Thursday, June 29, 2017

People of Earth are generally very "Quaint" and "Naive" compared to other civilizations in the Galaxy

People often thing that "They know everything" but true wisdom is knowing how little human beings actually know about the universe. So, our most knowledgeable people tend to try to emphasize how much they know which in the end keeps their pockets sometimes full of money but does little else because as humans we actually know very little.

However, in difficult situations unless you believe you can survive whatever comes, you don't.

So, this is a very tricky thing for all of us to deal with isn't it?

Because if you really get how little humans know about the universe around them it is pretty scary.

And if you don't have a good college bluff you might just scare yourself to death one night in a dream and die.

And where would you be then?

So, there is this cutting edge or the razor's edge that people talk about where you aren't so deluded that you walk off a cliff being overconfident but you also don't just cry yourself to sleep every night worrying that you don't know enough to survive the next moment or next day.

So, in this way we are very quaint and interesting sort of like the Hobbits of Shire in Lord of the Rings to alien humanoids and other alien species. So, most of the time it is a lot like "Men in Black" so if aliens don't look human they use electronic devices to trick you into believing they are human or  that they are not there at all.

If you think of Earth a lot like Disneyland if you were another species you wouldn't want Disneyland to ever end. So, you would take precautions to have Disneyland stay Disneyland for others in your species so they could visit here too.

That's pretty much what happens. We all live in a Galactic Park called Earth that is a park or Disneyland for visitors from other worlds and dimensions.

Is it helpful for you to know this?

If it isn't just pretend what I'm saying isn't real and you will be okay.

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