Saturday, December 29, 2007

MIT Open Sourceware

MIT Opensourceware. I just found a great physics course from MIT that is free for all on earth with an online computer connected to the internet(Physics 8.01 2003). I was using 1-8 of the first lesson to orient myself to the Ten Directions and 3 times concept of navigating through the Universe outlined in a previous article. It is my belief that this concept likely comes from as far back as Atlantis or even Lemuria or Mu. So I was Plotting using the spherical coordinates of 1-8 of the first lesson. If one takes x, y and z to be the first three coordinates and then adds radial distance and latitude angle and Longitude angle one reaches at least 6 coordinates for an object like an atom, electron, planet, galaxy or group of galaxies or spaceship traveling through space and time then one could imagine a different culture than ours creating one with 10 points of reference rather than one with 3, 6 or more sets of co-ordinates for navigation or for calibrating the location of any object large or small in any moment in time and space.

Even though 1-8 is a visual aide for calibrating motions on a spherical surface it is also a good graph for me to understand calibrating any location in space much like celestial navigators who were ancient sailors on the ocean figured out where they were out of sight of land by using the stars.

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