Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One Psychics Opinion

One Psychics Opinion. Global politics and events are only about one thing:Money. Since money is also Power in the way the worldwide game is played the person with the most money tends to have the most influence and therefore: Power. This person or more likely a group of very wealthy persons would not be anyone famous because that would be too dangerous. Power must be smart, cunning and very very secretive in order to survive in the real world as it really is.

When the old Soviet Union collapsed from internal hemorrhaging, the old CIA,NSA,DIA and all the others didn't have any reason for serious funding. So all these organizations sort of started to shrivel up. Organizations are a lot like people. At a certain point in maturity they will do anything to survive and to not shrivel up and become redundant on the world stage.

So, since Osama Bin Laden was an undercover CIA operative throughout the 1980's in Afghanistan, he was approached to become the new figurehead, the new bad guy on the world stage during the 1990's. For this, he was promised the protection of the CIA. (Even when Hellfire missiles had found him on a drone that had targeted him the CIA didn't allow him to be killed). Our US military was prevented from killing him. It is my belief that even if Bin Laden was killed or died, he would be reinvented through plastic surgery.

This is not to say that all the people who follow him aren't genuine. However, Osama Bin Laden has ALWAYS been a CIA deep Undercover operative. Though this is generally well known by those in intelligence circles it is also known that funding for all intelligence agencies in the United States as well as the United States Military would be cut at least by 75% if he and his like disappeared off the world stage. So he is protected by the CIA and multiple Corporate multinationals who seriously benefit monetarily by his existence.

Everything from the ridiculous price of oil, the cost of food and housing, the difficulty of surviving on earth now can be directly attributed to this problem. Everyone secretly talks about this but almost no one publicly talks about this because of funding.

I'm only talking about this because of Global climate change. The world financially cannot longer survive this lie! If we don't give up this lie it could be the lie now that takes all life on earth to extinction. Because the longer we play the game of this lie the more likely we are all going to die from Global Climate changes.

Wake up World! It is like we are all playing marbles in the middle of the road and a semi Truck loaded with ice turning into water and Hurricanes and drought is coming! If we keep playing the same marbles game we WILL ALL DIE!

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