Friday, March 31, 2023

Rust' first assistant director sentenced in deadly on-set shooting

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Looming spring storm to spawn blizzards, ice, tornadoes across central U.S

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Judge lets Dominion’s defamation case against Fox News go to trial




Trump reportedly “caught off guard” by 34-count indictment

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Trump reportedly “caught off guard” by 34-count indictment › ... › Igor Derysh's Articles

12 hours agoFormer President Donald Trump will be charged with more than 30 counts of falsifying business records after a Manhattan grand jury voted to ...
14 hours agoDonald Trump faces more than 30 counts related to business fraud in an indictment from a Manhattan grand jury, according to two sources ...
8 minutes agoTrump Indicted on 34 Counts, Republicans Lose Their Minds 3/31/23 TDPS Podcast - YouTube.


Trump to appear in New York court on Tuesday to answer criminal charges

Though this is all true he is also traveling to New York on Monday.

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One Stem Cell Injection to Target Inflammation Slashed Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke By 58%

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one of the reasons that Paltrow won ski collision case

It was that the other gentleman suing her had a go pro camera on and running when all this occurred. But, he erased it all which is one of the main reasons he lost. Likely it showed that he ran into her from behind coming downhill and wasn't a competent skier to begin with. So, Paltrow actually had reason to feel like she had been sexually violated by the collision. But, I'm thinking the guy just didn't know how to ski and ran into her because he had no real idea what he was really doing and was very embarrassed and angry at his embarrassment.

When I'm skiing especially at a Ski resort with Ski lifts there are a lot of people doing all sorts of things they shouldn't be doing like skiing outside of the safety of their class of skier. There is no one more inept than a new skier and the fact that both she and this gentleman were on a bunny slope means either neither of them were proficient skiers or that Paltrow was on a bunny slope teaching her kids to ski. So, likely this man just embarrassed himself and tried to get Paltrow to pay for his medical expenses even though he was at fault to begin with.

You would be completely surprised at the kinds of things people do at ski resorts and you wonder how many of them survive even one day skiing? So, when I'm skiing I am constantly looking back for snowboarders going 60 mph down a slope that are usually under 20 years old when they do this. I don't ski over 20 to 30 miles per hour because I don't like falling anymore at that speed. I remember going down a black diamond slope a few years ago and when I lost a ski and fell and spun along the ground at 30 mph or more I thought I had broken my neck. Somehow my right ski stayed on when the left released so you figure that out. However, for a couple of months I thought I had broken my neck and wondered if I might die or something it hurt so bad. These are the kinds of things that make you slow down or soon you are injured or gone.

Experience is a great teacher IF you can survive long enough to get that experience.

Gwyneth Paltrow wins ski collision case

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Gwyneth Paltrow wins ski collision case

CNN  — 

Gwyneth Paltrow has prevailed in the civil trial relating to a 2016 ski collision.

A Utah jury on Thursday found Paltrow, an Oscar-winning actor and the founder and CEO of Goop, not liable and ruled in her favor in her counterclaim against the man who sued her.

Terry Sanderson, a retired optometrist, sued Paltrow over lasting injuries he said he sustained when the two collided at the Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah more than seven years ago.


The jury in the civil trial deliberated for a little over two hours before returning their verdict in favor of Paltrow, who testified that it was Sanderson who skied into her back as she was down slope from him.

The trial began on March 21.

Sanderson’s attorney on Thursday asked the jury to consider his client’s brain injury and life expectancy, suggesting the jury award $3.2 million to Sanderson.

Sanderson’s complaint alleged his damages were more than $300,000.

Gwyneth Paltrow listens as the verdict is read on March 30, 2023, in Park City, Utah.

Paltrow testified last week that Sanderson skied into her. She sought and was awarded $1 in damages, plus attorneys’ fees in her counterclaim.

After the verdict was read, Paltrow released a statement through her attorneys.

“I felt that acquiescing to a false claim compromised my integrity. I am pleased with the outcome and I appreciate all of the hard work of Judge Holmberg and the jury, and thank them for their thoughtfulness in handling this case,” Paltrow said.

Her attorney, Steve Owens, also released a statement.

“We are pleased with this unanimous outcome and appreciate the judge and jury’s thoughtful handling of the case,” he said. “Gwyneth has a history of advocating for what she believes in – this situation was no different and she will continue to stand up for what is right.”

Sanderson spoke to reporters outside of the court.

He said that when Paltrow was seen placing her hand on his shoulder after the verdict was read, she said to him, “I wish you well.”

He later said that he believes “she thinks she has the truth,” but asserted that he did not present any “falsehoods” during the trial.

Sanderson’s lawyer Kristin VanOrnum said that she has “newfound appreciation” for Paltrow, when responding to a question regarding the media coverage of and interest in the trial.

“If she has to deal with all of this on a daily basis, I can’t even imagine and I feel for her on that,” she added, after telling reporters that she was “not starstruck.”

Closing arguments

Before the jury was sent to deliberate, Sanderson’s attorney, Robert Sykes, rejected claims that Sanderson was seeking fame and attention by bringing his case to court.

“Part of him will always be on that mountain,” Sykes said in his closing arguments. “We hope that you will help bring Terry home off that mountain with a fair verdict for today.”

Owens, meanwhile, asserted in closing that for Paltrow, it’s an issue of right and wrong and that it would be “easy” for Paltrow “to write a check and be done with it,” but said that would be “wrong.”

Gwyneth Paltrow speaks with Terry Sanderson, left, as she walks out of the courtroom following the reading of the verdict in their lawsuit trial, Thursday, March 30, 2023, in Park City, Utah.

“It’s actually wrong that he hurt her, and he wants money from her,” he told the jury.

He added, later, “He’s entitled to be here today, but he’s not entitled to be rewarded for hurting her.”

Paltrow’s attorney James Egan, in his portion of closing, referred back to the opposing side’s comments, saying: “Ms. Paltrow wants him off the mountain, too, but she should not be responsible for the cost of that.”

Key testimony

Paltrow told the jury the collision happened on the first day of a trip to Deer Valley that she was on with her two kids, then-boyfriend Falchuck and his two children.

She testified that two skis came in between her skis, forcing her legs apart and that she heard a “grunting noise” when she felt a body pressing against her back before they both came crashing down together.

'You skied into my f**king back': See Gwyneth Paltrow on the stand describe anger over ski collision
01:20 - Source: CourtTV

Paltrow said she did not ask about the condition of Sanderson after they collided but claimed she stayed on the mountain “long enough for him to say that he was OK” and to stand up.

Terry Sanderson in court on March 27.

During his testimony, Sanderson reiterated claims it was Paltrow who skied into him.

“I got hit in my back so hard and right at my shoulder blades and it felt like it was perfectly centered and the fists and the poles were right at the bottom of my shoulder blades, serious, serious smack and I’ve never been hit that hard,” Sanderson testified. “All I saw was a whole lot of snow.”

Sanderson disputed suggestions he sued Paltrow to exploit her fame and wealth.

“I thought, ‘I’m not into celebrity worship,’” Sanderson told the jury about learning she was the other skier involved in their collision.

Jurors also heard from a number of expert witnesses, Sanderson’s daughters and testimony from ski resort employees. Testimony from Paltrow’s two children, Apple and Moses Martin, was also read to the jury during the trial.

Thursday, March 30, 2023

TRUMP INDICTED on 30 counts in New York


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LIVE UPDATES Trump faces more than 30 counts related to business fraud, sources tell CNN. He's expected to appear in court on Tuesday as the first former US president to be criminally charged.

Gun injuries sending more Americans, especially kids, to emergency rooms -study

By Julia Harte(Reuters) - Emergency rooms in the U.S. saw a significant rise in the number of patients with gun injuries ...


 Russia to enlist 147,000 soldiers in April

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 Russia to enlist 147,000 soldiers in April

More than a year after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of neighboring Ukraine, the countries ...

Vulkan files’ leak reveals Putin’s global and domestic cyberwarfare tactics

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 The Guardian6h‘Vulkan files’ leak reveals Putin’s global and domestic cyberwarfare tactics

The inconspicuous office is in Moscow’s north-eastern suburbs. A sign reads: “Business centre”. Nearby are modern residential blocks and a rambling old cemetery, home to ivy-covered war memorials.

Minnesota town evacuated after train derailment

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A town has been evacuated after a train derailment caused a fire in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, CBS reports.BNSF Railway said approximately 22 cars had derailed at around 01:00 local time.No ...

Everitt Memorial Highway on Mt. Shasta now closed at Macbride Springs

Also, a friend  was telling me how 3 feet of snow fell this week already in the town of Mt. Shasta but because the earth is warming up because it's spring (according to the calendar now) so most of the 3 feet has melted off in town down to around 5 inches of snow because it's slowly getting warmer (the ground and the air) this time of year.

Another friend recently said that he still has 10 feet of snow at his house nearer McCloud at 4000 feet on

 2 1/2 acres of land. He also says in order to see out from his house he has to climb up to the top story to be able to see anything. He also said the snow load has broken his greenhouse which he wasn't very happy about because growing organic food is going to be a problem until he fixes the broken panes of glass in the roof of his greenhouse.

However, a friend in Mt. Shasta says he believes that they will get a big snow blower (7 to 10 feet high) and snow blow Everitt Memorial Highway up to Bunny Flat by next Monday. He said there is presently 25 to 30 feet of snow at Bunny Flat, on Mt. Shasta.

The hardest part of 25 to 30 feet of snow I remember is getting up on top of it to ski and then you have to think about Tree wells so you don't fall in one and die (the three feet or so around a big tree where snow isn't from the surface of the snow to the earth itself. So, theoretically you could fall down a tree well 30 feet to your death and this often happens with snow boarders more often than skiers for some reason. So, if you are skiing or snow boarding stay away from tree tops that you see especially. Tree tips just under the snow are harder to see if at all. So, in this sense skiing or snow boarding on 25 to 30 feet of snow can be dangerous for this reason alone.

 US revises down last quarter's economic growth to 2.6% rate

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 US revises down last quarter's economic growth to 2.6% rate

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. economy maintained its resilience from October through December despite rising interest rates, ...

Snow keeps up in the West; swaths of the country brace for intense thunderstorms: Weather forecast

Thursday will bring more snow to mountains in the West and potential frost to the South, as a swath of the country braces for dangerous storms later this week.   Winter storm conditions ...


Ex-Fox News producer calls the network a 'big corporate machine that destroys people'

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Disney quietly took power from DeSantis' new board before state takeover

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