Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the xo computer

the xo computer. What was once the 100 dollar computer is now the 188 dollar computer. my wife and I did the buy one get one program when it was first offered in november this year.I'm writing this for you on the get one and hopefully some child in a third world country is enjoying the one we bought for them now.

Though it runs at less than a 1/2 gig pentium speed it is an amazing little laptop. it is likely tougher than a us soldiers toughbook laptop because it can withstand up to 140 degrees fahrenheit.The keyboard is small for my hands but I have no fear writing this to you on it from my bathtub on battery because air moisture doesn't bother it. Since it runs on linux software and flash memory instead of hard drives that are vulnerable to heat above 80 to 90 degrees the xo is fine above 100 degrees farhenheit even with moisture. people from MIT and technologists and educators from around the world created this little technological miracle so poor children have a chance to have a good education and life also partly through this litle laptop comuter. I now equate the xo computer to something like the model t ford that was also extremely cheap but incredibly reliable. the poor children of the world will bless you all who created this little computer which now has its place in the history of earth for all time.

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