Monday, June 26, 2017

If Christian Churches are funded by Government Muslim Churches may be funded too by Government eventually

This is a very slippery slope, you see, legally speaking.

If you fund one Christian church through the government, you might be forced to fund all Christian churches through government. If you fund one Christian Church through Government you might also have to fund all Muslim churches and every other denomination of church in the U.S. through government.

After all, all churches would have an equal right to government funding over time. So, the Supreme court funding one church opens the door to the supreme court funding all churches thereby destroying the separation of Church and state that our founders so wisely put in place so we wouldn't be forced to kowtow to any Catholic or Protestant Churches in the first place.

Separation of church and state allows freedom of Religion in the first place (or the freedom to have no religion at all).

Without separation or church and state there could come time when everyone would be forced to attend one specific church without exception here in the U.S.

And that church could be anything we know about now or a completely new and made up church that maybe a majority of Supreme Court justices belong to.

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