Sunday, June 25, 2017

Developing "Right Mindful Compassion"

What is right mindful compassion?

It is being practical when you do compassionate acts towards yourselves and others. So, the question is: "How can I help myself and the most beings in any given situation?"

By asking yourself this question in an everyday context often you can come up with brilliant ideas to help yourselves and all mankind at the same time.

However, if you are young I would start small and find ways first to educate and to help yourselves to a good education but also help and tutor others if you are good in any subject in school at each and every point (if this works for you).

By age 15 to 17 I realized that my real goal had to be enlightenment because I already was remembering past lives and realized I had already been scientist, businessman and clergy in too many lifetimes already.

So, I knew in this lifetime the best thing I could do is to get enlightened as soon as possible so I could help as many as possible to enlightenment too. Other wise, the Earth would look like Maldek (the Asteroid belt) from nuclear war like the nuclear war that caused the asteroid belt 65 million years ago now. I presently believe that our moon used to be a part of this planet but we humanoids dragged it here behind a "Space Tug" when we first colonized Earth 65 million years ago after we killed the dinosaurs so we could live here by sending an asteroid from the asteroid belt (Maldek the previous planet) to earth to kill the biggest dinosaurs like the T Rex.

So, right mindful compassion is what will allow humans not to go extinct here on earth if enough people practice this discipline worldwide in all cultures.

 By God's Grace

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