Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Galactic Sunrise

Galactic sunrise. As I was doing research about 12-21-12 I discovered many things. One of the more interesting to me as a precognitive psychic was local sidereal time. Local sidereal time is what time or position the center of the galaxy is in relative to you at any given moment. Since, as earth spins in relation to the sun ,as earth spins the galaxy spins around earth at the same time. It rotates around the earth in about 23 hour and 56 minute intervals. It does not go around in 24 hour intevals because of its position relative to us. Astronomers use local sidereal time to figure out where the galaxy and different constellations will be at any given moment on earth as a way to calibrate their astronomical instruments like telescopes.

For me, personally as a precognitive psychic it has been found that the most accurate time during the day for picking up psychic impressions and stuff is around 13:30 local sidereal time(Galactic Sunrise) when the galaxy first rises like the sun or moon each day. There are sidereal time applications online for astronomers and physicists so you can find out exactly when 13:30 hours is locally where you live on the planet on any given day out of the 23 hour 56 minute spinning of earth which gives the illusion of the galaxy spinning. The galaxy remains relatively stationary in relation at least to earth. Only earth is spinning in this interaction. Though the galaxy also spins it is so slow as to be imperceptible to humans on earth. Likewise it travels through space time and the void like all other galaxies on the cosmic ocean sort of like one of many jellyfishes on a cosmic ocean.

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This is interesting... I have stumbled on your blog quite by accident. Enough to make me believe that it wasn't an accident! I will have a browse around...