Friday, August 13, 2010

The Ups and downs of AT&T Wireless

And that's why even Apple CEO Steve Jobs has come to AT&T's side, defending how his partner has tried to beef up its infrastructure in its most troubled markets. At a recent press event, Jobs said that
AT&T is just bad for the wrong people in the wrong places

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when AT&T wants to add a cell tower in Texas, it may only take three weeks. But in San Francisco, on average, it takes three years.
"No one wants a cell tower in their back yard, but everyone wants perfect reception," Jobs said, according to a rough transcript.
The rest of the country, overall, isn't such a mess for AT&T. How can we tell? One way is to look at AT&T's customer turnover statistics to see if people are fleeing from AT&T and its supposedly terrible service. The reality is that they are not. end quote.

For my family, AT&T is the only service if you want to get good cell reception where we live. And for our family AT&T is the only service we have found through personal experience that cares at all about customer service. Everyone else we have been with has been a nightmare. I don't like signing 2 year contracts to get a free phone or close to free. But AT&T like I said is the only Cell service that works where we live and that has been civil to us through whatever issues we have to deal with like phones or batteries not working properly etc. Just customer service alone has made it worthwhile for us to be loyal customers at this point(at least this has proved true the last few years).

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