Friday, February 21, 2020

What is a Planet Saver in the Arcane Universe?

Arcane is a planet saver and there are also others like this. For example, Jesus would be considered a World Savior who is interested in Saving Souls whereas a Planet Saver is interested in Saving whole planets and the life waves resident upon them. Both are Saints but their focus is different.

One is saving souls and the other is saving lives and whole planets from destruction.

The world needs planet savers now so that Earth doesn't disappear along with all life upon it one day.

One way is time lines so if there are more time lines (there are presently at least 3 and potentially 5 within a few hundred years.)

The 2nd timeline began on 9-11-01 the 2nd time it occured. When President Bush read "My Pet Goat" to the children the 2nd timeline began because it prevented the accidental nuclear war triggered on the first timeline by the doomsday devices of Russia, China and the U.S. being tripped by the planes going into the world Trade Center buildings then.

So, the first timeline killed about 5 billion people in the first month and then most people in the next year and after that most people were so modified genetically by radiation sickness that they went back to be functioning most like wolves and civilization was lost. A few people in Switzerland (since it was a neutral nation) were more normal than the rest on earth so 5000 years later technology and civilization there developed enough to create a 2nd timeline where 5 billion people didn't die and Bush read "My Pet Goat" which created the 2nd timeline you and I now live on.

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