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The difference between a writer and a storyteller

Of course this is the way I define it for a variety of reasons.

A Storyteller might never write anything down at all but just be capable of speaking in public combined with sharing things in a certain kind of way that intrigues people.

Whereas a good writer can do this but in addition to this can also edit properly too. So, I guess my definition of a good writer is a storyteller who can edit their work well.

So, though I might consider myself to be a good storyteller I wouldn't by any stretch of the imagination call myself a good writer simply because I really hate to edit whatever I write (beyond spelling and context).

So, mostly when I write it is like reading what a storyteller does verbally set to print.

I would say it takes about 10 to 100 times as long to edit something you write than it does usually to write it in the first place. And since I like to write but hate to edit you can see this in my writing.

For example, the most time I ever spent editing was with my "memories"series at

I would say that for that first 11 parts to that I spent 100 hours editing for every hour I spent writing. This was between 1999 and 2002 when I did this. And what I learned from that is even with a ratio of 1 hour of writing to 100 hours of editing I likely need to edit twice that to make it perfect to my sensibilities. This was when I realized since I'm not getting paid to do this that I would stop trying so hard to edit what I do and just share what I can when I can instead.

It's also why many people cannot blog like me because they are perfectionists. From my point of view sometimes you just have to share stuff with people before you are dead whether it's perfectly edited or not.

This is how I have always seen what I'm doing when I blog. For example, I'm 71 now and how much longer can I effectively blog or write stuff anyway? Is it 20 to 30 years left or have I already passed over into some new territory as a storyteller who would like to be a writer but who doesn't feel he has the time yet to do it that way.

After all, when I first started blogging I just came out of believing I was going to die for 8 months in 1998 and 1999 until may of 1999. So, each day after that I was sharing what I could before I died.

It's sort of funny now that this fall I will have been alive and retired after that for 21 years! Fancy That!

So, blogging, traveling, and great friends and great kids and great grandkids have served me well in extending my life far beyond what I expected.

By God's Grace


I tend to not write fiction or science fiction. At one point in 1980 I thought that was what I was writing. However, it turned out that I was actually writing past life memories that I have had in the past, present and future. But, I didn't discover this until 1998 and 1999 when I believed I was dying for 8 months with a heart virus.  How is this possible? Many things are like this I find. There is a reason why so many people feel kindred with Star Wars and Star Trek and other writings because it likely comes from past life memories they remember in the past, present or future of now. So, understanding that writers tend to write not really fiction but instead are working out past lives they lived in the past, present and future instead makes more sense in this context. Writers are often trying to understand what happened to them? They are still dealing with love and Traumas from past lifetimes they remember in the past, present and future here on earth or other places as well.

It might be important to understand why it is that writers write in the first place? It has to have meaning for most people to want to write about something. It has to be usually something they are trying to figure out in regard to their lives or their friends or relatives lives. That's a lot about what writers are actually doing. They are trying to understand things that might not make sense up front to them from their past, present and future lives and others lives in the past, present and future.

Most people's minds have been wiped of UFO experiences just like in "Men in Black"

It is my present belief that everyone on earth that can read or write any language has had experiences with UFOs from the past, present and future of earth  and/or with UFOs from the past, present or future of other planets or dimensions as well. But, most have had their memories wiped away to a greater or lesser degree.

So, literally all of you since you can read this have had your memories tampered with. My father in law when he was alive was even given Amnesiacs by doctors after they kept him in an induced coma for 1 or 2 weeks when he had a yeast infection in his blood. So, the only way to keep him alive was in ICU in a hospital in a coma which is expensive unless you have really good medical insurance and specialist doctors who can develop ways to keep you alive.

The point of all this is to show you that even medical specialists on earth have the ability to wipe people's memories of one day, one week, one month or one year or therabouts.

So, the fact that aliens can do this too should be no surprise to anyone.

So, what I'm telling you is that you and everyone you know that reads or writes any language has had their memories tampered with here on earth.

It is done in order to keep Earth "Quaint" and to keep governments and religions from collapsing completely.

When I was contacted to help participate in creating timeline 2 in 1969 until 2001 when 9-11 gave us an opportunity to create a 2nd timeline, I asked for my memories to be wiped because my son was just born and I knew I couldn't deal with all this in real life right then. I needed to raise my son to adulthood. So, they agreed with me and so I didn't remember what had happened in fulness until 2002 to 2003 when my memories started coming back to me. It was important that the people of earth had some kind of record of why a 2nd timeline had been created to keep 5 billion people from dying from doomsday weapons on the first timeline when 9-11 occurred.

So, I understand why they let me remember so I could share records of what actually happened to create timeline 2 that you and I presently live on instead of timeline 1 where most of civilization is gone along with you and me here in the U.S. So, on timeline one Russia, China, the U.S., Canada, down to the tip of South America are uninhabitable except for a section of the Andes up high where people can still have a high enough IQ to make sense of things because most other places the IQ is about like a wolf (not more than that) on timeline 1.

Even in 7000 AD on timeline 1 the only really developed civilization is in what we now call Switzerland because no nukes hit there on timeline 1 because of their neutrality.

Note: Why have so many people's memories been tampered with?

Earth is a Galactic Park that aliens have always visited. There has never been a time when aliens didn't visit earth since it first existed. But, as our technology has developed the Galactic Park Rangers don't want to destroy the governments or religions of earth. Our technology is thousands of years behind anyone who visits us. So, there is no warfare because people visiting a park don't want to harm the deer or squirrels (we being the deer in this scenario). So, Earth is seen very much like we see Yosemite or Yellowstone as a vacation spot to come to for beings all over this galaxy and beyond.
So, what is actually going on here is much different than most people realize. Earth is a Galactic park and a protectorate protected directly by the Galaxy and people aren't made aware of this simply because the Galaxy sees us sort of as children growing up or as we see deer in Yosemite or Yellowstone. So, though they might thin us out through various means they aren't interested in making war on us because that would be ridiculous because this is a park that they want to preserve, especially all nature both human and animal for posterity.

So, I'm thinking that global warming is only a way to thin out humans here on earth to prevent earth killing wars caused by overpopulation. However, most people likely don't understand the fullness of all this.

Also, because time travel exists there is no species that is permanently extinct (potentially). However, they only appear to be extinct during this time period. But, any species can be brought back that can survive the microbes and bacteria presently on earth at the time when they want to bring them back.

Race to Witch Mountain (2009)

My wife and I started to watch this one again today as it was on TV. This is a very well done movie likely by Disney if I remember correctly. The Rock "Dwayne Johnson" made this in 2009. The boy in this eventually becomes Ragna's son in Vikings on TV as well. I think he also had a part in "The Hunger Games" in 2012 as well. My wife thinks this is one of the best depictions of UFOs that she has seen so far. So, it makes sense somehow that Disney would have this kind of movie.
Race to Witch Mountain/Available on

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