Sunday, June 25, 2017

This is a very simplified version of how the Internet works

First, a signal goes out in binary language (zeros and 1s) and says something like "Hi. I want something". Then the Server (wherever it is on earth) says, "Who are you?" and then wants to authenticate who this is in varying degrees. Then HTTP is engaged if the Server is satisfied with the response and authentication from the computer type of device (which might include a smartphone, an Ipad or similar device or a computer like a laptop or desktop or even a mainframe somewhere someplace. Then it after it engages HTTP (the protocols) the next layer up would probably be the HTML or similar code that you and I write web pages in or we use automatic coders like I have here at (Blogspot) run by Google.

However, for some web sites even a home computer might be acting as a server if someone wishes to do it that way but they would have to leave their computer on 24 hours a day for incoming traffic. However, most people don't choose to do this because they don't have the security level to not have their computer be trashed and not useful anymore and completely dysfunctional.

But, just remember this is basically sort of a child's explanation of how the Internet works. It is extremely simplistic but possibly useful if you are just embarking on studying about computers HTTP and HTML and other compatible languages.

Note: I forgot an important layer up from binary which is the TCP or TCP/IP which means Transfer Control Protocol/ Internet protocol. Then after that comes the 'HTTP" protocols then after that comes the HTML language or other compatible Internet languages that you and I often write in or have "Automatic coders" like I have at this site do the coding in an HTML type of language for you so you can read this page or others in about 10% to 1/100th of the time that it would take to code all this by hand. So, I can write at this site and not have to be coding 24 hours a day to put the same amount of text before you both written by me and compiled by me through quotes.

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