Tuesday, April 7, 2020

‘A lot of pain.’ NY has biggest 1-day jump in virus deaths

New York state recorded 731 new coronavirus deaths, marking its biggest single-day jump, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday. The ...

Coronavirus hits African American Communities

Percent of population of Illinois 15% but they are 42 percent of coronavirus victims testing positive
Percent of population of Louisiana 33% but they are 70% of coronavirus victims testing positive
Percent of population of Michigan 14% but they are 41% of coronavirus victims testing positive

Though it's true that education or lack of one and diet might contribute to this as well I have another theory which is different also.

After studying White people from Europe who came after millions and millions died from about 500 BC to 1900 from plague after plague after plague in Europe and UK, I'm thinking that the white people who survived all these plagues have two things going for them.

The first is 3% to 6% Neanderthal blood
The 2nd is that they are the survivors of all these plagues and pandemics which killed around 500 million to 1 billion people total from about 500 BC to 1900 and beyond.

So, when white people first came to North America they carried these diseases but were also immune because everyone that wasn't already died in Europe during the last 2000 years before then. So, 90 million Native Americans died or 90% of them died from all the stuff White people from Europe carried as carriers from surviving all the plagues. So, Flu and colds and smallpox killed 90 million Native Americans when White people Came to the U.S.

So, I think we are dealing with the same thing with African Americans now with coronavirus. IN other words White Europeans have more immunity to coronavirus because of all this than Native Americans or African Americans.

Governments and big companies want 5G: people who understand it don't

Because it has NOT been tested in regard to the safety of human beings at all.

Just because something works doesn't mean it is good for human immune systems and dna at all.

So, just like with electric cars and hybrids and cell phones governments want them.

So, unless you protect yourself from microwave and electrical  radiation fields by reducing the amount of it you receive from ALL sources now, you might be another coronavirus victim, especially if you live in a big city on earth with a lot of 5 G and a lot of cell towers and a lot of electric vehicles that you might ride in or drive in.

It's Caveat Emptor, which is Latin for "Let the buyer Beware!"

Because if you don't protect yourselves from all all this during the coronavirus outbreak then you are just dead like the other 11,000 or more Americans so far with compromised immune systems from all this in combination with public mass transit (which is how most people are getting this in big cities).

Most of the time you can sort of fudge and ride in electric cars and hybrids and put the cell phone up to your ear and maybe just get away with it. But not now!

If you don't protect your health and the health of your family, who will?

This is why I live near the ocean away from most 5G towers in the cities. This is why I do NOT own an electric or hybrid car. This is why I don't hold a cell phone up to my ear EVER unless it is a complete emergency. This is why I try to eat only organic foods and breathe fresh air right off the Pacific Ocean. This is why I live a very healthy  lifestyle and don't usually smoke or drink at all. This is why I walk in the forests here or along the beach every day that I can even if it is raining often with our Blue Merle Corgi almost 5 month old puppy.

If you can eliminate all or most immune suppressors in your life the more likely it is you will survive this coronavirus outbreak during the next few years here on earth.

Virus hunters zero in on a possible culprit

Monday, April 6, 2020

5G only empowers Big Brother taking human rights worldwide

Unless you are a dictator like Xi or Putin or maybe even Trump the way he is going 5G won't benefit you at all. It will just take your health away and suppress your immune system if you live in a big city or near a 5G tower anywhere.

Recently, we didn't want a 4G which could also be used for a 5G node on our telephone pole outside our home. Luckily, other people in our area also were against a node being there. Also, one lady already had a node on one side of her property and now they were going to put a node on the other side of her property and got hysterical because she had just moved in and felt it endangered her kids. So, the residents were able to keep out 4G nodes that could also run 5 G as well because they are very very dangerous for people to be very near when they are transmitting signals. I asked the electrician if he had to work on them hot and he told me that he did but wore a radiation badge so he could check so it wouldn't kill him while next to a node up a pole working hot on a 4G/5G node.

I just winced because I knew being a trained electrician by my father what an incredible risk he was taking with his life and health doing this but knew he wasn't going to listen to me.

Governments that are authoritarian like 5G even though it also causes people to die as we see from coronavirus especially in big cities like New York City and others worldwide. Wuhan was a huge 5G test site for China by the way when all these people started dying there.

So, whenever you have 5G combined with this coronavirus and in a big city you are going to have these mass deaths like you have in New York city.

If you do the research the most deaths are going to be where 5G is everywhere on earth because when people's immune system is suppressed by 5G they will die much more quickly when their immune systems are repressed like this worldwide like this  in big cities.

Cell phone Towers attacked over 5G in Great Britain

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Schools Ditch Zoom Amid Concerns Over Online Learning Security

School leaders in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Las Vegas are abandoning the videoconferencing service after reports ...

L.A. County death toll nears 150 as mortality rate increases to 2.3%

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1 day ago - “Unfortunately, today's significant increase in the number of people who have died leaves so many families in our communities facing ...

2 days ago - “Unfortunately, today's significant increase in the number of people who have died leaves so many families in our communities facing ...

The death Trap of 5G

The real problem is that human dna cannot survive 5G because the immunological properties of human DNA are suppressed by exposure to high amounts of 5G like you have in large cities like New York City or Chicago or Los Angeles or San Francisco. So, larger concentrations of 5G nodes are just going to cause death, death and more death in the present times of coronavirus.

So, you have a collision of events of this really incredible Coronavirus that might have been weaponized and 5G which is also weaponized to suppress immune systems all over the world.

It is a double deadly combination of events and could eventually result in a major loss of life planet wide and presently appears to be doing just that.

People on Cruise ships with 5G are like Sitting Ducks

Because there is NO WHERE they can go to get away from the 5G transmissions going through their bodies and suppressing their immune systems. How horrific it is for the mostly older people older than 50 or 60 who tend to travel on cruise ships these days. 5G just makes cruise ships immunological death traps and nothing else really.

You might as well call these 5G ships "Coffin Ships" for the retired set.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson moved to Intensive Care with Coronavirus

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