Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What is the secret of life?

Be kind to all beings because over time friends become enemies and enemies become friends.

By being kind to yourself and all beings you increase your mental and physical health
By being kind to yourself and al beings you make friends who repay often your kindnesses with other kindnesses and friendships.

So,that even people were once were your enemies come to respect you and often even become acquaintances and friends over time as they come to see you are a real and kind person capable of strength and kindness.

You don't make yourself vulnerable though. You defend yourself by either moving away or by showing people you have integrity in a way which might win them over. However, you always find a way to survive anything.

Because it you don't survive whatever you are doing in life, what's the point?

IF you are dead you cannot help anyone, not yourself, not your family not your friends. Not really.

So, the Secret of life is being kind to yourself and all others in a practical way so both you and they survive and prosper in life.

By God's Grace

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