Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dreams of Mer People

Dreams of Mer People. Very often my dreams turn into reality because I am a precognitive psychic. So since I now have had at least 2 dreams in the last month about Mer people I realized that I should write about them.

I'm going to write about the one I just woke up from first because it is so recent it is like a movie or experience that is present in my mind. The dream was of a lady mer person sort of like in "Splash" the movie with Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks in 1984. She was an adult and her hair was almost white from being bleached in the ocean water and came to her waist. Somehow, I was underwater with her and she spoke to me about how the ocean environment is a problem. She said that all the ocean creatures are slowly dying from storms and from over fishing and from pollution of the waters and by climate change. She said that she wanted me to relay this to mankind. I'm not sure whether this dream was just symbolic of our brothers and sisters in the sea or from a race of beings that came out of the water like us and then returned to the water like seals, sea lions and sea elephants. I have heard biologists talk about their theories of seals being dog like creatures that returned to the water(ocean) for some reason during evolution, and sea lions were thought of as wolf size or larger creatures that returned to the ocean whereas Sea Elephants were Bear size mammals that returned to the ocean and adapted there. It is possible, I suppose that there are human type mammals like us who made the same choice to return to the ocean. And so, like dolphins created their own special type of life form.

I asked the mer lady if she had no legs how did they mate? She told me from behind like most mammals which was news to me. I suppose this one fact made the whole mer evolution possible in my mind and took it out of the realm of a complete fairy tale dream. Also, I think it is just possible that it is all the ocean evolutions reaching out to a Seer like myself for help in continued survival as ocean creatures.

However, this isn't the only dream I have had about Mer People. My first dream that I can remember was about a Mer person that was male and looked very formidable. He did not have white skin and a was not like a traditional fish tailed mermaid. Instead he reminded me a little of the color of a whale with fish scales. His eyes were human like but were red around the edges instead of white like us from evolving in the ocean. He appeared to have arms with hands but there were membranes between the fingers and toes for swimming sort of like a giant human sized frog. His head was larger a little than humans and I got the idea that it was used for ramming other creatures in self defense at great speed like a dolphin does. He was the first to come visit me in this way and I felt a little uncomfortable like one feels meeting a male of a completely different culture. The macho is always a little different than ones own culture and one cannot entirely be sure what will happen next. Since I have also had experiences like this with both humanoids from the future and from a creature whose species originated in the oceans of earth at our time but whose octopus species evolved on another planet after future earth humans colonized that planet into an intelligent and space faring and time traveling species like our own after the air on that planet poisoned the humans. As a shaman and a Seer I can survive these kinds of experiences but they are always very uncomfortable. If you are a Seer only by being very brave should one do what I do. I survive these things by seeing these experiences as if I am a liaison between the humans of earth and these other types of Beings. So without people like myself there would be no contact with these other types of evolutions of intelligent species. Translators are necessary for humans to coexist peacefully with all the species present on earth and beyond.

This Mer man struck up a conversation with me, however, he wanted me to know in my dream that he existed. He also seemed torn between revealing the existence of his people and telling us that they needed help. He didn't want humans to kill off his species through experimentation. He wanted people to begin to conserve the oceans like they have forested lands in Parks on land. He said his people live very deep in the ocean where humans almost never go. He said as people on land became more technological his species of adapted aquatic humans have gone deeper and deeper into the ocean and only come above 500 feet deep to hunt for food. He said the food is becoming scarcer every year and if it gets much worse his species will die out.

HE said that they went from a species of millions a few centuries ago to a few hundreds or a few thousands now. And they have gone from hundreds to thousands of ocean colonies around the world to under 20 colonies now. Like I said, this was a dream so I don't know whether it is ocean creatures telling me of their oncoming demise as species or whether to take it as an actual race of Mer people that have lived under the oceans for about as long as humans have lived on earth.

Do I expect people to believe all that I write about? No. People can only believe what they experience for themselves. I, personally have no doubts at all about what I'm saying because these are my experiences. They do not interfere with a totally normal affluent life on earth. They just tend to make my life fairly interesting. Since I get bored easily this usually works out ok for me.

If what I write about disturbs you then either don't read what I write about or if you like to be disturbed by what I write about then that is your choice. For me, it is like being a Kahuna when Captain Cook first arrived in the Hawaiian Islands for only the Kahunas were allowed to recognize and "SEE" that Captain Cook was a real being on pain of death! Likewise only a few of us humans are willing to stand up and say, "I have experienced far future humans who travel time." and others have said, "I have experienced beings from other worlds."

For me there is no doubt that humans travel time. A few years ago they had a party for time travelers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of technology) because the logic of it is perfect. Here is the logic, "If time travel exists in any time or space in any galaxy or universe it is here now!" With this faultless logic there is a 99% or better chance that time travelers are here now on earth from here or somewhere else or somewhen else!

Note: January 1st 2008. My daughter was sitting next to me on my computer on her IMAC. She was searching for Mermaids in Google images and found what was purported to be a mummified female Mermaid. I would have thought it was contrived except one telepathically contacted me to write "Dreams of Mer People". In the next moments she showed me a video of a dead Mer man under "wierd Mermaid" in youtube out of Jordan. I was amazed because the female on Google images had scales up to her neck and a long fish tail and the male looked very different than a human male on youtube but he had a head that somewhat reminded me of the one that asked me for help for the remaining Mer People. I think now that there really are Mer People and they are starting to go extinct now because of overfishing and pollution in the oceans. They are a parallel evolution to land humans but like Sea Elephants are Bears who returned to the water, Mer People are humans who returned to the water, and Sea Lions are Wolf like creatures that returned to the ocean. So, after all these 4 experiences I now believe that Mer people are real and have contacted me because they are all dying from pollution and starvation. They are our brothers and sisters and have evolved along with us. They need our protection before they go extinct!

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Anonymous said...

You are not alone. I've had numerous dreams of merpeople pleading with me to find help and that time is running out for them. That they are being studied and are trapped in a sense. The dreams worry me... perhaps because I don't know where to even start to help them.