Saturday, December 22, 2007

Arcangel Michael

Arcangel Michael. I asked tonight for confirmation concerning the rebirth of Jesus approximately December 21st 2012 which is exactly 5 years from now as of about 15 minutes ago, since it is now December 22nd 2007 by 15 minutes.

I received three separate confirmations now of the rebirth of Jesus in a new baby body. Arcangel Michael conveyed to me that I now relay this to you from the Heralding Angels of his coming. The circumstances by 2012 might be very difficult by then here on earth. However, take hope from this. Relief is coming for life on earth.

The time for new hope is here and is coming. This is always the way it is. It is always the darkest just before the dawn of a New Age of the Second Coming. Take hope for he is coming. He is not coming in a way that anyone can expect and predict of that you can be sure. However, he is coming to set things right upon the earth and in the hearts of all humans and all beings who live in the vicinity of earth and beyond to the farthest reaches of the Galaxy and beyond that. The second coming affects all life in the Galaxy. It brings hope to All!

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