Sunday, June 25, 2017

Trump is a symptom of what is wrong with the world but not it's cause

It's easy to blame Trump for whatever is wrong in the world.

However, if I am realistic about it, the real problem is not Trump it is overpopulation in certain areas.

For example, Trump was elected primarily because of several related factors.

1. Overpopulation in desert regions of Syria and Iraq created first Shia and Sunnis trying to extinct each other (even though shias and Sunnis have been killing each other since the time of Mohammed off and on. So, this isn't anything new just a renewal of genocide between Shias and Sunnis.

However, overpopulation has now caused (through ISIS) the basic almost extinction of Christians who have either been killed or left the region completely from most of Iraq and Syria and parts of Egypt and other middle Eastern Countries.

But, understanding the dynamic of overpopulation leading towards extinction in various regions might be important here.

What happens when there are too many people for a country's or areas resources to provide?

Families and religious groups tend to kill other religious groups so at least their group survives (even though other groups do not).

This is the basis for genocide caused by overpopulation.

So, from this perspective everything happening in the middle east now is completely logical and not atypical of an extreme overpopulation scenario.

If you study one group killing every man, woman and child in another tribe or country in the Bible in the Old Testament you can see this over and over again.

So, this time, Trump is caused by genocide in Syria and Iraq spilling over into refugees from Syria and Iraq spilling into Europe and freaking the whole western world out because of this.

But now, Putin getting involved in Syria on the side of Assad and Iran only made this problem about 100 times worse.

So, what is the cause of the Trump?

The middle Eastern chaos caused by overpopulation and a religious war between Shias and Sunnis made worse by Putin getting involved by randomly killing all Sunni Muslims in Syria.

Then made worse by refugees who don't want Putin or Assad or Iran to kill them moving in rubber boats to Europe one by one and often dying on their way there.

This is the real cause of Trump being our president voted in by the most paranoid white people in the U.S. who likely have the least amount of knowledge about the middle East to begin with and who don't have passports because they are afraid of even leaving the U.S. to actually see the world for themselves.

And all these aberrant things together and more have caused Trump who is and will be the death of millions worldwide both now and into the future.

And the craziest thing likely of all for me as a precognitive psychic and intuitive?

Trump is the cause of the human race not going extinct this century because for every one person he is directly or indirectly killing 10 more people that would have been born don't get born this century.

I know this sounds completely insane but if you can look down timelines like I can this is what you are going to see.

The murders caused by Trump prevents the extinction of the human race this century between 2080 and 2090.

How nuts is that?

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