Thursday, June 29, 2017

Being a Shaman is not a choice

Unless you call being born or reborn a choice which it very well might be.

What creates a shaman in life is a form of PTSD which kills the personality of the individual. So then, the person is dead psychologically and then their physical body doesn't die too.

This is what actually creates a shaman. So, with all pride and personality gone temporarily the newly created shaman must recreate himself as a being here on earth and deal with the fact that he is dead and lives on the other side of life as a dead person too. Though this sounds pretty scary (and it is) it is also survivable and there are likely thousands to millions of people on earth who fit this description.

What made them this way?

One of the ways is to witness the violent death of a relative or friend that this person identifies with in a very big way so their reality collapses upon itself and they for all intents and purposes die (but not their body).

Another way would be either an accident that this person barely survives (and maybe everyone else in the car or plane died). This would be another way that this could happen.

IF you have had an extreme traumatic experience and feel like you are dead from it I would recommend watching "Brother Sun Sister Moon" which is the story of Saint Francis of Asisi. (San Francisco is named after him by the way.

St. Francis went from being a Knight defending his area of Italy to being a shaman, monk, priest and then Saint and the head of the then newly formed Franciscan order.

But, a part of his process was almost dying in battle first where he got extreme PTSD. This was the key to his shamanic experiences. And he applied it to the Christian Faith he was raised in and eventually became a Saint.

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