Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Problems of Fluorescent Bulbs and Hybrids

The Problems of Fluorescent Bulbs and Hybrids. I think it's great that the government wants us to find ways to save energy and reduce the amount of foreign oil we use. However, I personally have a problem of requiring everyone to use fluorescent bulbs only. First of all, they are very unhealthy both for humans and for plants. Plants often die if left in only fluorescent light with no sunlight. Whereas those same plants often will do fine if they only have direct incandescent light bulbs. Even though humans might not die from only being exposed to fluorescent light(for example prisoners in jail cells). It may make them ill and compromise their immune systems. For example, when I was about 20 years old I worked as a computer Programmer and operator of over 1 million dollars (at the time) worth of computer equipment. Because the owners didn't want this valuable equipment stolen, they put it in a basement of the building without any windows with ONLY fluorescent light. Because of this I became fairly ill within 2 months of working there. I attribute this at least in part to the fluorescent lights and constant air conditioning going to keep the temperatures below 72 degrees as being the main culprits at the time. (The air conditioning was to keep the computers operating without overheating.)This was 1969 and 1970.

Since this experience I have made it a point to never work anywhere(whenever I had a choice) that only had fluorescent lighting. I prefer the sun and being healthy and well, thank you very much.

However, if they are going to stop making incandescent lights I think I and thousands or millions of other people are going to either stock up on hundreds of dollars worth of incandescent light bulbs or they will light candles, buy Aladin Kerosene lanterns or doing anything possible to not get sick with fluorescent bulbs. In addition to getting ill from fluorescent bulbs they also are extremely bad for peoples eyesight. The pulse from the fluorescents is to fast for people to see with the naked eye but our eyes and brains are constantly irritated from that constant pulse.

So expect thousands and thousands of more trips to the doctor and visits to eye doctors as this thing really goes into effect.

The main problem I see with Hybrids, first of all is that many people are dying from electrocution during and after an accident. In fact, most areas of the United States and civilized countries have a standard rule not to rescue people from hybrids until they can be assured power is turned off from the powerful batteries. By the time this is done many people have already been shocked to death.

This is now standard procedure. So I hear that main power switches are starting to be installed in many hybrid cars so there at least is a possible way to protect both the firemen and the drivers and passengers in cars as long as the main power switch is easily accessible in an emergency.

The second problem with Hybrids is that since my father was an electrician I know about Electrical coronas. For example, you may have driven under a large powerline and heard your radio stop working and just buzz with static? Well, all generators and alternators and electric motors also send out electrical coronas. The more electric horsepower being either generated or utilized in a motor the bigger the electrical corona. My father told me, for example that is wasn't a good idea to spend to much time around an electric motor bigger than 10 or 20 horsepower. Since most front wheel drive electric motors now on each front wheel of a hybrid are around 20 horsepower it would be at least like talking on your cell phone (if you had a cell phone all over your body) all the time you are driving. This might be mitigated by something like a lead shield like one uses in a dentists office. For example, if the floor between the motor and the driver or occupant were shielded by something like the dentists xray lead shield then this could greatly reduce things like leucemia and various cancers that likely would begin to show up after 5 to 20 years of driving a hybrid.

Though I honor people who drive hybrids these two factors make me realize that I could do much more good by simply driving a no hybrid car that got 30 to 40 miles per gallon. In this way I would help the environment AND save my life and the life of my family and passengers from potential cancers and electrocution.

For example a 2008 Toyota Corolla like a good friend just bought if it has a stick shift gets 37 miles per gallon and has plenty of power. If you need all wheel drive capabilities look at something like a Subaru Outback. Check around. A Hybrid sounds good but when you actually do research it isn't the best way to help the world or yourself or family.

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