Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quakes above 5.0 between California and Chile

If you look at the uptick of quakes over 5.0 between California and Chile I think you are seeing possibly a growing trend in reaction to the large quake in Japan. If these types of quakes grow in magnitude into 7.0s then we might have enough release of energy that might not harm large populations of people along the west coast from Seattle to Chile. So, these smaller (graduated) earthquakes might be helpful in the long run rather than one big jolt of 7.0 or more like an 8.0 or 9.0 like Japan received.

Interesting Gravitic Influences on Earth

Six Planets Now Aligned in the Dawn Sky

Gravity is a funny thing and all suns, stars and planets have gravity (as far as we know). So when they all join together in relatively the same place in relation to earth, and then I suppose if the moon also was lined up with them one could sometimes expect things to happen like the earthquake in Japan and others depending upon how this gravity in one basic place in the sky pulling in conjunction with 6 planets, the sun and the moon. So that any weaknesses in the crust here on earth might be affected as well as the tides, or volcanoes or earthquakes etc.

Another interesting thing if gravity influences helped create the Japan Earthquake(s) is that I believe Northern Japan moved about 13 feet horizontally and up to 3 to 4 feet down in some places and the timing of this drop accentuated the tsunami's effect on land. The other thing that happened is that every day now is a small fraction of a second shorter than it was before(because earth's rotation must have speed ed up a little because of the earthquake). Though the change in one day wouldn't be noticed in this change over time it likely makes a difference in its effects upon all life on earth's natural biorythmic cycles from here ongoing. So, in effect, all life forms on earth must adjust to a microsecond shorter day every day from now on until something else changes it again.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Trump is a racist?

The Birther Issue is Only a Racist Issue

For a background of the logic in this blog article please read "Trump" and "the Birther issue--" above.

Here is the logic. If Trump is supporting the Birther Cause and if most birthers are racist then is Trump a racist or is he simply pandering to racists? Either way I think the most effective phrase that could be used against Trump (so far in an election) would be on a sign or bumper sticker "Trump is a racist".

Whether you agree with my logic or not I think you might agree if you don't want Trump to be President that (so far) this is what he has demonstrated to the American People.

We haven't lived in a time when a racist (either implied or open) can be elected by the majority of the electorate of the American people as a President of the United States since before Lincoln. Since it likely can be established that Trump's statements of "Everyone in this government is stupid" is also a racist comment directed at the Obama Administration even though Obama was the first black President of the Harvard law review. In order to have done that everyone in the legal profession  in the U.S. knows that since Harvard is the most prestigious law school in the U.S. anyone who is President of the Harvard Law Review while attending there is the most prestigious law student in the U.S. during that time. So Trump saying that "Everyone in this government is stupid" cannot be anything but a racist slur as well. To say otherwise would mean that every law student in America while Obama was President of the Harvard law review would  have to be stupid. And I'm sure all lawyers who became lawyers during this time would be offended by Trump's statement because of this. So, Trump saying this IS  either stupid or racist "Take your pick".

77 million PS3 accounts hacked worldwide

If you have a Sony PS3 in your home and your credit card is attached to it to buy online movies or games or to rent either then you might need to change your credit card number that you put online soon.

There are already many people in Europe losing money through their credit cards already, so it is likely only a matter of time before the criminal hackers  hit credit cards here in the U.S. as well. Hopefully, you still remember Which credit card you used  a year or more ago if you bought your PS3 then.

Anyway, a whole lot of people will have to go through the difficulty of changing credit card numbers worldwide now to protect themselves.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Investing in Uncertain Times

I am not a professional investor, first of all. I'm just sharing what I think is useful during these times.

With the value of the dollar falling against almost all currencies except the Yen when I look around I think about what will be a useful investment over the long haul since I think of myself as a long term investor. Even though the stock market is at its highest point in several years now that is counteracted by how low the dollar is presently.

So, many investors are looking for safe havens. I don't see any safe havens long term anywhere. However, the two investments that might be good to have over the next 10 to 20 years are investments not directly tied to the dollars rise and fall. One of these likely is real property that is completely paid for that you can afford to pay the yearly taxes and and can afford to maintain during those years.

Another investment that might be useful but not as an investment and rather as a survival liquidity tool is gold. I have never ever found gold to be an investment rather than what one needs in a real emergency to stay alive and to stay solvent. For example, people who were just hit with a tornado who had gold in a home safe or in a safety deposit box somewhere likely will be okay(or cash in home or bank safes or safety deposit boxes). People who were hit by the tsunami, same thing or by other calamities. So, from tornadoes, to earthquakes to tsunamis to other disasters (cash and gold) properly stored in a safe or safety deposit box might be useful the next 10 years or so. But only to be cashed out in an extreme emergency.

Because of the dropping value of the dollar at present in relation to other world currencies one must protect themselves from the devaluation one way or another. However, selling stocks if you are already invested long term might not be useful because of capital gains taxes unless it is only a small amount. So, it is important to consider all the ramifications and potential ramifications of any action you could potentially take. Staying calm and making rational decisions is best. Decisions acted on in panic most of the time don't turn out well at all in the end. So, unless you can stay calm enough and talk to people knowledgeable on the subject that you trust it is better to stay pat.

Your Highness

This movie is a very adult movie. I wouldn't take kids even under 17 to it even though it is hysterically funny because so many twisted things happen in this movie. So, if you want your kids to see a severed minator  penis strung around one of the character's neck on a string for a quarter of the movie then be my guest.

However, that being said, even the name "Your Highness" is a variation of "High Times" the magazine because people are smoking marijuana throughout the movie. So, in this sense it reminds one more of a medieval "Pineapple Express" than anything else. Also, this movie is a parody of everything medieval or magic, so you get the sense of everything from "Harry Potter" movies to "The Lord of the Rings" and everything in between being parodied. So, there is a lot of humor about gayness, being molested and many other taboo subjects for most people.

But, if you are adult and sophisticated and won't be harmed by watching something like this then you might laugh yourself to death like we did. Even though people give it a B- it was just what we needed. I waited for two weeks because of the B- rating and couldn't let the movie go away without seeing it on the silver screen. I'm really glad I did. However, be warned that it is a parody of a parody of a parody and full of smoking grass, cutting penises, arms, legs, spears through the center of many bodies. IN other words blood, mayhem and always crazy humor with Natalie Portman, James Franco, Charles Dance and Ted Mc Bride and others.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Birther Issue is Only a Racist Issue

Those of us who lived through the 1950s or even before can see it clearly. Those younger might not. But the Birther thing ONLY has been a racist issue. Since it is no longer polite to hang blacks from trees as was done at times by mobs of men in pointed hats in the South mainly from the end of the Civil War until the 1950s, people who are naturally racists need a way to vent their anti race bias. This time around it is the birther  issue. Would white people put up with any white President being treated this way? Think about it.

There is another phaze to this as well. Many Republicans wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger
to be President and they were very upset that someone like Arnold because he was born in Austria couldn't be President, as it is quite likely he could have been elected.  

When I grew up and went to   High School I knew of boys from the Football team and others that went out on Friday and Saturday nights with baseball bats and looked for Black men and Gay men to kill or injure on the streets. This was in the mid 1960s and this kind of thing was still going on then. 

The Birther issue is just a way to put down a black President short of assassinating him. Because he is so good natured about it and classy and sophisticated it is the best the birthers(racists) can do. The world loves Obama because he means hope to the world. Even the revolutions in the middle east likely wouldn't be taking place if he weren't president. Obama gives the whole world hope like no other president since Clinton and Kennedy. In fact, when I was in Paris a year and a half ago someone selling me a ticket to an entertainment venue said "Merci pour Obama" which basically translates to "Thank you for Obama". There were some conservative republicans traveling with us in the tour and they couldn't understand this at all from foreignors.

This is also true from many americans who don't travel abroad (about 70% of the U.S. don't have passports so they don't travel abroad). And so people who don't visit other cultures have no idea how important people like Obama or Clinton or Kennedy are all over the world. It gives people hope because many feel that if people can have the rights they do here then maybe some day in their countries they might have these rights and opportunities where they live too.

Though they might have better social services in their countries, there is no country on earth that one tends to have the financial opportunities that we do here in the U.S.  There is likely no country that could have had a Bill Gates or a Stephen Jobs in the 1980s. Now, since they existed here there can be people like that other places. But before that there weren't people like that anywhere that could succeed anywhere on earth before that moment in time.

Obama is a breakthrough person for the whole world. His very existence as president gives hope to everyone, just like when Bill Gates and Stephen Jobs started their businesses they gave hope to the whole world and look how far things have come the last 30 years!


Birth certificate released: Did Donald Trump just school President Obama?

Trump didn't just school Obama. Obama wants Trump to be the front runner because of all the skeletons in Trump's closet. There is no way the American people will in the end want Trump to be their president. However, strategically Obama wants Trump to be the Republican candidate much to the dismay of many mainstream republican leaders. Since generally the republican presidential field is so very weak right now with anyone but Trump that Republicans recognize and are galvanized by I consider this to be a masterstroke by Obama to create someone he actually wants to run against.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Choosing to Stay Alive

Everything you do you are choosing to do. You may not believe me but it is true. So, the easiest way to get there is to realize that every moment you are choosing to stay alive. You don't have to but you are choosing to. Likewise, you are choosing to work at the job you are working at and/or going to the school that you are choosing every day to go to and/or in a relationship that you are choosing to be in every day and/or every other thing that is happening or has happened or will happen in your life.

By realizing that nothing in your life could be happening at all unless you first chose to stay alive in each moment it is then easier to take full responsibility for everything in your life and to stop once and for all being a victim to anyone or anything including yourself.

Driving a Prius

When I took my 4wd tundra into to get serviced they gave me a 2011 Prius to drive. I had ridden in many hybrids before including Lexus Hybrids and Prius' before but had never driven a hybrid before today. I found myself sort of gritting my teeth as an intuitive because of being more sensitive than most people to electrical coronas at this point in life. I felt like I was having about 6 to 12 volts going in one hand and out a foot or something in the corona I experienced and it changed depending upon what I was doing at the time as hybrids cycle from gas engine generating electricity sometimes to using electricity from the batteries other times to generating electricity from braking. And even though I had decided not to buy a hybrid as a way not to get leucemia or other cancers over the next 10  to 30 years I decided that beyond nor getting cancer I didn't like gritting my teeth from electrical coronas as well. I found it affected the way I felt in my body as the electrical coronas shifted from one different phaze to another as I was driving. However, I still feel that if a hybrid was designed with all powerful electrical coronas shielded (likely with lead shielding like one uses during x-rays at the dentist) that an electric hybrid would be the best idea. However, over the next 30 years thousands of people will likely have to get various forms of cancer from the electrical coronas and even die (even if they can't prove it) to get car manufacturers to properly lead shield the occupants of the vehicles.

It's sort of like every time you look at a stop sign or a stoplight you can know that a lot of people had to die before that stop sign or stoplight was ever put up. That's just the way things are here on earth.

However, I must say this one thing about a Prius. It is a really fun car to drive and to watch every time you brake the electrical charging light go on. If I didn't have to grit my teeth any time electricity is generated or used while driving or have to worry about cancer I would buy one today.

Fault lines off of Seattle and Vancouver

I DVRed this weekend something called I believe "Megaquake: The Japan Quake" or a similar title that was either on the history channel or Discovery I believe. After giving a good account of what happened they went on to speak about the faults off of Seattle and Vancouver in the ocean being very very similar to the ones that went off in Japan that caused the 9.0 Earthquake and tsunami and nuclear meltdowns there.

The Seismologist was saying because of the movement sideways of Japan and the sinking of Japan up to 3 or 4 feet vertically it also might set off the similar faults that are directly connected to the ones in japan next to Seattle and Vancouver with similar results. No one knows for sure or even if or when exactly. However, I agree that with that much movement in Chile, then New Zealand and Now Japan it is very likely that something is going to give within the next 1 to 5 years somewhere along the North american  Pacific coast between Alaska and the Aleutians and Mexico with at least a 7.0 or above. Hopefully, it isn't near a highly populated area.

Both Chernobyl and now Fukushima are Level 7 Hazards

A level 7 hazard nuclear power plant means that it is in a meltdown phaze or post meltdown phaze. So at this point so much radiation including Cesium (Caesium) with a half life of 30+ years that large areas of both Chernobyl and the Fukushima and surrounding areas won't be habitable or usable unless you want to get cancer or dna defects for around 150 years minimum. Chernobyl is already 25 years into this no human life in that area cycle. The Fukushima area is just beginning this 25 year cycle of no use on land or water in that area.

Also, since plutonium has a 24,100 year half life (two times or more recorded human history forward) nothing will be able to live there without getting sick wherever the plutonium is or will be during that time as it moves around the world and into and out of human, animal, bird and fish and plant bodies killing many along the way. Since even one particle of Cesium or Plutonium can kill if it stays in one's lungs or inside one's body over about 20 or more years this is something to think about.

Little Hackers

My son was trying to inform me of how crazy things actually are and way beyond what most people think.
Note: I modified this blog when I reAlized that the hacker was 18 instead of 11 before read the article

He was telling me about a college student who had has computer stolen but who got it back in a unique way. Begin quote.

Read more:

Revenge of the computer geek: Student uses his techno savvy to track down 'dumb' thief who stole his MacBook

Rachel Quigley
Last updated at 6:36 AM on 23rd March 2011
He doesn't look like your everyday detective - but he could certainly teach them a thing or two.
Bao is a Massachusetts college student with enough computer savviness
to track down a thief who broke into his dorm and stole his laptop.
18-year-old's MacBook Air was stolen in February and through the help
of Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, he was
able to track the perpetrator down single (and gadget) handedly.

Detective: 18-year-old Mark Bao found the thief who stole his laptop by tracking down his hard drive and finding pictures of the perpetrator
Detective: 18-year-old Mark Bao found the thief
who stole his laptop by tracking down his hard drive and finding
pictures of the perpetrator
Using BlackBlaze, an automated backup syncing service that can hack
into a computer's hard drive, Mark found an access point into his
missing computer and into his hard drive and browser history.
What he found led him to turn detective as he unravelled the investigation to his delighted Twitter followers.
a photo that the thief had taken of himself using Photo Booth, Mark
tweeted: 'Wow. The first thing that MacBook thieves do REALLY IS take
pictures on Photo Booth. I didn't think they were that dumb!'
then discovered that the thief had recorded himself doing a dance to
Tyga's Make it Rain and immediately posted it on YouTube, tweeting: 'The
video is up! This is the dude who stole my MacBook Air a few months
He then traced him back to his Facebook page using the
browser history and then not only had the thief's name but found that he
was another student living in the same building as him at Bentley
He then informed his Twitter followers: 'He goes to my school! a few floors down from my dorm.'

Thief: The student who stole Mark¿s computer videoed himself, Mark then traced him via Facebook
Thief: The student who stole Mark¿s computer videoed himself, Mark then traced him via Facebook
Mark was apparently not in any hurry to get the laptop back as he had already replaced it with a new one.
tweeted: 'And yes, I have thief guy's Facebook and everything. I'm too
busy to stage any serious lulz (sic), but don't worry... lulz (sic) will
certainly happen.'
The student-turned-detective discovered this only two days ago and had to leave for an interview at NYU.
his return yesterday he reported the matter to police, giving them all
the evidence he had collected on his online investigation.
to the MailOnline he said: 'I don't hold any grudges against him. He
returned the laptop this morning to the police and then sent me a
message on Facebook telling me and saying he was sorry etc.
'I don't hold grudges because I don't have time nor patience to. There are more important things in life.'
he already replaced the stolen laptop Mark is planning on selling it
and donating the proceeds to Japan saying: 'The disaster is just
terrible and they need all the help they can get.'
to his online profile, Mark Bao is an entrepreneur and founder of two
non-profit organisations, The Genevine Foundation, which aims to fight
homelessness and poverty, and The Centre for Ethical Business.
His tagline is: 'I move fast. I'm ambitious. I'm out to make change.' end quote.

The point my son was trying to make to me was that if this kid who is obviously an A student type had time to (in his spare time from college) track a kid down who stole his computer, "What could a real criminal or a government hacker of any nation by the thousands in concert do?" Since my son spent his twenties being a computer expert and building and repairing computers before he got his bachelor of science in nursing because at  30 he decided, "I would rather fix people than computers" , after he lost two aunts and his wife's best friend and life was beginning to feel very short to him in a new way.

So, because he used to "and still does in his spare time as a hobby" live with his Ipads, Macbooks, IBM pc clones etc. whenever his wife gives him the free time to do so, I trust his 150 IQ reach into all this stuff past present and future.

Even I know quite a bit as well about computers having been a computer programmer and computer operator back in 1966 through 1970 before there was random access memory or microprocessors and when any computer you worked on likely was close to a million dollars including its peripheral equipment and there were no windows because they were worth so much you didn't want anyone to know (that didn't work there) where those million dollar setups were.

So, the point he was making to me is that "all cellphones have been tracking everyone on earth since 9-11" as a way to catch terrorists. The IPhone and android thing now is about keeping a record of where everyone goes 24 hours a day which is something different. So all governments could know where every person who has a cellphone is in any given moment since 9-11 all over earth. The new thing is keeping records of where everyone has ever been with their cellphone.

Also, my son was telling me that governments now have technology where they can see anyone inside their houses (doing anything) as well as hear any conversation they want to anywhere on earth from satellite or by vans or trucks driving by your home. So, are there any secrets left anywhere? Maybe.

For example, on a clear day satellite cameras could read the date on a dime on the ground from space 20 to 30 years ago. What can they do now?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Crazy California Facts

I got these two facts from a local NBC northern California affiliate TV station.

First of all, 2010 was the worst year since 1960 for new home sales in the state.

Indoor growing of marijuana is using up 2% of power usage nationwide.
Second, even crazier fact: 8% of California's electricity use is for Marijuana grow lights.
Since many people get permits to grow legally in California to supply Medical Marijuana outlets, counting the electricity usage for 24 hour a day grow lights is an easy quest.

This world is just getting crazier and crazier.

Doublespeak on Iphone tracking

Have you noticed that most articles written on the Iphone tracking controversy  misrepresent the facts. It seems like most articles are full of misinformation that doesn't really address the problem. It is almost as if the government or Iphone or Android has a vested interest in confusing the people who are using the technology. People who don't understand how technology actually works might be fooled. But those of us who have a better understanding of how things actually work sort of get creeped out by all these many articles trying to pretend that tracking everyone is either okay or less of a problem that most people think. People are right to be alarmed and no amount of misrepresentation or outright lies make it right. You'd think that the people writing these kinds of programs were drug dealers or something the way they lie to their customers. It's like watching the government lie about UFOs for the last 70 years.

It basically boils down to this. People have access to where you are if you have a cellphone everywhere on earth all the time and so do governments. It's been this way (at least since 9-11). So if you have a cellphone any government on earth can find you if your phone is on. And some cellphones are set up where any government can find you even if your cellphone is off.  Second, the problem now is something else entirely. Now Iphone software keeps unencrypted data on wherever you go with your cellphone whether it is across the street or around the world. So everywhere you have ever been with your Iphone will be available to anyone who is a hacker who wants it. I personally think this is pretty dangerous. Would you want your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister or grandmother or child under 12 to be this vulnerable?

So, if you don't want people to know where you go then don't take your cellphone. That's it in a nutshell.

Some have Entertained Angels Unawares

Hebrews 13:1-2
  • "Let brotherly love continue.
  • Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares"
I don't ordinarily quote the Bible much because I know it puts a lot of people off around the world to do this who may not be Christian or even from a western or middle eastern tradition. However, in these times which I believe are the "end times" sometimes I think it is necessary to make sense of the world in which we all live.

During the times we all now live in it will be quite common for ANYONE you meet to be an angel or angels. I think just accepting this is useful. Though many might be terrified at the thought, for someone like myself who constantly lives with angels, I can say to you truly that I would not have chosen to stay alive on earth if another intuitive from my church who was gifted like me hadn't showed me how to invoke the angels to live with me all the time since I was about 21 years of age. I was suicidal at the time because I had just broken up with the girl I had intended to marry and spend the rest of my life with so I was very despondent and intended to take my life. So a friend of my mother's took me to her home and invoked angels into the room we were in. Because, even though I was despondent she sensed that I also had the intuitive gifts she invoked successfully many many angels into the room we were in and I saw them. It was just so very intoxicating in a good way to be around angels that I decided right there and then that if I could "live in heaven on earth right now with the angels that I wouldn't take my life" and that I would stay here and become one of the angels here on earth for God to work through all the time 24 hours a day. I have never regretted this decision ever.

Living with angels also for me means living with Archangels like Archangel Michael and his band. For they came to me as a little child around age 2 and healed me from Whooping cough that I was then dying from. I watched them come into the room and I was healed and brought back to life. So, I guess these kinds of experiences for me are more real than the physical world we all live in. Because Archangels and all angels are permanent and this physical world we all live in is not permanent and I have always known this. The earth is like a plane or a spaceship we all live in while it flies through the air or space. It was never meant to be permanent (at least for us as humans). Though it could remain a platform for evolution for evolving beings yet unknown to us for millions of years it is not a permanent place for us humans to be. It is just a stepping stone on our way towards our individual and group future together.

Philosophy of the Present

I have been consulting lately with other wise people to try to make more sense of what I am experiencing and what many people are telling me they are experiencing too. This may make more sense to those of you over 30 but then again it depends upon the person, doesn't it?

First of all, it appears that everyone to a greater or lesser degree is having to deal with change on an unreal level (at least unreal for about the last 100 years or so) worldwide. Before that I think changes in weather that could not usually be predicted made almost anyone spiritual or religious because then everyone knew someone who had died recently from illness or weather or calamity. It was just how life was before about the 1920s.

It appears we are now moving into another era of many many unpredictable accidental deaths from weather and calamities worldwide. So some degree weather reports help so that maybe 1 person dies instead of 10, but still even with 10% of the normal amount of deaths for the weather changes we are experiencing worldwide it is pretty horrific for the average person to get their head around it. So, instead of 1 or 2 people dying in a situation, often there are 10, 20, 30 or 100 people dying simply because of the increased number of people on the planet. (When I was born there were only 1 or 2 billion people on the entire planet for example in the late 1940s.)

So, among wise intuitive people like myself we all seem to agree that something has really changed about how life works or doesn't work on earth for everyone.

I spoke recently about how the Golden City has spread around the world as a heaven realm to protect as a grace billions of people from death or maiming traumas. The way I experience it those who have a personal relationship with God and life can be rescued from really awful things in this way. There is a saying, "There are no atheists in foxholes." I would say that we are all in foxholes now. But whether you are an atheist or not is your own business.

However, I find it much easier to believe in Life and God as it helps me a lot to let go of my fears and concerns every night so I don't just have a heart attack or stroke like many people do in the middle of panic attacks. (By the way I have had panic attacks when married to my ex-wife so I know what that is like too).  It usually mimics a heart attack and for me I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't breathe and couldn't walk or talk and could barely crawl to the bathroom and turn on the water for the bath tub and get in to comfort myself before I died. This was in 1992 by the way and I'm still alive today and re-married with another daughter in her teens(and I don't have any panic attacks with my present wife).

So, part of it can be where you live, your job, or who you live with.

I don't have panic attacks now because I feel safe and living in God's grace so I'm fine.

But in regard to the world today I'm beginning to see that we are living in the end times. However, they are something different than I ever imagined. Let me explain why. Since I watched this golden heaven realm surround all life on earth I have watched some people's stress and strain burst into flame and turn to ashes. What is strange to me is that my new 4 wheel drive truck is the color of these ashes that I watch come out of people when the burn up in the golden flame of the heaven realm. But I also watch others not burn up and I'm aware that many of these over the next few years will panic and likely die. So, in this sense the end times are now but it is different than I ever expected. Some days I think I will die to because it is so strange but every day God rescues me one way or another to live another day. But still I watch people burst into golden flame often and then I watch their ashes fall to earth around them. And the people who allow God to help them are the ones who burst into flame and are relieved of their stresses and can live to go on another day. So this golden heaven surrounding earth is to relieve the stresses of those that believe in Life and God. It's not really that people have to believe in God it is that they need to believe in LIfe and the renewing capacity of their own life in their bodies in order to go on through times like these. Enough said for now. May you live in the Grace of Life and God and God's heavens here on earth and beyond.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba has passed away in Southern India. He has been a very important person in my life just like the Dalai Lama in some ways. Some teachers you don't have to physically meet in person for someone like me as an intuitive. They are just so supernaturally endowed that they can be your teachers and you can speak with them and they with you. Sathya Sai Baba, the Dalai Lama and Yogananda I have always been able to commune with and communicate with since I have been about 18 to 21 years old and started to have these kinds of Guru-chela(student) kinds of relationships. For me, it started with reading Autobiography of a Yogi which is the life story of Paramahansa Yogananda. Through having a relationship with Yogananda which started through his book and visiting his temples in California like Lake Shrine on Sunset Blvd. I believe and Encinitas, California, and by eating at his vegetarian restaurants in Hollywood and Encinitas California (1950s and 1960s) which then were the best vegetarian restaurants anywhere I had been to up until that time in my life. (I think they no longer exist now). So, meeting Yogananda, since I had already known Saint Germain since my childhood only increased the quality and number of my Guru teachers throughout my life. During my teens and early twenties I began to hear about  Sathya Sai Baba who wore an afro during the 1960s on for a long time was incredibly powerful in the realm of healing and precipitation. My uncle who was a Hollywood Christian mystic minister to the stars during the 1960s and 1970s first went to visit him and took my older cousin one year older than I to India. They brought amazing stories back with them of healings and precipitations of vebuti(scented ash from Sai Baba's previous life body) and precipitation of jewels and necklaces and other things. After my relatives had these experiences I too, began experiencing Sai Baba come and teach me and talk to me, especially when I was hiking on Mt. Shasta. So, Sai Baba taught me many things in regard to centering and soul travel. He seemed to think I needed to keep right on studying to become enlightened as it was important for future mankind that I continue and not give up or commit suicide or die accidentally. So you have Sai Baba as one of the many teachers that convinced me to stay alive so I could be here for you to help you now stay alive and do your dharma(holy work) to help all mankind and all life on earth on into the future. You also as you grow and evolve will help others you meet one way or another along the way come to their states of enlightenment quicker by knowing you and you helping them stay alive and sane and healthy in all ways.

So Sai Baba leaving is a very great loss to all spiritual people on the path all over the earth at this time. Though he may reincarnate soon like Swamis and Tibetan Lamas and others do to help mankind, it might be hard for his students to wait for him to be born and to grow up enough to be able to help them once again. God's Grace Be upon you my old friend and teacher in this world and the next.

If the U.S. defaults

begin quote.
The government now borrows about 42 cents of every dollar it spends. Imagine that one day soon, the borrowing slams up against the current debt limit ceiling of $14.3 trillion and Congress fails to raise it. The damage would ripple across the entire economy, eventually affecting nearly every American, and rocking global markets in the process. end quote.

If Tea Party Republicans have their way the U.S. Government will be in default. Though the ramifications of a real default could end the tea party for good, the U.S. will have to live with the default for as long as any nations that have loaned the U.S. money remember it.

As I see it the real problem is more that no nation that I can remember in my lifetime as big as the U.S. has ever defaulted on their loans. The best example of defaults are the full default of Argentina, and Mexico in the 1980s and the partial default of Brazil. But I can't remember any nation as large as the U.S. defaulting. And the result likely would be to throw the whole world into something more severe than the Great Depression. This would be the likely outcome at present of the U.S. actually defauting on its debts.

However, the other way to look at this is what happens when homeowners go underwater on their mortgages. Many simply realized there was no way they ever would get out from under and into the black again on their books. So they simply walked away.

However, when  nation walks away like this it could start a war, a real one. So that is a possible consequence as well because of the sheer size of the U.S. and its debt of 42 cents on the dollar.

So, the U.S. going into default would be much different than Argentina, Mexico or Brazil because of our size. And would anyone ever trust us again. And would we start a war because of defaulting? I don't have the answers to any of these questions. I just know I'm asking the right questions. And from college and after I know that if you ask the right questions, usually the answers to those questions will save you a lot of problems in your life.

So, if I were to envision what it would look like it would be like a family jumping off a cliff into the ocean. And the questions would be: how warm is the water? Where are the rocks? How many of us might survive? Do we really want to do this?

Yes. I think jumping off a cliff into the ocean and wondering how many Americans would survive  this jump would be the right question here.

By the way when Mexico and Argentina defaulted the end result was the collapse of the Savings and Loans in the U.S. who were financing these nations. Many in the U.S. lost their life savings because FDIC I don't think covered Savings and loans and many over 50 died or committed suicide as a result in the U.S.  It is likely that the U.S. defaulting will cost many lives in China and Europe and throughout the world because of the size of the U.S. and make the U.S. many more enemies than it has already.

Radiation in Japan

Radiation in Japan hasn't gone away. News media outlets just report about it less on CNN and all the other cable networks. People are still dying there from the trauma of losing their towns, relatives, friends, jobs, businesses, and of course from radiation on top of everything else.

I personally think the Earthquakes, Tsunami, and Fukushimas partial meltdowns to be hundreds and thousands of times more horrific for Japan and the world than Chernobyl ever was. There is no comparison to the horror and damage that has been done to the Japanese psyche by this. It may scar the Japanese in the long run much more than World War II or Hiroshima or Nagasaki because there is no one to blame outside of Japan for any of this. It was an act of God and how Japan dealt with all these issues will traumatize individuals and the whole culture for a long long time. The world sees how brave and resolute the Japanese are. The Japanese are respected for this. But there is a time for bravery and there is a time for taking care of everyone. And in a real crisis like this it might be hard to separate those two things. So being brave is useful only until you are broken by your bravery and then someone else has to take a turn being brave. So then someone has to take care of the brave ones who have been broken now by this and the new brave ones must take their place in the forefront and pilot the ship into the future.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I was interested in Computers from the time I was a little boy in the 1950s.  So I watched the world go from mainframes up through microprocessors to Trs-80s to Apple to Macintosh to Macs. I watched simultaneously the IBM PC become a clone and reasonable enough in price for anyone to buy, first in the U.S. and then Europe and all around the world. I watched as games were made for computers, and Ataris, and then Sonys, and then Ouis etc. I watched the Internet start with the military and then move to university networks and finally yahoo appeared to be the first search engine easily available to the public. then all of a sudden there were many search engines. And then there was Wikipedia, MySpace and Facebook and all the other social networks and information sites. Simaltaneously, cell phones got smaller and smaller until I began to see I wanted and needed one too. I think around 2000 my wife and I got our first cellphones and we each have had one ever since along with all our children.

So, I guess what I'm saying is I watched all this happen from the 1950s when I was a child until now. So I have a much different take on all this than many others born in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s or even since 2000.

I see just how much has been gained. But I also see just how much has been lost in privacy, and sanity by most everyone. Before cellphones one could be sure No one could contact them while they were traveling from point A to point B wherever and whenever that was. There were no phone calls from scared parents, relatives, neurotic girlfriends or crazy friends to field. There was just quiet, boredom, looking at nature, sea, mountains, listening to the music, talking to friends traveling with you, (quiet) if you wished. Sanity if you wished. Nothing at all to bother you while you thought about something really important or even really trivial. If you weren't near a land line phone that they had a number to no one could ever bother you because they had no way to contact you (usually). And this was nice unless you were in a blizzard, an accident or seriously needed help.

So, what you lost was peace, privacy, sanity, people leaving you alone, and what you got was safety, insanity, people bothering you at the worst possible times, and never having time to have a single thought to yourselves to the point where young people don't even value having time to think for themselves at all and are always addicted to some kind of media. And I have personally seen teenagers and younger start crying when there is no wifi or ethernet available for their laptops. I might be unhappy myself but after all I lived until I was 6 years old even without a black and white TV in 1954. I had to listen to "Gildersleave" and "Fibber McGee and Molly" with my grandmother on the radio just before bed until I was 6. And even then my father only bought a TV so I wouldn't stay so late next door at my 6 year old friends house watching TV all the time.

What do you get when you have a whole generation addicted to media? People who can't think for themselves. People who aren't worth anything in an emergency. People who are completely different than their ancestors. People who value being thought well of over their personal survival and the survival of their friends and loved ones.

So, as we all follow the yellow brick road of infinite media where does it lead to? How many young men and now young women will never find a mate or ever marry or have kids because instead of going out and finding someone worth being with they are addicted to multiple media instead?

And now, it's supposed to be okay that there is unecrypted programming in our phones that show literally everywhere we ever go including to our banks, Doctors, beach, mountains, motels, everything and you don't think that is a problem. I think you will all think that is a problem when someone steals your laptop computer that was synched with your Iphone and someone tracks you down and puts a gun in your mouth or your friends or mother's or fathers mouth because they have everywhere you go everyday mapped out on your laptop that they stole. I personally think this is a really big problem for anyone with an Iphone smartphone or with an Android smartphone because they both have similar issues. So, as people start getting mugged and killed because of all this watch apple and Google try to repress these stories one by one. Because it has either happened already or it will soon. That's 100% fact.

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Your GPS Location worth protecting like your bank account number

begin quote.
But lawmakers and many users say storing the data creates an opportunity for one's private information to be misused. Levinson, who raised the iPhone tracking issue last year, agrees that people should start thinking about location data as just as valuable and worth protecting as a wallet or bank account number. end quote from:

Just like your life and bank account number, protecting your GPS location from companies, criminals and people who wish you harm is only sensible.

Surviving your Medicines and Prescriptions

First of all understanding that almost all Pharmaceuticals are literally "Poison" to a physical body, the less you can get away with taking the better off you might be. So, I try to never take pain killers unless I am almost dying. But that's just me.

Note: I am not a physician or nurse nor am I trying to represent myself as one. I am simply trying to share how I survive and stay alive while taking a prescription and what I have found to do to stay alive an healthy regarding all this.

First of all, the less types of medicines that you are taking the less chance there is that a medicine conflict will harm you or kill you. This is a given. Second, what I do to keep from being harmed by any medicine I have to take (I'm only taking Armour Thyroid from Canada now). Since I have a hypothyroid condition that wasn't diagnosed until I was 58 (I"m now almost 63) I went through a lot of suffering until it was properly diagnosed and so I could begin taking some medicine. However, it was a long road for me to get to armour thyroid that was then made in the U.S.  There is presently no good medicine for hypothyroidism presently made or sold in the U.S.  I cannot answer properly why this is. Bribes maybe? Who knows? Anyway, if you want to be really happy with your medicine if you have hypothyroidism, likely the best thing you will get is from Canada. (I use If you go there ask for Armour Thyroid at the dose you presently are using (but you need a doctor's prescription for this medicine even if your doctor is in the U.S.).

So, when you received you prescription from the U.S. or Canada (or wherever you live on earth). It is good to check to make sure they gave you what you want. Compare the tablets to what you were taking before that was working for you. Put on your glasses or get a magnifying glass to make sure your pills are the same shape, have the same imprint and are the same size and smell the same before you take any. After comparing your new medicine to your old one (I was once given the wrong medicine that might have killed me had I taken it) so I always check in this way so I can stay alive. So after I compare the old and new medicine to make sure they are the exactly the same size, exactly the right shape and have exactly the same thing imprinted on them, I begin to count them to make sure I was given the correct amount for my money.

The way I do it is to get a cutting board and a knife. I carefully pour out about 20 to 50 of my prescription tablets and then move them in groups of 5 with the sharp edge of my knife straight down lightly scraping the board. After I assemble 5 groups of 5 tablets I then have 25 tablets counted. So I just keep creating groups of 25 by lines of 5 (2 groups 50, 4 groups 100, 8 groups 200). After I make sure I have been given the correct amount and I'm sure it is the right medicine at the right dose I put 50 in an empty container so I don't run out before I reorder. I put 150 in another bottle to put in my daily (by the day)segmented 7 day container so I don't double dose and create problems for myself or forget to take a dose and get confused whether I took a dose that day or not. Since I can't eat for about 1 hour after taking my medicine I try to remember to take it about 4:30 Am in the morning when I usually get up to go to the bathroom. That way when I finally wake up sometime between 7 and 10 or 11 I can eat right away some breakfast or not as is my wish.

I hope my checking and methodology is helpful to you. Getting the wrong medicine or the right medicine at the wrong dose can ruin your whole day or send you the the hospital or just kill you right there on the spot. So being efficient about how you take your medicines and making sure it is the right stuff will keep you healthy and alive and happy.

I remember one time that I was given the wrong dose of blood thinner when I was taking Ace inhibitors because of a heart virus I had in 1999.  All I could do was to lay on the floor near unconsciousness for about 5 hours until the medicine wore off. You don't want something like this to happen to you. So, being efficient will keep you both alive and healthy and living a long happy life.

GPS Phone Tracking Worldwide

The following is my personal theory about Global GPS Tracking of everyone on earth with a GPS locator in their phone. (As far as I know now no one can buy any cellphone without a GPS tracking device inside.

If I track back why this is being and has been done the logic of it first of all is the same reason researchers put tracking devices on birds, fish, deer, and other birds, fish and mammals worldwide. The first reason is that people want to know what other people do and the second reason is that all governments are naturally paranoid. And the third reason is that this is what people from other planets have always done to humans here on earth to find out more about them and to track them. Implants have always existed in humans being tracked by aliens(this is my own personal opinion from a lifetime of gathered research on this subject).

So, then it follows that since this earth culture we now live in is a satellite culture of more scientifically advanced races that we would emulate them by tracking our own people because this is the example set by the more advanced races visiting earth and using it ongoing as a tourist attraction and as a refuge at times.

So, it is a lot like a younger  brother emulating an older brother in this sense.

The Apple and Android makers are not allowed to speak about this because the governments of the world would not allow them to stay in business if they did. So they have to say things like, "We need to have information like this about people who buy our phones." However, this statement is obviously bullshit and everyone knows that. Businesses might like to know everywhere their clients go, what they think about, what they eat, their sexual positions that they use at night, what religions they worship and how they fantasize about everything. But do we have to give this information to them? NO. We don't.

I grew up in the 1950s and if anyone asked for any of this kind of information, the people then would likely rise up and simply beat them up or kill them. This is how much people have changed since the 1950s. So, to me, having grow up then, people seem now to be like babies and unable to protect their rights. On the other hand I like all the computer and phone toys too. But more and more I'm beginning to see all computers and electronics because of all these hooks more and more like Cocaine or Heroin. How many of our rights are we willing to give up before we say, "Enough is enough"? Or are we all just Cocaine whores?

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The Democratization of Influence

The Democratization of Influence - The 2011 TIME 100

Read more:

I really liked how this piece from the editor's desk of Time was written. It speaks to how the playing field worldwide has been leveled by computers, internet and social media. I wanted to share this with you because it is beautifully written and addresses this subject in a very useful way.

Concern about cell phone tracking of everyone worldwide

One of my concerns about  cell phone tracking through built in GPS sender receivers in almost all cell phones now is that this is all an armed predator drone needs is a known cell phone gps locator in any phone to kill anyone walking, driving, or at home or work or traveling anywhere on earth. Especially, as more and more evolved armed drones are built by almost any nation and eventually by almost any business or company, almost anyone could be killed at any time and no one would necessarily know who did it or who was responsible and maybe wouldn't know it was even done by an airborne or landborn or waterborn armed drone.

I'm seeing these two technologies on a collision course with thousands to millions dying on a whim eventually. So, it is good people around the world are having this debate now before millions die from armed drones in the future by anonymous assassination that might not ever be trackable or traceable.

Imagine in the future 100 Qaddhafi like tyrants using their oil money (or whatever their nations sells) to buy 100 predator drones each. All he has to do is to look up the cell phone numbers for all the people he wants to be rid of. Then all he has to do is to tell the local newspapers that terrorists or gangsters killed all those people.

Or even worse, imagine the scenario from either the Terminator series with Arnold Swartzennegger and Skynet or what happened in "I, Robot". By the way look at the similarity to skynets armed drones to the predator drones with hellfire missiles today. You might say, "Well. Humans need to operate Predator drones." Nope. You are wrong. Once a Predator drone is given a command it can take off execute as many tanks or people that it has weapons to kill and return to base and land.  It has on board artificial intelligence. It can make decisions on its own without any further contact with anyone. Skynet anyone?

Source Code: The Movie

Source Code

I saw this movie last week and I liked it. It is a little confusing at first to watch because you are dealing with so many unknowns. But over time the amount of unknowns reduce to where the movie really worked for me. If you aren't a sci-Fi buff, still if you are interested in "The Hereafter" this is also a good movie to understand this better as well. Also, for me this is a lot the way I write as an intuitive and it also agrees with a lot of my experience being intuitively gifted. However, each of us must decide what is real for ourselves. But imagine parallel realities and multiple time lines. And what if this world and every other variation are simply dream variations in the mind of God which never begins and never ends?

Libyan Government Troops leaving Misrata soon after armed drones sent in

Obama approves Armed Air Drones in Libya

I wasn't surprised that Libyan Government troops would stop massacring the people of Misrata soon after Obama and Nato sent in armed Air Drones that fire hellfire missiles and are capable to taking out tanks, snipers, you name it at relatively close range and relatively unseen from below. I think the United Nations and Nato might consider this as one way to prevent nations from ethnic cleansing and massacring their people in the future. So this is something to think about worldwide.  Nothing stops ethnic cleansing and massacres like the potential  assassination by armed predator air drones of the leaders ordering the ethnic cleansing and massacres in the first place.

Thoughts on "Memories"

When I first began to write about Arcane in 1980 I was writing as a form of therapy to work through the pain in my own life and to move forward. Though I had felt secure from birth until age 18, I found transiting to adulthood very difficult for me. However, I was in good company. Most people don't get the adult instructions which are something like, "If you are not very practical and pragmatic you might not survive your 20s". or another one might be "Pure Idealism kills physical bodies" Or "If you don't temper your idealism with practical reality, death or insanity is the most likely result."

In 1980 I was 32 but even at age 29 "Don't trust anyone over 30" had been my motto. At about 29 1/2 years of age I began to see the absurdity of this point of view. Was I going to not trust myself in 6 months because I was over 30? Incongruity of the whole situation either made me laugh or cry. So, instead I realized I had to grow up in a new way that I hadn't considered having to do before that time. Even though growing up in the end led to the end of my marriage (because my wife was nevr going to grow up) and even though I had to raise my three year old son alone, it was better than staying in the 1960s and 1970s forever like many people I knew back then actually did.

So, writing about Arcane which eventually turned into "Memories after I almost died was an attempt to make sense of all the turmoil within me that I had already survived in my life. So I was very surprised to find out that I had been dealing with many of the same problems in other lifetimes in the past, present and future lives that I had already lived. So, sharing all this I have found to be very powerful on multiple fronts. Luckily, I have the kind of astrology that I actually gain power sharing these kinds of things rather than losing power like some souls tend to. So, the sharing of all these things exponentially increases not only my path to enlightenment but also the enlightenment of anyone who reads it as well, as many of you might have already found out by positive changes in your lives as a result of contemplating the thousands of very deep issues contained herein. It is like there are literally thousands of Zen Koans embedded in what I write. Many times even when I sit down and reread what God has brought through me I am amazed. I"m not amazed at my typos and wish I could write better, I'm amazed at what God has created and continues to create all the time through all beings. Thank you God!

If you want to read all of "Memories" all the word buttons as well as the first Chapter are here:
"Memories" part 1

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"Memories" part 1

dragonofcompassion - memories part 1


The Autobiography of Jonathan Flow in several of his Lifetimes

2-12-02 Though the following is a rough draft. I have copyrighted it but please download, zip and email to beings who need this information. It is both timeless and priceless. All I ask is that you don't change a word because it is encoded for description in multiple times, spaces, dimensions and galaxies. If you wish to translate this text into Sanskrit, Tibetan, Hindi, French,German, Spanish, Italian etc. please do so. However, it will no longer be galactically incripted for about 500 types of basic decoding. Only in English can it be decoded. This was designed by Arcane, Ragna, Elohar, His Oneness, Eridian and the Galactic Sentience to help promote peace and better understanding between present time galactic civilizations and past, present and future Galactic civilizations. It is also intended to promote peace and understanding between this and other galaxies as long as their intent toward this galaxy is peaceful and friendly.

Dear Reader: Originally here was the dedication, introduction and many relevant facts for you to better understand this book. I decided to use artistic license in order to catapult the reader immediately into the experience of Arcane, a man of the far future, and a man I remember being some time before I was born in 1948. I remember being Arcane. Initially, when I wrote this following initial piece in about 1980 I was sitting on the lawn of my Mt. Shasta house and I wrote it on a beautiful mild summer day on a large paper grocery bag. 2 years later on the Northern California Coast came the first pages of Elohar and Ragna. However, it wasn't until 1999 when I almost died that I finally realized that both these stories were true experiences of myself and friends and relatives down through time. I was very amazed to understand this. It made me wonder how much so called fiction that people write is actually some version of author's present, past, or future lives that they have already lived? Please enjoy! Chapter One is now included with the preface, Introduction etc at the very end of the book. Thanks!

The place earth, long after the last human body has gone. A few previously human souls remain and much of the flora and fauna remains. Most human souls have moved elsewhere and to better things.

Chapter 2 Arcane Meets Earth

Arcane was sad. A normal man having gone through what Arcane had been through would have been enraged, crazy, beside himself, robotic. But Arcane was just sad. He had been through a lot the last few years since this war began. The last two or three weeks he had been tortured.Since the leader of Isfahel could not kill Arcane physically without destroying his planet Isfahel he tried to destroy Arcane mentally.

Tech Noir saw Arcane as an invaluable asset and wanted to turn him to Isfahel's side. He tried to destroy every good thing about Arcane and his life and everything that he believed. He had be sorely tested. Looking back on the torture Arcane saw it in a non dualistic context. In that context anything that didn't kill him made him stronger. For the moment, however, he was questioning many things he had taken for granted growing up on New Deva. He had very little left in his memory of childhood that was sacrosanct and left untouched by the deep and forbidding torture.

Original arcane story 1980 Mt. Shasta White House

I am standing on the banks of a river gazing at an Orange sky a yellow colored sun vaguely showing above the horizon. There are two bluish colored moons in the sky. I have feeling of being trapped, -- or having been cast out. I am arcane, the priest warrior of the planet new Deva. I have been captured in a time traveling battle and cast into a dimension and time with no visible means of return to my own time and planet. I must get back to my lady ah ray in --. I must find a way to save her life. I'm searching for some point some power to help me. I'm searching the whole planet with my mystical eye. My priestly powers must be prepared so that I can send my body or at least my consciousness back to Isfahel to accomplish the necessary task -- to get back to a ray in. I must fulfill the vision of the Oracle of my planet New Deva.

There are sometimes opportunities when I can travel through time unaided. I need the special intersections of time and space. It is very difficult to find these places and to be there at the right time without an electronic sensor and there is almost no likelihood that there is even one sensor or scanner on this planet.

I am listening to the howling of what were once called Wolves but now there is no one still in a human body to call them that anymore here on this planet. I can feel their primitive powerful feelings. I am attracted to such wildness. At first I long to howl with them to release the pain of my torture. But quickly I think if my bride to be Ah Ray In. My resolve and tears firm in my eyes. The wolf creatures call to me with their minds telepathically "Give up. There is no hope for you. You will make a nice supper for us." 

"Forget YOU!", I say with my mind. They let out howls of pain from my controlled mind burst. It will not harm them. They will only be confused for a few minutes. It will give me the moments I need to save myself. I wish them no permanent harm if I can survive and live. And I run to the first Power Point that I can find. With the contact of the first Power Point on the high plateau I interface with the power of the planet there and soon I am floating above the ground just as I was trained to as a boy. Miles pass, and I am free from the wolves for the moment at least.

I have finally found in my desperation a strong enough Power point to enter into the entire grid system of the planet, the orange star in the two moons and all the Power point's that can help save what is left of arcane. I reach out and touch the outer aura of the planet with my soul. I sense the force fields that had been placed on this planet by an ancient civilization. I also sense of force fields that are put here to prevent my escape back my own planet and dimension. I summon the old ones of this planet and they tell me of all the wondrous qualities and ways of being of this planetary dimension. They tell me of civilization's past and of the city of the spheres.

The old ones of the planet no longer have physical bodies and can't be seen by beings not trained in the priestly sciences. But luckily my training included communication with angels and guardians.As children we were tested for intuitive gifts. Since I tested off the charts I was recognized as a world saver. I was trained from age 6 to help all beings and to protect my planet from external or internal harm.

By projecting my consciousness into the earth I find sphere nodules.They are various sizes but the ones that draw me most are 8 to 15 feet in diameter. I sense wisdom there that might help my planet survive. Inside one of these nodules I will find the answer I seek. Of this I am certain. As I reach further with my spirit I connect with the remaining old ones of this planet. I'm in luck they are good. The ones that remain and live on throughout time and space will guide me and help me.They have prayed long and powerfully for someone like me to come to earth. I call out the name of Eridian. I have a natural affinity with him. At my call he comes and tells me of the thought picture to hold in my mind as a key to bring a green sphere which will transport me to where I need to be. I am becoming a part of this planet. It is the price that I must willingly pay to save ah ray in. The planet is becoming like a friend or a stepparent to be loved, cherished, learned from and blessed by my ideas and cultural traditions even as I am changed by the planets love and wisdom for me. I have been adopted as a priest instrument of earth. As the sphere green comes I feel it's power and its majesty. It envelops me and as I stand and then sit cross legged in the posture of Earth yogis I am transported to the sphere city in a style that I could very easily become accustomed to. From the vantage point of the sphere I can see what the sphere city was on land and under the land. It was a truly beautiful and magnificent work of functional art that the Present spirit beings lived in when they still had physical bodies.

Soon we moved under the ground to where the city now physically abandoned was once inhabited. There is no entrance. We simply moved through rock somehow. The sphere I travel in has the capacity to move through solid objects with no damage resulting to me or to the sphere. As the cavern of spheres becomes visible the many interlocking crystalline spheres fill my being with the majesty and power of the beings that once lived here in human bodies. Many thousands of years before the inhabitants of this planetary dimension had turned into light " pure energy soul forms" as a result of millions of years of evolution. As I disembark from the green sphere nodule.I thank it as it is sentient and hasn't had a physical rider for thousands of years.

This is the first planet on which I have been permitted to enter into a domain of once physical beings who have now turned into light. I have seen into the light plane of being on my home planet New Deva. But I was not permitted to enter in with my soul. It can be disorienting to a humanoid to spend more than a day there as humanoids have a tendency not to come back from light dimensions if they stay longer than a day. Many priests of new Deva used to drop into a lifetime of physical catatonia and bliss after entering some of the light dimension's there with their consciousness.

I am entering the first golden room as a guest of the old ones of the planet. In the room are gathered nine of the old ones of the planet in their ghostlike light forms. They begin to instruct me as they wish the condensed knowledge of their planet to be carried throughout the Galaxy and beyond by my soul DNA. Through the Darshan of my Earth blessed aura I will be an emissary of the Enlightenment of Earth wherever I go in all my lives in whatever time I embody.

From each of the nine elders a ray of green light or fire comes to my forehead. At first it is somewhat painful to experience as the frequencies of my neurons are different than the thought patterns that were used on this planet. But the light elders are considerate of me and don't destroy my mind, neurons, or brain. Even though the old ones don't have physical bodies anymore they still respect the other life forms who do. In time I become accustomed to what they are giving me and I become first at peace with it and then at one with it. The new consciousness is creating new ways of perceiving the universe. I kneel to pray and give gratitude to the creator of the universe for the blessings of this empowerment. I have been trained since childhood for such a moment. But I wasn't sure it would ever come. I know in my heart and soul my enemies could never stand against me now. I know that now I am more than a man but my responsibilities to all living things have grown also.

Eridian Speaks." Now you're ready to come into our most powerful of Power points which will transport you to any realm you wish to go.

As we walk down the corridor my perceptions of reality are very unusual for I see through the walls and have the senses of the beings that once lived on this planet. I have the feeling of walking on a cloud and having eyes in every pore of my skin. As I walk toward the main mystical Power point of the planet I am very reverent and respectful to the thousands of unseen spirits. My inner spirit has been changed. Soon we reach a room filled with all the stars at night like a planetarium. In the center of this seeming planetarium is a blue fire as tall as I am. It is sentient and a wing or arm of fire reaches out lovingly like a powerful parent and grabs my consciousness. I am burned by the experience. I sense that submission is the only way to survive. The blue light increases it's power until I must merge or die so I merge. Within the center of the blue fire is a green fire which is the mate of the Blue fire. Now the fires merge. The fires now turn into a sphere of green and blue.

As I come into the green and blue sphere of the center of this Power point I begin to see in all directions. I see all the planets I have touched and all the beings I have the never known. I see both the beings I considered good and the beings I considered bad. I also see all the beings in between. I feel the compassion of the old ones of this planet for all sentient life everywhere and now I can see even those beings that I had thought of as evil were just out of touch or disconnected from their true selves. Their need is to come into the oneness or self-destruct so their energy can return to the oneness. And because of their impact upon my home planet new Deva I must assist them soon to one or the other before they destroy my people -- my life wave. For the goodness of life must go on and the evil in life must destroy itself -- must cease to be.

From within the center of my being the old ones tell me that I now contain all the knowledge of their planet Earth that one man can hold. They tell me all this knowledge is now contained within me -- within cells of my body and within my soul dna that will incarnate in other bodies once I lay this body to rest-- and that I as an Atom in the body of their planet will now go forth to bless the universe with their wisdom. They tell me that any time I wish to come back I need only think of them and I'll be back with them to learn more or they will come to me to help and protect me and mine. As I begin to leave I am grateful with words that none can say.


Introduction to Elohar by Eridian

As I stand up to leave the sphere Eridian asks me a question. "Would you like to see your future lives here on Earth?" I said, "How is that possible Eridian? No humanoid bodies are allowed here without breaking Galactic Law!" "Your future lives reside in Earth's past."

I asked again. "How is it possible that I arrive here now and then incarnate in Earth's past?" Eridian said, "Souls are not limited the way most beings think. God creates past, present and future but time really doesn't exist, Arcane. So God has us incarnate in the past, present and future or the future, the present and the past or the present the future and the past or whatever combination that God and the soul as one need to do. Some souls only incarnate once but some souls incarnate an infinity of times. It depends on the nature of the soul, the need of the soul, and the need of God for that soul. Would you like to see some of your future lives in Earth's past?" "Yes, I would like that Eridian. Thank you for the opportunity." I said. "Follow me then Arcane." Said Eridian.

Following behind Eridian I felt in awe and soon we came to a blue green sphere of ominous power. Eridian said something in an Earth language and the sphere opened like a mouth to encompass me. This is a sentient sphere and as I'm taken inside it is like a friend, a lover or a nursemaid in it's relationship to me. Soon I hear music and I hear a young mans voice speaking the following poem.

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Thoughts on "Memories"

When I first began to write about Arcane in 1980 I was writing as a form of therapy to work through the pain in my own life and to move forward. Though I had felt secure from birth until age 18, I found transiting to adulthood very difficult for me. However, I was in good company. Most people don't get the adult instructions which are something like, "If you are not very practical and pragmatic you might not survive your 20s". or another one might be "Pure Idealism kills physical bodies" Or "If you don't temper your idealism with practical reality, death or insanity is the most likely result."

In 1980 I was 32 but even at age 29 "Don't trust anyone over 30" had been my motto. At about 29 1/2 years of age I began to see the absurdity of this point of view. Was I going to not trust myself in 6 months because I was over 30? Incongruity of the whole situation either made me laugh or cry. So, instead I realized I had to grow up in a new way that I hadn't considered having to do before that time. Even though growing up in the end led to the end of my marriage (because my wife was nevr going to grow up) and even though I had to raise my three year old son alone, it was better than staying in the 1960s and 1970s forever like many people I knew back then actually did.

So, writing about Arcane which eventually turned into "Memories after I almost died was an attempt to make sense of all the turmoil within me that I had already survived in my life. So I was very surprised to find out that I had been dealing with many of the same problems in other lifetimes in the past, present and future lives that I had already lived. So, sharing all this I have found to be very powerful on multiple fronts. Luckily, I have the kind of astrology that I actually gain power sharing these kinds of things rather than losing power like some souls tend to. So, the sharing of all these things exponentially increases not only my path to enlightenment but also the enlightenment of anyone who reads it as well, as many of you might have already found out by positive changes in your lives as a result of contemplating the thousands of very deep issues contained herein. It is like there are literally thousands of Zen Koans embedded in what I write. Many times even when I sit down and reread what God has brought through me I am amazed. I"m not amazed at my typos and wish I could write better, I'm amazed at what God has created and continues to create all the time through all beings. Thank you God!

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2035: Chapter 2


The private nurse hired by Silver's Father arrived. She came dressed as a nurse so there would be no mistake as to her important role between New York and Jackson Hole, Wyoming and his Dad's ranch. She said, "I'm going to give you a sedative because you have developed a type of Agoraphobia because of not having enough contact with your parents or ever going outside of this Penthouse."

Silver turned red and was embarrassed, especially because this was an especially young and beautiful nurse that he had chosen. Silver's father didn't tell Silver that this particular nurse did private pole and lap dances at people's homes sometimes to make extra money. Silver's father had used her services before as he had panic attacks sometimes too. Her fee was for Silver's father to keep her nursing license from being withdrawn from her extracurricular activities. Silver's father was very well connected as his father had been a world known financial Baron as had his father and his father before back to the 1880s. So, money this old buys many things and one of them is silence one way or the other.

She was auburn haired and about five feet six inches tall and very shapely and there was a sparkle in her eyes that most women didn't have. Silver realized he was frightened of this woman. She knew she could win him and he was completely emotionally outclassed. In other words this woman was as emotionally intelligent as he was intellectually brilliant in his own eccentric way. If she wanted to keep him there might be no way for him to say, "NO!". So Silver was scared but then he thought about his father's mind and it occurred to him that it might be a part of his father's plan. His father (at least at this point in his life did absolutely nothing by accident).

So, as he rode on the gurney(mobile stretcher with wheels) he pretended to be watching a video game unfolding. He pretended everything he saw was online or on TV. Since his oral medication had been timed for body mass and weight to be wearing off 10 minutes after he boarded the plane, at first he had a panic attack of not being in the only physical place he ever knew, his Penthouse womb. So, just like a baby being born he started to cry in emotional and physical distress. Then the nurse took off her hat and his favorite song came on and she began to dance for him just like he had fantasized a thousand times before. Then he could think of nothing but her. As he was watching her dance his father's private jet was taxiing down the runway.(Oh by the way Silver's grandfather's and grandmother's plane had crashed in water too deep to recover the black box. So no one ever knew what was wrong when the plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean). They just assumed it was weather related or pilot error.

So, as they took off the nurse sat next to Silver and put her arm around him. Silver never felt happier or safer in his whole life. He didn't really care if the plane crashed because he had already died and gone to heaven.

As they landed in his father's private jet at Jackson Hole Airport he noticed that his father had landed the plane. He asked the nurse if his father had a pilot's license. She said, "I don't know but with money anything is possible. You know that don't you?"

Silver looked at the nurse. Lilu was her name. Her parents it seemed thought she was a Goddess incarnate. She had said it was a lot to carry growing up. But that she had learned now to carry her Goddess heritage into adulthood. Silver had no idea what was going on with Lilu. She said she had grown up in a commune that her parents had joined. And that later they had moved out of the commune when she was 10 and she missed all her friends from there and her parents had bought a Florist shop in New York City and then she went to a private school and that it had been a really hard adjustment to make.

The strange thing about Lilu was that both Lilu and Silver could relate to each other’s growing up periods. Her life growing up had been about as strange as his had in a different sort of way. It was like they both were two different people now each. Maybe more than two people each. Either way Lilu and Silver had bonded in a very strange and amazing way. Lilu saw Silver as brilliant yet naive and innocent. And Silver saw Lilu as worldly, intelligent, educated but still somehow precious. Somehow they had found what they both were looking for: (Home in each other) even though she was 24 and he was only 16. She was friend, lover, mother and sister and he was friend, little brother, lover and potential financial savior of Lilu
Now you may think all this is very twisted and maybe you would be right. But in the end this was their life and right now it was working for everyone.

OH! By the way Silver's Dad is called Rex and his mother's name is Pearl.

Rex smiled a very big smile as the plane landed at the Jackson Hole Airport in Wyoming. He loved this place any time of year. This was his home in his heart of hearts. So to bring his son finally to his home was healing a panoply of hurts in his heart. Rex could never undo what had happened to his parents but he could make amends to his son before Rex died of old age or before then.

Rex didn't know if getting Lilu for Silver was a good thing or a bad one. Both Lilu and Silver we very eccentric to say the least but there was something very precious and very amazing about both of them. There was a type of innocence that they both had that took ones breath away like watching Blanche Dubois in "A Streetcar Named Desire".

They were met at the airport by Rex's ranch's caretaker Slim. Slim drove up to Rex's private Jet in a Hummer.
Lilu's arm was still around Silver as she asked, "Can you handle walking out of the plane and riding in your Dad's Hummer to the Ranch without being sedated."

Silver looked up into her beautiful blue eyes and said, "I believe I'm dreaming anyway. So I'm probably fine. Nothing like this could actualy happen so this I must just be dreaming or watching this on TV or something."

  Lilu looked as a nurse at Silver. He seemed to be in some type of shock but a kind that might do as a natural sedative. She hoped he wasn't moving towards some kind of temporary or permanent form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. So she smiled hopefully and walked over to his Dad, Rex.

Rex smiled up at her and said, "How's my son?" Lilu said, "I can't be completely sure but he just told me he thinks he's dreaming." Rex laughed and said, "One look at you with your arm around him and if I were him I'd think I was dreaming of a Goddess myself!" Lilu smiled a knowing smile and said, "I'm going to let him go with it then?"
Rex said, "By all means. He needs to experience the world if he's ever going to be able to inherit my millions or billions when I'm gone.

  Lilu felt she might faint from all this money and what it brought with it. At that moment she finally got how over her head she was and how potentially vulnerable she was. But she was a real Goddess wasn't she? Her parents always told her she was since she was a baby.

Slim walked up the gangway stairs and said, "Hi Rex. Did you have a good trip Sir?"
Rex said, "Hi Slim. It's great to see you. Is everything okay at the ranch?" Slim said, "The Horses and the Buffalo are fine, Sir!"

Silver really thought he was dreaming now. Lilu took his arm. She was about Five foot 6 with beautiful Auburn colored hair and deep periwinkle blue eyes that looked almost violet in actual color. Silver thought that moment that Lilu really was a Goddess. He had never ever met anyone like her before or even dreamed about what she was really like. In this one case reality was more amazing than dreams. Lilu was a natural healer so just having her take his arm as he exited the plane was like being on the arm of a real Goddess.

The fresh air made his face feel like it was going to freeze but the smell of the clear fresh mountain air was something he would never forget the rest of his life. They say the original primal sense organ of humans is smell. He would remember this clear fresh mountain air smell until he died. He was free! Tears rolled down his face. He was free! He was home. He was with his Dad. And for the first time in his life his life actually made sense.

A few snow flakes touched the side of Silver's face. He felt this snow love his face before they started to stick to it.

Slim looked at the beautiful nurse and then Silver who was a handsome but strange dude at 16 and wondered why Rex had never brought his son or this lovely vision of a nurse to Jackson Hole before. It was a large ranch that bordered Teton National Park. Silver's Great Grandfather had come here with President Teddy Roosevelt around 1900 or so. So Silver's grandfather had spent a lot of time growing up, especially summers on this ranch. So it had now been in the family over 100 years. Unbelievable things had happened here, especially during the 1960s and 1970s. However, Rex hadn't been born until 1978 so he wasn't even 10 until 1988 and 20 in 1998.

  Lilu felt safe somehow holding Silver's arm. His look at her was, "I'll protect you. Remember that." This though seemed to pass between then as she was feeling out of place and time. She realized what it was. This place reminded her of the country life that she so missed when her parents moved her into New York City. It was all coming back to her now. She couldn't help the tears that formed in her eyes. Somehow, she was home. Silver was home. They were all home. She sensed this and somehow she knew Silver and Rex knew it too.

There was a rustic old 100 year old bookcase that made one feel they were standing in the Lodge at Yellowstone national Park. It had the same huge fireplaces that they have there and was probably designed and built by the same people. On this bookcase were a row of green books. Lilu stepped forward and said, "My parents had these books. This one here is about where we are right now."

Rex almost choked on his drink. He said, "Those books have been there since they were first printed sometime during the 1930s. Sometimes I think I might have been named after the young man named Rex in the book "The Magic Presence".  Lilu said to Rex, "Is this the ranch in this book?"
Rex stared at her a moment and then said, "You know. I don't really know. When I first read this book I didn't ever think of it as non-fiction. But if it really is non-fiction then I suppose this ranch might have been the ranch in the book.

  Lilu was amazed. She said, "My father and mother believed in this book. They thought I was a reincarnation of one of the Goddesses in this book."

Rex had no idea of what to do with that. It was just too much for him to take in. Having his son here was enough alone for him. He quickly changed the subject.

Rex said, "Hey Silver. What do you think of the old family ranch." Silver felt very happy and angry at the same time. After all, he is 16 and full of hormones and youthful intensity. Rex saw him struggling and said, "Silver. I'm really sorry I didn't bring you here before." Silver said very difficultly, "I accept your apology, Dad. I want this to be a good experience for all of us."

Slim realized the intensity in the room could be cut with a knife and suddenly realized he had other work to do and so went outside leaving the group to fend for themselves.

The cook brought warm tea and hot chocolate and cookies for anyone who wanted it. For Silver this was the best tasting Hot Chocolate of his life. Everything seemed to taste better up here in the Tetons of Wyoming.

That night when it came to bedtime Silver snuck into  Lilu's room. She seemed to be waiting for him. She said, "What took you so long?" Silver once again felt so outmatched by her. He said, "Do you like my money or to do you like me?"  Lilu quickly said, "Both!" Silver looked right through her and smiled and said, "Good. Because I like you better than any girl or woman I've ever met."

  Lilu thought she was sophisticated but this openness and honesty just made her cry because she was used to very closed people and very sophisticated people. Silver here was emotionally innocent and only 16. Even though he was brilliant and could easily out think her he wasn't worldly. She felt like she was with an innocent 12 year old boy in a 16 year olds body. A part of her wanted to be motherly. But another part just said, "What Fun!"

note: So even though Rex, Silver and Lilu are all sort of "happy happy joy joy" all of us beyond 30 years of age can see the serious pitfalls of what is happening on many different levels. There is a saying in life, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". Rex has power over the wealth and whether Silver gets any of it at any time.  Lilu has power over Silver but only if Rex allows it. Silver has power over Rex because Rex needs to feel like he is doing right by Silver(whether he really does or not) in order to stay alive and not self destruct in one of his panic attacks. And what kind of relationship does Rex actually have with  Lilu anyway? And Lilu is a nurse but thinks she is a Goddess? What's up with that? Silver never has left his Penthouse since being born there? Which makes him how old experience wise and emotionally(somewhere between 6 and 12)? And what will this cause long term? And where is Pearl? What's her part in all this when she finds out her beloved son Silver isn't in New York from the Penthouse Cook? And did Rex hire  Lilu to be Silver's nurse, mother, lover or all three or something else? The answer to all these questions and more is why I'm writing 2035 in the first place. And is Silver heading toward becoming more of a tech Guru since he is already a prodigy? I think so. He will be 35 in 2035. end note.

Rex loaded up the Hummer the next morning with Slim's help and they all headed out to see the horses and the Buffalo on their large ranch. The next day after that they went to Jackson Lake and took a fast boat across it and walked up the trail a ways up into the mountains from the lake.

The next day they drove to Dubois, Wyoming(The locals pronounce it Du Boys even though it is French and they pronounce it completely differently as DU BWA short A) to see some of the Bighorn sheep there. And the next they drove north towards Yellowstone National Park. Silver's virtual reality type of experience was growing by the day. He had never imagined the mountains could actually be as amazing as they were traveling with Rex and  Lilu. He had waited all his life for someone, anyone to care about him like this and to get both his Dad and Lilu at the same time was really to much to ask for. When he thought about this he got scared because he knew he might not survive if he lost either of them now. He had always needed them and they were here at least for now and so was Wyoming.

Nurse and girlfriend now,  Lilu, was concerned after they returned from Dubois, Wyoming to the ranch that Silver was getting a little strange. He seemed to be experiencing maybe some kind of withdrawals. But she wasn't sure what kind of withdrawals he was actually experiencing and whether it was an edible substance or just a psychological dependence that he was withdrawing from. And not being a licensed psychotherapist she thought she must do what she could to ascertain the problem as far as her specialty went.

She started in this way, "Are there some vitamins or other legal stimulants like Coffee or sugar that you are used to consuming every day or every few days?"

Silver eyed her suspiciously and said, "Why?"

  Lilu said, "You have been in that Penthouse from the day you were born. There are likely going to be things you will have to deal with in a new environment like this one here in Wyoming."

Silver relaxed a little and felt she wasn't trying to control him. She was just concerned about his overall well being. He said, "You started to make me very nervous there for a moment. But let me think about what you're saying.... First of all I like pop tarts because of the sugar rush if I'm brainstorming about something. But just like coffee if you get to much you then crash from either. But, what I think you're getting at might be related to the brain vitamins and legal stimulants for the brain that I have been taking for some time now."

  Lilu looked concerned and said, "Many of those though legal you shouldn't just stop taking suddenly. Give me a list of your brain vitamins and stimulants and I'll try to get some from Jackson nearby."

She called in Slim and asked him the name of the drugstore they used in the vicinity and he told them where to go. So she called up the local pharmacy and found they didn't have anything like that. So, at first she was worried until she finally found a health food store that carried these types of things. She wasn't able to get the same manufacturer names but she could at least approximate the dosages of brain vitamins and stimulants he had been taking.

Then, she got online and did some research into the affects of all the products individually and tried to find research into what the affects of all these things taken in conjunction and was somewhat disturbed by what she found. The research noted that Computer gaming and video gaming addicts that went into 24 hour symbiosis with online gaming or internet research were starting to change the ways in which they perceived reality. This concerned her because she wanted Silver to be her man. Yes. He was only 16 but grown up in a real sense much more than most 40 year olds she had met. He was kind of scary like Rex in that way. Some people just live in a fairy tale and you know that when you meet them. But Rex and Silver were kind of like meeting a grown lion or alpha wolf. You sort of felt like you might be eaten by Silver or Rex if you weren't careful. Both of them had this indefinable quality that is best described as
'ultimate survivors'. This didn't mean that they were physical fighters. Not at all. One just knew that somehow they would out think any group of people and if it came to it if anything happened they would always be some of the survivors of any difficult situation.  Lilu always felt safe around Rex and Silver. And she felt safe around very few people.

Within a month  Lilu and Silver were back living in the Penthouse together. She stayed his nurse, she became his friend, she became his lover, then was pregnant with his daughter, then they were married in Wyoming at Sunset in the springtime, then a month later Nada was born when Silver was 18. Rex approved of the whole thing. Heck, he had created the whole thing. Sometimes, he wondered just how much like his Dad he had become. After all, it was his Dad that told him to marry, Pearl when she became pregnant with his son. He had still been in college then. That was a lot to take because Rex had never seen himself getting married after what it had done to his mother marrying his Dad. He hadn't wanted to do to another person what his father had done to his mother. To run over her like a bulldozer until she became road kill stuck in the tank treads of his Dad's bulldozer.

However, luckily, (or not) Pearl had been road kill as a child. There really was nothing he could do to hurt her. He could love her and take care of her(which he always did). She was already like his Mom when he met her. (You know how boys are attracted to women like their mothers).

So the relationship between Silver and Lilu went something like this: Silver:"I will protect you from the crazy structure of the world." Lilu: "I will protect you Silver, from ever having to walk about New York City(even though I know you would love it if you just got over your childhood agoraphobia). Silver: "I will always love you and you will always protect me. As long as you love and protect me, I will finance you and financially protect you from the world." Lilu "I don't think you could make this work without me or someone like me. I will teach you about Gods and Goddesses and everything my parents taught me about Jesus and Saint Germain."

Was this a marriage made in heaven? Who knows? It worked for them. Like I read in a garage once, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

In the end if life isn't about survival first, what is it about really?

Did Silver and  Lilu have problems? Did Rex and Pearl have problems? Did the new babies Nada and Bob have problems? Of course. But they managed to make it all work somehow. And that was enough for them.

And when Silver started to get just too strange for everyone including  Lilu she would simply give Rex a call and give Silver a look and reach for a sedative and then Silver would smile and take; and Rex would bring his limousine by and they would head for Rex's private jet. Silver implicitly trusted Rex and Lilu because they were the only trusted adults in his life. There were always online business associates and there were his wonderful children Nada and Bob, but his adult trust went out only to Rex and  Lilu, and love and compassion for his mother, Pearl, who was usually somewhere lost in herself or visiting with  Lilu, Nada and Bob. As time went on,  Lilu, Nada and Bob started more and more to become the center of Pearl's life.  Lilu, as a nurse was able to handle this quite well. And as Nada and Bob's mother this was okay too. After all, Pearl was their Grandma, and the only Grandparents still alive were Rex and Pearl, so they were a pretty valuable commodity.

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