Sunday, July 31, 2011

Merry Christmas Debt Ceiling

The present Debt Ceiling Deal looks like Christmas is going to be interrupted by another Debt Ceiling ridiculousness right around Christmastime. No one wants this but the Republican extreme right. But this, it looks like what we are going to get. If you don't want your Christmas destroyed by another Debt Ceiling Crisis around Christmas make sure your Congressperson or Senator knows it!

The other problem with this latest agreement is that only the poor and middle Class will lose their livelihoods through this agreement. The rich will sacrifice nothing. However, this is just how crazy the world is right now. In order to save our country and the world's finances, the middle class and poor of the U.S. are going to be guillotined by this bill. (Look Ma no head, no livelihood, no food, no shelter!)

However, this is the agreement that either will be voted in and signed or the whole world and the U.S. economy will suffer. I guess it shows black mailing the U.S. Congress by the non-compromising Tea Partiers pays off for the very rich. If this says anything it says, "The rich just won and everyone else just lost!"

Knights Templar

The Knights Templar are a very interesting historical group founded by the surviving knights and soldiers from Europe in the Crusades in Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Off shoots from this group eventually became things like Masons, Rosicrucians etc. Also, the Concept of Christian Rosencrutz and Saint Germain are often associated with these groups historically down to the present day. I think the whole Concept of WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) also is both directly or indirectly tied to the whole Knights Templar, Masonic and Rosicrucian tradition. So, on one level one could say these points of view began in the Middle East and spread back into Europe. Also through the Knights Templar and  Masonic tradition Banks were started in Europe originally from booty stolen from middle east nations during the Crusades. This was basically how the banking system of Europe and then the U.S.  first started. Then the King of France had all the Knights Templar murdered on Friday the 13th which is why it became a superstitious number. He had them killed all at the same time because he owed them too much money to be able to pay them back. (sort of like nations in debt like the U.S. ) today. (I'm not saying anything like this will happen again. I'm just saying debt in Europe and the U.S is similar to the crushing debts then).  So, the King of France ended his debts by killing all or most of his creditors which wasn't very nice even though as a battle technique it was very effective.

So, at that point the Illuminati, Knights Templar, and indirectly the Masons all kind of went more or less underground except for the Masons which were needed to build things as the secret of making cement was usually kept from the unenlightened masses in order for the masons to keep all their heads and as leverage. And also, since Masons extended their building profession into a semi secret society that eventually composed much of the leadership of most western nations its tie to the Knights Templar and to the original European banking system is an interesting one that carries historically through in some ways to today with the banking systems, the IMF etc.

It may or may not be a coincidence that the Norway Christian Terrorist, the head of the IMF falling to a scandal, and the debt Ceiling Crisis all happened within months of each other. But whether it is a coincidence or not I think it deserves us all who are intelligent enough to more fully look into what is really going on here.

For example, if you look at what the economic problems are doing to the rest of the world, you can see minorities around the world suffering the most and then rich White folks in Europe and North America and Australia and rich Chinese folks in China  suffering the least. So, who will die worldwide the most because of all the financial troubles in the world? I would say the people who will die or suffer  the most are not rich and white or rich and Chinese. Everyone else will tend to suffer the most during the next 20 to 50 years the way things look right now.

So, unless a new economic paradigm happens this appears to be our future worldwide.

Another interesting fact was that while I was listening to Fareed Zacharia on CNN Sunday morning he mentioned that either in 2009 or 2010 that somewhere between .4% and 1% of the terrorist actions in Europe were caused by Muslim extremists like Osama Bin Laden. and the other 99+% were committed by other groups like anarchists and people like the Norway terrorist who killed at least 77 people recently. So, the Norway Terrorist and people like Timothy McVeigh and anarchists actually are doing the most damage in the western world, 99% more than any Muslim extremists in reality.

I think many people get the wrong idea when the lump together people who are interested in things like the Knights Templar, Masons, and Rosicrucians and the like. Because if you look at the millions of people interested in all these things, mystery schools and the like they are all just as different a spectrum as being everything from Liberal Democrats to Tea Party Republicans so they don't just fit one pattern and just like Muslims most of them are very peaceful in their religious points of view.

In fact I would say that   people who become terrorists and actually start killing people whether they be anarchists, Muslims, Christians, or atheists all have one kind of psychological problem or another to consider killing innocent people in the first place. They tend to be either victims of child abuse, genetic mental illness or other kinds of problems, including the need to commit suicide and self destruct. So trying to isolate by belief system I don't think is necessarily useful at all. In fact, as someone who has actually studied psychology and who has counseled juvenile offenders and emotionally disturbed teenagers, I think you cannot actually figure out any of these loners from any one profile at all. So the actual direction that police groups and investigators are going now after Christian extremists likely will be counterproductive in both the short and the long run as well as an incredible waste of money worldwide.

Growing up in Glendale 1956 until 1969

I was born in Seattle, Washington and lived there until I was 4 and then moved to Vista and El Cajon in the San Diego Area and then at age 6 I moved to Tujunga and then finally we moved to Glendale because they had the best public schools in Los Angeles County. So from age 8 in 1956 until 1960 I went to Horace Mann grade School and graduated from Grade School into Junior High School in 1960. One of the strange rituals that were tolerated at that time was being scrubbed by lipstick by kids in 7th and 8th grade. It was a spontaneous hazing ritual that scared the girls and some boys. But if you resisted you would be knocked to the ground by several older larger and stronger boys (both girls and boys the last day of school) and lipstick was put all over your face arms and if you were a girl up your legs and under your dress or skirt. I remember being knocked down and a very pretty girl from my class laying on the ground next to my crying as they put lipstick all over her bare legs with great glee. I just thought it was all pretty insane and not useful and probably would make that girl need a psychologist like being raped might. But when many people do something you often times would have to either wait until things change or you would have to kill someone to make it all stop because the tradition had already gone on like this for 20 or more years.

However, my parents didn't want me to go to Roosevelt Junior High because there was a gang there called the Khaki boys. Their gang outfit was khaki pants and a t-shirt with black boots with a switchblade hidden inside the boot to cut anyone they thought they needed to. (Guns weren't considered manly then) except by the mafia. So my parents moved so I wouldn't have to go to a junior high with a gang that ran the school and students(so to speak).

So, since the border between junior High School districts was Colorado Blvd. where Bob's Big Boy Restaurant was where all the hot babes and cars went to their drive in every Friday and Saturday nights.  So we moved up to Harvard Blvd about 1/2 block from Glendale High School and from which I could ride my bike up Verdugo Blvd. To Wilson Junior High School and then I could eventually walk to High School (1/2 block) to Glendale High School where John Wayne (the actor) had once gone to. In fact I got to go to Glendale High School before it was burnt down by a boy in my class that I knew of. What was really sad was that he was a straight A student but he had gotten a bad grade and he burned down the high school because his parents beat him if he didn't get all As. So likely he ruined his life by burning down the school. So the Glendale High School now is all new from the one John Wayne and I went to.

Yesterday my wife and I paid for most of our God Daughter's wedding and I met someone else who had gone to Glendale High School who was about 53 years old who was coming to the wedding from southern California and was a girlfriend of one of the brothers of the father of the bride.

She was telling me about the old lamp posts throughout Glendale back in the 1960s that had little Swastikas on them on the bases of them. She asked if I knew about them. I told her I had never seen them but that I knew that during the 1950s and 1960s people in Glendale wouldn't rent or sell to black people and that there was a collusion between all Realtors in this. But by the 1970s most all of this had changed. I told her that my father and my Aunt before him had moved to Glendale because Glendale had the very best public Schools in Los Angeles County. My aunt had a college degree and so had researched all this. So, as a result my cousin Glendale High Graduate of 1960 got a very good education and went on a scholarship to USC and got his college Bachelor's degree there and then on another full Scholarship to NYU Law School from USC. So, Glendale schools took both my cousin and I quite far in life and made us both critical thinkers so we could always make excellent decisions given enough information. I also told her that even though there was a NAZI party office in Glendale that many people I knew participated in a riot and threw rocks and bricks through their windows one Weekend night. The paradox of Glendale back then was that there were a lot of very far to the right segregationists who wouldn't rent or sell  to black people then. However, since the 1970s Glendale has become like all the other places in California and integration is everywhere all over now on the west coast now since the 1970s. However, it is true that the schools wouldn't have been so strict and leading to a good college education without the strictness that came from the people then. So as always life is a paradox in all these situations. Though Integration as well as the acceptance of Gay people and Gay marriage is a part of progress, there is also a tendency for the scholastic ability of public schools in those areas to decrease in usefulness as this happens. I personally think the reason for this is as areas are integrated more parents tend to put their kids in private schools which takes money from local school systems because of student money allocation from local government and federal policies and therefore public schools suffer and become deficient during this process of degradation of public institutions through the loss of money per student. It is unfortunate for everyone but it is still a fact to be pragmatically dealt with by everyone in whatever ways they are free to choose.

So, life goes on for us on. Obviously, many blacks and gays have benefited in various ways through all the positive changes since the 1970s. For example, when I was in High School during the 1960s there were people (football player types or worse) who went out with baseball bats to maim or kill blacks or gays from Glendale on weekends. I knew of people like this but more than anything else they just made me sick that there were people like this. Even in California during the 1950s and 1960s blacks and gays found by people like this were found killed or maimed beside roads throughout Los Angeles. Though this kind of thing was more common in the SouthEast of the U.S. there were also people who had moved from the Southeast to California that brought these maiming and killing habits with them. Thank God those days are gone now.

When I was 16 years old I got a driving job for Ernie's Camera Shop I drove a small but powerful Oldsmobile all over Los Angeles County after School and was paid $3 an hour then (twice the minimum wage or more. 'I think the minimum wage then was about $1.16 and hour) because it required the skill of being able to drive well and navigate all over a large county dealing with rush hour traffic often and people skills of meeting people and delivering and picking up specific things. It was sort of like being a mini-UPS kind of driver for a Camera Shop in Glendale.

I greatly enjoyed this job because I loved to drive and I got to travel all over the county. Also, this meant I might drive up to 50 miles or more towards a camera or film location for pickup or delivery. I really liked this job because I didn't have to pay for the gas out of my money and I was payed really well. I was happy! and I only worked about 20 hours after school and was usually home by 7 or 8pm at night.

I was driving this job during the Watts Riots which was a really bad time in Los Angeles for race relations. The rioting burned down much of Watts in Los Angeles and for me the scariest part of this was all the white folks in Glendale practicing shooting with all their rifles (illegally) on all the hills around Glendale. It seemed like every place there wasn't a house built people were target practicing with rifles on the hills around there. I found this really scary as the black smoke of Watts burning came up in the distance deep in Los Angeles. Very Scary times!

I was 16 then but when I was 12 years old my father and I (DAd was an Electrical Contractor) were helping remodel a Catholic Nunnery near USC downtown Los Angeles when I was out by the Utility truck getting parts for the electrical part of the remodel when I noticed rocks hitting my Dad's truck and rear window. So I dodged the rocks thrown by black kids across the street and walked in and asked my Dad what to do. He said to just dodge the rocks and not say anything to anyone. He said it wasn't like being in a white or mixed area it was dangerous to say anything or to even call the cops because a riot could start and people could die. So he told me to dodge the rocks and as long as the kids didn't come across the street and approach me that I should just dodge the rocks hitting the truck near me and go about my business as if nothing was wrong.

Obviously, things around the country have changed a lot since those crazy times. So, I think we are all plenty grateful for that!

Though I liked growing up in Glendale I probably would have preferred growing up in the country away from smog and the big city. But I did get an excellent education and as soon as I was 16 I started driving my own car wherever I could on weekends or when I was free during the week and had money to buy gas to drive it. I used to drive about 400 miles a weekend going to the beach, mountains or deserts within 2 to 4 hours by car from  Glendale. My freedom to surf, ski, hike, date and live and go wherever I wanted had begun. The sky was the limit. Thanks Glendale!

Though my father was a very conservative Republican I was exposed to all different sorts of ideas, politics, religions etc. in College in California. It was a time of Black Power and I even wound up meeting Eldridge Cleaver at one point in Berkeley. So, what college did for me was to turn me from a Goldwater Republican to a Moderate Republican and when Nixon let the country down I became an Independent in my thinking. Hillary Clinton had a sort of similar experience in her life as well. So I have stayed in this more moderate way of thinking by picking and choosing things I have found practical for human life (and all other life on earth) from all politics and different philosophies and Religions. This exposure to multiple points of view taught me to pick and choose all pragmatically useful concepts from all political points of view and from all religions. I'm grateful for all the wisdom of all cultures and points of view down through the centuries that have contributed to the completely Free Thinker that I have become. Thanks Glendale and thanks to the Colleges and Universities  in California that I have attended as a student over the years.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rudi Giuliani's predicted Solution to the Debt Crisis

I was listening to Rudi Giuliani's prediction for the end of the debt crisis last night. He said that what would have to emerge would be a compromise where the Republicans would have to allow the Democrats the Debt Ceiling raised until 2013 past the Presidential Elections and the Democrats would have to allow there to be no new taxes. Only with this compromise would both Democrats and Republicans have any hope at all to agree to a new Debt Ceiling Compromise that could actually pass both the House of Representatives and the Senate and to have any hope at all to be signed into law by the President by Tuesday. But until then likely both House and Senate will be in session until it gets done.

Another point to understand is that right now the U.S. Government has less cash on hand than Apple Computer. The U.S. government right now has 74 Billion dollars and Apple has 76 Billion dollars and no money can be borrowed by the U.S. Government until this thing gets passed. The most likely not to get checks for at least one month or more if this gets put off any more is Social Security and Medicare recipients and the least likely to not get their checks are military and disabled Veterans. However, all debt to banks and foreign banks and countries has to be paid before citizens in order that our whole world banking system doesn't collapse. The same is true in regard to treasuries etc.

The likelihood that some solution will be found like a bandaide by Tuesday I think at this point might be approaching now 100%. However, a more permanent (as in until 2013) solution might be one or more months away. However, in the meantime the whole world might suffer like never before since the Great Depression and World War II if this goes on much longer.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Shasta Springs 1954

The head of my parents religion's name in 1954 was Mrs. Ballard. I was at Shasta Springs having just eaten dinner there. Mrs. Ballard had just gone into the main kitchen where meals were cooked for a thousands or more people attending the Conclave that year to compliment the cooks on the meal. On her way out of the kitchen I was playing cars with a little boy just outside the kitchen there nearby the dining tables at the 1700 to 2000 acre religious retreat. Before my parents religion bought it Teddy Roosevelt had come and stayed here in the early 1900s and had rode up the mountain on a tram from the Railroad tracks after coming there by train. It was a very famous resort around the turn of the century (late 1800s and early 1900s). I think the tram was still functional then in 1954 when I was 6 and people still rode down on it but I can't remember myself doing that. But I do remember seeing it in operation at least when I was 5 years old in 1953 during the 6 weeks my father and I stayed there while he did voluntary electrical work on Shasta springs and the Amphitheater where the pageant of the life of Christ is done every year in the Mt. Shasta on McCloud Ave. usually sometime in August of every year and is open to the public there usually on Sunday and sometimes on Friday and Saturday.

When I left my parents religion my concept of the universe was thousands and thousands of times smaller than it is now. Now both the universe and I have no limits. Neither of us has any potential limit whatsoever and neither do you.
Anyway, back when I was 6 and Mrs. Ballard walked by me she walked by and then walked back and said to me, "You will be the Boy Jesus in the pageants when you turn 12. I said, "Okay!" and went and told my parents. And sure enough in 1960 I was the boy Jesus in the pageant which was a pretty amazing and then when I was 15 I was an Angel of the Transfiguration and then in 1968 I was Archangel Gabriel who zapped the tomb of Jesus when he exploded out of there resurrected. The next year I was an Angel of Promise and the next year I had parted company with my parents church during the year I was 21. Though this break with the church almost took my life at the time it was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me long term. Without this break and all the pain it caused I wouldn't have become the compassionate seeker that I am now. I went from a somewhat close minded person who only thought (to some degree) that people in my own religion only would go to heaven to someone who accepts the fact that everyone creates their own heaven and hell all the time in all their thoughts and action. And now I experience first hand how there are probably thousands to millions of heavens surrounding the planet Earth. And likely there are thousands and millions of other heavens around other planets with intelligent life throughout the universe.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A New Normal

Since the 1930s when technology and the population exploded here on earth because it could we were all sort of moving down the same paradigm of "infinite Natural Resources" and opportunism and technical achievement.

Now, Globalization has changed this basic premise in multiple ways and will likely bring us to a new normal and away from the incorrect position of "Infinite Natural Resources" towards "Whatever any of us do affects everyone here on Earth both now and into the future". We aren't there in group consciousness yet, but if humans want to survive here on earth we will have to get there one way or another. What Globalization has done more than any other thing is to make everyone on Earth equal in economic potential. However, this equality has been seriously harmed by "State Sponsored Capitalism" which basically makes all resources capable of being manipulated by any state (Country) in the world. So, even though financial equality could have been possible for everyone worldwide through globalization it has been bastardised through the advent of State sponsored Capitalism. So the new enemy of the financial equality of all humans on earth now has a name "State Sponsored Capitalism".

The sooner it is recognized as the enemy of the common man here on earth the more humans will survive this "New Normal". By the way until people recognize this as their enemy it is possible that the human race will diminish by up to half here on earth by 2100. And some of the things that could or likely will  create this are Global Climate Change, depletion of our magnetosphere, and State sponsored Capitalism.

Note: Capitalism in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing. It only becomes a bad thing when Governments manipulate capitalism for their own personal interests which usually is not based upon the needs or interests of their common people or the needs of the whole world. So in this way anything good about Capitalism becomes perverted and not helpful to the whole world.

Remember, Socialism is based upon the premise of "From each according to their ability and to each according to their needs" In theory this sounds good but in practice it was found not to work for various reasons. Capitalism is based primarily upon greed. However, if this greed allows those capable to prosper and lift worldwide economies and to hire all those capable of working then it puts food into almost every one's mouths. Then Social Democracies of the world added disbursements of money to those incapable of ever working at a normal job for any reason. In this way those who couldn't work or who could no longer work didn't have to just starve to death and die on the streets anymore as they have down through history. As the world tries to create a "New Normal" where most people can survive and have food to eat, clothes on their backs and some kind of shelter you will see many different kinds of experiments tried around the world to reduce violence and tension during these turbulent times.

The Infinite Compassionate Brotherhood and sisterhood

When I was very little (2 to7) years of age my father and my mother in passing would talk about at times about an infinite compassionate brotherhood and sisterhood that spanned the galaxies. At the time I was little and it all kind (passed me by) just like with all kids when their parents talk about something. As I grew older and became interested in books like "Dweller on Two Planets" written by an 18 year old named Frederick Spenser Oliver on the side of Mt. Shasta in the 1880s and also, "Autobiography of a Yogi" written by Paramahansa Yogananda, I believe in the early part of the 20th Century I began to ask many of these same questions myself like, "Is there actually something real and tangible like a Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood that spans the known Universe?" So I began to research through more and more books and people to look to see if this really existed or not. And little by little through my researches during my teens and twenties I began to find more and more about what I was looking for. By my late 20s I was firmly convinced that such a thing existed and that I could join this group by proceeding with my own enlightenment and helping and healing all beings I could in any way that I could. By my early 30s because I was able to be disciplined in my positive motivations towards all beings and had taken Ahimsa Vows (the vow not to unnecessarily kill anything 'human, animal, fish, bird, insect etc). So after that point even flies and spiders I tried not to kill but instead often caught them with a plastic glass or jar or cup and just took them outside instead so they could go on living. Taking Ahimsa vows was part of what actually began my induction into the Infinite Compassionate Brotherhood and Sisterhood that spans the Universe through all Galaxies and also spans all time and space. Recently I became aware how this is done. And a form of Universal Communication I wrote about as Infinite Distance Communication Theory explains how inventors on earth could use the same method for technical communication.

However, when one is inducted into the Infinite Compassionate Brotherhood and Sisterhood (and there are thousands to millions of the humans of Earth who are a part of this) it is done differently. First someone has to be grown up enough in their feelings and thinking and then they have to be reliable to be harmless which is another fully adult quality. The reason someone has to meet these criteria is that without proper motivation and balance if they were inducted it would kill them and while they were dying they would use the gift of the union of all compassionate beings throughout all time and space for unproductive or outright harmful things.

Also, when one is inducted the initial experience can be terrifying for about 24 hours while the atoms in your body change and exchange throughout all time and space in making you "ONE" with all the other compassionate adult beings in all time and space. But then after this experience there is really no need to be truly afraid ever again. The best way I can explain it is to be a part of an Army of Compassion composed of Trillions and Trillions of like minded Compassionate beings throughout all time and space throughout the universe. One is greatly changed by this and their every action afterwards benefits all beings throughout all time and space ever after. So, this might be the most desirable state for any being in the universe to attain.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Transistor Radio

If you grew up in the 1950s like me likely you owned a transistor radio. The one I had had a speaker so you could listen to music or radio or the always onerous earphones that always were breaking back then. So mostly you walked to school or down the street anywhere you went with your transistor radio up to your ear listening to the local rock and roll stations which then in Glendale California were KFWB and KRLA. If you were in these were the rock n roll stations you listened to. And if you were me any time advertisements came on either station you immediately switched to the other one to see if the top 40 hits were playing there so you could always smile as you walked down the street.

My daughter has always been a fan of Itunes but I don't like the idea of how they make your songs disappear after about 1 year. So if you haven't stored your digital recordings on either your ipod, iphone or better yet a digital CD for safekeeping, they tend to disappear never to be heard again by you or anyone around you. So, because of this I prefer to take CD albums and buy them because then at least you don't have to make any CD's of your itunes. Then you can download them to any media you want at will and they don't just suddenly disappear a year later off of your computer like Itunes tend to.

So, I finally learned today how to download my CD albums off of my Itunes library on my Macbook pro laptop onto my Ipod built into my Iphone4. Up until now I wanted to keep my storage memory for photos which burn up a lot of memory. But now with my new "transistor radio" I find myself walking around my large 2500 square feet plus house carrying my Iphone4 listening to it like a transistor Radio. In fact, as I write this I'm listening to an old Fleetwood Mac compilation album of their very best hit songs. What fun! and no earphone to bother with because my family is out this afternoon shopping. Again. What Fun to feel like it is the 70s or 80s when I was in my 20s and 30s once again! And on top of that to feel like I'm in the 1950s with my transistor radio blaring from the speaker once again. Good Times! A transistor radio with no commercials!

U.S. likely to lose top rating: economists

  • A demonstrator holds placards to protest U.S. debt in front of the Capitol in WashingtonA demonstrator holds placards to protest U.S. debt in front of the Capitol in Wa …
WASHINGTON/LONDON (Reuters) - The United States will lose its top-notch AAA credit rating from at least one major rating agency, according to a Reuters poll that also found wrangling over the debt ceiling has already damaged the economy.
A small majority of economists -- 30 out of 53 -- surveyed over the past two days said the United States will lose its AAA credit rating from one of the three big ratings agencies -- Standard & Poor's, Moody's or Fitch.
Respondents saw a 20 percent chance of a new recession over the next year, a prospect that some economists say has been compounded by the acrimonious political fight over what is normally a procedural legislative vote on the debt.
Lawmakers have one week left to hash out a deficit-cutting plan without which Republicans in Congress have said they will not raise the legal $14.3 trillion debt limit, risking a potentially devastating government debt default in August.
"We believe that Congress will act with an 11th hour deal to raise the debt ceiling. However, the risk of that deal failing increases with each passing day," said Guy LeBas, director at Janney Capital Markets.
"I would say that the chance of a U.S. ratings downgrade is now more likely than not." end quote from

I recently thought that our chance of losing our credit rating by major agencies was about 70% to 80%. However, since 30 out of 53 economists surveyed over the last two days said we would lose our national credit rating sometime after next week I think I would downgrade the probabilities by dividing 30 by 53 which is about a 56 or 57% probability. I like these odds better than what I originally thought. Because even that 56 or 57% probability is for only one of the three credit ratings agencies and not for all of them. Better odds for the U.S.

Infinite Distance Communication Theory

This is a theory that occurred to me recently. I was thinking it might be useful to communicate all over the galaxy and into any time line instantaneously here in the present. And this type of communication could be done into any time line and into any galaxy. If I start on Particle Physics premise that, "Any particle or atoms location any moment in time is only a probability" then I can also assume possibly that "The location of any given particle or atom might be in literally any time or space in or beyond any galaxy." If this second premise is proved or is correct then the possible way to communicate into ANY time line or ANY space in the Universe is by establishing communication through particles and atoms traveling into our timespace here on earth. At the very least these particles,(if the incoming particles and atoms could be identified as to where they were coming from) could carry useful information that would allow us to better understand all other times and spaces. Likewise, if other advanced cultures on other worlds or galaxies could recognize particles and atoms from Earth from all the others visiting their own times and spaces could likewise learn things about our own time and space here on earth. So, in this sense it would be two one-way communications. However, I'm sure over time people here on earth (if my theory is proved correct) will find a way to establish two way communication through this method if it is desired by either side.(or trillions of different cultures throughout the known universe in all times and spaces).

I first read about this concept in "Time for the Stars" by Robert Heinlein who was, like Isaac Asimov both a scientist in his approach in writing science fiction rather than writing is more in the direction of fantasy. These two authors along with Arthur C. Clark and a few other early Sci-Fi writers brought respect to the craft of writing science fiction by actually using real or theoretical science to expound from. I spent a lot of my childhood from about age 9 to 14 reading all of Heilein and Isaac Asimov and much of all the other sci-fi and fantasy authors of that time like Anne and Todd McCaffrey who wrote

Dragonriders of Pern  he Dragonriders of Pern is a series of science fiction stories written primarily by Anne McCaffrey. Beginning 2003 her son Todd McCaffrey has written Pern novels, both solo and jointly with Anne. As of July 2011, the series comprises 22 novels and several short stories, most of which have been collected in two volumes. Some of the novels incorporate previously published shorter works.

There is disagreement whether to classify some of the series as fantasy rather than science fiction and what to classify for children, youth, or adults.

[edit] Fantasy or Science Fiction?

While the earlier novels in the series have elements also present in fantasy (low levels of technology, fire-breathing dragons, feudal societies), the prologue explains the events take place on a colony world. The first novel was originally serialized in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact (1967), and that magazine did not publish fantasy. The publisher (Del Rey) lists them as science fiction titles, and McCaffrey herself describes them as science fiction and stresses the scientific rationales behind the world she has created. In more recent novels, the series moves toward more overt science fiction as the colonists rediscover their links to the past and develop much higher levels of technology. end quote from  wikipedia under the heading "Dragon Riders of Pern"

Whereas Time for the Stars was written:

Time for the Stars

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Time for the Stars  
First Edition cover
Author(s) Robert A. Heinlein
Cover artist Clifford Geary
Country United States
Language English
Series Heinlein juveniles
Genre(s) Science fiction novel
Publisher Scribner's
Publication date 1956
Media type Print (Hardcover & Paperback)
Preceded by Tunnel in the Sky
Followed by Citizen of the Galaxy
Time for the Stars is a science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein published by Scribner's in 1956 as one of the Heinlein juveniles. The basic plot line is derived from a 1911 thought experiment in special relativity, commonly called the twin paradox, proposed by French physicist Paul Langevin. The story bears many similarities in plot and concepts to Variable Star written by Spider Robinson from an incomplete outline created by Heinlein around the time this book was written, and published in 2006.



[edit] Plot summary

The Long Range Foundation ("LRF") is a non-profit organization that funds expensive, long-term projects for the benefit of mankind that nobody else will touch. It has built a dozen exploratory starships (torchships) to search for habitable planets to colonize. The vessels can only gradually accelerate, and then merely to sub-light speeds, so the voyages will last many years. Therefore, each starship has a much larger than necessary crew to maintain a more stable, long-term shipboard society, as well as provide replacements for the inevitable deaths.
It is found that some twins and triplets can communicate with each other telepathically. The process seems to be instantaneous and unweakened by distance, making it the only practical means of communication for ships traveling many light years away from Earth. Before announcing the discovery, the foundation first recruits as many of these people as it can.
Testing shows that teenagers Tom and Pat Bartlett have this talent. Both are eager to sign up. Pat, the dominant twin, manipulates things so that he gets selected as the crewmember, leaving a fuming Tom to stay behind. However, Pat does not really want to leave and his subconscious engineers a convenient accident so that Tom has to take his place at the last minute.
On board, Tom is pleased to find his uncle Steve, a military man, has arranged to get assigned to the same ship. The trip is fraught with problems as trivial as an annoying roommate and as serious as mutiny.
The ship visits several star systems. Due to the nature of relativistic travel (see Twin paradox), the twin who remained behind ages faster and eventually the affinity between them is weakened to the point that they are no longer able to communicate easily. However, some of the spacefaring twins, including the protagonist, are able to connect with the descendants of the Earthbound twins. Tom works with his niece, then his grandniece and finally his great-grandniece.
The last planet scouted proves to be particularly deadly. Unexpectedly intelligent and hostile natives capture and kill a large portion of the remaining crew, including the captain and Tom's uncle. The reserve captain takes charge, but is unable to restore the morale of the devastated survivors. When he insists on continuing the mission rather than returning to Earth, the crew begins to consider mutiny.
Shortly after he notifies Earth of the dire situation, they are surprised to hear a spaceship will rendezvous with them in less than a month and surmise it must be a more advanced LRF spaceship. Scientists on Earth have discovered faster-than-light travel, in part due to research into the nature of telepathy, and are collecting the remaining crews of the LRF torchships. The explorers return to an Earth they no longer recognize, and in most cases, no longer fit in. Tom, however, returns to marry his last telepathic partner, his own great-grandniece, who has been reading his mind since childhood.

[edit] Reception

Galaxy reviewer Floyd C. Gale praised the novel as "an engrossing yarn," saying "The plot twists will take you by surprise and the characterizations delight you."[1]
 end quote from wikipedia under the heading "Time for the Stars"

So likely this type of real world experiment using telepathic family members hasn't been attempted yet with one relative on earth and another in space.  But it will. (Hasn't be attempted from earth in this time line at least most likely)

My personal experience with most forms of ESP is that they only work really well when you absolutely need it to survive a difficult situation or to save lives. This kind of thing cannot be usefully proven in a laboratory without people dying so I don't think it has been done or should be. And even then under those circumstances it might not work for other reasons. ESP I find is a lot like when a 100 pound mother lifts a car off her son who will die if she doesn't. It's sort of beyond most senses of normal but it happens sometimes. Amazing things happen once in a while. But can you prove them in a laboratory? Probably not. And maybe that's a good thing.

Time Travel Theory

From my own experience Time needs to be viewed much as you would a trunk of a tree and its branches and on out to its twigs. And like a tree every year the branches and twigs grow and new sprout twigs go out. So, time is not static it is ever changing like a tree. Also, it is as if all bodies in space are their own trees in a forest of Time. So, a sun or star has its own separate branches and trunk and twigs of time and so does every planet. However, just like nearby trees sometimes touch twigs or branches, bodies in space sometimes touch branches or twigs. If you view every tree trunk and every branch as a somewhat separate thing but still all connected you have all the main(trunk and main branches of time) and you have the smaller and less significant twigs in every set of time lines (Tree) springing from every body in space like a star, planet, nebula, galaxy or dimension.

As a very gifted intuitive I learned to consciously soul travel first around earth and then around the galaxy and then through time I began to recognize things that I really couldn't make any sense of. In fact I ran into things that completely terrified me in my twenties. The most terrifying of all for me was going in my soul out beyond the edge of the galaxy into what some call the void.

Now this could be considered a timeless spaceless place, but in fact it is also something else entirely. The best way I can illustrate this to you would be to say, "Imagine that you and I here on earth are living inside the body of a jellyfish which is alive which we call our galaxy. So when I as a soul went beyond the jellyfish of our galaxy, life as I knew it did not exist. Life not existing but me still existing was just so very crazy that I came back to my body on earth and decided I was just so freaked out by the void that I gave up consciously soul traveling for several years because I was so terrified by this experience. It wasn't until I began to meet Tibetan Lamas who understood this void and just sitting in their presence allowed me to have peace with it again. However, this process also got me to understand that we all live inside and organism that we call a galaxy which is a living thing. This organism contains almost an infinite amount of time lines and spaces. So you and I literally live in one space time continuum inside of the organism which is the galaxy that contains almost an infinite amount of space time continuums. I suppose it could be said they are all one. However, for us humans it might be more useful to say that we live in one space time continuum in a galaxy of and almost infinite space time continuums. And this would be true in between galaxies and in all galaxies even though they all are slightly different just like people are.

Bank of America Bulldozes some of its Houses

BofA Donates Then Demolishes Houses to Cut Glut

, On Wednesday July 27, 2011, 10:43 am EDT
Bank of America Corp. (BAC), faced with a glut of foreclosed and abandoned houses it can’t sell, has a new tool to get rid of the most decrepit ones: a bulldozer. end 1st quote.

This is something none of us thought we would ever see, where it would be more cost effective for a bank to bulldoze some of its houses than any other solution. Though the homeless would be horrified by this, this still is what Bank of America is doing to some of its foreclosed homes that it can't find buyers for.

begin next quote from same article:

The biggest U.S. mortgage servicer will donate 100 foreclosed houses in the Cleveland area and in some cases contribute to their demolition in partnership with a local agency that manages blighted property. The bank has similar plans in Detroit and Chicago, with more cities to come, and Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC), Citigroup Inc. (C), JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and Fannie Mae are conducting or considering their own programs.
Disposing of repossessed homes is one of the biggest headaches for lenders in the U.S., where 1,679,125 houses, or one in every 77, were in some stage of foreclosure as of June, according to research firm RealtyTrac Inc. of Irvine, California. The prospect of those properties flooding the market has depressed prices and driven off buyers concerned that housing values will keep dropping.
“There is way too much supply,” said Gus Frangos, president of the Cleveland-based Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corp., which works with lenders, government officials and homeowners to salvage vacant homes. “The best thing we can do to stabilize the market is to get the garbage off.”
BofA’s 40,000
Bank of America had 40,000 foreclosures in the first quarter, saddling the Charlotte, North Carolina-based lender with taxes and maintenance costs. The bank announced the Cleveland program last month, has committed as many as 100 properties in Detroit and 150 in Chicago, and may add as many as nine cities by the end of the year, said Rick Simon, a company spokesman.
The lender will pay as much as $7,500 for demolition or $3,500 in areas eligible to receive funds through the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program. Uses for the land include development, open space and urban farming, according to the statement. Simon declined to say how many foreclosed properties Bank of America holds. end quote.

The highest foreclosure rates I believe in U.S. History was during 2008 of 2.8% foreclosure rate. Our present forclosure rate in the U.S. is 1 house in 77 which is approximately 1.3%. However, the glut of foreclosed houses is clogging the market now which is leading Bank of America and potentially other banks to donate and demolish their presently unsalable properties.

begin quote from:

October 3, 2008

Home foreclosure rates past and present.

There is a LOT of talk right now about high home foreclosure rates. From how bad some people make it sound, it seems as if every other home owner in the country right now must be currently in foreclosure. Currently the foreclosure rate is around 2.8%. That is a historical high. How high is that really compared to previous decades?

This FDIC report from 1998 has data on foreclosure rates from previous decades. That document has foreclosure rates listed for 1950 to 1997 in the appendix.

Foreclosure rates for 1950 to 1997:

If you look at the period from 1970 to 1998 you can see that the foreclosure rates had gradually increased over those 3 decades. The FDIC article also has some interesting discussion on the why foreclosure rates have increased gradually over the years. Interestingly they don't find a strong correlation between unemployment rates or interest rates and the foreclosure rate. So in other words the foreclosure rate didn't seem to go up directly in relation to high unemployment or high interest.

Another document from the Federal Reserve in St. Louis looks back at the foreclosure rates around the great depression.

They give foreclosure rates for the years 1926 to 1941 :
You might look at this data and conclude that the problem right now is worse than the great depression. But the report points out that the delinquency rate on mortgages in the 1930's was much much higher than it is now: "Thus, at the beginning of 1934, approximately one-half of urban houses with an outstanding mortgage were in default (Bridewell, 1938, p. 172). For comparison, in the fourth quarter of 2007, 3.6 percent of all U.S. residential mortgages and 20.4 percent of adjustable-rate subprime mortgages had been delinquent for at least 90 days."

So back in the great depression nearly half the people were behind on their mortgage. Today only around 4% of people are delinquent.

Another interesting report on recent foreclosure rates is from the Clevelend Fed. They show the foreclosure and delinquency rates for both prime mortgages and subprime mortgages. Their data is very revealing about how the current problem is almost entirely with the subprime mortgages.

Here's a chart from that report showing foreclosure starts for prime mortgages in blue versus subprime in red:

Looking at that chart we can see that prime mortgage rates foreclosure rates have been pretty flat for the past decade. Its really the subprime mortgages foreclosure rates that have been high.

Life is what Happens---

"Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans".

This statement is just so true it is sickening. And any of you who have "SURVIVED" past age 27 and 30 know it well.

My daughter and her boyfriend live very remotely in Oregon and don't watch TV. They are into the Internet and Netflix only for media. So, last night my younger 15 year old shared the first two episodes of "Glee" on DVD with them. They loved it. So I watched it with them. The very first "Large Group" song was Amy Winehouse's "No Rehab". I was horrified at the relevance of the meaning of the song that had killed Amy Winehouse this week.  She had valued her fans and her career more than she valued staying alive and it had cost her her life just like all the others in the "27 Club" over the years.

This  morning now I realized that Amy Winehouse's death also symbolized "The whole western World" in the sense that the excesses of the welfare state combined with the "Military state" carry over from World War II are also killing the western world's economies during the last economic downturns since 9-11.

Things are just so bad now where we spend 40 cents out of every dollar in interest payments to our creditors as a nation that we are close to defaulting. If you read Default, one of my documented blog articles on our and the Latin American nations of the 1970s and 1980s move toward default, you will read that when debts go up to 50 cents on the dollar default is almost automatic in any nation on earth of their debts. We are that close.

Because of this, it is likely we will lose some or all of Medicare and/or Social Security and we will tend to lose 1/2 to 1/4 of our military. The alternative is to lose our whole nation. And the decision for this is what is happening in our congress right now. All the planning on both the left and the right side of the aisle means nothing if we don't just decide to survive as a nation. If we don't bite the bullet and do whatever it takes to survive, ANY planning actually means less than nothing. Will we as a nation be another Amy Winehouse, addicted to our pride and our military and our social programs? Or will we choose to survive as a nation?  Remember, Pride comes before the fall.

Neither party is asking the most important question of all. "Do we want to survive as a nation?" Or are we going to let our pride kill us like Amy Winehouse?

Amy Winehouse - Rehab (on Later Live)


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

California Dream Act Signed into law by Governor Brown
begin quote from above article
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law on Monday a bill allowing illegal immigrants to receive privately funded scholarships to attend the state's public colleges and universities.
The bill, dubbed the California Dream Act, passed the state Legislature earlier this month and aims at helping illegal immigrants who earned a diploma after attending at least three years of high school in the state. end quote.

Many of you think this was just passed for people from Mexico and Latin America. However, in California is Silicon Valley which at this moment is booming once again. And since there are not enough fully skilled High Tech workers in any one country or state, it is to California's advantage to be able to give scholarships to "All" illegal alien excellent students who have gone to three years of High School in California who have come from any nation. This is more about lifting California out of a severe financial depression than anything else. Every state or country needs brilliant students to change their economic bottom lines for the better, no matter where they come from.

Writing About Time Travel

I write about time travel because I know it exists in multiple forms and always has here on earth and throughout the Galaxy, likely for millions or billions of years. And before that likely it has been present in possibly all galaxies past, present and future. But I mostly write about time travel because people need to not disbelieve it. Human physical survival demands enough of them being convinced that it exists. The more denial of its existence from both scientists and governments the more likely it exists and actually means that governments don't want their people to suspect it exists. Only through being aware of the likely existence of time travel ongoing throughout all time past, present and future will humans have any chance now of long term survival here on earth or beyond. Because even if most people don't have access to it, it is important to know that some people do. I am not one of these. I have no time devices or physical access to them. I simply know they exist for a variety of reasons. The truth is out there. The more you are dissuaded by governments in all misinformation that it doesn't exist only means that it does exist. This is also something for you all to think about. Your personal survival and your children's and theirs and theirs and theirs depends upon all  knowing or suspecting that it does exist, has existed and has always existed both here on earth and beyond earth always.

We are Reinventing Ourselves

Every time you do something new it could be said that you are reinventing yourselves. Every nation on earth right now is either doing this or moving towards entropy and non-existence. For example, we here in the U.S. are having a difficult time getting over our successes that we had from the 1950s (Starting with being the only large nation standing after World War II). So we are presently having more trouble reinventing ourselves because we succeeded on a different model than Globalization. So it confuses our traditions since world war II. But, we too, must jump on the reinventing bandwagon or be lost in the world rush to greatness based upon a whole new model of globalization. Americans in general don't like what globalization has done to our country. Circuit City is gone, Blockbuster may be gone soon, now Borders will be gone by October 1st. 100s of medium to large businesses in the U.S. are permanently gone with millions of U.S. citizens without jobs with no end in sight. Out last Space shuttle mission landed last week with 9,000 to 10,000 jobs permanently gone from the end of the shuttle and I saw that splashdowns will become the new norm starting in 2017. So in some ways we are going backwards.

But hopefully, that is only temporary. It is important to understand that in some ways 1950 to 2001 was a fluke. How many times does a world war happen that leaves your country as literally the last fully functioning large nation happening? Once in 1000 or 2000 years? It is time we got over ourselves and our traditions of the past 50 years and move forward developing on the new existing models of change here on earth. We need to reinvent ourselves again. We are the best at it on Earth over the last 200 years. Who are we? We are reinventing ourselves as I write this. Get ready world!

Monday, July 25, 2011


To Better understand what a country in default actually looks like the easiest way I know is to look at the Latin american debt crisis that occurred during the 1970s and 1980s in Latin american countries.

Begin quote from Wikipedia under the heading "Latin American Debt Crisis". 

Latin American debt crisis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Latin American debt crisis

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Latin American debt crisis was a financial crisis that occurred in the early 1980s (and for some countries starting in the 1970s), often known as the "lost decade", when Latin American countries reached a point where their foreign debt exceeded their earning power and they were not able to repay it.



[edit] Origins

In the 1960s and 1970s many Latin American countries, notably Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, borrowed huge sums of money from international creditors for industrialization; especially infrastructure programs. These countries had soaring economies at the time so the creditors were happy to continue to provide loans. Between 1975 and 1982, Latin American debt to commercial banks increased at a cumulative annual rate of 20.4 percent. This heightened borrowing led Latin America to quadruple its external debt from $75 billion in 1975 to more than $315 billion in 1983, or 50 percent of the region's gross domestic product (GDP). Debt service (interest payments and the repayment of principal) grew even faster, reaching $66 billion in 1982, up from $12 billion in 1975.[1] end quote from wikipedia.

As I was watching President Obama speak tonight on TV I realized that we were looking at a 70% to 80% chance of default of U.S. Loans ahead for the U.S.  I thought to myself what this would cost not only the American People but also the Republicans and Democrats? My calculation would be that Obama might not be re-elected and the Tea Party Republicans would never get voted in as even dogcatchers in their home towns after this. They would be pariahs. Obama might retire on his Presidential pension and write books. But then I thought "what if defaulting was in U.S. strategic interests?" This put a completely different slant on all this so I went to Wikipedia and found the above site called "The Latin American Debt Crisis" to look for some clues. By the way the Savings and Loan Debacle in the U.S. (you notice there are NO MORE Savings and Loans now!) was one of the things that happened here in the U.S. when Latin American nations defaulted on Loans given to them by American Savings and Loans and many U.S. depositors lost their life savings and some committed suicide because they lost everything and were over 50 or more years old already. If the U.S. actually does default it could look like the Savings and Loan debacle in other countries holding U.S. debts. Tonight I realized this could actually happen. The odds right now might be as high as 70% to 80% that there will be a U.S. default the way things presently look.

Later: By the way here is a quote from a July 26th 2011 news article:
California planned to borrow about $5 billion from private investors as a hedge against a possible federal government default. end quote.

next quote same article: Obama has said he can't guarantee Social Security checks and payments to veterans and the disabled would go out on schedule. end quote.

Next quote same article:
But many tea party activists abhor political compromise. They insist that their elected officials stand on principle, regardless of the consequences.
"A lot of the tea party guys owe certain support groups," said Rep. Walter Jones Jr., R-N.C. He said he had not decided how to vote on Boehner's bill.
Freshman Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., bristles at the notion that tea party-influenced newcomers are sheep-like ideologues willing to risk default. "We're not a bunch of knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing Neanderthals," Gowdy said. "We're interested in answering what we perceive to be the mandate, which is to stop the spending and change the way Washington handles money." end quote.

Here is the article I'm quoting from in all quotes above except for the first wikipedia quote at beginning of the blog article:

Here are my thoughts about the most recent quotes above:

There is no doubt that the principles espoused above by the Tea Party are admirable. The problem with this is the only way our government has ever worked is by compromise. Unless compromise is adopted by the "Tea Party" then likely the Tea Party as an idealistic but non-pragmatic and non-compromising group will likely cause the Tea Party to cease to exist. I find this as being very unfortunate because in principle they are right to want a balanced budget. However, in real life our congress never has and never will operate without compromise. This was how our nation was designed. Without compromise our country as a democracy will simply cease to exist.

1 in 5 American men can't find a job in this economy

One in five American men don't work: Where's the outrage?

If you are interested in reading this news article click above "One in five"

I think a better way to say it is 1 in 5 men cannot work in this present economy. This also means that there might be 20% less money spent in this economy because of this. I'm not sure this is a direct provable correlation however. So, the main reason this present economy cannot work for our nation is that 20% of American Men cannot find a job, or gainful employment. This doesn't mean that some of these men don't have part time jobs or are underemployed. This means there are no good useful full time jobs available for them that they are trained for.

Also, in this world there is something called "Being self employed". I personally found being self employed much more rewarding than being "employed" always. However, I had to get to be in my late 20s with enough life experience to actually "make this happen". One of the reasons for this is any self employed person must "wear many hats" and most younger people are not fully capable of this until their late 20s at the earliest. The only real question here is: "Do you want to physically survive?" And the second question is: "What are you willing to do to financially survive these times?" Once you answer these two questions then it is only a matter of finding a need and filling it with your skills. "Where there's a will there's a way."

I think one of the problems that people are not "factoring in" is that the whole world is sort of in shock at all the changes "both good and bad" coming from Globalization that started with the spread of the internet and the capacity for things to be made and ordered from anywhere to anywhere. This disempowers nations from controlling who buys what where and from whom. There is only one nation right now that controls who buys what and from whom completely, China. China is busy pushing out one by one all foreign companies once they show Chinese businessmen and women how to do what they want to learn whether it is building planes, tanks, high technology or whatever it is. China thumbs its nose at the world Trade organization because it can. And the rest of the world puts up with this for their own reasons. (They don't want a war with China). One of two things has to begin happening for things to get better. 
1. Either all nations thumb their noses at the World Trade Organization
2. or none of them do.

Otherwise there is no fairness for any nation competing on a global scale.

Multiculturalism is necessary for World Peace

If you have studied history or even talked with your parents, or Grandparents as I did growing up during the 1950s, you know how divisive it used to be between all groups even here in the U.S. Derisive words for every nation on earth were thrown around and often there were fights between groups of people from different European nations, different African Nations and just look at the Japanese Prison camps for American Japanese here during World War II.

So, here in the U.S. and Europe especially have been the seedbeds for multiculturalism worldwide. Since all nations have had to learn to get together we have also had intermarriage of all nationalities, religions and ethnic groups. And some would say we are all the stronger as nations for this.

Some people are traditionalists and want every nation to stay genetically pure and I understand why they feel that way. However, realistically, multiculturalism where Muslims and Christians marry and there children are then allowed which religion or no religion to choose is the answer in the end to Islamic Terrorism or Christian Terrorism as we just saw in Norway. Only by the mixing of the races and mixing of genetic pools worldwide will there be a potential end to national strife of nation against nation and of Religion against religion. Yes. In the end the world will be sickeningly homogenized and all look the same. But this might be the only way to actually have world peace where when literally all nations are biologically related to each other here in the present. The alternative is nuclear annihilation where no life exists at all because the planet just exploded just like the Asteroid belt here in the Solar System did  when our ancient ancestors nuked their planet out of existence.

The Two Secrets to Time Travel

There are two secrets to Time Travel: The first secret is that it has always been accomplished by the most Enlightened People on earth down through the centuries. Because scientists have to be able to prove something beyond the shadow of anyone's doubt it has not been fully proved yet. But those who have always accomplished time travel simply do it. They do not need to be convinced nor do they need to convince anyone else.

The Second secret of time travel is found in Particle Physics. You don't need to send photons through time to accomplish time travel. The natural way it happens every moment is this:

"It is only a probability where any particle or atom is any given moment". This is a law of physics and can be proved. In other words it is only a probability where any of the atoms in your brain or body are any given moment, which also means that they all (at different times) are gone from your body and brain for moments here and there. It is almost like particles from electrons to protons to neutrons to atoms, to molecules etc. go away to other places and times much like we go out the front door of our houses to go to work, to buy food, to travel to another land. Only in the case of other particles they travel to other times and spaces, even the particles in our bodies. This is how the enlightened travel time. This will be: (when and if it is allowed by the powers that be to be known) that every human might one day be told how some humans have traveled time since at the very least World War II when other intelligent groups came to the Earth that were worried about nuclear weapons here on earth. You see, time travel is one of the ways of controlling nuclear weapons here on earth.

Also, in a very strange way it doesn't really matter whether you believe any of this or not because it doesn't change any of the facts whether any of you believe this or not because this is just the way things actually work. This is the way things actually are.

Moody's: Probability of Greek Default virtually 100%

This quote and Title is from the Crawl of CNN at around 2 am Monday morning PDT.

So, basically in regard to Greek Debt it is no longer if Greek debt will be defaulted the only question now is when. This will have a serious effect also on World Business investments along with the U.S. Debt question this week and beyond.

Asian Stocks fall because of U.S. default fears

Asian stocks fall as U.S. debt stalemate continues

Asian shares fall on US default fears

Asian stocks fell on Monday as US talks aimed at raising the country's debt limit fell apart, raising the spectre of a default, although losses were muted on expectations a deal would be reached.
The crisis weighed on the dollar, sending it to its lowest level against the yen since just after the March 11 earthquake in Japan, which prompted an intervention by Tokyo and its G7 partners.
Tokyo closed 0.81 percent lower, giving up 82.10 points to 10,050.01 and Seoul shed 0.96 percent, or 20.75 points, to end at 2,150.48.
Sydney fell 1.58 percent, or 72.5 points, to finish at 4,530.4 while Hong Kong was 0.80 percent lower in the afternoon.
Shanghai tumbled 2.16 percent amid government investment fears following a fatal train crash over the weekend. end quote as of 1:20 AM Monday PDT.

I heard a quote from a CNN commentator that he believed that the pain of the world stock markets crashing would be the adult in the room that forces Congressional and Presidential action. Even if the Congress can't get it together in the end "Money Talks". A similar thing happened when the TARP got voted down the first time by Congress when they realized that they had to pass it or things were just going to get worse and worse. This likely is another similar situation this week.

Hang Seng Chinese Stock Market drops 1% as of 1am PDT monday morning

Chart for Nikkei 225
Hang Seng22,244.68-200.12-0.89% As of about 1 AM PDT (4 AM Eastern)very early monday morning the Chinese Hang Seng Stock Market had already dropped about 1% in value because of uncertainties in the debt crisis Congressional talks in the U.S.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weeds in Forest Taller than Me

The Wild oats and other weeds this year are really amazing in the forests. I'm six foot five inches tall and some of them are taller than I am and what is even stranger, most of the little streams on the northern California coast still have some water in them. This is unusual because most years the water dries up by May or June. Even my own yard hasn't had to be watered more than a few times in the last year. There has just been so much moisture and rain the last 12 months that we are in one of the most unusual years I have ever seen. There haven't really been many fire problems this year in California either because of this. However, it is likely that there will be a few fires by September and October but nothing serious yet.

A few years back it was the Star Thistle that grew 5 to 7 feet high all over the place but this year it isn't that so much even though there is some of that too. So, this year among the very very green ferns and oaks and pines and Redwood trees along the northern California Coast there are these wild oats 6 1/2 to 7 feet high. Very strange!

Address the Real Problem


Dump the Debt Limit and Address the Real Problem

As everyone knows, the big economic news today is the breakdown of talks on the debt limit. Media outlets have been bombarding us with horror stories that list the catastrophic consequences of failing to reach an agreement. We are told that the government may default, programs shut down, and financial collapse follow. And, indeed, it would create myriad problems. Unfortunately, however, it’s all for no good reason whatsoever. This is political grandstanding and smoke and mirrors, and the cost will be paid by the average American.
There is no logical economic reason not to raise the limit–in fact, the real question is why we even have one. As I have explained repeatedly in this blog, it is impossible for the United States to default on debt that is denominated in dollars (check these for a sampling of the arguments):
Hence, the whole premise upon which these talks are based, i.e., that if we don’t get deficit spending under control then we’ll go bankrupt, is fundamentally flawed. In actuality, the real need right now is to stimulate aggregate demand by spending more. There is nothing standing between us and economic recovery but this. We have ample capacity to produce goods and services, business and finance costs are low, and there are plenty of idle resources. So why aren’t firms hiring? Because they know damn well that they can’t sell anything when we have almost 15 million unemployed workers.
And yet, we are told by Washington (both parties, but particularly the Republicans) that the "solution" is to lower sales even more by cutting back on what the government has been purchasing. That will, apparently, encourage businesses to take on new employees. This is nothing short of idiotic.
Lord help us, because apparently our policy makers are in no hurry to do so. Not only can’t they agree, they aren’t even focusing on the real problem. end quote.

I agree with this point of view. The American public's attention has been diverted from the real problem. It's all smoke and mirrors but if you are playing smoke and mirrors in a car full of people those people might die in a crash. (The Car full of people represents the people of the U.S. and Earth)