Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What is Possible for Humankind?

What is Possible for Humankind? I believe my whole lifetime has been dedicated to finding this out as much as I have been able.

As a child I was taught to believe many things, some very useful and some very unuseful. Probably, the most important things I was taught was to be a free thinker, to question authority and to believe that there is a compassionate intelligence behind all life in the universe. You may believe differently, that is okay with me. I believe in freedom of thought and action as long as that thought and action doesn't harm me or others.

By age 17 I realized that the most important thing I could do would be to follow in the footsteps of beings like Jesus, Buddha, and then scientists like Francis Bacon who gave us the Scientific Method and beings like Leonardo Da Vinci who were both very visionary in their spiritual and scientific endeavors. Also, I was inspired by George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton and many other great minds and visionaries down through history. By age 17 I had remembered past lifetimes so an ordinary life held no interest for me. So I dedicated myself to full enlightenment: compassionate, supernatural, scientific while becoming a world traveler. I have moved in this direction and as much as I was able avoided corporate city mechanistic life. I retreated to the country whether that was Mt. Shasta, Hawaii or other places really beautiful and inspiring. In these places I began my research into what was actually possible for humans to attain both individually and as a race on earth and beyond. What I have found has amazed me more than anything else.

People are not at all what I believed them to be when I was young. When one is young they think they know everything and at about 20 they will tell you they know everything. People my age now just look at them and smile because we know how little they really know about life. In fact, at 59 I realize completely that what I don't know is much more than what I do know even though what I do know for sure is a lot.

Some of the things I believe now are for example that there will be a Second coming of Christ but that it will be in an entirely different and unexpected form than people expect. Jesus was "happening" in his time. Don't you think that Jesus would be "happening" in our time? Therefore who everyone expects him to be is not at all who he will be. I also believe that Buddha Maitreya and the second coming are the same being.

In searching what is possible for humans to be and to do both individually and collectively my whole life I have realized a lot of things.

For example from the Tibetan Lamas I have learned that they see dreams and reality as two aspects of the same thing which is very different from the traditional western point of view that only reality counts and dreams don't mean much. I have found that in actuality everything one thinks and feels and does is all equally important because I can guarantee you I wouldn't be living an affluent lifestyle if I didn't function and value everything I think and feel and do 24 hours a day into perpetuity.

So I can say that in my experience one must learn to value every thought feeling spoken word and action their whole lives if they want to be successful not only in the eyes of God but in any way at all. Without personal integrity there can be no true affluence for anyone!

The Australian Aborigine's take it one step further in their philosophy. They say that the real world is the illusion and that the dream world is everything. Though I see the value in looking at things in this way I can't help feeling something important is lost in seeing things in this way but I honor their freedom to think this way and can see the value of thinking this way for a time especially for those
didactic materialists out there!

In the end human experience is a paradox. There is a saying, "Youth is wasted on the young!" but I think this thinking is a mistake in some ways. For example, if I hadn't been somewhat of a hedonist in my youth I wouldn't have become such a visionary in my later years. Feeling free to love on whatever level I was allowed in the late 60's and early 70's turned me into a visionary, a Seer, a father and a completely compassionate human being that doesn't even kill flies or spiders if I can get away with it. So I now have an army of spiders living in the eves outside of my house and protecting me from West Nile Virus as they eat any Mosquitos in the neighborhood. Also, I don't use any pesticides or herbicides in my yard so I'm one of only two homes on my block that still has frogs that sometimes jump into my hot tub so I have to rescue them so they don't cook in the high temperatures. Since I'm still physically active a hot tub allows me a way to end my muscle aches and pains. However, my physical trainer says that Bromine (a hot tub additive)can leach through the skin and attach to ones thyroid and prevent thyroid medicine from being effective. She says that iodine can prevent this problem.

It is my belief that I am one of the scouts and visionaries preparing the way for the second coming(I believe he will be called Buddha Maitreya) I also believe that the Second Coming is not just for earth but for the entire Galaxy. So I believe his coming is a really big deal not considered by most humans of earth.

What I mean by preparing is that I see myself as a researcher that has discovered something amazing. And just like other researchers in many different fields of research I am trying to prepare not only the world but in some ways the Galaxy for this event. It is possible that the date 12-21-12 has something to do with all this. If you type in 12-21-12 into Google you can find out about the end of the Mayan Calendar and how this once every 26,000 year event culminating in the alignment not only of all the planets but the Galaxy as well might be important just like Jesus' natal Star was. That is all I want to say for now.

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