Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tracking DNA through Time

I was rereading Yesu which is Aramaic for (Jesus) which I wrote in 2009 which is at:


or if you prefer:

dragonofcompassion - Yesu

Jun 14, 2010 ... Yesu is Aramaic for Jesus. This is what Jesus was actually called in his native tongue.I wrote these intuitively in several parts. end quote from Google dragonofcompassion.com page.

And I was thinking about how Biocom and the Galactic Created Sentients (who are constructed by humans and other Galactic races and also by each other) who you might just call "Sentient Robots" even though that would be offensive and politically incorrect to them.

As an intuitive I was thinking about how efficient it is to track someone's DNA through time. So, for example Biocom (a sentient computer built into a Galactic Human into a mole on the front of the face which acts as a digital video feed and deep storage in teeth fillings and a galactic transmitter receiver built into the tips of fingers and toes for deep space sending and receiving throughout the galaxy.

I was thinking about how Arcane's Biocom tracked Arcane and Prophetess through time and then realized that he had to tell Arcane that it was time DNA wise for him and Prophetess to visit Yesu and Buddha in their home times. And I thought "What a useful way to track all time traveling beings!" Sentient Computers or "The Galactic Created Sentients" doing this brings a whole new meaning to everything.

49,000 paths to enlightenment

It is said that Gautama Buddha 2500 years ago spoke of there being 49,000 correct paths to enlightenment. So, there could be even more paths that have arisen since then. So, to me this means that he saw paths to enlightenment both inside and outside of every religion known then. Since many new religions have formed since that time it is logical that there are many more paths now. However, it also might be true that all new religions all fall in pure motivation of helping both oneself and all other beings within those original 49,000 correct paths to enlightenment as well.

Since the religion I was raised in as a child tended to be very exclusive and exclusionary I was very happy as a being to find a path that was capable of including literally all life in the universe and excluding none. So, for me knowing that there are 49,000 correct paths to enlightenment makes me very happy for all beings in the universe past, present and future including myself.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Faith is necessary to progress in life whether it is faith in yourself, your significant other, in your body or mind working properly, in a religion you have chosen to believe in. Whatever it is no one can go on without faith in something unless someone is a baby  being cared for by a caregiver. 

In the early 1980s I met Chakdud Tulku (An enlightened Living Buddha Tibetan Lama and Tibetan Doctor) who then lived in Cottage Grove, Oregon. He was speaking to me about issues I was then dealing with in my life concerning faith and he told me about someone he knew that had attained Full enlightenment meditating on a tooth he believed was a tooth of Gautama Buddha. However, after attaining full enlightenment later in this Master's life he had the tooth analyzed by medical technician's and was told it was a dog's tooth and therefore couldn't be the tooth of Gautama Buddha. At this we all laughed. But the point of all this is that it isn't as much of a problem of what you have faith in as long as it works for you to go on and "Become Enlightened" in your life so you are an asset to yourself and all life on earth and beyond. So, no matter your religion or belief system just remember you need to believe in something even if it is yourself, or nature or a philosophy. Believing in something if your motivation if pure and correct will take you to enlightenment no matter what that means in your system of beliefs. So, though beliefs for many people center around God or nature, just remember that the important thing is everyone  needs to believe in something or someone even if it is only believing in yourself.


All these years I have been harboring a mistaken impression of what A.D. meant. I always thought that one of the ways of interpreting A.D. was "after death" or after the death of Jesus.  I always knew that Anno Domini (A.D) meant "in the year of our Lord" but thought it was calibrated from his death on the cross. However, instead it is calibrated from his conception in Mary's womb and so that date is as accurate as anyone was capable of guessing in the year 525 A.D. However, it could be plus or minus 5 or 10 years because in those times a lot of things weren't that accurate. The concept didn't become in wide usage until after 800 A.D.

I found this out in Wikipedia under the heading "A.D."

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Whatever Works: The Movie

I had rented from Netflix a movie called: Whatever Works. I had seen the preview and even rented it once before but couldn't get through past him telling the lady her young son was a cretin. But, I decided recently to see again and found that it really is a wonderful movie about literally whatever works. The lead character who is a 200 IQ neurotic, tries to kill himself and doesn't succeed. This completely changes his life in amazing ways. He's still neurotic but his intelligence and curmugeonly but still intelligent and caring ex  Quantum Physics String theory Professor he used to be at a local university. One of his friend's is a philosophy professor. The adventures he goes through simply cannot be predicted during the movie which takes this comedy to places you might not expect unless you have seen some of Woody Allen's other classic movies. I think this is one of the best Woody Allen movies I've ever seen even though I have probably seen over 20 of them over the years. If you like his movies you are sure to like this one.

Tricks for Traveling in the Heat

I was thinking back to when over 90% of the cars didn't have air conditioning and neither did the houses. This was in the 1950s when I grew up. Houses usually had Swamp coolers on the roof, however. Swamp coolers are basically a big fan that blows air into your home sucked through fiber gauze wet with water continuously. So, basically if you are in the desert your home now feels and smells just like a wet swamp but it really doesn't reduce the temperature that much but it does humidify and make you feel a little cooler if you stand directly under the vent from the roof or window where the swamp cooler is mounted.

Before the 20th Century the tricks for staying cool when the temperatures were over 100 degrees Fahrenheit were to get under a tree(hopefully with a good breeze), get into a root cellar underground where the temperature stays about 60 degrees or so year around, or to put a cool wet cloth on your forehead and not wear too many clothes. Starting in the early 20th Century Ice became more available as big refrigeration units were first manufactured. Then Ice could be chipped and set in front of an electric fan inside a house or office and this might make the temperature bearable.

My memories of the 1950s and 1960s were mainly without air conditioners anywhere but in large stores, restaurants, or fast food places. So, generally life was pretty hot everywhere when it was hot. I remember spending 4 hours or more stuck in traffic in Los Angeles in smog so bad you couldn't get your eyes to stop watering and barely able to breathe on the freeway and people passing out in cars and getting headaches a lot from the combination of smog, smoke from cars, heat and the inability to get out of over 100 degrees temperatures while being stuck on the freeway.

However, even when we would travel in 115 degrees to 120 degrees across places like the Mojave Desert and Arizona and New Mexico traveling with a headache on the verge of passing out with heat prostration was a normal thing. So, finally my Dad would buy me an electric fan built on top of a squirt bottle and that helped a little. Without that we wet cloths and put them on our faces and then stuck our heads out the window. This helped a lot but then after doing this for a few hours your face would get chapped and this would cause another problem of bleeding sores on one's face.

So, being innovative in whatever weather condition one finds oneself in is the key to surviving it.

Another interesting thing used up to the 1950 and maybe for some into the 1960s was the Desert water bag. You filled the desert water bag that held likely a quart or 2  of water and since the bag was made of canvas when you drove your car the bag (that was hung over the front latch to your hood in front of your grill and radiator got air cooled through evaporation much like a swamp cooler did. So whenever you stopped you had emergency air cooled water across a desert or other wide expanse. Or if your radiator boiled over you could put the water in your radiator so you didn't die alone in the heat of the desert and get to somewhere you could fix your car, refill your desert water bag and move on.

1949 Stinson

This may actually be the 1949 Stinson that I was riding in with my father and his friend, Ed, who was piloting when we almost hit a jet taking off from Los Angeles International Airport in 1959 when I was a boy flying down from Santa Barbara with them then.

California's Proposition 19

The idea of legalizing Marijuana really pisses me off. But what pisses me off even more is all the people who are killed or disappear on trails in Hawaii, California and throughout the U.S. in National and State parks because they unknowingly walked into an illegal marijuana growing area. So even though I consider marijuana to be a feeder drug to other drugs including alcohol, cigarrettes, LSD, Cocaine, Heroin, PCP and all the others and really don't want Marijuana to be legal at all I consider the destruction of all our national and state parks and all the murders and kidnappings of people in the drug wars in Mexico and Columbia and underground in the U.S. to be worse.

Please make you opinions known whatever they are nationwide and worldwide. Some kind of sane solution must be found to all this insanity!

To read a news article about this click the following word button:
Medical-marijuana delivery services complicate legal picture in California

The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party

Frank Rich: The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party

To read the New York Times article on this subject click on "Frank Rich" above.
begin quote from article:
This weekend, the scene shifted to Washington, where the avatars of oppressed white Tea Party America, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, were slated to “reclaim the civil rights movement” (Beck’s words) on the same spot where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had his dream exactly 47 years earlier.
There’s just one element missing from these snapshots of America’s ostensibly spontaneous and leaderless populist uprising: the sugar daddies who are bankrolling it, and have been doing so since well before the “death panel” warm-up acts of last summer. Three heavy hitters rule. You’ve heard of one of them, Rupert Murdoch. The other two, the brothers David and Charles Koch, are even richer,--- end quote.
In order to make sense of just which rich people are paying for the "manufactured grass roots" movement we witnessed at Beck's rally one must be savvy enough to read between the lines of the 100s of millions of dollars created by corporate wealth to actually make this happen and to focus the attention of the nation. 
"Corporate manufactured Grass roots movements" are not real grass roots movements because they are engineered to increase the wealth of the businesses and corporations that pay to manufacture the movements for their own financial benefit long term.
So, unless we change ourselves from a "Democracy in a Republic" to a "Corporation in a republic" it is important to see the real difference here.

Like a Viral Soap Commercial

Unfortunately, Glen Beck and his style is likely to be repeated by others with even more problematic results in the future. But watching Beck for me is like watching a well crafted Soap commercial on Youtube. You just can't believe you are watching it because it is so ridiculous and you don't even want to use the soap. But you just can't help yourself because the commercial is just so funny, addictive and insane. So you watch this dumb commercial about 20 times because it reminds you of all the other funny inane things you have seen before on youtube. This is the real problem with Glen Beck. Whether you agree with him or not watching him is addictive. You feel like you are in a Bar and watching a drunk go on an on about his problems and his life but sometimes that can be addicting too.

Glen Beck is a Mormon

begin quote:
Beck noted that, in contrast to the liberation-theology views he ascribed to Obama, he's a Mormon. It was one of Beck's rare public mentions of his faith. end quote.

Glenn Beck regrets calling Obama a ‘racist’

In the above article Beck speaks of "his big mouth" and his regrets at calling Obama a racist. Also, in the article Beck talks about being a Mormon. I wonder what other Mormons think of Beck?


In some ways I listened to a lot of Glen's ways of thinking among Christian Scientists and all it's spinoffs and from Mormons while growing up. However, he is the most outspoken in asking all the questions in a "never ending" fashion. On one level asking the questions that Beck asks are important. But the problem with this is when you "Shotgun" questions one after another like he does it only takes one to discontinuity and confusion. One has to take some time and research each question rather than extrapolating endlessly about things he isn't completely sure of because of a lack of thorough research into the subject, including researching all sides and opinions to any given idea or situation. When you assume too much you only make an ass out of u  and me.

There is Nothing so Bad that No Good May Come of It

  1. Opinion: Glenn Beck 8/28 rally: It's a matter of honor 


Dr. Alveda King – the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., – explains why she's spoke at the   Beck  rally in Washington yesterday.

If you click "glen beck 8-28 rally" you can read what the niece of Dr. Martin Luther Kin had to say about Beck's Rally.

I'm not so cynical or jaded that I don't think anything good will come from Beck's 8-28-10 rally.

However, what I would like to say having studied psychology and knowing what PHD's in psychology and Social Psychology and Lawyers can do to mangle the truth, I'm just not as simplistic as the average person. It's harder to manipulate someone like myself. In other words "Once bitten twice shy".

So, when I hear someone who uses repetitive "Fight or Flight" scenarios I know I'm listening to a Fear Monger. And what is a fear monger?  One listens to a fear monger for the same reason one goes to a horror movie. One wants to feel something, anything, because life has lost it's meaning. So, in listening to Glen Beck he is like watching a Horror movie. He is a constant "2012" movie.  And in that he is just like the local paranoid on a street corner or like many ministers who have lost it to paranoia and take it out every Sunday on their flocks.

But the real problem with this is being hit with his style is to enter an unreal reality. It is okay to go into fight or flight because that is how we always survived as humans. But to listen to Beck is to move beyond reality to paranoia because it would be like someone saying, "Get up and run or you will get hit by a car." Then since he was right about that he might say, "Give me all your money or you will be killed by that person over there." If you are still in shock from almost dying being hit by that car you might just give the person all your money. But then, what if Beck says, "Now we have to jump off that cliff or you will die." So, because he saved you from the car and since you have had no time to recover you go jump off the cliff with him.

Only now you are both dead because he was insane all along and just right about the car going to hit you. To me, this is the problem with Glen Beck.

Mom, Dad and I

Once Mom, Dad and I were the three Musketeers
One for All and All for One
But Mom and Dad are gone now
And the boy I once was
is like an echo inside a man

It's hard to live as an echo
what's my identity?

I am father, I am husband
But no longer son

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glen Beck Scares me: a new song

Glenn Beck Restoring Honor (Glenn Beck Scares Me - a new song)
Click "Glen Beck Restoring honor" to hear the new song about Glen Beck above.

I was looking on Youtube for Glen Beck's speech today so I could hear what was on his mind. However, the following song came up instead and sort of is the way I really feel about the whole thing. Also, my last blog on this subject was:

Corporate Created Grass Roots Movements in Action

Also, Al Sharpton got a lot of Black and White Supporter's together at a nearby location as a protest to Glen Beck's doing this on the anniversary of the "I Have a Dream" speech.

Do I doubt the sincerity of the people who came to hear Glen Beck and Sarah Palin? NO.
Do I think that large corporate sponsors who want to mold public opinion put on this rally? Yes.
Do I think that Corporate induced and corporate courted legislation will come out of this? Yes.
Do I think this is good for the country that corporations can manipulate people in this way? NO.

Corporate Created Grass Roots Movements in Action

Beck: 'Country has wandered in darkness'

If you want to read about Glen Beck's gathering at the Lincoln Memorial click on "Beck" above.

But I'm asking maybe another question. "What is Glen Beck All ABout?" Is he simply a TV talk show "Rock Star"? Is he sincere? What does this all mean?

I think this has to be an individual decision what this means. However, one must start with the premise that big corporations funded him saying anything he has ever said on TV. Therefore Big Corporations expect to make Billions out of what he is presently doing. This is a corporate given.

Can people feel good about participating? That depends upon the beliefs and mind set of the participants. Just like in a "Rock Concert" or rally of some kind often people are "High" in multiple ways and get laid a lot "married or not" around big venues. This will be true of this venue as well. So, what does this all mean?

I think in the bigger sense if the corporations can make the money they want in some way down the line off of events like these that these kinds of events will continue.

Will these events be good for people? Yes. I think many will see individual benefits in their lives who attend. Will this be good for the country? NO. I think it will be good for corporations and that rightly or wrongly they will make their money by moving the country in such a way that they get the laws that they want? Is this good for the nation? No.

Visualizing a Perfect World

If you were to ask me "Is it possible to create a perfect world?"
The answer I would give you might surprise you.
Because the answer with what I have learned and studied about Spiritual technology is "Yes!"

However, Spiritual Technology is a technology after all and not just a fairy tale one tells to children. It has taken me a lifetime of study of various religions, philosophies and spiritual technologies to realize this.

Most people who try to create a perfect world leave out a necessary part of the technology. So when someone says to me, "I tried and I failed." I look at what they tried to do and it is in the end like a car.
So, I look at what they have done and it is like them saying to me, "I can't get my car to run." and I want to say, "Well. You have to put air in the tires. Or, you need to make sure the battery is charged or it can't start unless you push it downhill and then put it in first or second. But that only works if you have a stickshift. Otherwise you have to be going 30 to 60 miles per hour to do that with an automatic, and not all automatics will do that. On some cars or trucks that will just destroy the transmission or the engine or lock up the wheels so you would die trying that."

So, since spiritual technology is just as real as quantum physics or car mechanics one has to start there or at least study with someone who understands this basic premise.

So,  is it possible to create a perfect world for everyone? The short answer is "Yes."

However, the caveat is: "How do you get that many people and beings going in the same direction at the same time in order to create that perfect world for everyone?"

And That is the $64,000,000,000 question.

Should Drones Be Allowed Across U.S. Skies?

pushing the Federal Aviation Administration to update its rules and allow for wider use in the United States.

Begin quote from above article reached by clicking "Pushing" above. News Article's name:

Should Drones Be Allowed Across U.S. Skies?

 begin quote:
  • There Are Some Pressing Concerns Though, writes Joan Lowy at The Associated Press: "The FAA’s... afraid that the unmanned drones might crash into cargo planes, airliners and corporate jets at high altitudes, or hot air balloons and helicopters closer to the ground. It also worries about loss of communication and the lack of warning systems and transponders."
  • Safety Comes First, says Hank Krakowski, the head of the FAA's air traffic operations: "I think industry and some of the operators are frustrated that we're not moving fast enough, but safety is first... This isn't Afghanistan. This isn't Iraq. This is a part of the world that has a lot of light airplanes flying around, a lot of business jets."end quote. 
Thank God there are some people with sense here in the U.S. I agree that this isn't Baghdad or Kandahar. We don't want to see these drones flying into LAX takeoff or landing zones because the artificial intelligence lost the remote pilot signal. (A friend once made this mistake in a 1949 Stinson that we were flying down from Santa Barbara in when I was about 12. I said to the pilot, "Isn't that jet coming right at us?" And he said, "OH My God! I was so busy talking to your Dad that I flew into LAX Takeoff Flight pattern for passenger jets." So we dove about 5000 feet and when we pulled out the wings shook and I was worried they would come off. The point is there would be no human pilot in a flying drone weaponized or not. Just like the planes that went into Ground Zero in New York drones are like missiles even unarmed. This is an important thing for us to consider when no pilot is connected to the artificial intelligence on a flying drone. Though this could be just as bad on a ground(car or truck drone) if it went up an exit ramp onto a freeway or(a water traveling drone) if it started hitting sailboats, powerboats etc in a harbor, but a flying drone is potentially likely to accidentally cause the greatest loss of life when it hits a passenger plane when disconnected from it's human pilot on the ground because of signal error.

The Future of Drones Part 2

Renegade Navy Drone flies into DC Airspace

The above blog article of mine contains online buttons to the Yahoo news article, my first  article "The future of Drones" etc if interested.

As I read about the Navy Drone invading Washington DC Airspace along with the unveiling of thenew Iranian Pilotless Bomber drone in Iran I began thinking just how prescient my first article "The future of Drones" that was written before the Iranian Drone was unveiled and the Navy Drones artificial intelligence took it into Washington DC Airspace when human pilot wireless connection was lost even though it supposedly was programmed to return to base. As I outlined in my first article artificial intelligence in drones throughout the world is a potential nightmare especially now that it is coming to a police force near you. It is inevitable that many innocent people will accidentally die by drones here in the U.S. (air, land and sea) before it is perfected. So, if you see an armed (land, sea or air armed drone) here in the U.S. be sure to either duck or run because you won't be able to trust it. Having anything armed with artificial intelligence not presently connected to a human being will be a nightmare. When it was overseas in warfare that level of uncertainty might be expected. But here in the U.S. you are going to see a lot of deaths and maimings of innocent civilians covered up the next 25 to 50 years of more. So if you are a reporter be sure to watch for this because believe me it IS coming now.


Friday, August 27, 2010


America Toughens up

A tough economy toughens up America

To read full Yahoo news article click on "A tough economy"

It's been a long time coming. Because I grew up in the 1950s both my parents had "Endured", "Weathered" the Great Depression as teenagers. Each in their own ways was changed and scarred in some ways and made much stronger by this. The motto then was "Do what you can and the rest Can". In otherwords what you couldn't do anything about you just stuff.

I don't think stuffing stuff in the long run does anything but make one crazy and give one cancer. But in the short run stuffing can allow one to just make it through the next day, the next month, the next year so they don't die in one way or another.

But the most important thing about these times might be my grandfather's statement, "If you don't have cash, don't buy a G--damn thing!" Of course, he buried 25,000 dollars in a coffee can in the front yard of his home because all the banks were collapsing and couldn't be trusted. Later when he couldn't find it his oldest son bought himself a house in his early twenties for his wife and child. Grandpa likely knew but I don't think he said anything. He just likely knew his oldest son, "My father's oldest brother" had just bought a house with his money and that literally he just bought his son a house.

But that was then and this is now. So, once again if you don't have cash don't buy it. Because financial deleveraging for all the things bought on time since the late 1960s and early 1970s finally caught up to us and who knows where it will all end up?

However, if you look at our history it has always been, "When the going gets tough the tough get going!"

Being Direct

I was reading an article about a guy who made up a t-shirt to explain who he is. The T-shirt says simply, 'I'm not angry. I'm from Philly'. Having grown up Blue collar in a suburb of Los Angeles I also get this completely. My father was an Electrical Contractor and from age 12 to 17 I worked summers for my father and in my junior year in High school I worked the 4-4 plan which meant I went to four periods of classes and worked for my father 4 hours each day during the  week. Though I had to take a History class during the summer I got paid and didn't have to take a gym class in my Junior Year. This allowed me to have plenty of money for traveling on weekends and dating and surfing and Scuba diving(all of which I loved a lot then).

But being around tradesmen all the time there was always a lot of swearing and directness. Your word was your bond and if you didn't follow through you could expect a fist in your mouth and missing teeth. I liked this direct way of functioning and came to despise the office world of backbiting and deceit when I had to face that in my twenties. I always knew exactly where I stood with blue collar working men. With white collar people you didn't always know where you stood and had to be prepared to be metaphorically stabbed in the back at any time. And in a white collar environment calling someone on their lies or deceit usually only meant the end of that career for you. So, my solution was to quit a job and move on when I found back stabbers(metaphorically).

I refused to give up my direct style of communication that I had learned from my father and the tradesmen that I worked with and around. But as I became more sophisticated I became more aware of who I was around and what their values were. And I learned the art of making conversation and what to talk about and what not to talk about and when to be completely quiet.

So, I learned that some people live in a world of lies and therefore only deserve a sort of complacent double speak from you because if you told them the direct truth it would be dangerous. But all this sophistication took time.

It's not that blue collar people are all nice. That's not the point. Blue collar is about realizing that life is a physical battlefield and if you aren't strong enough you will be mowed down one way or the other. Whereas being white collar is all about game playing and role playing which many blue collar people never master.

So, because I have always been very intelligent like my father I moved out of the blue collar environment and into a more elite world. But I'm still a blue collar populist in my heart. Because all this elitism though nice to be around in many ways doesn't really suit me in my heart.

So, recently I was channel surfing on Cable TV and found "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia", which is about people working at a bar in Philadelphia. It has a more off beat kind of set than "Cheers" and Danny De Vito is in it. But I found I felt at home with an east coast version of the kind of people I knew growing up in Los Angeles in the 1950 and early 1960s. By the 1970s I had become much more sophisticated and moved away from Los Angeles to San Diego then Mt. Shasta, Then Hawaii etc. but I never forgot my roots or my friends who had to go to the Viet Nam War. I didn't have to go because I was in college but many of my friends weren't that lucky. Being direct in the end is where the rubber meets the road. I can pilot a plane but you can't stay in the air all the time. There's just too much weather.

Renegade Navy Drone flies into DC Airspace

Rogue Navy drone veers into D.C. airspace 

begin quote from above yahoo news article

The U.S. Navy has admitted that it lost control of a helicopter drone during a test flight in Maryland earlier this month, leaving it to fly unguided for more than 30 minutes and 23 miles and violating Washington's restricted airspace. The drone's operators eventually regained control and got the drone safely back to base. The Navy tells the New York Times that a "software issue" caused the snafu.
end quote.

Whether this actually was a software snafu or confused Naval personnel it is the kind of danger that I wrote about in:
The Future of Drones

The new IRan Unmanned bomber drone in the following article is also related.
Iran Launches Unmanned Bomber

quote from my own article "The Future of Drones" above.

I thought about what the difference really was between Today's predator drones of the U.S. Military and CIA and those future drones in the Terminator series.

And to my horror really the only difference fundamentally is programming. So, I extrapolated because of my knowledge of history in that every weapon that has ever been developed at one point or another has usually been used on some enemy or some segment of humanity. So, to extrapolate what predator drones will morph into is kind of disturbing to one's psyche if one morphs forward 25, 50 or 100 years in one's thinking. end quote.

So, the real problem is like in my above article I mentioned that all software can either be poorly written or there can be media corruption of good software. But the biggest problem of all with a flying drone is that it also has artificial intelligence if it loses wireless connection with it's human pilot on the ground. And if this artificial intelligence isn't programmed to avoid Washington DC and is heading in that direction when it loses wireless communication the next time then you are going to see Navy, Air Force or even CIA drones shot out of the sky above the White House or Capital building because if the Washington DC parameters aren't covered in the Artificial intelligence of the drone almost anything could happen. Computers are stupid. They are more dangerous than little children below 3 years old.
A little child can drown in a bucket of water if it is unsupervised. What crazy thing can artificial intelligence get into if it is flying along without a human pilot guiding it because wireless communication has been lost temporarily or permanently?

I actually found this next quote from the yahoo news article at the top of the page the most disturbing of all:

It's unclear how frequently drones fly in U.S. skies. Some local police departments have already begun using them for law enforcement, and the Department of Homeland Security began using drones to monitor the border with Mexico in June. Many cities — and drone manufacturers — are pushing the Federal Aviation Administration to update its rules and allow for wider use in the United States.

If you have ever programmed computers for a living or programmed them in college You just know that this is going to be a nightmare and all sorts of bad things are going to happen and hopefully not to honest citizens or Presidents, Governors, Senators or Congressmen and Women. People who aren't programmers have no idea how potentially bad this could get relatively quickly if no one is minding the store(so to speak).



Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Movie "Mash" and the 1971 Sylmar Quake

The 1971 San Fernando earthquake (also known as Sylmar earthquake) struck the San Fernando Valley near Sylmar at 6:00:55 a.m. PST on February 9, 1971, with a magnitude of 6.6.[1] 
 end quote from wikipedia under the heading "1971 San Fernando Earthquake"

Since February 9th was a Tuesday, the night before I had gone to a Drive in Theater in Palm Springs to see the movie "Mash". Then I drove home about midnight or after to Yucca Valley. This particular Quake was the single most terrifying I have ever gone through in my life and I was raised in California where there are little quakes all the time. Even though I was almost 3 hours by car from the epicenter, first of all this quake woke me up first of all and it was dark out and cold (likely in the 20s) and then after waking me up the shaking began. I thought, "Oh. It's an earthquake. It'll just shake a little while like it always does." But then I rolled over and the bouncing got worse and worse and worse. And then I got scared because it just kept getting worse and not stopping. And as the fear washed over me I started wondering whether this was an earthquake or a nuke since the cold war was in full force worldwide at that point and had been since the late 1940s. So a nuclear hit on Los Angeles wasn't out of the question. And then, just when I thought I was going to die and was bouncing all over the room because I would have been injured in my bed and as pictures flew off the wall it stopped. I remember being so very grateful that it had stopped even though with an earthquake that bad I knew people had likely died at the epicenter. And they had.

Begin quote from same wikipedia article heading "1971 San Fernando Earthquake".
The earthquake ruptured a segment of the San Fernando fault zone, a set of north-dipping, high-angled reverse faults along the southeastern margin of the San Gabriel Mountains.
It caused more than 10 miles of discontinuous surface ruptures with average displacements of about 3 feet both horizontally and vertically. A strong aftershock sequence followed the main shock and included four quakes in the Magnitude 5 range.
The quake claimed 65 lives and caused more than half a billion dollars in damage, including the destruction of two hospitals, two freeway interchanges and the Lower Van Norman Dam. Damage to the dam caused concern that the dam, of the earthen bulwark type, might collapse, in whole or in part. [4] Much confusion ensued as various agencies declared a need for the mandatory evacuation of 40,000 people,[5] or voluntary evacuations of various portions of the San Fernando Valley below the dam. This depended on which agency was consulted, and often the evacuees were not able to be informed of the status of an evacuation in a timely manner, often returning home just as the police arrived to notify them of a new evacuation order, or evacuating at a moment when officials decided not to evacuate. Communication was made difficult by disruption of telephone, water, and electrical service.
The most spectacular damage included the collapse of structures at Olive View Hospital in Sylmar (which had opened just a month prior to the earthquake) and at the Veterans Administration Hospital at San Fernando, where 49 people died. The earthquake pushed Olive View Medical Center a foot off its foundation, causing the first floor to collapse, killing three patients and a hospital worker. Twelve overpass bridges fell into freeway lanes, including the freeway overpass connecting the Interstate 5 freeway and the Foothill Freeway that resulted in the death of at least two people. end quote.

I hope none of you ever have the experience of even for a few minutes thinking that that  moment is the end of civilization on earth. I can't even express how awful it was to think for even a short time that the human race and civilization was over. Maybe it was how long the earthquake was. Maybe it was being woken up out of a dead sleep in the dark or maybe it was a combination of things. However, anyway you look at it I wouldn't wish that experience on any person on earth. 

Last night I was up late and found the movie "MASH" that was made in 1970 and released in either December or January 1971 and remembered just how much I had enjoyed seeing that movie the night of February 8th 1971 in Palm Springs. I was 23.

Note: My ex-wife was married to her first husband then and both were in college in the San Fernando Valley. They woke up to all their library of college books coming down on top of them and injuring them, of glass flying around the room, of all the glass being blown out of their house, of almost everything glass in the house breaking, of powerlines falling outside and arcing and making a racket. So within a week or so they were still healing up by what had fallen on them during the quake and there were still issues with electricity and potable water even then as well as roads that could be driven on at all.

Where I was outside of trees falling down and some fences being broken and new cracks in foundations and roads. And as you traveled closer to the epicenter it was really a mess. I went with a Sierra Club Geology tour of the Hospitals that collapsed and saw firsthand the roads broken with three or more foot high breaks along roadbeds and walkways and buildings broken or thrown off their foundations entirely. It was very unsettling to see the epicenter up close. It was in some ways like a bomb hit over a ten or more square mile or bigger area if you saw the damage there within a month after it had occurred.

Corporate Created Grass Roots Organizations

It has only been 5 years or less that Corporations could fully do this. Up until then they had to list what organizations that they were funding. But the latest trend is for Corporations and Corporate think tanks to Create "Grass Roots" organizations by lying to the common people that their organization is actually a grass roots organization. Then by bending the truth to the monetary needs of their corporation or corporations' needs they can manipulate the masses which don't tend to have PHD's in Psychology or Social Science who are trained to manipulate large groups of people in various ways. I saw this in action in a Social Psychology class in an experiment at one of the UC's in California. The experiment caused me to drop the class. I happened to have been put in the group being manipulated in a negative way. I just said finally, "Screw this!" and dropped the class. Most people  don't have access to this kind of information and don't know how to protect themselves psychologically from this kind of manipulation.

So, if you don't want to be a lab rat for some kind of social science experiment for Corporations trying to manipulate you into making a buck for themselves, do some research before you join a so called "Grass Roots" organization.

I was listening to an NPR Radio program about a lady who has written an article in the New Yorker about this. If I can find it online I will put the NPR location and the New Yorker online location here for you.

The Brothers Koch: Rich, Political And Playing To Win 

I couldn't find the New Yorker article advertised at NPR yet but it might just be in paper print and not online yet. To read or hear about the problem I listed above please click "Rich, Political And Playing to Win" above.

In a related sense I saw an episode of  "The Daily Show" where Jon Stewart realized that the same guy from the middle east who funds a "possible Terrorist organization" that New Yorkers and others are upset about regarding the potential Mosque "At Ground Zero" is also a part owner of Fox News along with Rupert Murdock. If there ever was a corporate manipulator and creator of grass roots movements called "libertarian" and funded by many corporate giants Fox News is the biggest "Corporate Manipulator of the grass roots" media wise of them all. Take note America!

Note: I have no idea whether the rich Billionaire Muslim that is business partners with Rupert Murdock supports possible terrorist organizations or not. On a certain level that is his own business. What I find amazing is that people who support Fox News don't understand fully who they are being psychologically manipulated by when they watch Fox News programs. There are definitely worldwide corporate interests involved no matter how you look at it so be very careful of supporting so called "Grass roots movements" no matter what media you find out about them through. Unless you start your own "grass roots" movement you have to be very very careful. And even if you do start your own grass roots movement you have to be very very careful when someone donates over 10,000 dollars to you in one lump. If it is a million dollars likely it is a "straw donation" from some corporate interest and they will want something for it. And if you take that donation you likely are bought and paid for and if not don't be surprised if you or a family member disappears. The real world is pretty scary on this level. Be Careful.

Later: I guess what I'm trying to say is if you really believe in something you should honor your own integrity. However, be careful of being used by people just trying to make a buck off of you that leave you feeling bad about what you believe in. You should honor what you believe in. Don't be manipulated in ways you can't be proud of later.


All Beings ARE Bliss and the Cause of Bliss

I was having an internal conversation with one of my teachers this morning. I was thinking, "I AM THAT IAM". My teacher was saying something like "You have moved forward from that." And then I thought, "May all beings have bliss and the Cause of Bliss". And then I realized that a real Buddha or Master would say it differently because of seeing the universe as it IS".

A Buddha would say, "All Beings ARE Bliss and the Cause of Bliss" and so would a true master. Because a Buddha would recognize that the natural state of all Beings IS Bliss. Only when beings perceive themselves as being in distress is another state real to them. But since the natural state of all beings is bliss, "All Beings ARE Bliss and the cause of bliss. Anything else is unnatural and therefor not a natural state. Anything else but bliss is abnormal.

When you approach life in this way, "All Beings ARE Bliss and the Cause of Bliss" is the only natural truth along with "All Beings are Being and the Cause of Being" itself. In other words, "God is all Beings and all Beings Are together, God".

So, therefore the inherent truth of all beings everywhere in the universe is: "All Beings Are Bliss and the Cause of Bliss". And the further inherent truth is: " God is all Beings and all Beings in the Universe together ARE God past, present and future as one Being into infinity".

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A 7 Billion Person Democracy

I have been asking a question lately. I don't think I'm the only one.

The question is: How will the U.S. and the world survive what is presently happening?

The obvious potential answer would be: To form a 7 Billion person democracy.

However, when I looked at all the diverse ways of seeing things worldwide that just brings up another question which is: How would that be feasible or possible given the present diversity on Earth?

My answer to the question given looking at everything is:

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

And how will it be accomplished?

By strengthening   the individual nation states as a part of the new World Federal Government. So there would be autonomy for all nations but there would be certain questions that only the World Democratic Federal Government could address.

How would the nations learn to trust each other enough to make this work?

Globalization is forcing this upon us. There are only two big choices that I can see at present, either a continued de facto Global Corporate Fascist State composed of mostly multinational corporations who basically do whatever they want (if not one place then another), OR we end the corruption caused by ungoverned and potentially ungovernable Multinational corporations worldwide and create a World encompassing democracy to give rights (like we have in the  United States and Europe and other places) to everyone.

At present I don't really see another solution that will put it all back together without 100s of years of economic and bloody revolution worldwide. Globalization just ended isolation for anyone anywhere. IN order to protect one of us now we must find a way to protect all of us. All for one and one for all.

A microcosm of the problems that would beset the founding of such a worldwide democracy one now sees in the fledgeling European Union. If you magnify these problems they would be the problems of a worldwide democratic state with rights for all. However, if it isn't done I believe that the death and blood over the next 100 years might make World War II look like child's play in comparison.

Anyway you look at it the present corrupt world economic system can only lead to more collapses worldwide. The way things presently are it won't be good for anyone for very long unless the system becomes more fair to all. Only with a system more fair to everyone can economic growth worldwide resume in a healthy way.

The other question is: What kind of economic growth is possible with continual Global Climate change progressing at a geometric rate?

So, we have two basic equations to solve for there to be any permanent or relatively permanent progress continuing here on earth.

From Castles to Cannons: 2010

I wrote an article shortly after 9-11 that had the same title. It talked about how a sea change had happened then. That by flying planes into buildings like that a type of innocence and trust had been lost among mankind. It could be likened to when cannons were first used on castles and knights wearing armor and when pistols and rifles penetrated armor worn by knights. Everything changed overnight.

Today here in 2010 Globalization is doing the same thing to the nation state. Though some nations like China and India are better positioned by lower labor costs to take advantage of it, they likely will be in for even a worse psychological wrench than the U.S. and Europe and Japan as they watch the havoc that globalization will wrought on their nations. Though the U.S., Europe and Japan and other industrialized nations will suffer in one way, still they have infrastructure that hasn't yet been developed by China and India and other fast developing nations to the same degree.

So all nations should consider the "Castles to Cannons" adage because we are all there. We may all experience globalization differently. But Nothing will ever be the same again just like when cannons were invented and no castle could ever be a useful defense ever again.

Hope: Metamorphosis

Mankind (including the U.S.) is going through a metamorphosis that I would liken to childbirth. And Whether you liken what is happening to us (the present human race) that is birthing the (child), the future of what mankind will be and become, still there is no doubt that childbirth though wonderful is still fraught with many perils. In 1974, my first wife and I delivered my son at home alone using the La Maze method. When we all returned to our Lamaze class then we were surprised to find that none of our group actually had had the courage to actually have natural childbirth except us. As they told their nightmarish stories one by one we felt sort of strange and waited until the end to tell our story. We watched our fellow class members sort of pale as we told our story of birthing our son alone at home.

I was 26 and she was 21 and we were very young and courageous and just did it with the Lamaze instructions, with alcohol and a shoestring to tie off the umbilical cord and a bathroom full of amniotic fluid when my son was born.

Likewise, now as the future mankind of earth are born through these intense times there is as much potential joy and danger for all mankind as for our Lamaze baby birthing class in 1974. Please remember the potential joy and don't just concentrate on the scary stuff. Unless we all focus more on how great the future could be we won't get there. Imagine a good future and you will get there.

Imagination is More Important than Knowledge

Einstein is often credited with this saying even though it has likely always been an important idea in mankind.

The reason Imagination is more important than knowledge is that Knowledge is the known which is finite whereas imagination is the unknown which is potentially infinite.

If one looks at human psychology before languages were created someone somewhere had to be the first one to make a noise that became a symbol to someone somewhere. Sure, there were always food noises, sexual noises, fear noises, dying noises. But someone somewhere had to start imagining what it would be like to communicate more details than "I'm happy I have food so I won't die", and "I'm happy I'm being intimate with you" and "I'm afraid because something is eating me or trying to eat me." So, all the kinds of communication we now take for granted all over earth started with someone imagining it. All of us now benefit in a variety of ways from the constant refinement of communcation whether it be verbal, written, or electronic. Even the ways our minds and bodies work individually and collectively are constantly changing as our minds and perceptions and actions change to fit an ever evolving world culture of thousands of micro cultures and languages around the world. And as our conceptions about each other evolve as well as when our conception of the universe evolves, we all constantly evolve into something new and different never seen before on earth and then beyond earth. Whether you think it is good or bad or both(usually both) no one can doubt that it IS happening.

Soul Traveling

I got into soul traveling as an adult because my parents religion had an Ascended Lady Master that was called Leto that came to one to teach them how to do it. So, imagine someone with a nature similar to the best lady teacher you ever had in school and she came and taught you at night  while you were asleep in your dreams how to safely, usefully and successfully soul travel.

So, by my teens I would have amazing dreams of flying. I remember one dream where I was flying like superman with a blue cape like a superhero and I was wearing a blue gown like out of ancient Greece and something was wrong on the ground as I flew so I sent lightning bolts crashing to the ground from the tip of my right arm. This was definitely the kind of dream one doesn't forget.

Another time I dreamt I was in a white ancient Greek Gown and that I flew in a chariot across the sky with several wild white horses pulling the chariot.

Later, when I actually went to the center of the Galaxy it actually reminded me of the Greek Pantheon of Zeus. Because of this I wondered if this whole concept that was brought to earth of the Greek Pantheon had come from someone soul traveling like I did to the Galactic Core to experience  Zeus and the Greek Pantheon first hand.

What is funny to me now is that the "Creator Leader" that I met in the Galactic Core didn't necessarily believe in the concept of God as we know it. However, what he did say was that many beings in this Galaxy perceive him as God because he is at about 1,000,000 IQ or beyond is basically non-physical in the sense that he lives in both matter and antimatter and is an energy being whose race feeds off of matter turning into antimatter and antimatter turning into matter. And he told me his grandmother and grandfather had created the  earth and the galaxy for all their progeny and that they were sleeping because they were very old and regenerating by incarnating as humans and other types of beings throughout the galaxy as mortality has a regenerating effect on old bored Creators.

Whether you believe me or not it was a very amazing experience. These experiences have reordered how I perceive the universe and my place in it. I wrote about parts of these experiences in the course of "Memories" an online book series I have online for you to read for free at:

dragonofcompassion - Home

Memories part 1 through memories part 11 are buttons at the top of the page there. There are sequels in progress under the names of some of the characters in "Memories" as well.

Antimatter Detector to travel to space

Antimatter detector to catch last shuttle to space
Click "catch last shuttle to space" above to read full yahoo news article begin quote.
The AMS detector will complement CERN's Large Hadron Collider, a massive atom smasher deep beneath the Swiss-French border that scientists are using to simulate conditions similar to those just after the Big Bang in the hope of better understanding the makeup of the universe.
Antimatter, which the device was primarily designed to find, is sometimes referred to as the evil twin of ordinary matter and scientists believe the Big Bang created both in equal amounts — meaning that, in theory, there should be an identical universe to ours out there made entirely of antimatter.
end quote.

Many people likely haven't heard the idea of an identical antimatter universe. As an intuitive when I first had contact with one of what I call "The Creators" which is a species of very long lived non-physical (at least as we know it) beings that create Galaxies much like we farm the earth. Instead of farming the earth they farm the universe.  If what the Creators have told me is true "Starting during the 1980s" then this theory is true about there being an antimatter universe is true. At my first contact I was driving along Interstate 5 North late at night towards Mt. Shasta. It was between 9pm and midnight and I was looking up at the Stars because there was little or no light to the sides of the Hiway so I could see the Milky Way Galaxy as I drove. I was asking in my mind about the Galaxy and how it really formed and got an answer from a being as big as a star. (Actually it likely was a star). This being told me that there actually was an antimatter universe that could be reached by falling into a black hole. But for me this sounded like originally trying to break the sound barrier or worse. And what would one find there if they got there? The being I was speaking with said something like, "Oh. You wouldn't want to go through a Black Hole wearing a physical body because you wouldn't survive. But you could soul travel there."

Since I had soul traveled to the Center of the Galaxy in the  early 1970s this being (likely a Star) knew that I was capable of something like that. However, the fact that an antimatter universe existed that was a polar complement to our physical Galaxy interested me. However, going there did not. As an intuitive I had a very bad feeling of doing something like that which reminded me of my terrifying experience when I first soul traveled out beyond our Galaxy. I was in my mid 20s when i first attempted to soul travel out beyond our galaxy. This experience scared me so bad I stopped soul traveling mostly consciously for about 5 years. The experience then of going out beyond the boundaries of this galaxy could best be described as suddenly finding oneself at midnight naked in an ocean thousands of miles from land and alone. This wasn't something I wanted to repeat. However, I have heard of yogis who like this place because everything out of balance in one's consciousness falls off there. So, for them it is a place to shed everything not completely useful to a yogi or adept. But for me at age 25 it was just a place to cease to be human and die at that point. Later, I learned by being around Tibetan Lamas what the Void is and how not to be afraid of it and so I became comfortable with it just like one becomes comfortable with the concept of alligators and crocodiles and other big wild things eventually even up close with time. Later I learned to soul travel in my 30s to other galaxies.

Note: though almost anyone can soul travel and do what I have done the problem is that most people aren't psychologically suited (at least at present) to do this without damaging themselves in our present world culture. So, it is about as dangerous soul traveling to another Galaxy as surfing a 30 to 50 foot wave on the ocean. The problem is you might not survive it. Traveling around the solar system and into the sun is about as dangerous as surfing a 5 to 10 foot wave. In other words you have to know what you are doing to survive it. Going to the center of the Galaxy one has to know they belong there and will be welcomed or that could be a problem too. I have done all three starting consciously in the 1970s.

But it is not for everyone so be  very careful.  I suppose as doing this gets more acceptable by mystics and yogi types around the world there could be many more of us traveling around learning about things. But, for now please be careful if you are going to do stuff like this.

It's not really a Republican or Democratic Problem

If it were, voting someone new in would change things. However, the problem is systemic throughout the world. It's Globalization which basically means an almost infinite amount of exchange of information, ideas, billions in money passing through almost all borders electronically, etc. This amount of real change disempowers all nations, not just ours. Even China and India in their own ways as nations are being disempowered by Globalization. Most people there just don't see it yet because their labor forces are better positioned because of lower wages than ours. But the early signs are there, like suicides of workers with no real rights at the Foxcomm plant in China.

Do you really think a 27% decrease in home sales in the U.S. has anything at all to do with who is in office? It has actually zero to do with that. And that is why it is so frustrating for Americans and patriots of every nation on earth right now.  The Corporate Fascists have won without a fight because most of the world had no idea this is what could or would actually happen.

Do you remember why the Early Americans went to war? It was "No taxation without representation". Well, it's the same thing again. Only this time it is the whole world. We have only 300 million or so people. But the election to have meaning or teeth would have to include the whole world 7 billion at this point. Otherwise, elections are useless everywhere in bringing prosperity back.

The problem is the corrupt world economic system and the corrupt U.S. economic system. It has nothing at all to do with U.S. politics really. It's the world economic system that has failed us!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

77 degrees Fahrenheit 9pm Northern California Beach

For a southern California Beach in the summertime this would be normal but for a northern California beach after the coldest foggiest summer I can remember in the last 15 years or so at the beach, 77 degrees Fahrenheit at 9 pm is pretty much unheard of. For example, the weather report for that same beach tomorrow has the High being lower than the temperature at 9 pm. So other than the water being about 20 degrees too cold it was like being in Hawaii with the one day after full moon with kids gigling as they waded in the water to stay cool this night.

The hottest place in southern California that I can find tonight is 96 degrees Fahrenheit in Palm Springs at 9:45 pm right now.

After highs of between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit because of constant high and low fog since June this is a welcome relief of seeing the sun all day (at least one day) and having more warm weather like we start to get in the fall here.  Mark Twain once said, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco".

Kotlikoff says U.S. Financial System Fundamentally Corrupt

    • U.S. Financial System Still "Fundamentally Corrupt," Kotlikoff Says: Here's How to Fix It -
    • To read article or play Yahoo business video click "Fundamentally Corrupt" above.
    • This is the fundamental problem that the U.S. and world Economic system is facing. Why should middle Class people invest in a corrupt system?
    • The wealthy know better from having more time to educate themselves and invest in stocks that are dividend bearing and in Tax Free municipal bonds and other things they feel safe in. Even owning property is a safe long term investment if it is completely paid for and one considers always "Location Location Location" before buying.
    • But most people don't have the time, money or energy to refine their investments to be as safe as most wealthy people get if they are smart enough to hang onto their investments long term and yearly at the very least beat inflation worldwide.

Dad Made It

This might not make sense to some of you. But as an intuitive it is one of the most important experiences of my life so I'm sharing it with you because I feel my father wishes it.

My father's passing was very difficult for my father, for me, for my mother and for everyone that knew him. There was nothing at all that made any sense at all when my Dad died. Even saying "When my Dad died" seems even now an unreal and made up statement even though it was 1985.

I was driving to a place this last weekend with my son who was 11 when my Dad passed on that was   the last really clear Dad and son time that I ever spent with him in the wilds near a stream. Later, I remember going to see "The Gods Must be Crazy" with him in a theater but he was so in pain from cancer then that he couldn't be comfortable. After that he  went home to Yucca Valley basically to wait for death. I wouldn't have said that at the time as my father always said he was going to live forever right to the end. So none of us were actually prepared for his passing at his age 69 in 1985.

So this weekend while driving to the place of my last clear experience with my Dad when he would still joke and laugh with me I realized suddenly that Dad had finally made it to where he wanted. I wondered why it had taken him so long but God's timing isn't man's timing. He was a very disciplined and very spiritual and religious man so if he couldn't make it to a good place then "What hope did I have?" But this last weekend he let me know he made to where he wanted go. For him that would mean  he was "Ascended Master Daddy". His name was Fred like me so you might call him "Ascended Master Fred" but to me I think I like, "Ascended Master Daddy or Ascended Master Dad"

For me, Daddy works the best because it heals the little child inside of me. If my Dad finally made it to his goal then there is hope for all of us.

I talked today to a friend of mine who is a Zen Buddhist who doesn't believe in God. I find Believing in God very useful so I still do. "There are no atheists in foxholes". But as I explained what had happened I shifted it so he could better understand. I said, "Whether my Dad actually made it to where he wanted to go or whether I had a major breakthrough in my life spiritually and psychologically or however you want to think of it, I found happiness this weekend that I lost in 1985 when my Dad died. Since then I have had hope for my children but not as much for myself. Now I have a profound hope for myself because somehow my Dad came and said to me, "I made it, son". Now I can help you and my grandkids more."

And I am profoundly grateful for the extra help. Thanks God, thanks Dad,  I needed the extra help!
And By the way, Dad, congratulations at becoming an Ascended Master like you always wanted!

Being Proactive is the Primary Cause of Enlightenment

In the last two months I have experienced a profound breakthrough in my life. The answer to the question How can some enlightened people be so happy and peaceful and nothing seems to throw them off ever?

I recently found the answer. It sounds simple and it might be for some but I have been trying to fully manifest this 24 hours a day for at least 40 years now. And even though I might make it days or weeks in a fully enlightened state usually something will knock me down sooner or later.

But the answer actually is quite simple. How do people stay enlightened and happy all the time? The answer simply is: "They choose to". The reason they choose to is because realizing that they are full adults and capable of it they simply refuse to be a victim to anyone or anything ever again. Though this could be a physical thing as in Karate or guns, the more profound Guru or enlightened being simply IS!"

In otherwords no matter what anyone says or does including killing that person they are enlightened and will never be a victim. You meet people like this in Mandela, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Many Gurus and enlightened people all over the world.

It is simply, "Know the Truth and the Truth will Set You FREE!" If you choose to be the truth from the very marrow of your bones then you ARE THE TRUTH!

The Truth is simple. The truth is powerful and the Truth cannot be killed. Not really! Even though Martin Luther King and Gandhi were both assassinated THEIR TRUTHS WILL Never die!

Weather Warfare

Weather warfare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Weather warfare is the use of weather control techniques for military purposes.
The Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques (Geneva: 18 May 1977, Entered into force: 5 October 1978) prohibits "widespread, long-lasting or severe effects as the means of destruction, damage or injury".[1] However it has been argued that this permits "local, non-permanent changes".
The United States Space Preservation Act of 2001 bans the use of exotic weapons systems to damage climate, weather, and tectonic systems so as to induce damage or destruction.[2]
Prior to the Geneva Convention, the United States used weather warfare in the Vietnam War. Under the auspices of the Air Weather Service, the United States used cloud seeding over the Ho Chi Minh Trail, increasing rainfall by an estimated thirty percent during 1967 and 1968. It was hoped that the increased rainfall would reduce the rate of infiltration down the trail.[citation needed]
With much less success, the United States also dropped salt on the airbase during the siege of Khe Sanh in an attempt to reduce the fog that hindered air operations.

YouTube - History Channel Documentary Validates Chemtrails and ... "weather warfare"

end quotes and website word buttons.

The history of weather warfare is documented in the above youtube video from the History channel. It all started with a British attempt of seeding clouds over a small English town in 1952. This attempt succeeded but killed 55 English people as the torrential rains swept most of the small town into the sea.

When you look at the kinds of weather earth has been having the last 20 years or so it makes one wonder whether Global Climate Change or if you prefer "Global Warming" isn't an excuse for weather warfare.

Also, Since if I was to describe to an off planet person what earth presently is I would have to say (if one looked at it realistically) that "Earth is a Corporate Fascist State". The reason this definition makes the most sense is that nation states are becoming more and more anacrhonisms like the monarchies of Europe including the royal family of England. Yes. They exist but no longer make earth shaking decisions sort of like a very elderly family member. You love them and are amazed at all they accomplished during their lives but now you sort of take care of them because you love and worship their lives and them.

Nation states are more and more like that in actuality. Now, the common man might not realize that nation states are more and more becoming a legal fiction. But those of you educated enough know the truth of what I speak.

So, if for example the Corporate Fascist State of Earth didn't like a group because they were just rocking the boat too much. Why wouldn't they since they wouldn't be prevented by any law not being a nation state and all from lessening the impact of those people upsetting the applecart for the rest of us wherever they are on earth. This may be funny to you but I am just looking at the writing on the wall and wondering if there is anything to it.

Weather warfare technology exists. Who would know if someone was using it especially if they didn't like the group or groups being targeted as well. If this is happening I don't think nation states as such are behind it but a coalition of multinational corporations. If it is happening it is being executed by corporate mercenaries.

The Struggle for Joy in one's life

I have often wondered when I was meeting someone very special and enlightened in India, the U.S or wherever I have been on earth. I have often wondered "What are they thinking to give off an aura like that"? "How can anyone be that genuinely happy and joyous in this world of so much sadness and pain?
The answer is something that I experienced today. "Because they choose to."

I have been struggling with family loyalty my whole life. Not the mental part of it. I long ago mentally forgave myself for thinking my own thoughts even if these thoughts and beliefs didn't completely mesh with my parents. No. My struggle has always been that I felt I owed my parents and forebears so much and that they gave me such a good start in life. They gave me a better start in life than most people I grew up with. So I always felt I owed them more than I could return. So when I got to be 17 and older I tried to be as kind and respectful as possible to make their lives easier. But still, when I didn't share a lot of their ideas and beliefs I saw the disappointment in their eyes as well. I think all parents go through this to a greater or lesser degree. And all children who care about and feel loyal to their parents for all that has been given them also struggle with what I have also struggled with.

But this struggle is emotional only for me not mental because by my early twenties I accepted that I must go my own way. Otherwise it was very clear to me that I would just self destruct by age 25. Since many people I knew and knew of did self destruct by 25 one way or another I knew I owed my parents to  try to stay alive even if it meant thinking my own thoughts and living my own life which in some ways might disappoint them because it would be a different life than they might choose.

However, sometime this week while I was saying to my wife, "I failed my Dad and now I have failed my Mom." My father passed away in 1985 and my mother in 2008. My wife said, "You didn't fail your parents. You were always a good son and were there for them as much as you were able." Even though this was true I wasn't able to be there for them in the way that I wanted to be. But in the end "Life is for the living" and when people start to pass away if you have a wife and children to think about you can't always just be with your parents in the way that you might want to be all the way to the end. Life most of the time just won't let you do exactly what you want unless you are single and sometimes not even then because of health or finances or distance or whatever.

Somehow, my wife saying to me that "You were always a good son to your parents" healed something very deep inside of me. Even though I always knew this I guess I needed someone to actually say this to me for me to fully accept that it was true.

And tonight I found myself finally allowing myself to feel some real deep happiness again. Yes. I have felt superficial happiness since my mother passed away in 2008 but it never went very deep. Tonight I felt this deep happiness that I have waited since my father passed away in 1985 to feel once again.

Like I said, "People feel Joy because they choose to." Nothing more. Nothing less.

Monday, August 23, 2010

There are no problems only opportunities 8-23-10

This is a reprint from a 2005 article I wrote at my old Yahoo Geocities website. It seemed both useful and important so I thought I would share it here:

There Are No problems only Opportunities!
Monday April 5th 2005
When I did not think I could survive my divorce and custody battle I was 46. It seemed to me that I was too far along in life to survive such a terrible thing.However, I did survive because I took to heart "There are no problems only opportunities!" You too, can survive almost anything with this attitude! Here are some helpful ideas in that process.
Reactive Language---------------------Proactive Language
Don't say:There's nothing I can do----Say:Let's look at our alternatives
Don't say:that's just the way I am----Say:I can choose a different approach
Don't say:he or she makes me so mad---Say:I control my own feelings
Don't say:They won't allow that-------Say:I can create an effective presentation
Don't say:I have to do that-----------Say:I will choose an appropriate response
Don't say:I can't---------------------Say:I choose
Don't say:I must----------------------Say:I prefer
Don't say:If only---------------------Say:I will
You don't have to do anything but breathe and eat to live. Anything else YOU CHOOSE TO DO. Weigh the consequences and make the choice.
Proactive people make love a verb not just a feeling. LOVE is something you do:the sacrificies you make,the giving of self, like a mother bringing a newborn into the world. If you want to study love, study those who sacrifice for others, even for people who offend or do not love in return. Love is a value that is actualized through Loving actions.

To be honest with you I don't think I composed and wrote this. What I think happened is that I found this an copied it but then after saving it my then PC computer crashed and I could no longer find the source once it was fixed. This is likely where I got this wonderful worksheet for living: "There are no problems only opportunity". However, I will tell you that this is the key out of depression and a return to a fully useful and potentially wonderful life. Once you disconnect from seeing any problems as problems but only seeing them as opportunity you are free. You are on your way to freedom!

My present day archive site is:

dragonofcompassion - Home

My books and mini-books online

I just wanted to make sure people understand that writing for me is an art form. So when I write it is about ideas that I experience that I feel are important enough to write about. So, like many artists try to share insights or new ways of perceiving reality, I try to explore reality either as it has been presented to me or as I have experienced it and usually a combination of the two so you, the potential reader can think and grow in ways that are useful to all our survival as humans here on earth and as we travel beyond earth, first in our minds eye and then with our physical bodies.

However, since I am an "Idea Man" I find I don't always tidy things up in a neat box. I don't necessarily tidy things up with certain endings because I find that life really doesn't have many beginnings or endings. Unless you begin with your birth and end with your death or the death of someone you are writing about real life goes on and on interminably until one day you just keel over from whatever.

So, I try to write as long as I am inspired and when I'm no longer inspired I just stop writing until I'm inspired again. So, for you as the reader of what I write don't expect endings unless you are reading "Memories". In  "Memories I attempted in my writing to have a beginning (1,000,000) years into the future a present (from 1,000,000 years into the future to about 6 million years into the past and then ending in then present day 1987 or thereabouts. So even though in the character based sequels there isn't really any ending other than that one.

So, even in mini-books like "2035" or "2037" that are also online at my archive site there is always a beginning but not necessarily an ending because all of this world is ongoing and for me, personally is as real as the Bible was for those who wrote it. So, in this sense, I'm not really writing fiction. I'm writing about the world as I experience it which is unique to me.

I encourage all of us to write our own Creation Story before we die much like every tribe on earth or family on earth might have it's own creation story. This is not to negate or even to lessen the Creation Story of whatever religion you were raised in, it is to enrich all mankind that we each write our own True Creation Stories. In this way all mankind on into the future is enriched.

Here is my archive site where all or most of the books and mini-books and short stories are that I have written which are all free for you to read.

dragonofcompassion - Home

Todays teens suffering from unemployment

Soaring teen unemployment could have lifetime effects
To read full Yahoo news article click "Soaring teen unemployment"

I guess the most useful way for me to approach this would be to say that I had the opposite experience to unemployment from the age of about 10 years old. However, I'm 62 so it was a completely different world I was born into than this one today. So, by the time I was 21 I was so exhausted from working at different jobs that I was ready to retire from being abused monetarily and psychologically by multiple employers during those times.

I think the one good thing that came out of all this working for not very much pay from ages 10 to 21 was that I realized that I so hated working for people, most of whom abused regularly all their employees, that I really knew by age 21 that I wanted to have my own businesses and completely make up my own schedules and run my own life.

Unfortunately, 4 million young people who want to work can't find jobs because they are now competing with full adults for those jobs and don't have a chance to find out through direct experience what is real under these present circumstances today in the U.S and around the world.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quantum Gravity II

I was thinking about how Einstein got to the Theory of relativity. Since Einstein was an intuitive dyslexic likely he was capable of quantum jumps in thought. So as an intuitive dyslexic the logic goes something like this: since he was trying to understand something he was able to (in a dream) or consciously visualize himself so clearly riding a beam of light through the galaxy with all variables intact that he might as well have been actually doing it. There are intuitives who might say he astral projected or bilocated on a beam of light in actuality and then all he had to do was to do the math and of course it worked because he had already (done) it in a form of actuality.

Likewise, in regard to Quantum Gravity all one has to do is to ask the right question and be intuitively gifted and have a mathematical background to prove it all at the same time. So, the three necessary things needed then are being an intuitive, asking the right question like Einstein did and then doing it and then doing the math to prove what you have already done so people can replicate your work mathematically with experiments.

For example, someone might ask me to move on the right question and I might actually do the quantum jump in thought or experiment. However, not having a mathematical background I could never prove it to other mathematicians or scientists or physicists. So, it helps to find someone who can either do everything or for people who could work as a team to do this. A Nobel prize in physics might motivate people to try and emulate Einstein in this way.

However, since quantum gravity is likely one of the keys or The Key to Time travel in actuality and since if time travel was ever invented in the past, present or future of any galaxy that it is also here with us right now I might be careful with this one.

Global Climate Change

Both developing and developed countries alike are suffering more and more each year from Global Climate Change extremes. People for a while were trying to call this global warming but I prefer the term Global Climate change. Because in actuality what we are experiencing now regularly everywhere is weather that is sometimes normal but then so extreme either into flood or drought worldwide that no one has ever seen anything like it before. So whether it is floods or Earthquakes or mud slides in China, or floods like never seen before in Pakistan, or heat and fire and burning peat like never seen before in Moscow, or floods and heat in the U.S. or extreme wet weather on the west coast where I live that has streams still running that shouldn't normally be running after April to June, or a host of other strange earthquakes and droughts and floods and melting permafrost releasing methane into the upper atmosphere that ends ozone with water vapor, or whatever it is we are definitely in the middle of Global Climate change.

And the real problem for people everywhere in regard to staying alive and making a living is it is only going to get more extreme the rest of this century and beyond. So, when Stephen Hawking says we only have a limited time to move to another planet before we're all done for here(maybe 200 years) I think we should listen to him.

The Paradox of Globalization

It outsources almost all the jobs of the developed nations to the less developed nations. Then like in China now some employees with outsourced jobs like at Foxcomm in China are so mistreated and are without rights to such a degree that they jump off the tops of their buildings and dormitories to commit suicide because of being pushed too hard for too long. And then in the long run because of all the outsourced jobs that suck the marrow out of the developed countries like the U.S. , Canada, and Europe and Japan to the point where tax bases collapse and governments collapse with no tax base over time. This then tends to create anarchy long term in the developed nations. This is the world we presently live in.

And so, here in the United States we are not really facing a new Great Depression we are facing a "Creative Destruction" of our way of life because of Globalization ongoing caused movement toward an anarchic state because of the (permanent?) losses of tax bases and potential long term deflation.

But on the positive side of Globalization we also have the benefits. Wikipedia(the world's largest online collaborative Encyclopedia), Ubuntu, (the absolutely free PC operating system for those who can't afford to buy and operating system), and things like Facebook, EBay, Amazon.com, Netflix etc. etc. etc.

So, the benefits could potentially outweigh the negatives in the long run if we all work very hard to create a better "Open Sourced" collaborative world.

In a way you and I might be collaborating right now to create this BETTER "Open Sourced" globalized world that we all just might be able to stand to live in right now.

For example, as the nation states naturally collapse from the death of their tax bases caused directly from outsourcing of U.S. Corporate and Company Jobs, worldwide collaborative governmental systems can be created by all of us online to take the place of all the nation states dying from Globalized outsourcing from all developed nations. With no tax base because of outsourcing no nation can afford to do much of anything for long. (This mainly applies to the middle class and the poor). This doesn't apply to the rich worldwide who either own globalized companies or who own a lot of stock in globalized companies. But in order for the world to not just turn into a corporate fascist state the way the developed world is going now, something else must be added to the mix. And I'm asking all of you to think of ways so that the masses don't just all starve to death or kill each other over bags of donated food worldwide during this process worldwide.

We must develop ways for the middle class to survive worldwide during these times. Without a strong worldwide middle class the whole world economic system can only collapse into anarchy and revolution. So I'm asking all of you to try to think of ways to keep this whole worldwide society from exploding or imploding into complete chaos during the next 50 to 100 years during this extreme transition for Global societies.