Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The previous prayer is extremely powerful

I structured the prayer in such a way that it won't cause people just to die around you when you manifest as a Master Angel right here on earth.

Most people are sort of like children, if it isn't time for them to experience the full truth it might kill them. So, just like with all children often you have to protect them from the full truth of life until they are ready to actually "Bear the TRUTH".

Though it is true "Know the Truth and the Truth will make you Free!"

Forcing the truth on others by allowing your aura to be in full power might kill some people to be in your presence while you are manifesting the full truth of being a master angel right here on earth.

So, be careful of mankind because mostly they are children in adult bodies. Often actual children might be better at understanding what an actual Master Angel really is for a variety of reasons.

By God's Grace

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