Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Philosophy. It is sometimes defined as:the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge,reality and existence. If you have read much of what I write it is based upon almost 60 years of my personal studies into the fundamental nature of Knowledge, reality and existence. For me, the path of a free thinker is the only path that actually allows me a conscience where I can actually be at peace about myself, my life and how I have lived it and how I will live my life. Being a free thinker scares many people because they don't know where it will lead. However, none of us really knows where our lives will lead, do we? All we really have is the precious moment we are living right now. The future isn't here yet and the past is Gone!

Someone might say to me. How can you say that? I say that because experience has taught me if I always listen to what other people say I would have been dead at least 100 times or more already. The only reason I'm alive today is that I have listened to my intuition, common sense and instinct. And I have watched countless people not do that either go crazy or die in multiple kinds of ways through their mistakes in judgement over the years.

If you aren't brave enough to forge your own direct relationship with the universe, with God or whatever you want to call (HIM, HER, The Being) then you don't really have a life anyway!You'll just be a slave to someone else's ideas and never really individuate the way that God and life intended.

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