Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Malicious DNS Servers Used by Criminals

Malicious DNS Servers Used by Criminals. PLease see yahoo article:


In my previous Article "Mass Identity Theft Means the System is Obsolete" I mentioned what I see as an obsolete internet financial system incapable of protecting free world identities.

This yahoo article identifies around 68,000 DNS servers which basically are basically de facto .4 percent of the internet in the United States as "Behaving maliciously or delivering false answers to internet inquiries. What this means is one of two things. Either they are malfunctioning or they are being tampered with by criminal hackers either inside or outside of the United States. Such a server could be programmed by a hacker to for example retrieve credit card numbers of all people who are unlucky enough to be directed to that particular server while making an online purchase of any amount during Christmas.

Because of flaws like this I refuse to buy anything direct over the internet unless they have an 800 number that I can access with a land line. Even doing this isn't perfect but at least it is not like playing Russian Roulette with your Credit card number being the Gun pointed at your own head over the internet!

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