Saturday, December 29, 2007

What is Enlightenment?

What is Enlightenment? When I was young and still very naive I believed that enlightenment was feeling happy all the time and teaching others to feel happy and to not worry anymore.

As I studied with various Masters along the way I found that this is only a small part of what enlightenment is. I discovered that there are as many different kinds of enlightenment as their are trades or professions on earth and that everyone does it a little differently. There are great variations of enlightenment according to culture, location on earth and the history of the area one is raised in.

So I can only share what enlightenment has become for me. At this point the most enlightened people to me were Jesus, Buddha and all the kind Saints of all religions who believed in harmlessness and kindness towards all life in the Universe. Then there are the Scientifically enlightened like Galileo, Copernicus, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci. Then there are the politicaly enlightened like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson. Then there are the political pacifists like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and Mandela. The list goes on and on. And just so we don't forget, the most enlightened people usually go unknown, unheard and unsung. There good works many times go on as instruments of religion or culture that no one really knows how it got there but every movement or invention had many authors and many adherents.

I believe that I have been reborn many times as a researcher for mankind in regard to science, religion and enlightenment. I see this as the work of my present lifetime as well in addition to being married and raising a family. The leisure to practice and to study and to share that the internet now allows the spreading of all the various types of enlightenment to an unbelievable degree on earth now and in the future.

My personal experience of enlightenment at this point of life is totally different than I ever expected as a 17 to 25 year old.

What I actually experience is what would have been to a 20 year old an unbelievable amount of compassion, kindness and wisdom toward all beings in the universe. I find because of progressing on a path to enlightenment consciously since age 17(actually 15) I experience everything in a completely different way than I ever could have expected at age 20. I watched as my awareness sphere moved slowly out from my body to encompass more of earth then beyond earth to the solar system and then by age 25 to include relationships with beings in the core of the Galaxy. However, around age 25 I became completely terrified when I traveled out beyond the galaxy. I was so terrified by what I can only call the Empty Loneliness that I stopped my conscious bilocations for about 5 years in sheer terror of the idea of experiencing anything like that again.

However, after meeting Tibetan Lamas I found a name for this. It is called the Void. After having the space between galaxies being given a definition, I was able to go there without fear. My experience of this place would be if you suddenly were swimming in the middle of the ocean that was also a sensory deprivation tank. Everything not nailed down explodes out of one and off of one. This can be a very terrifying experience for a Western mind.

However, unlike many beings I don't spend a lot of time in between Galaxies because I just find I prefer to be in some galaxy somewhere. I have been told by some beings of this our Milky Way Galaxy, that beings like myself are very rare and are often utilized as Liasons between Galactic Cultures and are also used to relay messages between Galaxies. I believe I have been trained for both things.

Now, to many of you in the Western World this all might sound pretty nuts. However, it is important to understand that Soul Travelers exist in every religion on earth. I'm just speaking about it in a pragmatic western, logical and somewhat matter of fact pragmatic way. I'm doing this because soul travel and the like are something that I believe all humans do some time each day while day dreaming and night dreaming. The difference with me is that I have studied all this both as a path to enlightenment and also as a science combined so that I can speak of it in a more pragmatic way than most cultures on earth can manage because of their rules placed upon soul travel.

For example, I did not know when I first started to consciously soul travel in my late teens and early twenties that soul travel can be done to anywhere or anywhen or even to experience Everywhere and Everywhen like most fully enlightened beings DO!

We are not prisoners in our bodies. If we are compassionate and kind to all we meet, we will be welcomed by most beings in the universe. However, I would recommend taking along someone like an Arcangel or Jesus or other angels along. Otherwise you might run into some pretty scary situations that you probably wouldn't survive otherwise. If your soul travel body dies while traveling likely your physical body might die too! So unless you have a good cause soul travel shouldn't be attempted. It is definitely not for the faint of heart!

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