Sunday, June 25, 2017

6 months later Trump is still destroying the world

Jan 31, 2017

Sometimes being right isn't the best thing to be. If I look back at when I wrote the above on January 31st 2017 it seems downright prophetic. But, then again, does someone want to be right about millions and millions of indirect deaths and untold suffering worldwide caused by one man's paranoia, selfishness, self centeredness, and ignorance about governance in General?

For example, we have NO Foreign Policy even in regard to War or police actions. Any foreign policy was done by previous presidents and not this one.

If you look at most Federal government jobs (especially the heads of departments) no permanent heads have been appointed almost at all.

So, we have basically a non-functioning government, (at least in regard to how it functioned under presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama.

So, we have a non-government run by a man raping our system for profit and trying to hide everything he is doing by being outrageous in every way possible. So, it isn't what you see doing that is the worst thing of all (it is what you don't see him doing that is the very worst).

So, can our government survive someone this corrupt?

It is hard to say but it is sort of like incest, if one member of the family fucks everyone else in the family ongoing and rapes them over and over again, how functional is any member of that family ever going to be after that?

Trump is raping every aspect of the U.S. government right now and how functional will any part of the U.S. government be whenever he dies or leaves office?

So, the horror of Trump will likely leave a stain on our government for 100 years or more and this isn't funny at all!

The corruption of what Nixon did left the country reeling until Clinton was elected in 1992 by the way and then within a year of Clinton leaving office there was 9-11 and 6 years later the Great Recession and we are all still reeling from that and all the deaths and bankruptcies it caused across our nation and around the world.

So, Trump is just another Rape of our nation and everything good it stands for.

And this will have terrible consequences for 50 years into the future (If he doesn't get us all killed in the meantime)!

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