Wednesday, December 26, 2007

aligning with kindness and compassion

aligning with kindness and compassion. when I was young i was taught to align with religion qnd spirituality in order to become rich. The American dream.However, at age 17 I looked around me and saw that America was already rich. It was 1965. I think thatit was the richest in real terms for everyone that lived in America then than it will ever be again. Although you might think it is sad that it was the richet then for the average person that it will ever be again. Something wonderful happened. My whole generation realised how rich america was and decided the most important thing we could do was to align with kindness and compassion with everyone worldwide in order to prevent the unthinkable, world nuclear holocaust. And so we did.

Since by age 17 I had already realised that I was both very spiritual and very psychically gifted I had a somewhat different experience than a lot of my peers that weren't.

Through the 1970's I experienced the spiritual battles going on all around the earth. However, when I met my first Tibetan Lama of this lifetime in 1980 I experienced something far superior to spiritual battles. In this system was compassion and a power I had never experienced before in this lifetime. By aligning myself with the infinite kindness and compassion I have experienced ever since the infinite peace,kindness and infinite power of this that literally spans all time and all space and all beings dedicated to kindness and compassion in the universe in the past,the present or the future I have very literally become an emissary of this infinite kindness and compassion to all beings.

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