Monday, June 26, 2017

If you don't find a way to feed and clothe yourselves you really can't help anyone else either

I think I discovered the problem when I moved with my first wife to Hawaii in 1974. I started thinking about why people in the U.S. and Europe are always so neurotic about being workaholics. You find this same sort of thing often in Japan and South Korea and China as well where people literally work themselves to death.

I looked around me (I was 26) and I found that I was starting to go down the workaholic path myself which didn't seem logical at the time to me, (especially if I wanted to actually become enlightened.

I noticed that the harder some people work (if they work for others) the more kind of insane and dysfunctional people got in their lives. They often were unfaithful to their loved ones and made all sorts of serious mistakes  in their lives because being workaholics made them kind of crazy (if they worked for others and not themselves).

So, I looked at all this and wondered about it all and began to realize why White Europeans and White Americans were workaholics and it had to do with growing up on Europe and snowy places in the U.S. This neurotic workaholic behavior was caused by Snow, Cold and Winter and so the struggle to not die during the winters was the whole basis for becoming workaholics culturally in our country here in the U.S.

Then I looked at the Hawaiian model which was sort of "let's go fishing and then have fun at a party barbecuing fish and poi and Pineapples and Mangoes and Papayas and Coconuts and then I realized what the real problem actually was.

Though being a workaholic destroyed people's centers and lives it is what they did so their children would have a future (so they could become workaholics and struggle throughout their lives too.)

So, it was at that point I realized that the solution for an educated, smart person like myself was to always (whenever possible) work for myself. In this way I could set my own hours every day and every week according to how I designed whatever business I was creating.

So, the way to overcome the drudgery of being a workaholic is to create your own businesses on your own terms completely.

IN this way you can work "Smarter but not necessarily harder". There are time when you might work 20 hours a day for a few weeks to set something up. But, if you are smart in starting your businesses you create a low overhead business that often you can run out of your den or even your garage like Steven Jobs and Steve Wozniak did starting Apple.

So, if you are literally "engineering your own business" then you set up the criteria yourself completely. Then you find a way to "Serve" your clients and to take care of their needs better than your competition can. I found this pretty easy to do because I was raised as a minister's son So I was already trained at being perfectly polite to rich and poor and middle Class people always anyway.

So, being cultured I could literally walk into any situation, size it up and figure out what to do almost immediately.

So, this is how I realized that I didn't have to become another neurotic workaholic who slaves for 40 years and then is given a gold watch, goes home and dies never having been anyplace they ever wanted to go to on earth.

So, I realized while living in Hawaii the real secret of success which is "Work Smarter not harder".

Because the harder you work (if it is for someone else) the more profit they are making off of your sweat and the more in debt your are actually getting every day of your lives.

So, the answer is: "Work smarter not harder" because if you are working for someone else they are going to suck all the profits from your labors leaving you with almost nothing in the beginning, the middle and in the end.

So, By God's Grace you will truly get what I'm saying here and not get bamboozled into being someone's slave for 40 years and never doing a single thing you actually wanted to growing up.

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