Sunday, December 9, 2007


Crystals. My 18 year old daughter is very intuitive like me. She said, "I want to get a crystal to give to someone. Let's Stop at the Crystal Shop so I can get a good one. I wanted to get back to the California Coast as I had already driving 6 hours the day before and 4 hours today up into Oregon and Back to Shasta. So I just wanted to get home even though I love Mt. Shasta. Also, when I woke up this morning the wind chill was 20 degrees Fahrenheit, not a temperature I was used after living on a coast for several years. As I drove this morning the roads were frozen over with black Ice. I was Glad to have a 4 wheel drive SUV and ABS braking this morning.

Anyway, I followed my daughter into the Crystal shop like a dutiful father but not wanting to really be there, wanting instead to just get home. I looked at a shelf of CD's and felt drawn to one by Steven Halpern playing Crystal Bowls. I didn't know where that came from. Anyway, the lady there had my daughter become a body pendulum. (Something I never had seen done before). (In the 80's I used to use prayer beads and the like as divination pendulums with some success. However, it is important to remember that if the answer is yes/no then unless you have the right question the answer is meaningless. That is the most useful thing I can say about pendulums. Otherwise, they are just like a computer, Garbage in, Garbage out. Good questions in, Good answers out. So as in all aspects of life if you aren't good at formulating the right question, it might be hard for God to help you the way you would like.

I used cross checking pendulums with my wife then in August 1989 to see when the Loma Prieto Earthquake would happen and we narrowed it down to one week and the location by using a pendulum. However, I sometimes get creeped out using a pendulum myself so after that earthquake generally I stopped using pendulums because the earthquake aftermath was just to horrifying for me as a precognitive psychic. Too many people died and I was only able to protect my own family as very few people listened to me. This taught me some very hard lessons which I haven't forgotten to this day.

Anyway, my daughter got her crystal and we headed home to the coast.

I asked the lady there who seemed fairly tuned in if she had spoken (communicated with) the crystals. I realized after a few words she was able to communicate with them. My first experience was sitting on the cliffs near Big Sur in about 1980 or 81. I was pretty upset because my life was doing what I wanted at the time. So I noticed the cliff rocks were communicating with me. I thought this was pretty strange at the time but as a psychic one has to expect odd things to happen just like you pretty much expect odd things to happen in your dreams. For me, it isn't just during my nightime dreams when odd things can happen.

At the time I thought rocks talking to me was a oddity. But then I was studying with Charlie Thom a Karok medicine man and he spoke of his thousands of year traditions handed down father to son concerning the "Rock People". I asked Charlie about this and he said the rock people had spoken with the medicine people of his tribe and helped keep his tribe alive always. So with thousands of years of tradition I realized that I was not the only person that the rocks had spoken with.

Charlie also wrote stories about his experiences with Bigfoot. Native American people speak about such things in very different ways than most secular Christians do. So please forgive me trying to explain something that I was not raised to think of in this way. What I understood in reading this story 3rd person is that a Bigfoot to his tribe is supernatural to the tribe sort of like a bear but maybe moreso and had been for thousands of years. Bigfoot beings are not exactly like humans but not exactly like Apes, it is as if a Bigfoot is an Ape man or apewoman with special abilities that humans aren't presently manifesting. I gathered that this creature can make your mind think that it is a deer, a rock, a tree or anything. So you might be looking directly at a Bigfoot and not know it is a bigfoot. The bigfoot has the ability to do this. So if a photo is taken of a bigfoot, it is always when the bigfoot is off guard and is unaware of the man or woman. Because if it is aware he or she will make you think he or she is something else. If there is a yeti I think it does the same thing.

Also, it might be possible that a Bigfoot or Yeti could mate with a human by pretending to be something else or someone else. That's all I want to say. Also, most of this is my own conjecture and shouldn't be attributed at all to Charlie Thom.

I would also like to relate a true story told to me by a Catholic Priest who who has an IQ of about 200 and who is very intuitively gifted and speaks about 20 languages.
He said that he read in the newspaper that some young people had been frightened by an ape like being drinking from a fish pond in front of a house. However, when the priest looked at the house number it was his own. Also, he noticed that the ape like being perfectly matched the description of local indian tribes of the bigfoot creatures in his area for hundred if not thousands of years. They were described as silver hair to the shoulders and brown hair from the shoulder down to their feet. This is what the young people saw and were terrified to see it drinking from the fish pond. It also turned out that the priest at this exact time was taking a nap on the other side of the wall to the fish pond and dreaming about an elf or gnome who walked up to him and talked to him at the exact moment that the bigfoot native to that area was drinking from his fish pond outside. All these events happened at the same time and left the priest thinking that somehow they were all related somehow. What do you think?

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