifesting with God a better outcome for Earth. Every thought, feeling and action is a prayer. Make your life a Good one!

World Governments Must Stand Together

We are presently experiencing India's 9-11. It is obvious to anyone with even half a brain that it is a blatant attempt to drive India and Pakistan into a nuclear war. This should be obvious to all intelligent and educated people worldwide. The Governments of the world including India and Pakistan must stand together so that these non-aligned terrorists don't get their wish of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan. If this actually happened all nations would be vulnerable to this kind of rabble rousing terrorism. We must all stand together shoulder to shoulder to prevent nuclear war ever happening on earth!!!

God to Soul

I wrote the following during a particularly dark time in my life where I did not really fully expect to psychologically or physically survive. I was dealing with a court child custody battle, a really awful divorce after 15 years of marriage, one of my children was being endangered because of my ex-wife's severe chemical imbalance caused by postpartam depression etc. This in turn pushed me into bankruptcy. So, literally all I had to turn to to keep going was God. By holding on to God and living the statement, "There are no problems, only opportunities" I returned to wealth of every kind in my life. I remarried and had another daughter, now 12, got joint legal custody of my other daughter now 19, and assisted my ex-wife to stabilize her life by buying a ranch in Oregon.

Stick with God, a higher power, positivity, whatever positive position that is kind and works for you. Sometimes in life that is all that will keep you alive until you can find a way to create a new life. It begins from 1994-5---

How do I live with the Horror of you, God?

Answer-You'll find a way. One paradox at a time, Fair Soul.

God to Soul- I want you to think as a soul. That is why I have crushed you again and again and again as a man. If you think and act as a man then how can what you think and do be useful to all souls in the Galaxy and beyond? Only as a universal soul beyond time and space can you exemplify the soul of God for all souls past, present and future. Those that relive your life through future technology must feel the kiss and the spank of God just as you have. To be broken and loved as you have, to pick themselves up and go on when seemingly all hope was gone as you have many times.

This is why I hae chosen you to be one of my examples of pure truth and infinite compassion. You bring not religion but a way of life that loves and honors God in a way acceptable to me. This is just one way for the trillions who will experience your life as if they lived it themselves in your past, present and future and throughout all Space!!!

Blessings from the Primordial Creator of the Galaxy and Beyond

End of God to soul quote.

Since God came to me and had me write this, miracles have abounded in my life. Though since then I spent one year 3 years after this was written being told by doctors that they expected me to die which caused me to move into early retirement. Luckily, by then my new wife and I were financially able for me to retire, another miracle. So, God has truly brought me the Tibetan Buddhist Ideal, the Leisure to Practice. The capacity to be in a God state most of the time because of not having to struggle making a living anymore. God has prepared me well to help my children and all beings he sends to me for help of all kinds. I am Grateful for all the horrific training he has put me through so I can be so valuable to all beings I meet. May God's Blessings fill your lives always!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving?

We have a lot to be grateful for in the free world. We have food, clothing and most of us have a place to live too. This is not as true in the rest of the world. This is one reason that there are troubling places like Somalia, Afghanistan, and Northern Pakistan. No food or money breeds crazies. Enough good food and safety breeds sane people who don't need to be terrorists anymore. How to actually take people out of unhealthy multi-generational paranoia I'm not sure other than to feed them. One has to see hope to have hope! Too many generations of not enough food, clothing, shelter or safety only breeds craziness and despair. We have to find a way to bring real hope to these people so they might actually have a real future!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Milarepa: Magician, Murderer, Saint

This movie is available as a DVD or to rent on Netflix now. I had heard about it from either the producer or director through an email but hadn't been able to see the movie yet.

If you go to wikipedia and type in "milarepa". It will give you what would be helpful or to another website on Milarepa. Unless you have studied Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan Culture by meeting people who grew up in Tibet like I have it might be difficult to understand everything that is happening in the movie and to make full sense of it.

Tibetans understand what I would like to call "Spiritual Technology" for lack of a better word. However, the use of "Spiritual Technology" without compassion for all life in the universe is at the very least a pathway to insanity, if not a death sentence. So, using "Spiritual technology" and surviving it one must have already have developed compassion for all life in the universe or else it will backfire and kill that person and possibly all they hold near and dear.

Milarepa, is the most Beloved Saint of Tibetans simply because he became a sorcerer and killed his relatives on behalf of his mother who asked him to and then felt remorse and then studied and became Tibet's best loved Saint.

The moral of Milarepa's life is: "No matter what bad thing you do it is possible for redemption in one lifetime."

It is something to think about for all of us!

Cholera: A Potential World Wide Threat Now

It is very troubling to me that Cholera has killed hundreds right now in Africa. Especially because of suicide Terrorists. It is very bad timing indeed that American and British tourists are being kidnapped in Mumbai, India at this time. It would take only one or two suicide terrorists who have consciously exposed themselves to cholera to infect all hostages from America and Britain in Mumbai or elsewhere. If this is not addressed and I am right it could become catastrophic for the developed world!

I think it is important that all hostages when and if released be checked for Cholera, TB, AIDS and other highly infectious diseases before the hostages are allowed back to their native countries.

It is important that you take me seriously because I am a precognitive psychic and have been all my life. The sooner this is addressed the less problem it will be potentially.

One International Currency

In present world economic Crisis two currencies helped turn this into an international event. They were, first, the dollar and secondarily the Euro.

When an area of the country goes through a war or severe economic changes it shouldn't have to destroy all the rest of the world economies too, no matter whether that economy is The United States, Europe, China, Japan or any other geographic world economic system.

Because of this problem I advocate for the creation of an international monetary standard called, The Earth. In other words one earth would be like one Euro or one dollar. On one side it could have a picture of the Earth from Space on the coin and/or paper note. On the other side it could have the United Nations or another international world body the whole world votes on, by nation. Every nation on earth would have one vote in the creation of this coin and/or paper monetary note. The value of this coin and/or note would be established and controlled internationally. The primary purpose of this coin/note/electronic transfer would be for international trade so that exporters and importers would have a standard that wouldn't necessarily change when one area of the world went into war, economic collapse or other calamity. This Earth monetary standard could also be used by people of all nations when they traveled and would be as easily available in all nations as their own national currencies. And if the currency of their nation was collapsing they would be easily able to convert before or during a monetary collapse into Earths(monetary units) so they wouldn't be financially ruined like many are on the planet earth now.

I think internationally this is what the world is looking for now!


It's Thanksgiving Day once again in America. There is food for everyone who is brave enough to ask for it! This is true at least in Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia and in many other countries. The important thing is to ask for food rather than to starve to death.

These days with people losing their homes to foreclosure for a variety of reasons worldwide it is very important to be able to swallow your pride and to ask for food, if not for yourself at least for your children. It does not matter where you live. You must ask for food for yourself and your children. Become a beggar if you must but if you don't survive these times, your children and relatives might not either. So, in the interest of the survival of your family and friends you must ask for help and for food or there will be no you to help anyone!

Musical Changes

I suppose I could have become a professional singer and musician. However, for me, music has always been a spiritual thing and religious thing and so playing for money in a smoke filled room always seemed wrong to me, especially when I was young.

My 5 years older cousin took both piano lessons and violin lessons as far back as I can remember.(Back to when I moved to the Tujunga and the Glendale, California area when I was 6). Since I revered my older cousin(except when he shot me in the face with a machine gun squirt gun and made my eyes hurt and I cried at age 5). But then I had both parents and his father had left his mother before this. So, looking back I can understand why he was jealous of me.(My parents stayed together from 2 years before my birth until one of them died).

Anyway, I followed in my cousins footsteps in regard to music. At 8 I started piano lessons and at 9 years of age I started violyn lessons in my public grade school in Glendale at Horace Mann Grade school in 1957. Mr. Gruss' rendition of "A one eyed one horned flying purple people eater" made me laugh and got me to rent a violin and start playing with the grade school band until I made all city orchestra.(I still have a photo of all of us playing at a concert at Hoover High School today next to my Contractors license and High School diploma.) Though I have about 8 years of college under my belt now majoring in order in: Computer Science, philosophy, Social Science, Psychology and Anthropology I never pushed through to get a degree. The most likely degree would have been in psychology because in my early twenties I was on my way to becoming a psychologist when I got married and had a baby with my wife and realized it was either the degree or stay married and raise my son. Though my wife had a 170 IQ, she had had an emotionally troubled life and even with quitting college for her, we only lasted 4 years before I was left only with my son to raise alone. I can still remember how beautiful she was and how much she was at the time the ideal California Cosmic I had ever met. She had been through a lot more difficulties than I could understand in my twenties then though. I was just in love and you can't really tell anything to someone that in love(even though my father tried). Now I've been through the same kind of experience with my son when he married a girl from Brazil. (He's now divorced after about 4 years of marriage with no children thank God.)

Anyway, I raised my son from age 3 and have been married twice since(15 years each) and I'm still with my third wife(likely for life as we are very well matched as friends and (war buddies)(my divorce and her losing both her parents one 9 years ago one this year) and I losing my last 15 year marriage 15 years ago and my mother this year.

Anyway, by age 12 I was a very good pianist and singer from 4 years of playing piano and singing for anyone who wanted to listen to me play or sing(family friends, relatives), and finally playing piano and organ for our church. As I got further into my teens one of my best friends went professional for money and girls with his rock band. Though we both jammed a lot with singing guitars, flutes and piano and keyboards we never went professional together outside of playing at a few parties and for interested girls who liked our style. So, I never chose to become a professional. Though I tend to be a good actor I don't like playing in public as much. I don't like the pressure and don't have the type of ego that enjoys that sort of thing. I prefer a few close friends and a good woman to live with and having kids. That's what I like and that doesn't really go along with being a professional musician.

My friend is still a professional musician and has his own recording company and travels the world playing in concerts that he can write off all the expenses of as a business expense but he never married(although he has had the same girlfriend for 15 years now).

So, all in all I'm glad I made the decision never to become a professional musician because I'm just not the right personality type to have been happy with that choice like my friend has been.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Genetically predisposed to Believe

In the last few years geneticists have discovered that there are those who are genetically predisposed to believe in a higher power and there are those not genetically predisposed to believe in a higher power.

The majority of people on earth need to believe in a higher power and a minority don't. This doesn't mean that a believer gene person can't be an atheist. It just means they won't ever be comfortable in their heart of hearts being an atheist.

And conversely a person with the atheist gene could believe in God. It's just likely that such a person would mostly be just saying that so other people in their church wouldn't get upset.

I and my father and mother and my children that are biological all believe in something. We may not all believe exactly the same but we all believe in God and kindness and being a good person. We all also believe that God is an ongoing experience that one is enriched by throughout their lives. We all believe that communication with God personally is important ongoing throughout ones life for clarity. We all believe that no minister or church should ever come between us and our personal relationship with God and whatever other angels of God and Saints of God we all meet along the way through our lives. We all have shared these ideas in common throughout our lives. These ideas lead to good lives and keep us alive and protect us each on our paths with God.

Motorcycles across the desert

I was watching a movie preview on tv tonight and the man had his bicycle sliding across the ground laid flat and the man stood on top of it.

It reminded me of a real life experience when I was 19 or 20 near my father's 2 1/2 acres of land then in 1968.

I was riding my army surplus bsa 500 that was used in North Africa during world war II and sort of halfway racing my older cousin on his dirt bike. My motorcycle looked a lot like the motorcycle Indiana Jones rode in the movie with Sean connery except mine didn't have a sidecar.

I was riding about 45 miles per hour on a dirt road up on Yucca Mesa near Yucca Valley, california and sort of racing my older cousin across country on a large dirt road.

since I was ahead I looked back quickly to see if my cousin was gaining on me. However, since I was on a dirt road there was a sand burm built up where the cars hadn't driven and when I looked back while travelling about 45 mph I hit it and the motorcycle went down. Luckily, I had very fast reflexes and pulled my left leg out so it wouldn't be pinned against the sand at 45 mph. Instead I grabbed the right handlebar and pulled myself up on top of the bike now traveling about 40mph on its side. I stood there until the left handlebar and left footpeg dug in and suddenly stopped the bike from about 20 mph to zero so I rolled forward and luckily I had a long sleeve shirt on so it absorbed most of the force of stopping that quickly when I rolled forward to absorb the shock like an acrobat. I came up laughing and saw my cousin very worried at first and then started laughing with me.

Like my father used to say, "a miss is as good as a mile". I felt very alive and never forgot that sweet moment of realizing I didn't need to go to the hospital after that strange experience.

Are deregulation and Globalization to blame?

I think if I ask enough good questions you might find the answers yourselves.

The full question is: Are financial deregulation and financial Globalization two of the reasons for the world financial meltdown? The answer is: Yes. However, there are many more reasons than this like the subprime loans, and banking credit default swaps etc.

Then another reason is everyone on earth that hates capitalism and the free world. and the biggest cause of all, people who believe in capitalism with all the fervency of Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism or even Hinduism or Islam.

I think at this point the whole world should be just a little skeptical of free market capitalism interfacing in this way with globalization and multiple currencies. This game only works when the whole world can trust each other. But right now there is at least one ideological war going on. However, I think we are all a little confused at this point exactly who is the enemy. This is always the way in a terrorist war. This is the first terrorist war that I can remember that is being waged worldwide possibly for the next several hundred years.

The next question is mostly conjecture. This is the question: What does the world Capitalist system do against terrorists waging a several hundred year war against them?
One way is to starve them out. Is that what is happening on earth right now?

If the whole world starves who tends to survive? The answer is: those with built in infrastructure and natural resources.

Another question: How do we solve global warming and get people to use less energy generated by burning fossil fuels and other burnables? The answer is what I believe we are living right now.

another question: Will the people of Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia starve? the answer is: I don't think so. So, who are the most likely to starve now?
The answer is: People without infrastructure and natural resources and without money to build infrastructure or buy food. The people most likely to starve on earth would be the 20 or more poorest nations on earth. Afghanistan is one of these nations since it is the 9th or 10th poorest on earth.

I'm not accusing anyone of anything. I'm just asking questions.

Somali Piracy: Beginning of Mad Max?

Somalia is a country that hasn't had a stable government for around 20 years. Remember, the Movie "Blackhawk Down" was about Somalia 10 or 15 years ago during the Clinton Administration.

The kinds of problems the world is facing now will be 10s or 20s of nations like Somalia. When 1 to 10 percent of the world controls most of the wealth there is such inequity that if you could imagine yourself starving and having absolutely no choice but to join a gang or die, then you might begin to understand why things are moving the way they are on earth.

For people to be incarcerated or killed just because they are doing the only thing they know to stay alive is a crime against humanity and will permanently destabilize human civilization on earth if left unchecked.

These kinds of things could be swept under the rug to some extent before the internet. But now it is in the open worldwide for all to see. If these kinds of problems are not addressed fairly for All the people on earth, the rips and tears in society worldwide will only increase until there is no REAL civilization left at all!

The Galactic Sentience


The present Galactic Sentience has ruled this Galaxy for millions if not Billions of years. But he is not the original ruler of the Galaxy. The original Galactic Sentience and his wife created the galaxy and ruled it. The Creator species that creates all galaxies doesn't breathe air and is not the kind of physical being that humans are used to. The can live when young and not reproducing in the Dark matter of the universe. However, when they marry and reproduce they have to create a galaxy for their young to feed on in order for the young and their young and their young to feed on. Creators feed on the flux of energy changes between matter to antimatter and from antimatter to matter.

By oscillating matter starting with matter in dark matter form either into antimatter and an antimatter galaxy or matter galaxy like we now live in they are able to feed on the energy generated by the shift from matter to antimatter or from antimatter to matter.
The only reason that galaxies (matter or antimatter) exist is because of them.

I was driving to Redding from the San Francisco Bay area vicinity one night and was asking questions about the nature of the universe and the Present Galactic Sentience starting speaking with me. The present Galactic Sentience explained the basic nature of the universe and how it works.

It reminded me of being tutored by someone who say, lived in Africa about lions, tigers, elephants, crocodiles and such. it reminded me of this because one could not imagine something like a crocodile without seeing one unless someone who knew something like this told one. And yet, it all made perfect sense and fell within my knowledge of particle physics. So I could not deny the possibility that everything the Galactic Sentience said was true.

Celeste Weaver speaking with the Galactic sentience after she passed on said,

"I would like to know, your holiness, how it is that angels and heavens exist around planets and yet you don't consider yourself to be a God nor do you necessarily believe in an ultimate God somewhere?"
The Galactic Sentience thought a while and finally said,"Celeste. I didn't create the laws of physics nor did I even create this Galaxy. Though in your present state you have chosen to forget in order to regenerate your consciousness, actually you and my Grandfather are the mother and the father of this Galaxy. But even you as permanent matriarch and patriarch of the Galaxy did not create the fundamentals of physics nor matter and being itself."

Celeste was awestruck by this and only could manage, "Oh!".

For Earth's Civilization to Survive

I just had a horrific realization while watching a very intelligent Stanford Professor speak to Charlie Rose on PBS,

"The worldwide system of the concept of money will cause the extinction of the human race through Global Warming!"

The reason for this is simple. If we try to spend all our time trying to solve our economic troubles instead of directly addressing Global Warming it will all be over before we completely solve our monetary crisis.

More specifically, the time we need to actually solve global warming sufficiently for the human race to survive it, will instead be spent on trying to solve the world's economic problems rather than solving the real problem of Global Warming.

Let me draw a picture of the problem. Let's imagine two people fighting for control of a speedboat while not dealing with an f5 tornado they are heading into with the boat.

In other words, if we think Islamic terrorism or the economic crisis is more important than Global warming then none of our grandchildren will survive out the other side of Global Warming. This is what I see as a precognitive psychic.

However, there is an alternative at least in regard to monetary systems.

Instead of money, ideas in how to solve Global warming must be paramount. Ideas, practical ideas as well as practical ideas implemented need to be valued above all others for anyone to survive this at all 400 years from now! Money means nothing if no one survives this 400 years from now!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Celeste Weaver

Celeste Weaver's (Celestial Weaver) original incarnation in my online book "Memories" is during Atlantis. At that time she is like a Goddess to the Atlantean People and travels space and time with Darshan, the twelve year old boy on board the Earth ship
called both "The Lord of the Fire" and "Lord Fire" for short by the crew members. During this journey out into space most of the crew dies. Darshan's soul is saved by Celeste Weaver's soul.

Then they both go to an Atlantean heaven together. Eventually, Darshan is told by the Goddess that she will soon reincarnate into New Deva. She incarnates before Darshan as AH Ray IN on the planet New Deva about one million years into the future from the year 2000. Some believe that New Deva is a reterraformed Earth. But if it is Earth it is not where it used to be.

Ah Ray In quickly as she grows up becomes a planetary Saint type of being. When Darshan reincarnates, he is recognized as a World Saver. This is not the same as a World Savior. For a World Saver prevents the destruction of a planet and its peoples and cultures. Whereas a World Savior is come to save the souls of all who will listen. Darshan is born as Arcane, the future World Saver, and is trained specifically for this duty to his people of New Deva. He is named after a teenage boy who, with his Water Dragon, save the people of New Deva from an alien group of people bent on their destruction. So he is only the second person on his planet ever to be named, Arcane.

So, though Arcane is incredibly intuitively gifted and intelligent, he is protected by order of the Oracle of New Deva and is made a Dragon of Compassion, a religious order of protector monks starting at age 6, much like children who are gifted are trained by the 4 Tibetan Buddhist orders as monks and Tulkus. So when a war breaks out the best way to describe Arcane at age 27 would be, Warrior Monk. However, since he is betrothed to Ah Ray IN, the New Devan Saint, he is obviously not expected to remain celibate the rest of his life.

Ah Ray In is captures by the evil religious leader on Isfahel, Tech Noir, (which is french for -Black or evil technology).

note: having written all this over the last 28 years and having found out it is mostly a true story containing past lives lived in the past present and future of myself and many people I know, sometimes I wonder if this is the real story behind the destruction of the planet which is now our asteroid belt by New Deva, which could have been Mars. It is such an archetypal story that this could be somewhat what really happened millions of years ago when the dinosaurs on earth died from pieces of the asteroids created by a thermonuclear war on what was then a planet but is now the asteroid belt. It is my present belief from everything I have studied that humans on earth are the survivors of this war between Mars and the planet that became the asteroid belt and that we are a humanoid ape hybrid that can survive on earth. So in this sense we are literally "humanoids and naked apes" combined. end note.

After Ah Ray In is tortured to death by Tech Noir on Isafahel Arcane rescues her soul and takes it to Eridian(Meridian) on Earth for Healing. Ah Ray In is healed and all the people on New Deva begin to worship her much like Mother Mary the mother of Jesus is worshipped now on Earth, or Tara or Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. At first she tries to field all this prayers and entreaties from her people of New Deva but then grows weary and asks angels to do it in her name. The prayers wear her down and so she chooses to be born on a planet with no religion. In this incarnation she becomes Celeste Weaver and becomes a Galactic Planetary anthropologist assigned to Earth around 1980.

Arcane after destroying Tech Noir for killing his beloved has to also leave New Deva for their to be peace between the two planets, so he goes and also joins the Galactic Time Guard and bcomes a Galactic Planetary Anthroplogist like Celeste Weaver.
When he arrives on the Golden Gate Bridge in 1987 his first duty is to rescue Celeste Weaver from bad aliens who are trying to either control her or kill her. Eventually, Arcane and Celeste Weaver fall in love and is told by BIO-Com (a sentient computer that lives inside Arcane's body with him that all Galactic Time Guards have) that Celeste Weaver is a reincarnation of his beloved Ah Ray IN. So even though Ah Ray IN has died and gone to heaven and reincarnated they still get married when she comes back as Celeste Weaver.

If you want to read about Arcane, Ah Ray IN and Celeste Weaver they are at this site:

Scroll down to memories through Memories 11. There are 11 parts.
 correction: The my old website where I had this book is no more but I now have it at a new archive site which is below.

Also, if you scroll down the main index page there is also an added book about Celeste Weaver and her experiences after she passes on as Celeste Weaver as well.

please pardon any typos or errors. I did about 10 full edits of the Memories book but my other added mini books about some of the Characters of "Memories are less well edited. Thanks.

Healing the Past, Present and Future

I was just meditating on all the beings who have loved me, or still love me in all sorts of ways. I came upon in my meditation a prayer for all these many beings. It is "May God Bless all the beings who have loved me, do love me, or will love me in the future".

I find this prayer very healing and spreading compassion for all the beings. If you wish to give it too just repeat it with full feeling in your heart and mind as many times as you find appropriate to bless all beings who love you now or will love you in the future. Because I'm using the word beings it is not limited to humans, or animals but all beings everywhere everywhen. In this sense it is healing for all the beings you have ever had contact with or will have contact with anywhere anywhen.

I wake up many times in the night giving the Buddhist prayer in my sleep, "May all beings attain Bliss and the Cause of Bliss. May all beings be free from Suffering and the Cause of Suffering. May all beings never be without the Supreme Bliss that is free from all near and far all grasping and aversion."

And since a lot of the time I can experience the whole universe as myself it gives me great peace to experience this prayer. The new prayer just lifts my spirit and the spirit of all life in the universe further. Peace be unto you!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight: The Movie

My wife and 12 year old daughter and I went to see the movie tonight, Sunday night. My wife has read the first three books and it seems to have given her some peace after losing her father this summer. So I have put up with her reading the first three books a lot lately. My daughter wants to read the first book after seeing the movie too.

Though I had heard my wife talk about the story line and I even told her about or something like that for Mom's whose teenage(or older) daughters fall in love with the books and so they join together with their daughters with other friends reading the books.

My wife described the books as Romeo and Juliet meets Harry Potter as a 17 year old. Only in this one Harry potter would be Edward, the non, human blood drinking vampire. He is with a group who only drink animal blood, primarily it seems, deer blood of the local deer population in the Olympic Rainforest of coastal Washington State. Oh, by the way Edward has been a vampire since 1918 and was made that way so his new stepfather, a doctor didn't have to watch him die in the influenza epidemic of 1918 at the end of World War I.

Anyway, Bella the 17 year old girl from Arizona falls in love with Edward the vampire. It is sort of like Romeo and Juliet, modern day in the Olympic Rainforest only Romeo is a vampire.

I can see why the girls are so hot and heavy because of the character who played Cedric Diggory who Voldemort killed in the Triwizard tournament. So, you see even there is the connection with this Harry Potter kind of feel to a movie. Oh, by the way you sort of get that the Indian tribe on the reservation might be werewolves to because they call themselves the wolf people. However, that is probably in the next movie. Sort of like Harry Potter it has at leas 3 movies still coming. Having made 70 million the first weekend I sort of think there will be a sequel or two at least.

There is a real element in this movie. They sort of take the blood lust of a vampire and show it they way boys and men can sometimes be when they are so in love with a woman that they can't survive without her. Likewise, Bella might not survive without Edward. And unlike many women 17 who can't make up their mind even about what shade of lipstick to wear, Bella refuses to live without Edward even if it kills her which it almost does in the first movie.

I was having a conversation about this sort of "in love" intensity with my wife recently. I was saying that I thought that the kind of relationship that you felt you couldn't live without another is mostly just too dangerous for everyone, especially if it is mutual and you both are under 20 to 25 years old.

I personally said that being friends and even desiring someone is great but that kind of "of human bondage" kind of love is way to scary to put up with for a lifetime. It just makes people nervous wrecks and sometimes costs lives.

No, it is much better to be a whole person and then meet another whole person who is your friend that you respect and that you care about mutually. Otherwise, too often somebody goes crazy or dies. If you are the other one that lives I can't think of a more awful fate.

There is a saying, "It is better to have loved and lost than never to love at all". This is true but remember you have to survive that love to be able to have the saying be true!

Hinayana, Mahayana, Vajrayana

These are the three basic Buddhist paths. The way Tibetan Lamas described it to me would be: Hinayana is a path to become a Buddha through good deeds and enlightened actions through reincarnation. They described this as a solitary path like rowing a boat across the Pacific Ocean alone.

Next is the Mahayana path, which is described as going to enlightenment and becoming a King or Queen Buddha as quickly as possible by getting there all together like flying together in a Boeing 747 quickly across the ocean. This path, described this way seem the quickest and most practical.

Finally, the Vajrayana path, which it is said is not for everyone, is the quickest of all. It is called the Diamond Path or the Lightning Path. This path can lead to enlightenment in one lifetime. The most famous practitioners and successes of this path are:
Padmasambhava and Mila Repa, that are both considered both Buddhas and saints who acheived full enlightenment and Buddhahood in one lifetime. However, it is also considered a dangerous path for Crazy Wisdom adherents who are tired of watching their relatives and friends suffer lifetime after lifetime. By the way, Crazy Wisdom is the Wisdom Beyond Logic. It is for gifted adherents of Buddhism who have the intuitive gifts, intelligence and passion for ending the suffering they see in all life around them including themselves.

Around 20% or more of all Buddhists now on earth also believe in God. I am one of these since I was raised Christian Mystic and my first memories were of Arcangel Michael and his band of protecting angels. I have now come to the conclusion that they are also the protecting and defending Wrathful dieties spoken of in the Tibetan Book of the Dead that protect souls being born, growing up and keeping them on the right paths throughout their lives. This is my experience, however, and I don't expect you to share these beliefs unless it is also your personal experience.

When I traveled to India and Nepal and Thailand in 1985 and 1986 for 4 months I met many people I had known before and went to many of the places I have lived before in previous lifetimes. Also, when I went to Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, and England I had many memories of lifetimes there as well in 1999. So, I remember many different kinds of experiences as well as a variety of different kinds of religious experiences around the world in many many lifetimes.

In this lifetime I would presently describe myself as a Christian mystic Tibetan Buddhist. I see no problem or paradox with this at all because in studying Comparative Religion since my College days I have found that all religions are basically the same at core and any real differences are mainly cultural not really differences at core at all.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

JFK:45 years ago today

My wife informed me a couple of hours ago why she thought this was such a strange day. she said it was the 45th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy.

I remember the day. I was in our indoor gymn at Glendale High School on November 22nd 1963. At first one of the boys said he'd heard on his transistor radio that the President of Mexico had been assassinated. It sounded kind of strange so I went to the locker room took a shower and went to my next high school class, English.

As I walked into my English class all the girls including my female English teacher were crying. I had never experienced anything like this. One of the boys quickly took me aside and said, "President Kennedy's been shot". As we all listened to the radio rather than conduct English class, we learned that he was not likely to survive. Sometime that night on TV or early the next morning we learned he had died and the Vice President Johnson had been sworn in.

note:I recently learned that both Lincoln and Kennedy had a vice President with the last name of Johnson. very odd.

I think if we could have blamed the Soviets with this assassination that nukes would have been flying because of the times we lived in. Everyone was terrified and everyone, I mean everyone believed there was some kind of conspiracy of silence going on and everyone was sad and then very angry for a long long time. this anger only increased when Bobby Kennedy and the Martin Luther King were assassinated. Many if not most people believed we no longer had a real democracy. I'm not sure I've ever really been convinced that our democracy has been more than a sham ever since. However, for me, voting in every election is something that I do like praying in the hope that somehow democracy still works.


Tibetan Lamas have basically told me that a Dakini is a female angel and that a Daka is a male angel.

quote from English wikipedia: a Dakini--------is an elusive tantric diety that might best be described as a female embodiment of enlightened energy.

In the Tibetan language, dakini is rendered Khandroma which means 'she who traverses the sky' or 'she who moves in space'. Sometimes the term is translated poetically as 'sky dancer' or sky walker'.

Many lamas called their young female practitioners "Dakinis" if they were particularly successful in their practices during the 1980s when I met many of them. This might still be the case today.

Is Oregon or Oregon Territory the Land of Origyn

quote from the English version of Wikipedia from "Padmasambhava"

NOTE:(the three times are the past,present and future)

Many Lamas especially Nyingma Lamas(one of 4 lineages of Tibetan Buddhism Nyingma,Kagyu, Sakya and Gelugpa. The Dalai Lama is Gelugpa and considered the head of all lineages)consider Oregon or old Oregon Territory which also includes the State of Washington the legendary birthplace of Padmasambhava.

However, since the name Oregon did not exist except maybe in local India dialects before the 1800s then maybe Padmasambhava is a time traveller. So one of my theories is that he was born in the 20th through 25th centuries and then travelled back through time and if this was true could have been both Padmasambhava and Merlin as well as a variety of other beings.

It is said that Padmasambhava was "born from the center of a lotus flower in the land of Origyn". As far as I know it doesn't list what year this took place, but since Padmasambhava is revered by Tibetans much like someone like Jesus or Buddha in many ways and since all of them are known to be incredibly supernaturally endowed, including flying through the air almost anything is possible with such evolved beings that appear to be human.

Sometimes I have wondered myself that since I was born in Seattle and that since my first spiritual teacher's spiritual name was Lotus that could I be the one who travels through time? I think there are thousands who might fit this same description at least on earth at this time. However, for me it is a fun conjecture.

Also, when I was a young man in my 20s one of my teachers said to me:

"If you live to be 100, you will be 500. If you live to be 500 you will be 1000. If you live to be 1000 you will be 5000. And if you live to be 5000 you will be 10,000."

At the time I was cynical and said, "Sure." But then someone in their twenties would be expected to be cynical. One's twenties are a severe time of testing and reality checks.

Many things highly evolved teachers of mine said to me over the years have to make me think about the implications of what they said to me. Even if I was young and oblivious just like many of you were in your twenties and meeting highly evolved masters, maybe now it is time to think about the implications of what they actually said to you too.

One of the many things said to me was something like, "There will come a time of world privation. During this time you will be needed, because your nature is to stay more calm than most during such times. You will tend to know what to do when many do not because of your 'take care of business pragmatic approach to life'. So when many are losing it you will stay calm because you know what it is to go without water or food or both for days at a times and this no longer scares you. Others have not had this experience and could become temporarily traumatized when there is no water or food."

I think all of us capable of surviving anything should study our skills once again so when people around us panic we can be strong and help show those who will listen the way to safety and survival.

Padmasambhava brought Buddhism to Tibet

Most people agree that Padmasambhava brought Buddhism from Nalanda University in India to Tibet and Bhutan in the 8th Century. Though Merlin was earlier in England I sometimes wonder if they were the same person as he was said to have a "pink complexion" like Europeans. However, there is no corroboration so it is only conjecture for now.

Most people believe that Padmasambhava was born in Afghanistan and moved into India to study with Mahasiddhas and Buddhist Scholars at Nalanda University which was at that place the premier place of studious knowledge about Buddhism at that time on Earth.

He is said to have then gone to Tibet by way of Rewalsar(which I have been to). His magical supernatural acts there have been turned into Dorje Drolod or (Grolod) by Tibetan Buddhists over the years.

I was sent from Dharmsala to Rewalsar by Tibetan Lamas I knew or met there in late January and February 1986. Here, I found places where Princess Mandhrava had supernaturally melted the boulders with her fingers so her father the King's soldiers couldn't drag her away from her Guru, Padmasambhava. When the soldiers tried to pull her away from Padmasambhava, she stuck her hands into the boulders so they couldn't pull her away.

Also, when the soldiers tried to burn Padmasambhava at the stake he turned the place into a lake and flew up several thousand feet up the side of the mountain and melted his feet into the rock. I have been to this boulder and my Vasques Cascade size 14 Mountain Boots were exactly the same size as the melted footprints of Padmasambhava. The monk who was showing me the footprints was surprised anyone had feet the size of Padmasambhava. As soon as I did this the whole sky turned purple and purple rain fell out of the clouds and violet lightning struck the ground in many places over the next several hours.

I had asked the question to Saint Germain, who I have studied with since childhood if he and Padmasambhava were the same soul or being. The violet lightning storm and purple rain were my answer, and emphatic "Yes".

So after I walked with my family back down to the lake Padmasambhava had magically created so long ago, I got my amythest prayer beads and prayed for a Lama I knew there that was ill and for everyone I knew on earth and for all beings everywhere. I knew such power as the violet lightning storm should not go to waste so I directed it through prayer toward healing the lama and helping all beings everywhere.

I remember people looking out from their houses as the violet lightning crashed all around me while I prayed while doing a Dorje Drollo power walk to heal and end the suffering of all beings. Such moments come sometimes only once, if that in a lifetime. Getting struck by lightning was the very least of my worries. My primary duty was to make the most of this moment for all beings past, present and future.

I was recently watching a program on the history channel on the Tibetan Book of the dead. This might sound silly to you but I didn't know that Padmasambhava had written it. I also didn't know that he hid it in a boulder and that it had to be discovered by the Tertons, or treasure revealers.

For those of you who have never experienced how different and amazing India, Nepal, Bhutan or Tibet can be, this is the best way I can express it. Though I haven't been back since 1986 and since this is 22 years later, still I would like to share the following with you.

I found India and Nepal up into the Himalayas many times like being 1000 or more years ago. People out in the country might gather in the hundreds or thousands just to stare at a westerner or look at your eyes or touch the hair on your arms. Politeness, like we experience and extend to each other in the western world did not exist in the country in India when I was there. However, I found the people in general in the country to be very precious and kind people. The very last thing you would ever expect in the country would be to be murdered then. The people believe in karma, so since they don't want to be murdered the last thing they would do is to murder or physically harm you. However, they might try to con you out of your last cent with one or another silly idea that might make you laugh or run behind your horse or camel drawn cart saying "bakshish" for a mile or more until you threw them a coin or two just so they wouldn't pass out from running after you.

I remember one time buying tickets for my whole family to ride on a train in India only to find that when the train arrived hundreds of people were hanging on the outside of the train with no room inside. I learned to only rent a private compartment after that. It was the only way to be sure one could even get on a train at all. And all the trains at that time were steam engines which was really fun. Chai or Indian tea was sold only to go in thin little pottery cups around train stations and when done one smashed the pottery cup on the tracks and children picked up the pieces and crunched and pounded them down into new pottery cups fired them I guess. There were only a few things that usually were safe to eat so one didn't get giarrdhea or dysentery. They were boiled tea, chunks of potato with curry and other spices and boiled eggs. It wasn't safe to eat salads or fruit that had thin skin. However, oranges were always safe to eat if unpeeled when you bought them and if one ate enough oranges or lemons it was said that ones biological system would get so alkaline from that no illness could live in your body. Some westerners I knew stayed well this way so they could then eat anything and be okay as long as they boiled the water 5 minutes before they drank it at all times.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Times of Jesus

In the times of Jesus most people were uneducated and never went more than 10 to 25 miles from the place of their birth, ever.

This made people very provincial and not open to new ideas or experiences that deviated in any way from the ones they knew and trusted. Also, it was very difficult if not impossible to be accepted if you were from another area or country among such people out in the country.

So, if Jesus did travel to India to study about Buddha and Mahasiddhas and Guru type stuff because he was gifted both intuitively and intellectually and was extremely experimental yet pragmatic, then he also knew how to speak to the provincial people of his era and where he grew up.

Even though he had traveled the world and knew things they could not even imagine about life, speaking about all that to them would have only confused most of them. So he simplified his knowledge into ways that all in his provincial country could understand. It is important to note that the majority of his followers could not read or write.

He was of the aristocracy by birth because he was literally a Prince of the House of David. David who slew Goliath was a direct ancestor of his and everyone knew this.

Because of all these things Jesus or Yesu(Aramaic for Jesus) learned many things not known or even understood by the common people of his era. This was just natural for someone of aristocratic birth because of having been related to King David. So, the advantages politically and religiously for his family cannot be overestimated despite his humble birth.His family being related to David had clout historically and religiously and spiritually. That is a given.

Jesus Went to India

I discovered young that God is where you find Him, Her, the Being. So I continued my research wherever God led me by Grace throughout my life.

One of my journeys led me to Nepal and India where I found both records and people who could translate them about Jesus. These people and records told me that Jesus, Yesu in his native Aramaic became after 35 years old an Indian Saint called Issa and with his wife(assumed to be Mary Magdelene) had several children in India, a very famous Saint and Guru and taught until he was in his mid 80s and then passed away.

This has led me to believe that Jesus sometime between ages 12 and 30 must have gone to India by way of working on or with a Caravan train of Camels and traders which was a very common thing to do then if one wanted to see the world. While in India it is assumed that he learned about the compassion of Guatama Buddha(500 BC) approximately and also studied like Buddha did with ascetics and Mahasiddhas and learned to raise his body from the dead and many other supernatural feats.

This makes complete sense as he was predicted to become a world savior as a child. So he knew of these predictions was very intelligent, wise and gifted and moved in the direction of a great prophet, Guru, and world savior. So he studied with the best and the brightest that he could find to become proficient as a Prophet and potential world savior. And then after 33 years old and raising his body from the dead as he predicted and learned to do from Mahasiddhas in India he returned to India with his wife(Mary Magdelene) and had children and became the famous(in India and Tibet) Saint Issa(very close to the Aramaic Yesu which is Jesus' real name).

Also, it is very easy for me to believe that Mary the mother of Jesus had Arcangel Gabriel who came to her and told her she would have Jesus. I too, had an angel come and ask me to be born. This was my first son. Also, I was not married at the time but living with my girlfriend. Though my second daughter did not come to me as an angel but came to my wife instead, she still asked my wife to be born. My third child also came to me as an angel and told me when she would be conceived and was right on the money when she said. So it is not hard at all for me to believe that Arcangel Gabriel came to Mother Mary to tell her of Jesus' birth. Whether Mary was a virgin or not I can't really say. I wasn't there to know. However, I can vouch for the fact that often angels come to foretell the births of children. All three of my children announced their births either to me or my wife.

So, since there are records of Saint Issa and his wife and children that date back to those times of Jesus, I believe this is all true to the best of my research ability.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


If you want real privacy, cut up your credit cards, move out of your home, give up your cell phone, quit your job, your college classes and never go to school ever, live in a cave and eat nettles. Otherwise there isn't any privacy if Barack Obama is having his phone hacked. If he is being hacked as president elect then there is no hope of privacy for any educated person on Earth.

Privacy is only now for the uneducated, the starving, the people who live in caves and never ever went to school and live in 3rd world countries and don't even wear clothes often.

Though this is very sad to say it looks like there isn't privacy for ANY educated person on earth anymore.


And if I understand this right, any planet with all life forms on board can be converted to a complex logarythm and put into a computer so if the planet nukes itself out of existence or gets destroyed for any reason it can then easily be duplicated down to the last atom of the last bug on the last tree in the middle of the last river leading to the last ocean on earth.

This only make me long for the 18th century when life was cheaper but way more simple!

No Atheists in Foxholes

The saying has been there in most wars. I know for sure it is a saying among soldiers since World War I and probably before that as well. The full saying is: "

"There are no atheists in foxholes" meaning if you think you might die any moment your belief in God is likely to skyrocket during those times or moments.

There are always times that scare the s**t out of everyone and we are in one of those times now. The other one within recent memory are 9-11, also October 9th 2002 when the dow went below 7200. Before that it was the late 1980s stock market crash, and before that it was Nixon leaving office, Viet Nam War, and Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy and his brother President Kennedy being assasinated and before that it was the Cuban Nuclear Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs.

For me these were some of the public scary times Americans faced together that I have personally experienced. Now is one of those times as well. I'm not even sure 7200 will be a bottom in the stock market this time. I don't know if the big three:General Motors, Ford or Chrysler will still be there 6 months from now or if they exist what they will be manufacturing because it is unlikely they will continue making the cars and trucks they now do.

I was listening to Michael Moore on Larry King Live talk about growing up as a son of a General Motors Employee and what a good life growing up he had and how losing over 60,000 jobs where he grew up has devastated Flint, Michigan and turned it into one of the worst foreclosure capitals of America.

His take was that General Motors should be told to make light rails, and other public transportation machinery and hybrids and alternate fuel and battery powered vehicles.
To some degree I believe he is right as the switch away from oil based fuels and technology is already in full swing in Europe and much of the rest of the civilized world. America is sorely lagging behind and has been for at least 20 or more years.

I would say two of the leaders are the European Union and China who are leading the way toward innovation into alternative forms of energy generation and consumption.

So, America must move forward and become one of the leaders of the alternative energy movement worldwide and not just an old technology dinosaur as the big three Automakers have been for about 30 years now.

Plasma terraforming Tool

I woke up while dreaming about this this morning. So before it slips away I decided to write about it.
It appears one of the 7 billion humans on earth has obtained such a device. How this has been done I can't really imagine at this point. The most likely way would have been through some type of time travel into the future of earth. However, this device has to have a galactic license because it looks like a weapon and though it could be used as a weapon this is not its primary purpose.

It's primary purpose is to level mountains and to instantly evaporate lakes when builders want to fill in lakes. Leveling mountains is obviously for wanting a level surface on which to build. However, no one does either of these things if people are breathing the air of that planet because instantly vaporized earth, rock or water can be deadly not only from the heat until it dissipates but also from the toxicity level in the atmosphere for a while.

The primary reason I'm writing about this is that wherever this device is experimented with by a person whose dna and fingerprints or whatever not previously programmed into the device the results aren't good. Depending upon the model the device self destructs 300 feet in all directions up to 1 mile in all directions. So this device shouldn't be around people who live or work within 100 miles if you want them to live. Obviously, the non authorized person who uses it does not survive nor any witnesses close by.

This is to notify earth governments that this device has been obtained by a non governmental entity. This device is potentially as dangerous as a nuclear weapon. Also, this means that a rogue element has likely obtained time travel. This person is not a terrorist so that should be a relief. However, this person does not know what this device is and assumes it is a weapon of some sort but that is not its primary design or purpose.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The International Green Revolution

We all feel it and we're all scared. All of us humans on earth know everything is changing. I think it is something like the moment that a few people saw the Wright Brothers fly at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. We all know something very big is up but we are not sure quite what it is.

If I were to hazard a guess what is happening is that the human race is waking up from a long sleep of complacency. Too many tornadoes, too many Cyclones and Hurricanes getting bigger each year, too many hot days and too much northern melting ice at the north pole, too much permafrost melting, just too many changes.

The world is waking up to a new and more permanent storm and none of us like it but we are all changing as fast as we can and we're scared. But we don't know what else to do.

If General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler go down, could middle east oil be far behind?

The world of oil is for the most part over I think. Maybe there is 10,20,30 years of some use of it as fuel as the world converts to other sources. But I think we are dealing with profound change. Everything is changing because information travels at the speed of light through the internet now and all the people on the internet quickly tell everyone else. There is almost no place left that doesn't get news instantaneously one way or the other around the world now.

Everything is changing and the whole world is holding its breath hoping to be a part of the solution and not just another casualty of the change. Even America and Europe are very scared and changing as fast as they can.

We're all scared and we're all changing as fast as we can.

It's the only way any of us will survive now! There doesn't appear to be another choice!