Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Will the World Survive the deadly combination of Putin and Trump?

That's really hard to say.

At this point I'm not very hopeful of what is coming from Putin and Trump.

The main reason is that Putin is Blackmailing Trump so we have no real U.S. president defending us against Putin.

It's like Trump is Putin's wife running the U.S. instead of defending us from Putin's plan to completely destroy the U.S. and the Republican party.

Though each year there are less and less white Republican voters in the U.S. there is a movement towards a white dictatorship in the U.S. by Republicans. They are afraid of giving up power to other races here in the U.S. and this is understandable.

So, they have made a deal with the devil in Trump which is moving the U.S. towards a white racist dictatorship.

Republicans trying to hold onto power (no matter what) are moving the U.S. closer and closer to chaos. It is pretty obvious more and more each day.

Will there be organized violence?

I think most Americans at this point are too in shock and the ones who are the most against Trump are not the ones who own guns. They are just too politically correct to own a gun and this likely is their downfall.

Because without a gun no one has any real power.

I think this is the lesson that politically correct people who have been nurtured on college campuses have forgotten.

America came into being by the gun and the will to have freedom. It was maintained by the gun and the will to have freedoms.

So, the politically correct stance that all we need is rules and we don't need guns is only wishful thinking in the beginning, the middle and in the end.

It is a mark of a complete fool to think that anything will come of just rules if they are not backed up by guns in the beginning, the middle and the end.

So, our country, our freedoms will only be lost through political correctness taken to an extreme.

Why didn't Obama defend us from Putin?

Because he was too collegiate and politically correct to defend us from Putin.

College political correctness has no teeth so Putin wins.

Until we get over political correctness our democracy is over because of  Obama and Trump.

At this point both the Democratic party and the Republican party have failed our democracy.

Whose fault is it?

It's all our faults.

We have become too polite and diplomatic to survive as a nation.

We are a nation now of only fools and Trump is only one of them.

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