Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What do voters want regarding heatlh care?

Voters want the most for the least amount of money.

What does the Repubican Senate Health care plan do?

It throws 22 million people off of ANY kind of health care including medicaid and throws likely millions of elders out of rest homes and out into the street all across the nation.

It also gives millions and millions of tax breaks to Insurance companies for basically doing nothing at all.

So, voters are going to be really upset with all Republicans in the Senate and House and likely if this is voted in Republicans in the House and Senate are all pretty much going to be gone out of office and any realistic person knows this.

So, Republicans want whatever they give to people not to cost anything at all and then give big tax breaks to Insurance companies and rich people, including themselves.

Democrats want every insurance coverage possible and could care less how expensive this is going to be.

Republicans want to spend all their tax money on Military expenditures like we have since 2000 pretty much and let our infrastructure like roads, gas lines, electrical, sewage and everything else go to hell. They also don't want to pay anything at all for insurance for anyone so anyone not rich enough to buy their own gold standard coverage should just go die somewhere as soon as possible.

Democrats want the moon and don't want to pay for it in any  way.

Somewhere between the Republicans and the Democrats is the answer to all problems in the U.S. problem wise.

But, this is now a problem because the divide is now so wide we are almost at a bloody level civil war with each other.

The only reason this isn't happening already with demonstrators and guns with a revolution is that Democrats don't believe in violence or guns and Republicans are so afraid of anyone who isn't lilly white that the whole thing has become ridiculous for the whole world to watch at this point.

Is my Independent streak showing that isn't Republican or Democrat but for the nation and our democracy surviving anything that comes instead?

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