The more the dismal deluded Democrats scream about Trump in the media bubble, the more he keeps winning in the REAL world. Here's ten things the four-time losers need do to beat him

‘Democrats lose again (0-4),’ gloated President Donald Trump last night after his party won Georgia’s vacant 6th Congressional District.
Then he added an extra ball-spiking slam: ‘Total disarray.’
Unlike some of Trump’s public statements, this was one that no Democrat could legitimately contest for factual accuracy. 
They really HAVE lost all four special House elections since he won the White House.
And they really ARE in total disarray.
I’ve spent the past few months warning liberals their constant hysterical behaviour in relation to Trump would backfire and simply strengthen his position.
'Total disarray': Trump celebrated last night's devastating defeat for Democrats 
'Total disarray': Trump celebrated last night's devastating defeat for Democrats 
Weeping, wailing and marching every time he breaks wind isn’t going to work.
Now we are beginning to see hard ballot box proof of this theory.
Make no mistake, last night’s defeat was a devastating one for the Democrats.
It was a seat they were convinced they could win because Trump only carried Georgia’s 6th District by a tiny 1.5% margin in the general election.
Democrat candidate Jon Ossoff amassed a vast campaigning war chest of $23.6 million and the party threw its full national and local force behind him.
Osoff even arrogantly boasted he was going to ‘send a message’ to Trump.
This was going to be a referendum on America’s most divisive ever president; the first big success for the frenzied anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ movement.
He, Jon Ossoff, was going to smack Trump in the political nose and be a hero to his fellow Democrats.
Only…he lost.
Republican candidate Karen Handel won by a sizeable 4-point margin, having spent just $4 million.
And by doing so, she ensured Trump won again too.
His personal approval rating may be very low, but his ability to win elections at any level of US democracy remains impressively invincible.
Republicans control the White House, the Senate and the House, and have thus rarely been more powerful.
The Democrats, by contrast, have never been in a weaker position in their entire modern history. And a lot of that is down to Barack Obama.
As Rolling Stone reported this week, during Obama’s two terms the party lost 13 governorships and their control of state legislatures collapsed from six in 10 to now one in three.
One of Jon Ossoff's supporters can;t hide her disappointment after his defeat last night
One of Jon Ossoff's supporters can;t hide her disappointment after his defeat last night
Across federal and state government, Democrats have lost nearly 1000 seats!
This is about as bad as it gets.
So what can be done about this dire Democrat demise?
Well, here are my 10 suggestions for how they can sort their s**t out:
1) Dump Hillary. Every time their failed candidate pops up to whine about her loss, they drain more support. I’ve seen some bad losers in my time but Mrs Clinton is right up there with the very worst. She’s blamed everything and everyone from Putin to Comey, and she just won’t shut up about it. The Democrats need to send Hillary to political Siberia for her own sake as much as theirs.
2) Stop abusing Trump. The self-styled ‘smart crowd’ in New York and LA think it’s oh so clever to keep mocking and insulting the President. Yet as last night’s result showed, real America – the one between those two large liberal conclaves – doesn’t like it. And they will turn out in big numbers to affirm their irritation.
3) Find a leader. The Democrats are completely rudderless at the moment. They desperately need a fresh face and voice to re-ignite their base. That face can be black, white, male, female, young, not-so-young, thin, fat. It doesn’t matter who it is, so long as he or she presents a dynamic new image for the party.
4) Get positive. The Democrats lost the general election because they spent the entire time delivering dire warnings of how awful Trump would be in the unthinkable event of him actually winning. He, meanwhile, focused on big, bold, simple messaging led by his vow to Make America Great Again. It was brilliant marketing, and it worked. Millions of Americans believed then, and still believe, that Trump can cut through the usual political nonsense to improve their lives. The Democrats must now offer their own positive vision for America, and do it in a way that resonates with the public.
5) Be inclusive. One of the rare Democrat success stories is Rep. Cheri Bustos, who won her district in Illinois last November by a whopping 20-point margin. She has urged her colleagues to hear out Trump supporters rather than ridicule them. ‘People want to feel they’re being listened to,’ she told The Christian Science Monitor, ‘that they haven’t been forgotten.’ Democrats, she added, ‘need to stop acting like everyone else is a villain.’ When asked to describe a Trump voter, she responded: ‘They’re regular people.’ Meryl Streep might howl with fury at that comment, but that is why Cheri Bustos won big.
6) Get out into the heartland. The NY & LA bubble is so incredibly dangerous for all Democrats. I would say that 95% of all US mainstream media is slavishly devoted to hating Trump. It spews from their every pore in a 24/7 cycle of derision, and it drives huge ratings and circulation. It’s making them all very rich, be it CNN, the New York Times or Stephen Colbert. But I’ve spent a lot of time filming in states like Texas and Florida in the past two years and trust me, they view Trump in an entirely different way. To defeat him, you must first understand his appeal. To do that, you must go to the places that voted for him and speak to those who bought into him.
7) Stand for something, and mean it. Everybody knows what Trump stands for because he’s banged the drum for his core issues - like The Wall, bringing back outsourced jobs and his travel ban - more times than Charlie Watts has banged his for the Rolling Stones. I honestly haven’t got a clue what the Democrats currently believe really matters to either themselves or Americans. And that’s a big problem when you’re trying to beat one of the most skilled brand-managers in American political history.

Republican candidate Karen Handel (left) defeated Ossoff (right)  by a sizeable 4-point margin, having spent just $4 million.

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