Sunday, June 25, 2017

6547.05 was the low of the stock market in 2009: It presently is at 326 plus percent of this at 21,394.76

So, if you left your money in or diversified or whatever you did and left your money in then in 2009 and just left it there in diversified Blue chip stocks of companies that haven't gone out of business and just collected your dividends and that's all since then, whatever money you left in since then is now worth 326 percent of what it was in 2009

In other words if you put in 100 dollars then it would be worth 326 dollars now.

If you put in 1000 dollars it would be worth 3260 now

If you put in 1 million dollars it would be worth 3,260,000 now.

Or what if you had 100 million dollars invested and now you have 326,000,000 dollars invested and just lived in the dividends the last 10 years of your life while you traveled the world watching your principle gain in value by 326%?

How many of you have a way to earn 326% on your investments in less than 10 years?

How much of a disadvantage are poor and middle class people in this country who just lost 50% to 75% of their savings because it was in their homes to people who just gained 326% in less than 10 years in their investments?

It is one of the many reasons why the U.S. hasn't been this economically out of balance since 1929 when Hoover (also a businessman who knew absolutely nothing about government) was president.

So, how likely is it another Great Recession or Great Depression is right around the corner?

I would say another recession is likely due because of Trump being in office at the very least sometime in the next 4 to 8 years if he stays in office. Because he is a part of the group that caused the last Great Recession and a part of the group of people who are multi-millionaires and billionaires that caused the middle Class and poor to lose their homes, businesses and 50% to 75 percent of their life savings in homes through bankruptcy and loss of jobs during the Great Recession a few years ago now.

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