Sunday, December 9, 2007

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Actions Speak Louder Than Words. I was explaining to my wife and daughter what is important to a man. Basically, I said, "Men don't really care what anyone says ever. They only care what people do." I explained the reason for this is that most men at least of my era and before had plenty of instances of being stabbed in the back either metaphorically or physically. So those of us who tended to survive all this to actually have a family and make sure their kids grew up and had kids of their own developed this strategy of "Always watching what people do." We pretend to care what people are saying but really what we are doing is watching them for signs of craziness, violent tendencies anything out of the ordinary. So for the average guy (at least) raising a family is a lot like being a guard dog or more appropriately, a wolf. Because a wolf doesn't bark, he can run backwards if he needs to almost as fast as he can run forward and he is always watching to see what everyone and every being is doing at all times.

Men who are not like this very often don't survive to 30 or if they do likely they never will marry. Guys who are always on guard like this are in demand with the women if they not only guard but they are kind and good with kids. So there you have an ideal mate for a women that wants kids. A Guard wolf who is fierce when necessary, always on guard, kind to his mate and good with the cubs(kids). Actions Speak Louder Than Words in this sense to both men and women.

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