Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Supernatural California

Supernatural California. My wife gave me a book called "Supernatural California" for Christmas. It is a book by Preston Dennett. If you are interested in supernatural events it is a very fun read. I cannot vouch for its scientific accuracy, however. But it is a very fun way to find out about 200 years or more of some of the amazingness of California put into a very entertaining format.

Since I was raised in a religion founded by Guy Ballard around 1930 from my birth in 1948 to 1969 when we parted ways I thought I would share a quote from this book, on page 28 under the heading "Strange Drinks" begin quote, "In the autumn of 1930, government worker, Guy Ballard visited Mount Shasta as a part of his job, and instantly fell in love. In fact, he found himself spiritually transformed by the mountain, and spent all his time taking long hikes along the slopes. One day he was hiking near McCloud River when he suddenly realized that there was a man standing next to him. He was a Lemurian. The man promptly manifested a cup filled with a strange liquid, which he gave to Ballard. Then followed a long and deeply spiritual conversation about God, self, truth, love, desire, and other philosophical concepts. The man said he was Saint Germaine, beloved by many to be an ascended master. Ballard later received numerous visits from Saint Germain. Like other visitors, he was told that the earth is going to experience future catastrophes, but that peace will eventually reign. Ballard wrote of his experiences in his book, "Unveiled Mysteries".
Writes Ballard, "To those who read this work. I wish to say that these experiences are as real and true as mankind's existence on the earth today, and that they all occurred during August, September, and October of 1930, upon Mount Shasta, California.(Frank.69) end quote.

I can remember as a 5 year old sitting at Panther Meadows high on Mt. Shasta with my father reading "Unveiled Mysteries" to my mother and I there. Panther Meadows is a sacred mountain spring to the Wintun, Karok and Shasta Indian tribes as well as many others. Native American Spiritual Warriors used to Climb to the top of Mt. Shasta and then climb down to Shastina and break the ice in the glacial blue small lakes and jump in. To survive this at altitudes from 12,000 feet to 14,000 feet one would have to be hearty and mystical indeed as well as empowered. However, this was the way of the native American Warrior which was tied to the path of the Medicine man of the tribes.

Some believe the experience of the mountain lion that Mr. Ballard spiritually tamed so that it became like a pet cat for him was at Panther Meadows which was why my father read of it while we were there.

I have another memory of driving in a brand new 1953 Chevrolet with other members of Mr Ballard's religion up to Castle lake which faces Mt. Shasta now across the other side of Interstate 5 which travels from San Diego to the Canadian Border. At that time the road to castle lake hadn't been paved yet and tore out the whole muffler system during the drive up to the lake. The owner of the new 1953 Chevrolet was pretty upset at what he had done to his new car.

So I was trained as a little baby and child to comprehend Mt. Shasta, the UFO's that brought and were bringing technology to save mankind from themselves, and of the Lemurian civilization that Mt. Shasta was still a library or archive for. Since I am psychically gifted like both my parents and grandparents and relatives I have taken slate or volcanic rocks from Mt. Shasta and put them under my pillow. The holographic archives of the Lemurian spiritual Galactic Spacefaring culture are archived in the rocks of Mt. Shasta. It you are going to engram your brain with these archives it is important to be in a peaceful, meditative or to be asleep in order to engram these memories kept by our grandparent civilization of Lemuria that predates Atlantis.

I would call California, Oregon and Washington the New Lemuria and I would call the east coast of the United States and Europe as the New Atlantis and Hawaii as the New Mu. The likelihood of having reincarnated now from each of these civilizations is highest by being born in these places. People who are drawn to visit or live in these places often have had experiences before with these civilizations.

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog while searching for blogs about Guy Ballard's "I AM" movement. Question: I noticed you wrote: "I was raised in a religion founded by Guy Ballard around 1930 from my birth in 1948 to 1969 when we parted ways" -- and yet much of what you write afterwards implies you still believe some of the teachings. I'm curious as to why you "parted ways". I have studied Guy Ballard's literature in conjunction with other spiritual works - I'm presently re-studying "I AM".
I would like to correspond with you further by email. Many thanks.