Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Beauty of Intuitive Genius

The Beauty of Intuitive Genius. Intuitive genius is a truly amazing thing. Whether one finds it in someone like Buddha or Jesus or Gandhi or Mandela or even Martin Luther King one cannot help but be amazed by it.

Intuitive Genius used compassionately for the betterment of all life on earth like all these men have done changes not only their lives but all who are affected by their lives in any way. Intuitive Genius does not mean any of these men when they are or were alive were in any way perfect. However, what it does mean is that despite any imperfections as men they pursued what they believed in which was that compassion for all beings was more important than their deaths. Anyone on earth who stands in this way whether their lives are ever recognized like these men or not stand as a beacon for all who follow. For those who follow will aspire to be like these men and women who revered compassion, and human rights and respect for all human beings and even respect and compassion for all life on earth and beyond as more important to them than whether they lived or died. Any of us who aspire to live like them begin walking down the same corridors that lead to the same heavens that some of these men now occupy.

It does not matter whether any of us are Christians or Buddhists or whatever or even if some of us have no religious beliefs at all. I believe that all thinking people honor the strides forward that all these men represent to the civilization of earth that we are all now a part of.

If I were to define Intuitive Genius it would be to say that it manifests in men, women and children who first are intuitively gifted and who also develop compassion and who naturally have common sense. If one also is intellectually gifted that would be also useful as long as that person also has natural common sense. Because like Einstein is reported to have said that intelligence without common sense is worse than useless. I myself have met people with PHD's cleaning barber shops because they didn't have the common sense to apply their intelligence in a useful way to both themselves and mankind.

So I would say the two basic things most necessary in life are common sense and compassion for all beings. Without these two things those people's lives tend to be pretty miserable at best.

However, there will always be a few beings who not only have the intuitive genius, the compassion but also the fire in their bellies to move with the truly greats like the ones I started this article with. Those people whether they are ever recognized or not will become the true foundation of the future human race on earth and beyond.

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