Saturday, December 1, 2007

20th and 21st Centuries

20th and 21st Centuries. I am speaking as a precognitive psychic now. The 20th Century was the end of the British Empire of the Victorian era and the beginning of the American Era. Now we are seeing the beginning of the Chinese Era of this Century.

The world is completely unprepared for China. Even China is completely unprepared for the China of this Century. There is only a 50 50 chance that China can avoid almost a century of civil war within 20 years time. However, what the rest of the world isn't prepared for is the economic war that is growing against the rest of the world's economies. If China can avoid descending into civil war it will be China's 21st century. If, however, they get into a war with Russia, or the European Union or the United States they will inevitably fall into a long civil war. I think the Chinese know this much better than the rest of the world does.

So what the other nations of the world are completely unprepared for is how China will wage economic war against the free world. It is not that China hates the free world. It would be more realistic to say that China is envious of the free world and that this envy is so strong that it would do anything to take whatever the free world has away to China. So the real test for the free world will be to hang onto their ideas, properties, businesses, resources, etc. in this century.

China is not a military threat even if it postures like it is. Even China knows Nuclear war is only suicide. Only nations like Iran and terrorists don't seem to know this or care about this.

However, I think all nations on earth must not underestimate the European Union and the United States in regard to nuclear weapons. It must be understood that neither the European Union or the United States are afraid to use nuclear weapons to stay in power. Unless the rest of the world understands this then extinction of all life on earth is possible this century. The Cold War was a cruel cruel teacher to Europe, Russia and the United States.

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