Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Nuclear Questions?

Nuclear Questions? Though I'm very grateful we aren't going to war with Iran any time soon as many people on earth are also, I still have a burning question to ask everyone.

Why should Iran develop nuclear weapons if it can buy the plans from North Korea or steal nuclear weapons from Pakistan in an unguarded moment? After all, it is common knowledge that it already has missiles that can go from 800 to 1800 miles right now in its stockpile of weapons.

What is really going on with this admission by the Bush administration probably has more to do with a new Presidential administration coming in soon than anything else. Also, it is only polite for each President to tie up his political affairs so he doesn't visit upon the next president or presidents his affairs and baggage. This leaves the next President free to go in his or her own directions as much as possible.
This is the real beauty of our form of government. It never really gets stale because it keeps changing and adapting with the times we live in.

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