Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Most things here at intuitivefred888 and at dragonofcompassion.com were written since 1980 in Mt. Shasta then

The earliest things I have here or at dragonofcompassion.com were written in 1980. This was Arcane
 which is chronicled in
and in:
Memories part 1 was originally mostly written in 1980 in the early summer at the intersection of Old Stage Road and Lassen lane in a home I rented then with my wife and children. We had two goats and some cats. we had a Nubian Goat and an Alpine Goat and gave Goats Milk and Goat cheese to friends when we had more than we needed at the time. Nubian Goat is creamier and they are from Africa and Alpine goats are from Switzerland (the breed) and their milk has much less cream and is likely more healthy and less fattening in this sense. But, Goat's milk is very healthy for adults and children.

I walked home then from Pine Grove Health Food store (across from the Cemetery then which now has turned into Berryvale which is now next to the post office in Town and is more like a small whole foods store now with every health organic food kind of thing you can think of there or they likely can order it for you if you ask.

We used to order all our staples in bulk then when we lived remote on our land without a refrigerator and without electricity with just a wood stove, a wood cook stove, and Aladdin Kerosene lamps and Candle lanterns for reading, cooking and staying warm on our 2 1/2 acres of land 10 miles from the nearest gas station at 4,000 feet then. This was from around late summer 1980 when we bought this land until 1985 when we moved back to the northern California coast and started buying and running businesses to help our kids get through high school and into college. They all have college degrees now at least one and one is a lawyer in Oregon.

At the time I didn't believe that all lifetimes in the past, present and future were possible for a soul yet.

I hadn't learned that souls don't have anything at all to do with time and space unless they are living in a human or other kind of body on earth or throughout this galaxy or others or dimensions or inside of Suns, Nebulas, Stars etc.

Once I realized how souls actually functioned as I prepared for my own death in 1998 and 1999 I realized I had it all wrong before. And then I realized I had not been writing therapeutic science fiction at all but chronicling my past lives in the past, present and future and the lives of my friend souls as well.

This changed everything for me and I realized I had to publish what I had written online to prepare everyone for futures they might not expect in the past, present and future because I had also learned that the past, present and future is constantly changing in unpredictable ways always.

Imagine millions of changes to our past, presents and futures happening every day of our lives. This changes how we must view the universe because everything is constantly changing whether we realize it or not.

So, understanding it is always changing is very empowering for everyone.

By God's Grace

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