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Ecocide Overshadows Nuclear War?

Ecocide Overshadows Nuclear War? My wife gave me the book "Collapse" by Jared Diamond which is a New York Times Best Seller in the Non-fiction category. I'd like to quote from page 7 and then page 6 of the book.

Begin quote page 7 near top of page, "The risk of such collapses today is now a matter of increasing concern:indeed, collapses have already materialized for Somalia,Rwanda, and some other Third World countries. Many people fear ecocide has now come to overshadow nuclear war and emerging diseases as a threat to global civilization. The environmental problems facing us today include the same eight that undermined past societies, plus four new ones:human-caused climate change, buildup of toxic chemicals in the environment, energy shortages, and full human utilization of the Earth's photosynthetic capacity. Most of these 12 threats, it is claimed, will become globally critical within the next few decades:either we solve the problems by then or the problems will undermine not just Somalia but also First World Societies." end quote.

The first 8 causes of collapse of societies and cultures are given in the next quote on page 6 near the top, begin quote, "The processes through which past societies have undermined themselves by damaging their environments fall into eight categories, whose relative importance differs from case to case:deforestation and habitat destruction, soil problems (erosion, salinization, and soil fertility losses), water management problems, overhunting, overfishing, effects of introduced species on native species, human population growth, and increased percapita impact of people." end quote.

I visited a friend who has a master's degree from UCLA about 1 month ago. He was reading this book and I asked him about it. After that, I decided it would be useful to read this book as well.

I would like to read a comment by Business Week about this book,"A magisterial effort packed with insight and written with clarity and enthusiasm. It's also the deal of the year--the equivalent of a college course by an engaging, brilliant professor, all for the price of a book."

The more people who understand the process of collapse of a civilization as the ecosystem collapses, the more likely that at least the educated people of the earth can try to popularize their ideas so the common people can understand the effects of what they are doing every day do to their future and the future of their children. Through education comes personal responsibility. I don't really believe that governments can really solve the problems now facing all life on earth. But I also believe that with useful information humans can begin to find ways to solve the problems of the imminent ecological collapse of our Earth Civilization during the next few decades or centuries depending entirely upon what 6 billion people do individually. Without each person on earth taking personal responsibility there will eventually be no ecosystem for any life on earth except for maybe a few bacteria and insects like cockroaches.

Charlie Wilson's War 2

Charlie Wilson's War 2. I wrote another article about Charlie Wilson and who he was and is so this is why this article is 2. I went to see the Movie yesterday. It was interesting to me that the average age of the viewing audience which was full up was about 50. So it was mostly viewed by people who actually lived through the 1980's as an adult. Last night I was somewhat horrified to realize that as of 2010, 30 years will have passed since 1980. In 1980 I was 32 years old and newly remarried raising my son from my first marriage and two new stepkids.

The movie did not disappoint me in any way. In fact, it was so well done that I fully expect it to win Golden Globes, Oscars and the like.

It documented Charlie Wilson's life and was played by Tom Hanks who also helped produce the movie. Julia Roberts played the part of the real socialite the "sixth richest woman in Texas" very well who actually got Wilson on the stick about Afghanistan and even arranged his first meeting with then President Zia of Pakistan who caused Wilson to visit his first Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan which caused his crusade to get weapons for the Afghan freedom fighters. Wilson saw the children with hands and arms blown off from mines that looked like toys put in Afghanistan by Soviet soldiers.

I was amazed at just how pragmatic and yet funny the movie was. Both Charlie Wilson and the Texas socialite were such amazing people in the 1980's that it was really wonderful to see people like these again. One doesn't see people like that these days much. Both of them now would be considered just so politically incorrect. However, without people like these two there is no hope for the world. Therefore, the dangers of political correctness should be very obvious to all.

Though he might be underappreciated I still think that the gentleman who played the part of the raucus CIA agent should get an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. I especially like his Zen Story at the end of the movie. It put the last 30 years on earth in political perspective.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Suplementing your mileage with hydrogen

Suplementing your mileage with hydrogen.

I tried this during the early 1980's simply by taking a plastic jar filled with water and putting two electrodes in it direct from my car battery. At the time I was driving a 1976 Toyota long bed truck. since I was only using about 1 inch of bare copper at the end of each wire it didn't make very much hydrogen or oxygen. I fed the gas directly into my Air Cleaner that fed to my carburetor through a plastic tube about 1/2 inch to 1 inch in diameter. Since I didn't notice enough of a difference in my mileage I stopped doing it within a month or so.

However, I just found a site that does this that supposedly has perfected it. Now, I'm not sure it is exactly legal to modify ones car or truck this way at this point. However, if everyone starts doing this to lessen their dependence on oil, starting with small farmers and people living in the country and then it catching on and the right way to do it moving word of mouth to the city then I don't think anyone will be able to stop everyone saving a whole lot of money on fuel.

I can't vouch for the site because I haven't tried it yet but I probably will in a month or so after the holiday bills are paid. This is the site.

I hope it works for you. There isn't a lot of danger if people are already working on their cars regularly. One must realize that off one electrode comes hydrogen and off the other one comes oxygen. You might not want to be breathing hydrogen and oxygen accelerates combustion. So since you aren't storing hydrogen or oxygen there really isn't much danger at all as long as you are just directly feeding the hydrogen and oxygen directly into your air cleaner which will then feed the gases into your carburetor or fuel injection system.

Probably the most important thing if you are going to install this on your car, or truck is that you must turn it off whenever you stop your car or what could happen is that it would continue to make oxygen and hydrogen and it could become a fire hazard. Also your battery could die. However, if you connect your wiring directly to your ignition system so that like the spark plugs, it only ignites when the engine is running you would eliminate any problems and the whole thing would be relatively safe. However, I would check the distilled water level every so often to see how fast it goes down as it turns into hydrogen and oxygen. I think this will be the future for most people on earth if they have enough water to burn. After combustion the byproduct is water vapor.

Another thing, you need to use distilled water so your electrical elements won't get clogged with metals and minerals in the water. You could also increase as much as your 12 volt battery and alternator will allow the amount of electrodes generating hydrogen and oxygen to further increase mileage. However, be careful and try not to breathe the hydrogen coming off the electrodes. Also, the oxygen might be in a different form because of electrolysis than would be good for you to breathe as well. I don't know for sure. This is all relatively experimental like an experimental race car or plane. So be careful. Take it to your mechanic if your are worried. He probably would like to do this to his car too.

MIT Open Sourceware

MIT Opensourceware. I just found a great physics course from MIT that is free for all on earth with an online computer connected to the internet(Physics 8.01 2003). I was using 1-8 of the first lesson to orient myself to the Ten Directions and 3 times concept of navigating through the Universe outlined in a previous article. It is my belief that this concept likely comes from as far back as Atlantis or even Lemuria or Mu. So I was Plotting using the spherical coordinates of 1-8 of the first lesson. If one takes x, y and z to be the first three coordinates and then adds radial distance and latitude angle and Longitude angle one reaches at least 6 coordinates for an object like an atom, electron, planet, galaxy or group of galaxies or spaceship traveling through space and time then one could imagine a different culture than ours creating one with 10 points of reference rather than one with 3, 6 or more sets of co-ordinates for navigation or for calibrating the location of any object large or small in any moment in time and space.

Even though 1-8 is a visual aide for calibrating motions on a spherical surface it is also a good graph for me to understand calibrating any location in space much like celestial navigators who were ancient sailors on the ocean figured out where they were out of sight of land by using the stars.

What is Enlightenment?

What is Enlightenment? When I was young and still very naive I believed that enlightenment was feeling happy all the time and teaching others to feel happy and to not worry anymore.

As I studied with various Masters along the way I found that this is only a small part of what enlightenment is. I discovered that there are as many different kinds of enlightenment as their are trades or professions on earth and that everyone does it a little differently. There are great variations of enlightenment according to culture, location on earth and the history of the area one is raised in.

So I can only share what enlightenment has become for me. At this point the most enlightened people to me were Jesus, Buddha and all the kind Saints of all religions who believed in harmlessness and kindness towards all life in the Universe. Then there are the Scientifically enlightened like Galileo, Copernicus, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci. Then there are the politicaly enlightened like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson. Then there are the political pacifists like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and Mandela. The list goes on and on. And just so we don't forget, the most enlightened people usually go unknown, unheard and unsung. There good works many times go on as instruments of religion or culture that no one really knows how it got there but every movement or invention had many authors and many adherents.

I believe that I have been reborn many times as a researcher for mankind in regard to science, religion and enlightenment. I see this as the work of my present lifetime as well in addition to being married and raising a family. The leisure to practice and to study and to share that the internet now allows the spreading of all the various types of enlightenment to an unbelievable degree on earth now and in the future.

My personal experience of enlightenment at this point of life is totally different than I ever expected as a 17 to 25 year old.

What I actually experience is what would have been to a 20 year old an unbelievable amount of compassion, kindness and wisdom toward all beings in the universe. I find because of progressing on a path to enlightenment consciously since age 17(actually 15) I experience everything in a completely different way than I ever could have expected at age 20. I watched as my awareness sphere moved slowly out from my body to encompass more of earth then beyond earth to the solar system and then by age 25 to include relationships with beings in the core of the Galaxy. However, around age 25 I became completely terrified when I traveled out beyond the galaxy. I was so terrified by what I can only call the Empty Loneliness that I stopped my conscious bilocations for about 5 years in sheer terror of the idea of experiencing anything like that again.

However, after meeting Tibetan Lamas I found a name for this. It is called the Void. After having the space between galaxies being given a definition, I was able to go there without fear. My experience of this place would be if you suddenly were swimming in the middle of the ocean that was also a sensory deprivation tank. Everything not nailed down explodes out of one and off of one. This can be a very terrifying experience for a Western mind.

However, unlike many beings I don't spend a lot of time in between Galaxies because I just find I prefer to be in some galaxy somewhere. I have been told by some beings of this our Milky Way Galaxy, that beings like myself are very rare and are often utilized as Liasons between Galactic Cultures and are also used to relay messages between Galaxies. I believe I have been trained for both things.

Now, to many of you in the Western World this all might sound pretty nuts. However, it is important to understand that Soul Travelers exist in every religion on earth. I'm just speaking about it in a pragmatic western, logical and somewhat matter of fact pragmatic way. I'm doing this because soul travel and the like are something that I believe all humans do some time each day while day dreaming and night dreaming. The difference with me is that I have studied all this both as a path to enlightenment and also as a science combined so that I can speak of it in a more pragmatic way than most cultures on earth can manage because of their rules placed upon soul travel.

For example, I did not know when I first started to consciously soul travel in my late teens and early twenties that soul travel can be done to anywhere or anywhen or even to experience Everywhere and Everywhen like most fully enlightened beings DO!

We are not prisoners in our bodies. If we are compassionate and kind to all we meet, we will be welcomed by most beings in the universe. However, I would recommend taking along someone like an Arcangel or Jesus or other angels along. Otherwise you might run into some pretty scary situations that you probably wouldn't survive otherwise. If your soul travel body dies while traveling likely your physical body might die too! So unless you have a good cause soul travel shouldn't be attempted. It is definitely not for the faint of heart!

The Ten Directions and the Three Times

The Ten Directions and the Three Times. There are very few ancient cultures that have not been overrun through war by other cultures. However, there is one that took ancient records from ancient India and Ancient China as well as other places that was able to keep them intact because basically Tibet has been inaccessible until trains, planes, tanks, trucks and automobiles were invented. So there were very ancient(thousands of years ancient records kept there from other cultures that were never destroyed).

One of the main concepts that one hears in Tibetan prayers over and over again is the concept of the "Ten directions and the three times". Another thing I always wondered about is the design of the Dorje(ritual implement for cutting away demons and bad karma from a person) and the Dingcha which looks a lot like a little flying saucer.

For example, "By this merit may I become like all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the Ten Directions and the Three times. It has always been obvious to me that the Ten Directions was a spherical way of navigating space for travel anywhere and the three times are the Past, the Present, and the Future, and to an enlightened being, the past, the present, the future and all locations in any time are available to that one via soul travel or even more simply through an Omnipresent awareness. Both Jesus and Buddha had this kind of enlightened awareness where they could travel anywhere.

There are records of Jesus coming to Hawaii. He was called Caimu and walked over the water on shore at Kalapana on the Big Island and he came to the Four Corners area to the Hopi Indians and there he gave them the Blue Corn which many of you have eaten in Blue Corn Chips here in the United States.

However, if the concept of the Ten Directions and the Three times is actually a way to navigate Spacetime for the technologists who might be able to technologically travel but not necessarily be able to soul travel or to actually move their body to anywhere on earth instantly at will like Sai Baba and other beings in bodies on earth presently can.

I propose that the Ten Directions and the Three Times is a system to navigate not only to anywhere but to anywhen for both the enlightened and the Technologists of the Universe.

Friday, December 28, 2007


50-50. Please read yahoo article if interested.

Even before I read this above yahoo article I had picked up as a precognitive psychic that there is a 50-50 chance that someone, either Bin Laden's group, Iran or some other terrorist organization will get a hold of a nuclear warhead. Strangely enough, Bin Laden is not the one who would use it first if this happened. He would simply blackmail all the world powers for money and for a place to set up his philosophy in a country and might turn out to be a lot like Arafat in time. The most dangerous people actually to get a nuclear weapon would be Iran. Because of a variety of factors they would actually use nuclear weapons because of a wide variety of factors. Most of these factors have to do with the relationship of Iran with Israel and the relationship of Iran with Saudi Arabia. So I would advise all countries that don't want to have nuclear weapons in Iranian or Islamic terrorist hands to be very vigilant during the next 2 years in regard to Pakistan.

Also, unfortunately, up to 25% of people in the Pakistani military whether they speak of it or not are leaning toward Taliban or even Bin Laden's ideology so this is a factor in all this. The biggest problem: As the country riots, who is minding the store?

The main reason I'm writing this is that as a life long precognitive psychic I have found over and over and over again that if I write or talk about what I pick up psychically then often the bad things I see don't happen and time is changed to a better one!

When I don't talk or write about what I see, 80% of the time I watch the bad thing happen. Because of these odds writing about something actually creates a better outcome for life on earth!

Survival and Pragmatism

Survival and Pragmatism.I noticed I was not doing as well this Christmas season. I wanted to believe that it was mostly because I hadn't seen my daughter who is now 18 more than about 3 days a year when we skied together mostly on Mt. Shasta since she was about 13 years old. This was mostly my ex-wife's idea along with blackmailing my daughter into going along with it.

However, the illusion that that was what it was all about was dashed when my daughter spent two weeks with us. I realized in horror how much the impending death of my mother through now 6 years of senile dementia since 2001 is undermining my life. What an awful year that was 2001. First, I woke up one day to watching planes crash into the Twin Towers on CNN and then two months later my mother mother turned on the electric stove after we told her not to and the proceeded to watch a plastic bowl burn while watching the pretty flames rise up and run down the liquid plastic down the stove. She then prayed that the fire wouldn't burn up her apartment. At that point, realizing both she and the rest of the people in the apartment might have died over that 24 hour period. The saddest thing I can say about all this is that sometimes I think her death at that time would have been a much much better outcome for her than what has transpired the last almost 7 years. Because legally, we had no choice but to place her in an alzheimer's and senile dementia facility. I, especially could not deal with this as she is/was my mother. The person she had become between April 2001 and fall 2001 was no longer my mother. In April She had beaten the inside of my car door saying, "Where are the words" over and over until her hand was purple from bruising. I was very scared then realizing in horror that this might get worse. It did. My son was staying with her as she had stopped driving her car about 2 years earlier when she was 80. Now she was almost 82. Now in 2007 she will be 89 in January.

I can deal with life and I can deal with death way better than most people. I can keep my head when most people around me are hysterical. It's just a family trait among the men in my family. It's definitely a long term survival trait.

However, I just don't do crazy. Maybe it's because of the 1960's and seeing so many people go crazy and dying from drugs, cars, crazy relationships, suicide etc. I don't know. However, I just don't do crazy well ever since then. My quota was used up by 1980. Then after watching a friend of my ex-wife's regress into a 3 or 4 year old state before he died of AIDS it was really too much to deal with in any rational way. But we did anyhow. What choice did we have? We had then 4 kids to keep raising.(2 of mine biologically).

So, this Christmas and Holiday season if you think of ending your life just remember this article I'm writing and then think of all the people you would harm by ending your life. Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Charlie Wilson's War

Charlie Wilson's War: The Movie. Charlie Wilson is a real person and the character that Julia Roberts plays in the movie is a real person too. The story is a real one but modified slightly by Hollywood. However, it is a powerful story because up until now not many people knew Charlie Wilson's story.

Up until now Osama Bin Laden and those who actually got bloody fighting the old Soviet Union took the credit for the collapse of the Soviet Union (at least in the Islamic world). So this true story of U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson, a liberal democrat representing Texas in the 1980's takes a lot of wind out of Osama Bin Laden's sails.

Do we live in a safer world now the Soviet Union is gone. I don't know. We definitely live in a much more fragmented world than before. It was as if from 1950 until 1990 the world ran on only two tires: Democracy and Communism, then the Communist tire went flat and the world has been going in circles ever since. Things haven't made much sense since 1990 to those of us who actually lived through the 40 years of Hell that the Cold War was!

the xo computer

the xo computer. What was once the 100 dollar computer is now the 188 dollar computer. my wife and I did the buy one get one program when it was first offered in november this year.I'm writing this for you on the get one and hopefully some child in a third world country is enjoying the one we bought for them now.

Though it runs at less than a 1/2 gig pentium speed it is an amazing little laptop. it is likely tougher than a us soldiers toughbook laptop because it can withstand up to 140 degrees fahrenheit.The keyboard is small for my hands but I have no fear writing this to you on it from my bathtub on battery because air moisture doesn't bother it. Since it runs on linux software and flash memory instead of hard drives that are vulnerable to heat above 80 to 90 degrees the xo is fine above 100 degrees farhenheit even with moisture. people from MIT and technologists and educators from around the world created this little technological miracle so poor children have a chance to have a good education and life also partly through this litle laptop comuter. I now equate the xo computer to something like the model t ford that was also extremely cheap but incredibly reliable. the poor children of the world will bless you all who created this little computer which now has its place in the history of earth for all time.

aligning with kindness and compassion

aligning with kindness and compassion. when I was young i was taught to align with religion qnd spirituality in order to become rich. The American dream.However, at age 17 I looked around me and saw that America was already rich. It was 1965. I think thatit was the richest in real terms for everyone that lived in America then than it will ever be again. Although you might think it is sad that it was the richet then for the average person that it will ever be again. Something wonderful happened. My whole generation realised how rich america was and decided the most important thing we could do was to align with kindness and compassion with everyone worldwide in order to prevent the unthinkable, world nuclear holocaust. And so we did.

Since by age 17 I had already realised that I was both very spiritual and very psychically gifted I had a somewhat different experience than a lot of my peers that weren't.

Through the 1970's I experienced the spiritual battles going on all around the earth. However, when I met my first Tibetan Lama of this lifetime in 1980 I experienced something far superior to spiritual battles. In this system was compassion and a power I had never experienced before in this lifetime. By aligning myself with the infinite kindness and compassion I have experienced ever since the infinite peace,kindness and infinite power of this that literally spans all time and all space and all beings dedicated to kindness and compassion in the universe in the past,the present or the future I have very literally become an emissary of this infinite kindness and compassion to all beings.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Supernatural California

Supernatural California. My wife gave me a book called "Supernatural California" for Christmas. It is a book by Preston Dennett. If you are interested in supernatural events it is a very fun read. I cannot vouch for its scientific accuracy, however. But it is a very fun way to find out about 200 years or more of some of the amazingness of California put into a very entertaining format.

Since I was raised in a religion founded by Guy Ballard around 1930 from my birth in 1948 to 1969 when we parted ways I thought I would share a quote from this book, on page 28 under the heading "Strange Drinks" begin quote, "In the autumn of 1930, government worker, Guy Ballard visited Mount Shasta as a part of his job, and instantly fell in love. In fact, he found himself spiritually transformed by the mountain, and spent all his time taking long hikes along the slopes. One day he was hiking near McCloud River when he suddenly realized that there was a man standing next to him. He was a Lemurian. The man promptly manifested a cup filled with a strange liquid, which he gave to Ballard. Then followed a long and deeply spiritual conversation about God, self, truth, love, desire, and other philosophical concepts. The man said he was Saint Germaine, beloved by many to be an ascended master. Ballard later received numerous visits from Saint Germain. Like other visitors, he was told that the earth is going to experience future catastrophes, but that peace will eventually reign. Ballard wrote of his experiences in his book, "Unveiled Mysteries".
Writes Ballard, "To those who read this work. I wish to say that these experiences are as real and true as mankind's existence on the earth today, and that they all occurred during August, September, and October of 1930, upon Mount Shasta, California.(Frank.69) end quote.

I can remember as a 5 year old sitting at Panther Meadows high on Mt. Shasta with my father reading "Unveiled Mysteries" to my mother and I there. Panther Meadows is a sacred mountain spring to the Wintun, Karok and Shasta Indian tribes as well as many others. Native American Spiritual Warriors used to Climb to the top of Mt. Shasta and then climb down to Shastina and break the ice in the glacial blue small lakes and jump in. To survive this at altitudes from 12,000 feet to 14,000 feet one would have to be hearty and mystical indeed as well as empowered. However, this was the way of the native American Warrior which was tied to the path of the Medicine man of the tribes.

Some believe the experience of the mountain lion that Mr. Ballard spiritually tamed so that it became like a pet cat for him was at Panther Meadows which was why my father read of it while we were there.

I have another memory of driving in a brand new 1953 Chevrolet with other members of Mr Ballard's religion up to Castle lake which faces Mt. Shasta now across the other side of Interstate 5 which travels from San Diego to the Canadian Border. At that time the road to castle lake hadn't been paved yet and tore out the whole muffler system during the drive up to the lake. The owner of the new 1953 Chevrolet was pretty upset at what he had done to his new car.

So I was trained as a little baby and child to comprehend Mt. Shasta, the UFO's that brought and were bringing technology to save mankind from themselves, and of the Lemurian civilization that Mt. Shasta was still a library or archive for. Since I am psychically gifted like both my parents and grandparents and relatives I have taken slate or volcanic rocks from Mt. Shasta and put them under my pillow. The holographic archives of the Lemurian spiritual Galactic Spacefaring culture are archived in the rocks of Mt. Shasta. It you are going to engram your brain with these archives it is important to be in a peaceful, meditative or to be asleep in order to engram these memories kept by our grandparent civilization of Lemuria that predates Atlantis.

I would call California, Oregon and Washington the New Lemuria and I would call the east coast of the United States and Europe as the New Atlantis and Hawaii as the New Mu. The likelihood of having reincarnated now from each of these civilizations is highest by being born in these places. People who are drawn to visit or live in these places often have had experiences before with these civilizations.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus

Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus
I got this from
* Listen to the famous editorial
* Hear the background story behind the editorial

In 1897, Frank Church, an editorial writer for The New York Sun, wrote this response to a letter from a young reader. It became one of the most famous editorials in American history.

We take pleasure in answering at once and thus prominently the communication below, expressing at the same time our great gratification that its faithful author is numbered among the friends of The Sun:

“Dear Editor:

“I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says, ‘If you see it in The Sun, it’s so.’

“Please tell me the truth; is there a Santa Claus?

“Virginia O’Hanlon”

Virginia, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except they see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be men’s or children’s, are little. In this great universe of ours man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect, as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! How dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus. It would be as dreary as if there were no Virginias. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The external light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.

Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies! You might get your papa to hire men to watch in all the chimneys on Christmas Eve to catch Santa Claus, but even if they did not see Santa Claus coming down, what would that prove? Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is no Santa Claus. The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that’s no proof that they are not there. Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world.

You may tear apart the baby’s rattle and see what makes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest man, nor even the united strength of all the strongest men that ever lived, could tear apart. Only faith, fancy, poetry, love, romance, can push aside that curtain and view and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond. Is it all real? Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothing else real and abiding.

No Santa Claus! Thank God! He lives, and he lives forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay, 10 times 10,000 years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.

Hear this, too
•Listen to an audio version of this famous editorial (read by Mary Sanchez of the Editorial Board) at

•Editorial extra: Hear the back story about this famous young letter writer, too, at

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* Santa, i'm 11 years old.Yes I know people my age don't belivin you...
* can you see wind?, no but is it there?, yes same thing about santa.
* thats cool there is a santa claus hip hip horray hip hip horay
* r68uuu
* I think santa is real to. Merry Christmas

Freedom of Religion:Necessary for Sanity

Freedom of Religion:Necessary for Sanity. I believe from all the experiences in my life that people need to believe whatever they want to. Although this pertains to religion it also pertains to all parts of life. Without this basic freedom people are forced to "Live in Denial" which basically means that they have to secretly believe whatever they want to while formally professing something else. This also has been the reason most wars are fought. Freedom of Religion and fighting over natural resources are the two main causes of most wars fought since time began for humans and our ancestors.

Though China is a capitalist nation like the western world and could be called a Republic because only the higher up of the Communist Party can vote it is not by any stretch of the imagination a Democracy where people have rights like in the western world. In such a system there isn't really even a right to life itself for the common man. Although, to be fair there isn't a right to be alive if one is homeless in the United States either.

So, if one is not a rich communist in China then one has about the rights of a dog in America if one is a human being in China. I think that is about the best way to say it. For us in the western world this is horrifying. But there are other factors that must be looked at. China has had serious population problems for several thousand years and has developed systems that sort of work so that western standards would not solve the total problem there.

For example, I was in India in Bodhgaya and there were 500,000 people gathered for an initiation by the Dalai Lama there from all over the world. However, I noticed that country people were dying a lot while there because they either got sick from lack of sanitation around that many people or were run over by horsecarts, motorcycles or trucks or were mowed down by crowds of people trying to run to relieve themselves after the initiations that could last 4 hours or more at a time under the hot sun.

What I'm trying to get at is that English speaking people are taught to be respectful of others not only individually but in social situations where people wait their turns for things. This is not true at all of country people sometimes without any formal education at all. My 12 year old daughter almost died in a mad rush of people in Bodhgaya, India and only because I am big and tall was I able to save her life and putting her "downwind of the mad rush of people for the toilets. I learned my lesson that day of where not to ever be if you didn't want to die. I saved her by basically a football maneuver and facing the oncoming crowd with my shoulder so if they hit us they would definitely be injured. It was the only way I could save my daughter's life back in December 1985.

However, having to hide ones true beliefs about anything can only in the long one make that person a little odd and crazy. So being able to live where one can openly express ones beliefs without fear of murder or maiming is literally a gift from God and a living Grace in ones life.

I personally believe it is very important for world sanity that freedom of religion and democracy flourish so that all can believe what they want as long as that doesn't mean harming anyone else.

Discrimination Hides Its Ugly Head

Discrimination Hides its ugly head. People tend to hide their discrimination because it is presently unfashionable according to PC international rules. However, it still exists, it is just hidden in the present climate.

I'd like to quote from "Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything" by Levitt and Dubner. Begin page near bottom of page 78, "---it has become so unfashionable to discriminate against certain groups that all but the most insensitive people take pains to at least feel fair minded, at least in public. This hardly means that discrimination has ended---only that people are embarrassed to show it. How might you determine whether the lack of discrimination against blacks and women represents a true absence or just a charade? The answer can be found by looking at other groups that society doesn't protect as well. Indeed, the "Weakest Link" (a TV program) voting data do indicate two kinds of contestants who ARE consistently discriminated against; the elderly and Hispanics.

Among economists, there are two leading theories of discrimination. Interestingly, elderly "Weakest Link" contestants seem to suffer from one type, while Hispanics suffer the other. The first type is called taste based discrimination, which means that one person discriminates simply because he prefers not to interact with a particular type of other person. In the second type, known as information-based discrimination, one person believes that another type of person has poor skills, and acts accordingly.

On the "Weakest Link", Hispanics suffer information-based discrimination. Other contestants seem to view Hispanics as poor players, even when they are not.The perception translates into Hispanics' being eliminated in the early rounds even if they are doing well and not being eliminated in the later rounds, when other contestants want to keep Hispanics around to weaken the field.

Elderly players, meanwhile are victims of taste-based discrimination:in the early rounds and late rounds, they are eliminated far out of proportion to their skills.
It seems as if the other contestants--this is a show on which the average age is thirty-four--simply don't want the older players around.

It is quite possible that a typical "Weakest Link" contestant isn't even cognizant of the discrimination toward Hispanics and the elderly,(or, in the case of blacks and women, his lack of discrimination). He is bound to be nervous, after all, and excited, playing a fast-moving game under the glare of television lights. Which naturally suggest another question: how might that same person express his preferences--and reveal information about himself--in the privacy of his own home?"
End quote now end of page 79.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt!

Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt! For all of you financially on the rocks. I've already done a financial disaster with my family. The Good news is that I survived! Many people and many families do not survive these types of situations. If you are going through a trying financial situation I recommend seeing, "Conversations With God". While the man in the movie was having conversations with God in Ashland, Oregon, at the same time I was with my family having conversations with God in 1989 in the Mt. Shasta area about 2 hours south from Ashland, Oregon, by car.

I had attended the University of California and lived in Student Housing. However, when I saw the earthquake coming psychically one month before it happened I took my family to Hawaii to avoid the quake which epicenter was only 6 miles from the University of California I was attending. Almost every house from San Francisco to Watsonville was knocked off its foundations and 50 people or more died when this happened and God help you if you were in a brick building.

After being in Hawaii I was still in good standing with the University of California and by now I had moved my family to Mt. Shasta. Once again I applied for student loans so I could finish my degree. I was accepted and told to come get my grants. I made the mistake of believing what they told me as fact. So I put all my furniture in storage in Mt. Shasta and moved out of my house that I was renting with my family and drove my window van to the University and said, "I'm here like you said. Please give me what you promised me so I can rent a house for my family to live while I attend the University." They said, "Oh No! You were misinformed. We can only pay your tuition and books until November." I said, "What are you talking about! I have already moved out of my house and put all my stuff in storage!" They said, "Sorry!" Since I had to care for a wife, a new baby, a 15 year old son and a 17 year old step daughter, we were in a terrible fix because going to Hawaii had saved our lives and the lives of our children but had depleted our savings to zero.

And now for the descent into Hell that this caused at this time. First, my parents and my wife's parents were still mad we went to Hawaii to escape the earthquake. They thought, "So, the earthquake happened but now what. You guys made a bad decision." Well, I don't know about you but if you had a chance to save the lives of your children, wouldn't you?" However, all our relatives were way to unsophisticated for this kind of thinking.

The end result of all this the best way I can explain it is within 4 years my marriage ended which I believe was the price we actually paid to save the lives of our kids in this devastating earthquake. I still believe we did the right thing. Everyone is still alive. We just paid an awful price for it.

I can write about it now only because I'm remarried with a new 11 year old daughter and God has been very good to us indeed financially, and we are very happy and contented in our life by God's Grace.

However, back to the hell we endured for a moment so that it might save your lives now. First of all, things had changed a lot from the 1960's and 1970's. The help available was about 1/10 as good as it was during those times. During the 1960's for example, the country was just so amazingly rich that you would have a very hard time not getting the help you needed no matter what you did. However, by 1989 and 1990 those days were so long gone we saw family after family in a very bad way indeed. I have to say that we only survived as a family because of relatives and friends during those days.

At first, our funds were so low I realized there would be no way to attend school for me and cover my family that fall quarter. So I was very unhappy having to give up college at that time. So, we decided to go back to Mt. Shasta where we had a lot of friends and where if we had to we could camp in the woods until we could rent a house. We met another couple we knew that were well educated like us and who had lived in Europe for some time.(Later this lady became a professor at a local college but this took about 3 to 5 years) So at this point we joined forces both for moral support and to research ways we could survive together as two families struggling for survival.The two large seats that would allow 9 people to sit at once in our window van I removed as they were designed for this and put them with our furniture in storage. Then I built a sleeping platform in our window van out of 1 inch plywood and 2by4's. I bought a king size piece of 5 inch foam which my wife covered with a very nice cloth material and then we made curtains out of 1/4 inch multifoot coil springs and cloth my wife had in storage we attached the coils with screws each end of each window and ran the coils through loops at the top of each curtain. The family we camped with (we were so far away from the little city that no one bothered us.) We camped where fishermen usually did along a major fishing river. So we could stay there for free then.

Our friends had a stationwagon and an Airstream Trailer. Next, so my son could go to the high school I had him stay with a long time friend who drove by the high School on his way to work every day. By this time our 17 year old daughter had had enough of all this and ran away with a guy who was 26 she met on Mt. Shasta. Just so you don't worry about her she dumped him within two years and is now a lawyer in Oregon.

So the 4 of us adults pooled all our knowledge and strategies into surviving together. It started to get below 30 degrees Fahrenheit at night and we were worried about our 2 year old daughter since we didn't have heat after the campfire went out. Finally, our friends found a house that we could rent that was perfect. It was an old 1925 house in an acre of land with 7 walnut trees and 75 year old black cherry trees and various apple, plum and pear trees on it. We let our friends park their car and trailer next to the house and use our bathroom.

Each step of the way it was like pulling teeth. Even though we applied for section 8, low income housing it took us months to be able to fully qualify. This was the hardest it had been in my life to recover from a financial debacle.

From beginning to end not being in a home with a year and a half old daughter was 3 months.By the time we had gone to the University, not been given the grants and loans when promised and then camped out in our window van when it got down to about 25 degrees Fahrenheit or less at night to the point where we would have to break the ice out of a pan of dishwater to use it in the morning we were worn out and felt like we had all aged 20 years by the time we moved into our (new) old house on an acre of land with many fruit trees. Was the house insulated for us? No! I had to get up in the attic to insulate it myself or feel like we were going to freeze to death every night. Since it was obvious in the attic that there had been a pretty bad fire up there at some point that wasn't too encouraging but my 15 year old son and I persisted until it was done right. I wound up wrapping the house and windows in plastic pretty much to keep the wind from blowing through the cracks during the long winters there. I spent one night near thanksgiving up all night stoking the fire so the pipes wouldn't freeze when the temperature went below zero Fahrenheit. Even so, the hot water pipe froze to the washing machine and I had to crawl under the house and replace hot water pipes in under 20 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures the next day.

I guess what I'm getting at is that times are very tough not only in the United States but around the world. You'd better have a strategy or you will be one of the casualties. Think about it!

Now It's Credit Cards

Now It's Credit Cards.Please read yahoo article if interested.

The Subprime ripple continues through the free world. However, this time the next wave is credit cards. The subprime collapse and its vicious cycle of creating ever more collapses unless the federal government step in is looking more and more like the Savings and Loan Collapse where all Savings and Loans went out of business because of bad defaulted loans to third world countries, especially to Mexico and South America. This time the culprit is greedy Loan advisors who steered people to loans they did not fully understand. Though, to be fair I don't even think most Loan advisors and counselor and loan officers had enough knowledge about economics to ever expect something resembling what has happened and what will continue to happen unless the Federal Government steps up to the plate and stops the unraveling of the free world's national economies. Each country now has to do its part to figure out how to handle this situation because unlike the Savings and Loan situation that affected mainly Americans who lost all their savings in the Savings and Loan debacle this affects the whole free world investment structure. Banks in England and France and Switzerland and I think even Germany have already had problems because of this worldwide mortgage investment problem because of subprime loans in the United States. Especially loans in California will be problematic because housing values are up to double what they are in most of the United States. Stockton, for example has dropped on average 30 percent or more per house there and I believe it is Punta Gorda in Florida that has dropped in value per house 35 percent. So, for those of you around the world, if you had a subprime loan and got it on no money down and your payments doubled to more than you make per month let me ask you this wouldn't you default that loan? Think about it! Even if you had perfect credit and could afford the loan if your house was worth 35% less than you paid for it you might step out on that loan as well.

The other problem is that defaulted empty houses create crime and drug houses next door to law abiding citizens. Since the law abiding citizens left there don't want to be killed they might step out on their loans as well. So you see the vicious cycle in action. Defaulting drops the price of the houses, and makes it dangerous for those who still live there and drops the value of their houses to the point where they might have no reason at all to stay if they want to live and be safe and make sure their children aren't mugged or raped.

The only real way to stop this is to somehow stop this artificial loss of value of every house in any given area. This is the only way to stop the ghost towns springing up all across the United States from this debacle.

To make matters worse, the defaulting homeowners coming on to the rental market is starting to drive the rents up so hight that many people can no longer afford their rents and are going homeless as a result. This is creating "Grapes of Wrath" scenarios all across the United States of relatively uneducated people who are living from paycheck to pay check.

Now, it is also starting to take a toll on credit cards as people who own homes lose them, and the people who they bought furniture from lose a customer because they no longer live there. Also, all the people who build homes are out of a job. (This is not completely true because some people who are building homes for wealthy people still have jobs)

So, the end result is that millions of people are either losing their jobs or the companies they work for are losing millions in business from all the people that aren't buying homes, furniture, appliances, and are not building houses.

Now, it is also affecting credit cards of all the people that can no longer make enough money by any means to pay their credit cards after losing their homes, and being forced into bankruptcy. Personally, I have never seen anything like this since I have been alive since 1948. The closest thing I have seen like this was the Savings and Loan Debacle and now I'm begining to have to reach back to the memories of my parents and grandparents for any sanity regarding all this.

The way people survive all this during the great depression was to make sure they had a good trade that people needed. Salespeople will always be needed, Plumbers, electricians, Carpenters, farmers etc. Will ALWAYS BE NEEDED. So this is something to think about. During the great depression millions of white collar workers and unskilled workers had no food to eat and no money to live.

One way to handle what is coming is to recreate the WPA (FDR) with national work projects so people can build roads and create infrastructure that is failing nationwide at this time so they can still earn money to live and not starve. (For example, the bridge that collapsed would be one of these projects.

Credit cards will also be a problem because most credit card debt cannot be forgiven even if one goes bankrupt. So, if you go bankrupt likely a Chapter 13 might be the most useful if you want to keep your home and car at this time. Credit Cards and
student loans are very problematic if you go bankrupt. I talked to one person I know and until they were in bankruptcy their student loans quadrupled over 2 years because no payments were made. Then by going bankrupt it at least stopped the interest from accruing against her.

So, just when one is going through the most hell in losing their house they are attacked by the credit card companies who attach their paychecks which often throws them onto the streets and ends a useful life for them. So, if this is happening to you be sure to be smart about how you handle these problems.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Arcangel Michael

Arcangel Michael. I asked tonight for confirmation concerning the rebirth of Jesus approximately December 21st 2012 which is exactly 5 years from now as of about 15 minutes ago, since it is now December 22nd 2007 by 15 minutes.

I received three separate confirmations now of the rebirth of Jesus in a new baby body. Arcangel Michael conveyed to me that I now relay this to you from the Heralding Angels of his coming. The circumstances by 2012 might be very difficult by then here on earth. However, take hope from this. Relief is coming for life on earth.

The time for new hope is here and is coming. This is always the way it is. It is always the darkest just before the dawn of a New Age of the Second Coming. Take hope for he is coming. He is not coming in a way that anyone can expect and predict of that you can be sure. However, he is coming to set things right upon the earth and in the hearts of all humans and all beings who live in the vicinity of earth and beyond to the farthest reaches of the Galaxy and beyond that. The second coming affects all life in the Galaxy. It brings hope to All!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Surviving Giving Up

Surviving Giving up.I was 21 in 1969. In June of that year my girlfriend came to visit me from Michigan where she was a junior at a university there. She was 20. While we were walking in Griffith Park after we both got off of work late in June I asked her whether we would have a sexual relationship after we were married. This was an important question as we had been celibate for the 2 years we had gone together. She said,being a very religious person, that she wanted to remain celibate after marriage. Being from the Los Angeles area, I knew this just wasn't going to work for me. I thought about it a couple of days and said to her, "I think we should break up because I want to have children and we won't have children if we are celibate." She was very hurt by this revelation and went away to a church camp in northern California where both our families attended most summers for 1 or 2 weeks.

I felt in shock knowing I had made the right decision. However, living with the emotional consequences of giving up a woman and a life I had planned around her for the next (at least) 20 years of my life collapsed me emotionally into a very strange place.

At the time I knew I was doing the right thing. I still think it was the right thing to do. However, emotionally it took me to the beginnings of a suicidal self destructive reality. At first, I didn't see it quite that way. I was just a little scared. Then my parents moved from Glendale where we all still lived together to San Diego. Then things started to get stranger for me. I lived temporarily with my Aunt in the Hollywood Hills in a great house with a pool on a hill. Eventually, I decided it was too weird living with my Aunt after a couple of months and decided to move to Santa Monica. I wound up in Venice on the beach which at that time was a lot like the Haight Ashbury section of San Francisco was in 1969. This put me through many changes as I had been living a very different kind of life than that before. This life was much more experimental in every way. By early November 1969 I was getting sort of confused and decided to move to San Diego with my parents as people in Venice were taking drugs and jumping out of windows and dying and various other crazy things. I just decided that it was way to crazy a place for me to survive at that time in my life.

By late November I had been excommunicated from the church I had grown up with my parents in. At this point I wasn't just scared about the changes in my life I was formally suicidal. I guess I was formally suicidal for about 2 years. For me, this didn't mean that I was going to formally kill myself. It just meant that everything I had grown up to value in life had died including me. Now you might think this was bad. However, out of it came the rest of my life.


Like I said, I had died psychologically and realized that I was my father, my mother, my creator and my destroyer. I was completely in charge of whether I lived or died and of any thought, feeling, spoken word, or action I would take.

This gave me a freedom that no one else I knew even realized they had. Most of my peers were so busy getting degrees, getting married, breaking up, dying, going crazy in various ways that they seemed incredibly immature to me at that point in my life.

I found I couldn't really live for myself. I found I had to reach out in ways I never had before for others that I could relate to. Instead of looking for a girl to marry, I looked for girls who could get me through the night, the day, the week, the year. My life became in the moment because it was the only way I knew to survive my inner torment of all the changes in my life.

This time in my life started me to turn against organized religion because I had been so badly burned. I saw religions as both a source of life to some but as a source of suicide for me. However, being religious and being spiritual I defined as being two completely different things. I defined organized religion and going to church as DEATH for me and my friends. I defined spirituality or having ones own unique experiences with God ongoing on a daily basis. I defined being religious and going regularly to church as being a social action like going to a country club which in reality had absolutely nothing to do with REAL experiences with God. It might or might not be a source of God to any one person. It might be for some people just a place to pick up someone to get laid. Pardon my cynicism but I'm being very real here and not being fake.

I began to see organized religion and going to church regularly much like people view heroin. It is a drug and when people are on that drug they are completely vulnerable to the people who attend those churches who are not on the church drug who take advantage of everyone else, psychologically, sexually and monetarily.

So for me, surviving giving up was a very good thing. It completely defines who I became as an adult. I still view organized religion like Heroin and feel sorry for those who don't realize the dangers therein many times until it is too late for them to survive it.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

California's Clean Air Slapdown.

California's Clean Air Slapdown. If interested read article

Though California is leading not only the nation but the world in Clean Air standards as a psychic I don't feel it will be enough to stop the affects of Global warming generated in the last 3 centuries of Industrial revolution, livestock expansion, deforestation and population explosion. For example, when I was born the world population was a little over 2 billion. Now the world's population is estimated at almost 7 billion. This amounts to at least a 3 fold increase in world population just since I was born. That alone puts us in a whole new ballgame. But when you add to that the melting of the northern ice caps, the continued extinction of thousands of species of plants and animals and the dead zones in many seas like off of Oregon and Louisiana and various other places on earth. We must all know we will never see anything like the way things were in the 20th century for hundreds if not thousands of years no matter what anyone or any group does.

Though everything people might do might slow the changes down there is nothing to do to stop what is coming. I think accepting the changes and learning to survive them is an even more important group survival process than even trying to slow the process down.

Look, for example, with AIDS in the United States. By preventing its spread somewhat in the United States, most people now here are relatively complacent about the mass deaths in other countries less medically educated and sophisticated than us.

The exact same thing will happen when countries like the United states change their habits to create a fix. Other countries won't change no matter what they promise and that is the real problem. If the United states says it will do something it usually does. That, however, is not necessarily true of most Governments on earth!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Philosophy. It is sometimes defined as:the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge,reality and existence. If you have read much of what I write it is based upon almost 60 years of my personal studies into the fundamental nature of Knowledge, reality and existence. For me, the path of a free thinker is the only path that actually allows me a conscience where I can actually be at peace about myself, my life and how I have lived it and how I will live my life. Being a free thinker scares many people because they don't know where it will lead. However, none of us really knows where our lives will lead, do we? All we really have is the precious moment we are living right now. The future isn't here yet and the past is Gone!

Someone might say to me. How can you say that? I say that because experience has taught me if I always listen to what other people say I would have been dead at least 100 times or more already. The only reason I'm alive today is that I have listened to my intuition, common sense and instinct. And I have watched countless people not do that either go crazy or die in multiple kinds of ways through their mistakes in judgement over the years.

If you aren't brave enough to forge your own direct relationship with the universe, with God or whatever you want to call (HIM, HER, The Being) then you don't really have a life anyway!You'll just be a slave to someone else's ideas and never really individuate the way that God and life intended.


Wilson. As in Tom Hanks friend who is a volleyball in the movie Castaway. I find myself periodically watching the part in the movie where he goes into the toilet facilities on board the Fedex plane and the plane begins to fall out of the sky on through to when he makes fire on the deserted island and starts drinking from coconuts to stay alive.

Somehow a part of me needs to watch this. There have been times in my life that remind me a lot of this part of the movie. You know, the parts where you are traumatized by events out of your control and don't know whether you can survive them or not. These are always moments of truth and of wonder.

There haven't been many moments like this that permanently changed my life in a way I didn't necessarily want but at that point it doesn't appear I had much choice in the matter but to simply survive the situation. Sometimes now, years later I know that God did this to me because I still had work to do on earth. The last extremely traumatic event of the kind I'm referring to happened in 1994 for me.

The shock of those events led directly to my getting a heart virus in 1998 and almost physically dying. At which point I had to decide to give up my anger enough to at least stay alive for my then new wife and all my children.

Now I'm fine but it appears the world isn't. So I have the feeling that God tested me in the way he needed me to grow and I survived and I even prospered. There was a cartoon once that I watched on TV as a child in the 1950's. In it someone reached up a Camel's behind and pulled his head outside his rear end and turned him inside out. The Camel said in funny style, "Don't Ever do that Again!" I guess that was my reaction too in 1994 when I didn't think I would survive the events in my life.

There are times in most of our lives that we need a Wilson Volleyball to talk to just like Tome Hanks did in his Castaway movie to survive that terrible aloneness. However, the loneliest time in my life I think was the last 7 years in my 2nd marriage. (However, to be fair the first 7 years were the best in my life then).

It is amazing what people can survive when they have to. Many times what is hard to survive isn't at all what one might imagine!

The Problems of Fluorescent Bulbs and Hybrids

The Problems of Fluorescent Bulbs and Hybrids. I think it's great that the government wants us to find ways to save energy and reduce the amount of foreign oil we use. However, I personally have a problem of requiring everyone to use fluorescent bulbs only. First of all, they are very unhealthy both for humans and for plants. Plants often die if left in only fluorescent light with no sunlight. Whereas those same plants often will do fine if they only have direct incandescent light bulbs. Even though humans might not die from only being exposed to fluorescent light(for example prisoners in jail cells). It may make them ill and compromise their immune systems. For example, when I was about 20 years old I worked as a computer Programmer and operator of over 1 million dollars (at the time) worth of computer equipment. Because the owners didn't want this valuable equipment stolen, they put it in a basement of the building without any windows with ONLY fluorescent light. Because of this I became fairly ill within 2 months of working there. I attribute this at least in part to the fluorescent lights and constant air conditioning going to keep the temperatures below 72 degrees as being the main culprits at the time. (The air conditioning was to keep the computers operating without overheating.)This was 1969 and 1970.

Since this experience I have made it a point to never work anywhere(whenever I had a choice) that only had fluorescent lighting. I prefer the sun and being healthy and well, thank you very much.

However, if they are going to stop making incandescent lights I think I and thousands or millions of other people are going to either stock up on hundreds of dollars worth of incandescent light bulbs or they will light candles, buy Aladin Kerosene lanterns or doing anything possible to not get sick with fluorescent bulbs. In addition to getting ill from fluorescent bulbs they also are extremely bad for peoples eyesight. The pulse from the fluorescents is to fast for people to see with the naked eye but our eyes and brains are constantly irritated from that constant pulse.

So expect thousands and thousands of more trips to the doctor and visits to eye doctors as this thing really goes into effect.

The main problem I see with Hybrids, first of all is that many people are dying from electrocution during and after an accident. In fact, most areas of the United States and civilized countries have a standard rule not to rescue people from hybrids until they can be assured power is turned off from the powerful batteries. By the time this is done many people have already been shocked to death.

This is now standard procedure. So I hear that main power switches are starting to be installed in many hybrid cars so there at least is a possible way to protect both the firemen and the drivers and passengers in cars as long as the main power switch is easily accessible in an emergency.

The second problem with Hybrids is that since my father was an electrician I know about Electrical coronas. For example, you may have driven under a large powerline and heard your radio stop working and just buzz with static? Well, all generators and alternators and electric motors also send out electrical coronas. The more electric horsepower being either generated or utilized in a motor the bigger the electrical corona. My father told me, for example that is wasn't a good idea to spend to much time around an electric motor bigger than 10 or 20 horsepower. Since most front wheel drive electric motors now on each front wheel of a hybrid are around 20 horsepower it would be at least like talking on your cell phone (if you had a cell phone all over your body) all the time you are driving. This might be mitigated by something like a lead shield like one uses in a dentists office. For example, if the floor between the motor and the driver or occupant were shielded by something like the dentists xray lead shield then this could greatly reduce things like leucemia and various cancers that likely would begin to show up after 5 to 20 years of driving a hybrid.

Though I honor people who drive hybrids these two factors make me realize that I could do much more good by simply driving a no hybrid car that got 30 to 40 miles per gallon. In this way I would help the environment AND save my life and the life of my family and passengers from potential cancers and electrocution.

For example a 2008 Toyota Corolla like a good friend just bought if it has a stick shift gets 37 miles per gallon and has plenty of power. If you need all wheel drive capabilities look at something like a Subaru Outback. Check around. A Hybrid sounds good but when you actually do research it isn't the best way to help the world or yourself or family.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Galactic Mating?

Galactic Mating?

In the above article it talks about a Black hole killing a Galaxy. However, as a soul traveler who has been to the core of this Galaxy I would say that what we are witnessing is a species mating. We are unfamiliar with lifeforms this big. However, that doesn't mean they don't exist.

For example,if one views Galaxies as being like jellyfish on the Cosmic ocean of Space then such a thing at least theoretically becomes possible.

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis. My middle daughter has red hair and blue eyes and is very strong and strong willed. The week she was born The plasma from the sun came to Earth and knocked out one or more power plants in southern Canada.

Sometimes I associate this daughter with the Solar Plasma Beings I met when I soul traveled to the Sun and was sent in soul form to the Core of our Galaxy so I could beg for help for Earth. At the time I was worried a lot about Earth nuking itself out of existence. After I was promised help to prevent this occurance or more accurately promised that even if this was done multiple times that time would be altered to prevent extinction I finally have felt at peace knowing that there would be humans alive colonizing this Galaxy and maybe others for millions of years to come.

It was difficult for me, at first to not think I would burn up in the sun because at that time I wasn't used to soul traveling beyond earth. I believe it was 1970 then and I have had almost 40 years to get used to bi-location or multi-location by now. For most of you what I'm talking about will be just jibberish except for those who have experienced this paradigm personally. Once you have experienced this it is as real as your life in a body on earth, especially if you have tested yourself for accuracy. However, if you embark upon this path I recommend invoking Angels, Arcangels or Jesus or whatever holy beings you trust to accompany you as otherwise this could be very dangerous.

The New Wise Men and Women

The New Wise Men and Women. I think my friend, Father Charlie is on the other side now helping me with this one. I have had inklings lately of the 2nd Coming. My experience of it is that He will be born once more around the date of December 21st 2012 on land or sea or even on a plane while it is flying. Like before only the Wise men and Women and very simple people and animals will know Him at first. He won't begin to be known until around the year 2042 when He is around 30 year old. Where He will be born is His secret. How He will be born is His secret. The last time He brought Grace and Forgiveness and Kindness. This time He brings the Protection of his Love. If you don't understand You soon will.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha. A good friend of almost 30 years since 1980 passed away this last week. He was 80 years old. His Name to most of us was Father Charlie. He was a lawyer and then District Attorney of Santa Cruz County and then Catholic Priest and then founder of Gathering of the Way. He was revered by thousands around the world who knew him. He had an IQ of about 200 and spoke about 20 languages and was very intuitively gifted. He was friend to Peter Caddy, and to Crow and Nana, and to Charlie Thom and to thousands of others. He was a friend and mentor both as a friend and as a spiritual and religious teacher to me and to my family. He married my second wife and I. He baptized my second wife and I and all my older children.

He christened my youngest daughter. The last time I saw him he had published his book and we saw him at a book signing. Look for it under Charles Moore. I believe it was called Synthesis Revisited. I saw him last about 1 year ago.

I was having a vision this evening. By this vision I knew that Father Charlie had made it to the heaven realm that he wished by this vision.

I saw the Medicine Buddha that was so large that the earth was the size of Blue Medicine Buddhas heart and was actually medicine Buddha's heart. But then it kept changing until the solar system was in Medicine Buddha's heart. Then the Galaxy was in Medicine Buddhas heart. Then all Galaxies and the universe itself was in Medicine Buddhas heart. I knew this meant that Charlie had found his way into heaven and I was at peace from this certainty.

Religion and Spirituality

Religion And Spirituality. Most people around the world are raised in one religion or another whether they are raised church going(church, synagogue, mosque, Temple etc) or whether they are more secular in saying they are such and such a religion but only doing this alone or within the family.

Also, a religion can only really be theoretical. It is really about studying someone else's experiences with God. When one has ones own experiences with God it then goes beyond studying about someone else's experiences with God and becomes a personal revelatory experience ongoing. My life has been a personal revelatory experience ongoing with God and his Angels and Arcangels.

Some people at this point go and start their own religions. When I was young and in my twenties many people thought I should start my own religion. My personal revelatory thoughts about this were and are that there are already too many religions that mostly just confuse most people. It is far better that I teach beings to have their own personal revelatory experiences with God for God is infinite and there are potentially as many religions from those personal revelations as there are beings in the universe!

For me, the most important function of the large religions is to keep the peace of civilizations. However, when people kill each other in the name of religion it is like killing ones brothers and sisters in order to get favor with the parents. Whereas in this case the parents(father-mother God) would only be horrified at their children killing each other. One could only imagine (father-mother God's) penalty for this!

Because of this it actually makes more sense to see people kill each other over a football or soccer game or other sport that it does to kill each other over religion. Because to kill each other over religion cannot help but in the end be a blasphemy to all real religions!

Self revelations with God can arise at any moment, at any time. It appears that one need only be open to God showing (himself, herself, The Being) to that one for it to occur. However, even if one is totally agnostic or even atheistic it does not mean that God in whatever form won't come to that being and permanently blow that beings mind and Being into an entirely different reality base!

God has come into me and changed my life in ways that I can't even begin to describe!
The only things I have read that make any sense to me at all in this context is the experiences of the Prophets of the old Testament and to some degree the experiences of Jesus.

When I start to really have empathy is when I read stories of Mila Respa and Padmasambhava, two Mahasiddhas of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. So, for me, personally the actual experiences of the Prophets of the Old Testament and the Mahasiddhas of Tibetan Buddhism touch me the deepest.

So, if I were to say what religion I am it would be a Catholic Tibetan Buddhist as strange as that might sound to you and yet spiritually speaking I have written my own self revelatory Bible, about 1000 pages long about past, present and future lives I have already lived or am living simultaneously now.

As a young man I psychologically died and yet my body remained on earth to serve God. So I find I can talk to the dead or those in heaven as easily as I speak with any being on earth in a body. When I studied Cultural Anthropology in College I found that the definition of a Shaman(Tribal Medicine Man) for 40,000 year plus worldwide was one that had psychologically died but whose body remained on earth as an instrument for God. This has been my experience since I was 21! I'll be 60 this coming April. So I've had a lot of time now to get used to being an instrument of God on Earth and beyond.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mortgage Crisis

Mortgage Crisis. Please read the following article if interested in how the U.S. Federal Reserve is getting involved in wiping out fraud in the mortgage subprime industry.

I was very grateful to read this article. I also wrote and article recently called:
Subprime Debacle Traps even the Very Credit Worthy.

It is about time somebody from the U.S. Federal Government steps in and gets control of this before it takes down the free world's economies in a series of previously uncontrolled vicious cycles.

What Happens to Israel?

What Happens to Israel? Please read if interested.

When I read this article I looked at it as a precognitive psychic and this is what I came up with.

I will try to view all this pragmatically as I can give a more useful result this way.

At some level or levels of U.S. and World Government it has obviously de facto been decided that the cost of maintaining Israel intact any longer by the rest of the free world has become cost prohibitive. Therefore, the next Yom Kipper War that happens when Israel is attacked could be Israel's last or close to the end.

Global world politic is conspiring against the continued existence of Israel. I think most westerners want Israel to continue to exist. However, they will not do this if it means bankrupting all their nations. This includes the United States, European Union and the United Nations. What was a good idea after World War II might be ending some time this century because it has become a bridge too far!

Yoga Practitioners of All Religions

Yoga Practitioners of All Religions. When I first got interested in both Yoga and Yogis
only the people of India and secular Christians I knew seemed to be interested. Only the most open minded people of the western world were interested outside of India.

I can remember how in the 1950's and 1960's and even into the 1980's if you used acupuncture it was sort of like you either lived in the dark ages or were a witch or hippy or something. Times have changed so much now with Whole Foods Markets selling organic foods nationwide like Ralph's and Safeway markets sold food through there warehouse style large markets in the 50's and after. It's an amazing world that constantly changes after all!

The following is a quote from "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert starting at the beginning of chapter 39 on page 125. begin quote, "One of my first roommates at the Ashram was a middle-aged African American devout Baptist and meditation instructor from South Carolina. My other roommates, over time, would include an Argentinean dancer, a Swiss Homeopath, a Mexican secretary, an Australian mother of five, a yound Bangladeshi computer programmer, a pediatrician from Main and a Filipino accountant. Others would come and go too, as devotees cycled in and out of their residencies.

This Ashram is not a place you can casually drop by and visit. First of all, it's not wildly accessible. It's located far away from Mumbai (India), on dirt road in a rural valley near a pretty and scrappy little village (composed of one street, one temple, a handful of shops and a population of cows who wander about freely, sometimes walking into the tailor's shop and lying down there). One evening I noticed a naked sixty watt lightbulb hanging from a wire on a tree in the middle of town; this is the town's one street lamp." endquote.

India in the country was an amazing experience when I went there in December 1985. I was in India for 2 months and Nepal for 2 months and Thailand for 2 weeks with my family. We travelled by plane to Narito Airport in Japan and then to Bangkok, Thailand and then to Katmandu, Nepal. All transportation besides flying was by train, bus, car, taxi, three wheeled taxi, rickshaw, horsecart, camelcart, oxcart, or on foot or rental bicycle or by jeep or dugout canoe in Chitwan National Park on the Nepali Terai. There are white Rhinos, Tigers and huge snakes and a type of Alligator there.

The Brahma cows and bulls are especially to be on guard for in places like New Delhi and big cities. They are protected by law and can be well mannered or not. I walked too close to one in a New Delhi alley, sort of thinking at the time it was like a dog or other person. Nope, it is a wild animal and tried to gore me with its horn. Only because I have very fast reflexes did I not get gored. I grabbed the horn before it pierced me and it threw me across the alley and against a wall. After that it simply kept walking. I was grateful it happened to me and not to my wife or children as I don't know if they would have fared as well as I did. I had only a few bruises and no punctures. But I definitely had more respect for Brahma bulls.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Most Auspicious Luck in the Universe

The Most Auspicious Luck in the Universe. I would like to quote from "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Begin quote page 124 middle of page, "The classical Indian sages wrote that there are three factors which indicate whether a soul has been blessed with the highest and most auspicious luck in the Universe:

1. To have been born a human being capable of conscious inquiry.

2. To have been born with--or to have developed--a yearning to understand the nature of the universe.

3. To have found a living spiritual master.

There is a theory that if you yearn sincerely enough for a Guru, you will find one. The universe will shift, destiny's molecules will get themselves organized and your path will soon intersect with the path of the master you need. It was only one month after my first night of desperate prayer on my bathroom floor--a night spent tearfully begging God for answers--that I found mine, having walked into David's apartment and encountered a photograph of this stunning Indian woman. Of course, I was more than a bit ambivalent about the concept of having a guru. As a general rule, Westerners aren't comfortable with the word. We hae a kind of sketchy recent history with it. In the 1970's a number of wealthy, eager, susceptible young Western seekers collided with a handful of charismatic but dubious Indian Gurus. Most of the Chaos has settled down now, but the echoes of mistrust still resonate. Even for me, even after all this time, I still find myself sometimes balking at the word Guru. This is not a problem for my friends in India; they grew up with the Guru principle. they're relaxed with it. As one young Indian girl told me, "Everybody in India almost has a Guru!" I know what she meant to say (that almost everyone in India has a Guru) but I related more to her unintentional statement, because that's how I feel sometimes--like I almost have a Guru. Sometimes, I just can't seem to admit it because, as a good New Englander, skepticism and pragmatism are my intellectual heritage. Anyhow, it's not like I consciously went shopping for a Guru. She just arrived. And the first time I saw her, it was as though she looked at me through her photograph--those dark eyes smoldering with intelligent compassion--and she said, "You called for me and now I'm here. So do you want to do this thing or not?"

Setting aside all nervous jokes and cross-cultural discomforts, I must always remember what I relied that night: a straightforward and bottomless YES" endquote

I myself have met many masters both in the United States and in India and Nepal. To even meet one realized being in a lifetime is a very amazing experience. I have personally experienced on multiple occasions the universe shifting destiny's molecules for me to intersect with many masters in my life. I feel fortunate indeed in this lifetime to have met so many masters.

A Master's affect on one can be the most difficult to survive in ones lifetime. I am told this happens when a master sees a soul has a long journey and enlivens that one for quick travel to the destination of enlightenment. If so, then the teacher who was my teacher in childhood until my early twenties whose spiritual name is Lotus was the most influential in my life.

There is another master that I called Geshela, a Tibetan Lama that I met first in Santa Cruz, California in 1983 and then in Bodhgaya, India with my wife and kids in late 1985. Geshela was known for his long life White Tara initiation world wide(which my family and I received from him in santa cruz, Ca. in 1983). He did "Mo" for me on many occasions which is Tibetan divining. He reminded me in many ways of a Catholic Priest except that he began his training at age 6, several thousand miles away from his parents in Kham. He was trained in Lhasa, Tibet and left with the Dalai Lama around 1960 and migrated while being straffed by Chinese fighter jets all the way to India. He saw many Tibetans being shot by planes and freezing to death before reaching India and Freedom . Even thought Geshela was a very brilliant and talented man I could see growing up without his parents nearby took a toll on him as well as watching his Tibetan culture be destroyed(at least in Tibet). So even though people may become enlightened they still have real problems the deal with. I think it is important for all of us to realize this. Not being raised by his parents, watching friends be shot at and die from fighter planes and freezing to death and having to live in two new cultures, India and the United States as a Tibetan Buddhist teacher and Tibetan refugee took a toll on him. However, he carried it well with Honor and with Peace.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Work Smarter Not Harder

Work Smarter Not Harder. As any successful person will tell you: it is not what you know but who you know. Of course to be mentally and physically prepared for anything you might want to do in life can be very helpful. However, I have found the most important thing is to be an opportunist. So when a situation arises always be ready to ask that right question or be available so you can be chosen by a Potential friend, a potential lover, a potential employer or whatever you goal might be at that time.

At about age 9 or 10 I realized that there were different kinds of kids going different directions with their lives. At first I was frightened by this realization. However, I soon began to see all the different types of choices that I could make with my life.

I started working at delivering newspapers with my bicycle at age 10 and the same year when I trained the next newspaper boy within 2 years after I moved to the same junior high he went to we became best friends throughout high school. I can remember at age 12 being paid 1 dollar cash per hour to dig a ditch. I worked with 2 friends 8 hours that day. When I got paid my hands were blistered from digging without gloves and skin peeled off in many places as I was paid the 8 dollars. I remember thinking, "That was an awful lot of work and aggravation for 8 dollars. That same year I began working for my father every summer until I was 17 years old.

By the time I was 13 or 14 he gave me 2 dollars and 50 cents per hour, because I had learned enough of the Electrical trade in building houses and warehouses to be worth that to him. So I was happy to be learning so much not only in learning a trade but also to be meeting many tradesmen and business people and learning how awful and strange the real world was for most people. I couldn't talk about this to my mother and grandmother because they were not worldly people and besides it wouldn't have been polite to do this in 1960 to 1965. So I just kept to myself mostly how horrified I felt to be exposed to the insanity of the workaday world at 12 to 17. Because I had worked so hard at jobs from ages 10 to 21 I was so exhausted from working by age 21 I felt I was ready to retire.

However, I also was going to college and my first major was in Computer Data Processing. What this meant was that I was studying working with IBM Computers(There would be no microcomputers or PC's for about 10 years more then in 1968 and 1969.)
So I was working and studying about programming and operating mainframe computers. So the computers and peripheral equipment, for example, would occupy the size of a very large living room or small warehouse and be worth about 1 million dollars at least. So you can see it was very different than now. Also, there was only batch filing then. Random access memory was only a dream then and hadn't been invented yet. Neither had the computer chip made of silicon.

So, First I worked on an IBM 1620 computer that did automatic grading of all multiple choice forms for all the testing done from kindergarten through junior college in the city I grew up in. With this experience I got a job working for Foremost McKesson helping to automate one of their warehouses. After that I worked for a company that did automated accounting for the biggest car dealerships in my state. At that point I was working 7 days a week midnight to noon. However, since I couldn't physically adjust to working a graveyard shift I eventually found I had to stop after I had a car accident from lack of sleep.

I found as the years passed and I married and had a son and then 2 daughters I realized that like my father I preferred to work for myself and own my own business so I owned several businesses.

What is amazing to me looking back is that all the most important events in my life started when I was young in seeking out the right people to hang out with who were going toward college and who had a future. It wasn't that I didn't have other friends that were going in other directions. It was just that I realized that to have the life I wanted there were certain decisions that I had to make. Everyone values different things so it is important to make choices you can live with long term. For if there is any one thing I know for sure it is that: "Don't do anything you can't live with the rest of your life". Because if you do you might take your own life. That is a given!

So if you want to have a life that is worth living, "Work Smarter Not Harder"

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Arctic Melting

Arctic Melting. PLease read yahoo article if interested

I was reading how just last year experts predicted that the end of summer melt of the Arctic could be complete by 2040. Now an expert thinks that there will be no single solid mass of ice outside of floating individual icebergs by the end of summer 2012. This prediction is very ominous although logical.

Ice reflects the heat of the sun whereas the ocean being blue absorbs more of the heat of the sun. As the ice melts there is more blue ocean to absorb the heat. If we compare the northern hemisphere to a glass of soda with ice left in direct sunlight I'm sure all of us have noticed what happens when the last of the ice begins to melt from the sunlight. Fairly suddenly after the last ice is gone the soda is warm. The same will happen exponentially fast with polar northern waters rising in temperature very quickly.Another possibility is that when the snow falls the following winter of 2012 that the only place the snow will be able to stick because of rising ocean temperatures will be on the icebergs themselves. This would mean that earlier and earlier each year all the ice even in icebergs would melt. What this will do to worldwide weather we can only imagine. What will this will do to the Greenland ice shelf? Likely, within a few years of the north pole ice cap being gone in the summer we will also see the end of all Greenland ice too. There might be some great movies made of the last of the ice sliding into the sea from Greenland and turning into icebergs. Greenland then will live its namesake as an actual Greenland once again as in the Dark Ages.

Another question I have had that has been nagging me is what happens when all this weight in the form of ice disperses as both water and water vapor all over the planet. Yes, it is true that ice melts slowly so the change is gradual but it is still a lot of weight change as to the balance of earth in its orbit as it spins. Does this extreme change in weight dispersal affect the balance of earth or affect its rotation? What other changes to earth besides the heating affect on the northern hemisphere are taking place?

One Psychics Opinion

One Psychics Opinion. Global politics and events are only about one thing:Money. Since money is also Power in the way the worldwide game is played the person with the most money tends to have the most influence and therefore: Power. This person or more likely a group of very wealthy persons would not be anyone famous because that would be too dangerous. Power must be smart, cunning and very very secretive in order to survive in the real world as it really is.

When the old Soviet Union collapsed from internal hemorrhaging, the old CIA,NSA,DIA and all the others didn't have any reason for serious funding. So all these organizations sort of started to shrivel up. Organizations are a lot like people. At a certain point in maturity they will do anything to survive and to not shrivel up and become redundant on the world stage.

So, since Osama Bin Laden was an undercover CIA operative throughout the 1980's in Afghanistan, he was approached to become the new figurehead, the new bad guy on the world stage during the 1990's. For this, he was promised the protection of the CIA. (Even when Hellfire missiles had found him on a drone that had targeted him the CIA didn't allow him to be killed). Our US military was prevented from killing him. It is my belief that even if Bin Laden was killed or died, he would be reinvented through plastic surgery.

This is not to say that all the people who follow him aren't genuine. However, Osama Bin Laden has ALWAYS been a CIA deep Undercover operative. Though this is generally well known by those in intelligence circles it is also known that funding for all intelligence agencies in the United States as well as the United States Military would be cut at least by 75% if he and his like disappeared off the world stage. So he is protected by the CIA and multiple Corporate multinationals who seriously benefit monetarily by his existence.

Everything from the ridiculous price of oil, the cost of food and housing, the difficulty of surviving on earth now can be directly attributed to this problem. Everyone secretly talks about this but almost no one publicly talks about this because of funding.

I'm only talking about this because of Global climate change. The world financially cannot longer survive this lie! If we don't give up this lie it could be the lie now that takes all life on earth to extinction. Because the longer we play the game of this lie the more likely we are all going to die from Global Climate changes.

Wake up World! It is like we are all playing marbles in the middle of the road and a semi Truck loaded with ice turning into water and Hurricanes and drought is coming! If we keep playing the same marbles game we WILL ALL DIE!

The Beauty of Intuitive Genius

The Beauty of Intuitive Genius. Intuitive genius is a truly amazing thing. Whether one finds it in someone like Buddha or Jesus or Gandhi or Mandela or even Martin Luther King one cannot help but be amazed by it.

Intuitive Genius used compassionately for the betterment of all life on earth like all these men have done changes not only their lives but all who are affected by their lives in any way. Intuitive Genius does not mean any of these men when they are or were alive were in any way perfect. However, what it does mean is that despite any imperfections as men they pursued what they believed in which was that compassion for all beings was more important than their deaths. Anyone on earth who stands in this way whether their lives are ever recognized like these men or not stand as a beacon for all who follow. For those who follow will aspire to be like these men and women who revered compassion, and human rights and respect for all human beings and even respect and compassion for all life on earth and beyond as more important to them than whether they lived or died. Any of us who aspire to live like them begin walking down the same corridors that lead to the same heavens that some of these men now occupy.

It does not matter whether any of us are Christians or Buddhists or whatever or even if some of us have no religious beliefs at all. I believe that all thinking people honor the strides forward that all these men represent to the civilization of earth that we are all now a part of.

If I were to define Intuitive Genius it would be to say that it manifests in men, women and children who first are intuitively gifted and who also develop compassion and who naturally have common sense. If one also is intellectually gifted that would be also useful as long as that person also has natural common sense. Because like Einstein is reported to have said that intelligence without common sense is worse than useless. I myself have met people with PHD's cleaning barber shops because they didn't have the common sense to apply their intelligence in a useful way to both themselves and mankind.

So I would say the two basic things most necessary in life are common sense and compassion for all beings. Without these two things those people's lives tend to be pretty miserable at best.

However, there will always be a few beings who not only have the intuitive genius, the compassion but also the fire in their bellies to move with the truly greats like the ones I started this article with. Those people whether they are ever recognized or not will become the true foundation of the future human race on earth and beyond.