Monday, December 17, 2007

Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha. A good friend of almost 30 years since 1980 passed away this last week. He was 80 years old. His Name to most of us was Father Charlie. He was a lawyer and then District Attorney of Santa Cruz County and then Catholic Priest and then founder of Gathering of the Way. He was revered by thousands around the world who knew him. He had an IQ of about 200 and spoke about 20 languages and was very intuitively gifted. He was friend to Peter Caddy, and to Crow and Nana, and to Charlie Thom and to thousands of others. He was a friend and mentor both as a friend and as a spiritual and religious teacher to me and to my family. He married my second wife and I. He baptized my second wife and I and all my older children.

He christened my youngest daughter. The last time I saw him he had published his book and we saw him at a book signing. Look for it under Charles Moore. I believe it was called Synthesis Revisited. I saw him last about 1 year ago.

I was having a vision this evening. By this vision I knew that Father Charlie had made it to the heaven realm that he wished by this vision.

I saw the Medicine Buddha that was so large that the earth was the size of Blue Medicine Buddhas heart and was actually medicine Buddha's heart. But then it kept changing until the solar system was in Medicine Buddha's heart. Then the Galaxy was in Medicine Buddhas heart. Then all Galaxies and the universe itself was in Medicine Buddhas heart. I knew this meant that Charlie had found his way into heaven and I was at peace from this certainty.

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