Monday, December 17, 2007

Religion and Spirituality

Religion And Spirituality. Most people around the world are raised in one religion or another whether they are raised church going(church, synagogue, mosque, Temple etc) or whether they are more secular in saying they are such and such a religion but only doing this alone or within the family.

Also, a religion can only really be theoretical. It is really about studying someone else's experiences with God. When one has ones own experiences with God it then goes beyond studying about someone else's experiences with God and becomes a personal revelatory experience ongoing. My life has been a personal revelatory experience ongoing with God and his Angels and Arcangels.

Some people at this point go and start their own religions. When I was young and in my twenties many people thought I should start my own religion. My personal revelatory thoughts about this were and are that there are already too many religions that mostly just confuse most people. It is far better that I teach beings to have their own personal revelatory experiences with God for God is infinite and there are potentially as many religions from those personal revelations as there are beings in the universe!

For me, the most important function of the large religions is to keep the peace of civilizations. However, when people kill each other in the name of religion it is like killing ones brothers and sisters in order to get favor with the parents. Whereas in this case the parents(father-mother God) would only be horrified at their children killing each other. One could only imagine (father-mother God's) penalty for this!

Because of this it actually makes more sense to see people kill each other over a football or soccer game or other sport that it does to kill each other over religion. Because to kill each other over religion cannot help but in the end be a blasphemy to all real religions!

Self revelations with God can arise at any moment, at any time. It appears that one need only be open to God showing (himself, herself, The Being) to that one for it to occur. However, even if one is totally agnostic or even atheistic it does not mean that God in whatever form won't come to that being and permanently blow that beings mind and Being into an entirely different reality base!

God has come into me and changed my life in ways that I can't even begin to describe!
The only things I have read that make any sense to me at all in this context is the experiences of the Prophets of the old Testament and to some degree the experiences of Jesus.

When I start to really have empathy is when I read stories of Mila Respa and Padmasambhava, two Mahasiddhas of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. So, for me, personally the actual experiences of the Prophets of the Old Testament and the Mahasiddhas of Tibetan Buddhism touch me the deepest.

So, if I were to say what religion I am it would be a Catholic Tibetan Buddhist as strange as that might sound to you and yet spiritually speaking I have written my own self revelatory Bible, about 1000 pages long about past, present and future lives I have already lived or am living simultaneously now.

As a young man I psychologically died and yet my body remained on earth to serve God. So I find I can talk to the dead or those in heaven as easily as I speak with any being on earth in a body. When I studied Cultural Anthropology in College I found that the definition of a Shaman(Tribal Medicine Man) for 40,000 year plus worldwide was one that had psychologically died but whose body remained on earth as an instrument for God. This has been my experience since I was 21! I'll be 60 this coming April. So I've had a lot of time now to get used to being an instrument of God on Earth and beyond.

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