Friday, June 30, 2017

From 40 to 46% and likely above 50% last week

As we all know (or should know by now) our participation in our health often decides whether we live or die at every point in our lives.

I mentioned that I had a healing with Master John Douglas of Australia about 3 or 4 weeks ago now and I stopped taking Lisinopril for my heart within a few days of this because it was causing me sort of an allergic reaction to it.(I couldn't safely take it anymore after the healing.) So, my daughter about 4 or 5 days later said, "I think you have been healed so your heart medicine might be poisoning you now."

I realized she might be right so I stopped taking Lisinopril and Spironolactone (the second one is for edema). So, after 12 hours I felt great and just stopped taking Lisinopril ever after including to now.

When I returned from Portland and Mt. Shasta with my older daughter I was worried because my youngest daughter is very (by the book) and doesn't believe in faith healing or anything that much alternative (even though she does like to throw Tarot Cards) but doesn't even believe in God or religions at all. But, strangely enough she is more of a straight arrow than anyone else in the family and I have never had trouble with her regarding anything but her sometimes being too judgemental of me because she really doesn't understand what it actually took for me to get here from being born in Seattle in 1948. So, she is basically almost 50 years younger than me because she was born when I was 48.

So, today when I visited my physician's assistant (to my heart specialist) today I found out I had increased my heart compression by 6 points. And then I realized likely my heart compression was at 50 or even 55% a week or two ago. This was sort of a shock for me. For my wife this was a truly happy moment and something I had to deal with because I see all this in a completely different context than she does.

But, if she's happy then I guess I'm happy too because unless your wife is happy you are not going to be happy. If you know anything in life you know that if your wife isn't happy you are basically screwed in life or you just have to go somewhere else where your wife is not or else you might be dead soon from a heart attack or worse.

If you know anything worldwide and you are married you know this otherwise your life is going to be hell and this is just a given that every man needs to know.

So, that my wife is happy means I have a better chance of being happy too. And soon I will be back in Mt. Shasta, kayaking and hiking and likely my heart compression likely will go up further again because I'm always much happier in the wildernesses surrounding Mt. Shasta than almost anywhere else on earth.

and my wife will continue her doctor assisted diet until the middle of July because she has already lost 15 pounds and is very happy with herself.

And I am very happy not to be around her being Hangry (Hungry and Angry) from not eating any sugar, milk, candy, anything baked or fried, any butter or oil at all or  carbohydrates at all etc.

So, I'm hoping hiking, swimming mountain climbing at altitude (above 3500 feet) will help me get even more athletic and healthy than I am already.

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