Sunday, June 25, 2017

Why would Putin, Russia, China, and the CIA and NSA want Trump to be president?

I think at core all members of the Security Council of the United Nations who all tend to have things like Nuclear weapons, and access to Time Travel (both forward and backward in time) would want Trump to be president because of what they found out.

Here is Fred's Theory of what actually caused all this:

One of the things that the members of the United Nations Security Council do is to "Test the Future" regularly. Time travel forward is a weapon of inestimable value you see.

So, what they found out is that the human race goes extinct between 2080 and 2090 of Hillary Clinton became president. This doesn't mean she wouldn't have been a GREAT president by the way, it only means the human race goes extinct by 2080 or 2090 if she was actually elected president and served 2 terms.

So, as the nations of the Security Council of the United nations did experiments with the future to try to prevent human extinction they found ONLY one thing worked and it was horrific. Trump HAD to be the next president because ONLY if he was president did the human race make it to 2100.

So, as crazy as this sounds all the ones who have access to Time Travel conspired to make Trump President. So, who knew about this in the U.S.?

I would have to say Mueller, Comey, Brennan and others in top positions knew about this.

But, in order not to completely destroy our U.S. democracy for all time (which also could lead to human extinction sooner than the next century (after 2100) Trump had to be controlled by the intelligence agencies of Russia, China, Europe and the U.S. because otherwise if Trump's craziness overdid it humans would go extinct anyway.

So, this is why Mueller and Comey and all the others are trying to find way not to completely destroy everything good in our U.S. government while allowing Trump to do enough damage to the world to prevent human extinction worldwide.

So this is a high wire act of epic proportions trying to control Trump in such a way that he doesn't blow us all up anyway.

So, Trump is being blackmailed by not only the Russian Version of the KGB (FSB) but also by the CIA, the FBI, the NSA and by almost every other major intelligence agency on earth of the members of the United Nations Security Council.

This is my theory of what is actually going on here which is unlike anything ever seen here in the U.S. ever before.

The human race's survival this century is hanging on by a thread and one day this century or the next hopefully a movie will be made about all this (if it can be told in a safe enough way for the human race to actually survive it).

Note: But here is the problem I have with all this. If birth control was instituted worldwide like China did (only this birth control allowed only 2 children instead of 1 it would keep the world population the same and it wouldn't grow at all and this would be much better than having to have Trump indirectly cause the deaths of so many people worldwide by all his craziness.

So, Trump seems an unnecessary torture for all mankind and all life on earth to endure.

This is my thought about all this.

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