Saturday, June 24, 2017

in August 2016 Brennan notified Obama of tapes of Putin ordering harm to Clinton and help to Trump

He also alerted 3 senior aids to Obama that..... intelligence captured Putin's specific instructions on the operation's audacious objectives--defeat or at least damage the Democratic Nominee, Hillary Clinton, and help elect her opponent, Donald Trump.

... that CIA director John Brennan kept it out of the President's Daily Brief... to guard against leaks, subsequent meetings in the Situation Room folowed the same protocols as planning sessions for the Osama Bin Laden raid.

For months Obama struggled to find an appropriate response only to settle on modest sanctions.

All the above appear to be quotes from the Washington Post on Hardball with Chris Matthews Saturday June 24th 2017.

end quotes.

When I wrote about how a cyber war would destroy the U.S. in the counter attack from anywhere like Russia or China, it doesn't mean that we wouldn't devastate Russia or China in many ways first. However, a country like China or the U.S. would be economically destroyed in any major Cyber attack. Only Russia could survive something like this because they are in some ways technologically still in the 1940s and 1950s in many ways across Russia except in places like Moscow which might be more like New York or Paris in regard to the Internet.

So, outside of sanctions the U.S. has no useful weapons against what Russia is doing. And the more sanctions we put on Russia the more likely they will increase their cyber attacks until some breaking point into something else.

So, I'm not sure where all this ends up except maybe in the end of the Internet in the Western world as a defense against Russia?

Israel strikes Syrian military near Golan Heights

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  • Israel strikes Syrian military near Golan Heights

    Israel strikes Syrian military near Golan Heights

    This picture taken from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights shows smoke billowing from the Syrian side of the border on June 24, 2017.

    Story highlights

    • The strike came in response to Syrian projectiles, Israel said
    • Israeli rockets claimed a number of lives, Syrian state media outlet reported
    (CNN)Israel launched strikes on Syrian military positions Saturday, close to the two countries' disputed border in the Golan Heights, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).
    The action was a response to what the IDF said were more than 10 projectiles fired into Israel from inside Syria. The IDF described the projectile fire as "errant," blaming it on internal fighting.
    Israeli aircraft targeted three positions from which the projectiles were fired, the IDF said. The strikes included hits on two tanks belonging to the Syrian regime.
    Syrian state-run news agency SANA reported several people were killed in the Israeli strikes. SANA said fighting in the area is between the Syrian regime and the al Nusra Front, a militant Syrian rebel group. No one is reported to have been wounded as a result of the projectile fire.
    Israel lodged an official protest with the United Nations' Disengagement Observer Force, which monitors relations between Israel and Syria in the Golan Heights, over what it called an unacceptable breach of Israeli sovereignty.


AeroMobil: Flying Car: Can fly from London to Paris in one hour

    However, I'm not sure how many people are in the market for a 1.2 million dollar Cessna that you can fly or drive. I would be worried about landings when I look at this plane myself. The wheels seem too close to the body to absorb shocks of landing in difficult circumstances. However, if you drove it as a two passenger car likely it would be fine. Likely takeoffs would be fine too but I would worry a lot about landing this thing in a 20 mile an hour cross wind. (I've soloed in a Cessna 152). For example in a Cessna you have enough clearance to dip a wing in a cross wind and almost touch the ground. But, in this thing you have no tolerance for wing dips caused by Cross winds or wind shears. So, this might be a problem with this design unless you only flew it in winds less than 5 to 10 miles per hour in any direction. Then it might be okay.

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    AeroMobil: Flying Car
    Welcome to our landing page and get ready for take-off! Aeromobil is a unique combination of car and airplane, a truly flying car.
    • Flying Car Flying Car. Welcome to our landing page and get ready...
    • Pressroom AeroMobil - Pressroom. AeroMobil is an advanced...
    • News Releases AeroMobil - Social Media Press Releases

    • AeroMobil 3.0 - official video
    • SXSW 2015: AeroMobil Cleared for Take Off
    • ► Flying Car - AeroMobil 3.0 demonstration
    • Flying Cars Are Here, And You Can Own One For Just $1.6 Million
    • Official News

      New Investor Partners with AeroMobil

      At the forefront of the global development of innovative flying cars, AeroMobil has recently concluded negotiations on a financial investment from private investor Patrick Hessel, founder and CEO of c2i, a manufacturer of composite parts of the…

Deaths reported in California heat wave

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Deaths reported in California heat wave

Two deaths reported in California amid scorching heat wave

Story highlights

  • The heat-related deaths of two elderly people were reported in northern California
  • Excessive heat warnings have been issued for parts of California, Nevada and Arizona
San Francisco (CNN)The record-breaking heat roasting the West has killed at least two people.
A 72-year-old man and an 87-year-old woman died Monday in San Jose, California. Their deaths were attributed to the heat, Santa Clara County officials said.
"It is tragic when someone dies of hyperthermia since in most every case it could have been prevented," Dr. Michelle Jorden of the county's medical examiner office said in a statement. "Hyperthermia and heat stress happen when a body's heat-regulation system cannot handle the heat."
San Jose sweltered in record-breaking, 103-degree weather on Sunday, and the area is under heat advisory until 9 p.m. PT Thursday.
Large swaths of California, Nevada and Arizona are under excessive heat warnings as residents have endured stifling, triple-digit temperatures in the last few days. Parts of eastern Texas and New Mexico are under heat advisories.
In New Mexico, two hikers were found dead earlier this week at Carlsbad Caverns National Park, and heat could have been a factor in their deaths, authorities told CNN affiliate KRIS.

Phoenix burns through the records

For the third day in a row, the heat in Phoenix set new daily records.
The week started with a high of 118 degrees on Monday, then hit 118 degrees on Tuesday and 117 degrees on Wednesday.
Though it has cooled off a few degrees in the Grand Canyon state, it's still burning hot, with a forecast of 113 degrees for Thursday, according to the National Weather Service.

Crayons melt in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, which also has seen its share of record-shattering heat, National Weather Service staffers got creative -- and conducted an experiment to show just how hot it is.
They eschewed the cliché of frying an egg on the sidewalk and instead left crayons outside in the sun on Wednesday, when the temperature hit 114 degrees. The wax sticks melted into a rainbow sludge of colors.