Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Fjords. I didn't realize there were fjords in Canada. I had visited Vancouver and Victoria in British Columbia several times as I like it there and feel safe. California and the United States is starting to feel pretty crazy in a lot of places. So I like the orderly pace of Canada with a whole lot less people than the western coast of the States.

This last summer I decided to travel north from Vancouver toward Whistler. I was amazed to find a road traveling through fjords with many islands dotting the Sea and the coast going from rocky almost straight up to about 8000 feet in some places. I was completely amazed by the views and couldn't believe I had missed something this spectacular right next to Vancouver all these years.

This first time I went to Vancouver, Canada I was about 4 years old I frankly I don't remember it. At that time I had been born in Seattle and had spent the first 4 years of my life there. Summer when I was 4 we moved to San Diego, California, a long ways away from Seattle. I have spent most of my life since then various places between San Diego, Los Angeles county, the San Francisco Bay area and Mt. Shasta and a while on the big Island of Hawaii and Maui. So I have spent at least 50 of my 59 years living on the California Coast or in the mountains.

However, the last 5 years my family and I have enjoyed visiting Canada several times because so few people live there relative to the West Coast of the United States and because we feel relatively safe there in this post 9-11 world.

There is a craziness to the United States that I haven't felt since the period between the Cuban Missile Crises where we almost all got nuked, and then the Kennedy Assassination all the way through to Nixon's impeachment. Those were really insane times like the ones since 9-11.
I personally believe that Global warming and the Terrorist Wars have caused the fabric of society worldwide to become unglued. It is as if we are all experiencing a greater or lessor form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and no one seems to be balanced or thinking quite right anymore. Having lived 59 years so far I have seen a whole lot of different kinds of craziness on earth. However, I haven't worried as much about any of it as I do about the present kind of craziness I see. The present kind of craziness reminds me most of lemmings jumping off a cliff together in some sort of group suicide or something. I have a sense of foreboding of Billions of people dying soon. I don't think it will come in a way anyone expects. Likely, it won't come through war but through some kind of pandemic brought about by drought and pestilence. Drought is becoming more and more common all over the world. Both Drought and floods seem to be everywhere. The relative weather balance that we knew in the 20th century seems to be gone most places. However, I think there will still be 1 or 2 billion people alive by the end of this century. That is my best guess.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Drought 2

Drought 2. I have noticed even in California where I live that rain just doesn't seem to fall much South of San Luis Obispo, California. Since I know the California Coast the best I can best speak about this. Also, I have to drive on family business to Santa Barbara and LA and further south at times at least once a month. So often, I will ask gas station attendants and friends and associates along the way about the weather. For example, In visiting my cousin in Orange County in February he said there had only been 3 inches of rain since June. By the way, normal would be 12 to 15 inches or more during the same time. As I drove away a bad fire had started. I said "Boy. It sure is unusual to have a fire this time of year." My Cousin said, "Not any more!" This made me very sad.

My God daughter who is from Monterey County like myself, called in a panic from San Diego County having never been through a major fire when the witch fire started in Rancho Santa Fe near her. I told her stories of fires in Glendale when I went to junior high and High School. We sat then in our back yard and watched the wealthiest people's homes burn that were up in the hills with a view. Many of my Junior high and High School friends houses burned down during the almost yearly fires back then in the early to mid 1960's. So I reassured my God Daughter that you don't ever want to be downwind of a fire not only because you can't breathe and may pass out from the smoke but also because you may get burned up. I told her always get out of the smoke to survive a fire in all ways. I told her it is like trying to survive a riptide in the ocean one must swim up or down the coast but never straight back to shore to survive. In the same way one survives most brush fires which also sometimes burn homes and structures the same way. I told her also to get a face mask or gas mask of some sort to filter the air when it gets really bad. I learned since then that the inside of the lungs of most people in San Diego and Los Angeles and Orange Counties is now black from the soot in the air of the fires and many might get other illnesses because of all the carcinogens in the air from burning cars and homes. I also saw a burned out cars melted aluminum wheels which looked like aluminum swords melted into the cement grooves. The most carcinogenic things that burned were likely synthetic fibers in carpets and the interiors of cars and trucks.

Anyway, I'm digressing. The point I was originally trying to make is that the drought is not only in the Southeast but extends all the way to California. I would say it is full drought below San Luis Obispo, California, partial drought up to Cottage grove and Portland, Oregon and I'm not entirely sure what is going on north of that. However, I did notice last summer that it was raining in Vancouver, Canada where I was visiting all the way down through Portland and it suddenly stopped before Cottage Grove, Oregon much like a service station attendant had been despairing about while I was on my way up to Vancouver last summer.

Living on the Coast of California we have places like Santa Barbara which has the biggest desalinization plant in the United States. If east or west coast municipalities want to learn how to desalinize ocean water in a big way visit Santa Barbara, California. Southern California has always been semi arid. To translate that for you it means that most of southern California is near a desert or on the edge of a desert. Having lived on the California coast most of my life if you travel inland more than 50 to 100 miles you will hit desert until you travel north to places like Bakersfield and the Sacramento Valley. Once you get to the Sacramento Valley you get some of the best farm land on earth for about 3 hundred miles further north and weather that allows often 4 crops a year. For the best soil on earth you go to the Salinas Valley in Central California which I believe allows at least 3 crops a year.

However, at least for now southern California doesn't have the water problem the Southeast does at least for now. This could change very soon depending upon what happens next. But for now there are canals from northern California that have been there for over 30 years or more that permanently take water from northern California and ship it through the canals to Southern California. Also, water from the Colorado River supplies a lot of water to the Southern California coast. Since over half the population of California is in San Diego, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties in the south they can vote pretty much whatever they want from northern California's resources. This has upset some Northern California residents so much they have threatened to Secede into the State of Jefferson from California so they have more control of their resources. I imagine this sentiment might increase in the next 20 to 30 years of Global weather changes and droughts.

So in California we now have water for our homes and houses but none for the parched countryside. So people might have enough water to wet their homes or shrubs or trees but if the countryside goes up in flame that may or may not help. The new San Diego County building regulations requiring fireproof houses only to be built I think is an excellent idea. So I guess what I'm trying to get at is all the Southern United States are together in this and we should find ways to survive this and share ways to survive this just like neighbors in the U.S. always have.

Drought: Ways to Survive the drought

Drought:Ways to Survive the Drought. Obviously, the first way to survive a drought is to move to somewhere there is no drought. However, for many who own their own homes, lands, farms etc. this is not practical. So in these cases one may need to install a 1200 gallon or more aluminum water tank above the level of your highest room in your house. This will enable a gravity feed system to connect with your indoor plumbing. My father had one like this in the desert of Yucca Mesa near Yucca Valley, California before piped water came to his area. This would have been in the late 1960's when he was building his retirement house on weekends. So I'm very familiar with water tanks. Though the water pressure is relatively low one can still take a shower and run washing machines and water plants with just a gravity fed water system. Also, if you have electricity (220,110) from lines or generator then you can install electric water pump(s) to increase water pressure if you need. Water tanker trucks in your area can refill your water tank for a fee when needed. Or if there is not a commercial water tanker truck in your area, you can buy a small water tanker trailer and a gasoline powered water pump to do it yourself. In buying a gasoline powered water pump make sure the water pressure generated is enough to raise the water by hose to the top of your home water tank. If you have ac electricity both where you get your water and where you pump your water up to your water tank then you could buy an electric pump instead of a gasoline pump. You might have to drive a ways and pay someone to use their water source but it can be done. Note:(Since many garden hoses are from China and have significant lead in them you might not want to drink or cook with water pumped through such hoses. However, non edible plants don't mind the lead.)

If there is no water for hundreds of miles like is happening in the Southeast and may happen elsewhere in the U.S. then driving hundreds of miles to pick up water in your tanker trailer towed by your car or truck could become cost prohibitive. In this case one might consider recycling water. I think for drinking I would use only bottled water and then recycle by collecting the gray water from the kitchen sink and bathroom sink to flush the toilets. One could also collect bath or shower water for this purpose as well. If one is not using the types of soaps that harm plants then that gray water from sinks and shower and bath could also be recycled into watering non edible plants.

If you are hydroponically (with a greenhouse) growing edible plants then about 75% of your water in this type of situation could be recycled but only within the greenhouse. Also, it is important not to put any gray water on your edible plants. This will insure both the plants and you remain healthy. Also, if you go to a composting toilet make sure your compost is eventually put only on non edible plants.

Another idea would be to connect all your downspouts on your house to rain barrels. Rainwater is usually very soft water so this can be really nice. However, if you have an asphalt felt type of roof your water might taste like asphalt so this is something to think about before drinking it. I know a priest who does this and then drinks the water after boiling it.

If the water emergency becomes even more extreme then only drink bottled water or rainwater caught from your roof after being boiled or in extreme cases one could boil ones urine to distill the water out if it. Under no circumstances should one ever drink boiled gray water. There might be reverse osmosis techniques to filter gray water into drinkable water but I'm not technically proficient to recommend such a thing.

If the drought is severe and you don't trust your well water then buy a backpackers water filter system and filter it for drinking or you could get a reverse osmosis system installed. If you still don't trust the water then boil it for 5 minutes. When I traveled through Asia as long as I boiled any local water for 5 minutes I found it usually safe to drink.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dropout Factories

1 in 10 schools dropout factories.

When I was taking a college course in Logic in 1990 the professor was speaking about how illogical the school system was in America. He was talking about how more and more schools were more like reformatories and baby sitting services and were just keeping kids off the streets to prevent mischief and crime. In this Yahoo article it notes the percentage is now 1 school in 10 in public schools that are definitely in this category. My personal view is that it is better to home school or go on independent study or whatever a parent or guardian can do rather than put up with a failing school. Failing schools just tend to get worse. If your child is in a failing school, find a different way to educate the child. Home School. Charter School. Church School. The child's future is what is important. School failures are systemic and it is better to save your children from ineffective schools because a failing school is unlikely to change because of bureaucracies in place. In the present system the schools needs outweigh your child's need for a good future and a good education.

The Inevitability of War?

The Inevitability of War? The posturing of both Iran and the United States is not good. The way this is going it is beginning to look like there will be a war, at least between the United States and Iran. I also believe that multinational Corporate Disaster Capitalism is pushing this. The American people don't want this and I'm sure the Iranian people don't want this either because what it will mean likely is that nuclear weapons will be used against Iran for the first time since Hiroshima and Nagasaki and this will mean in these days an uninhabitable Iran for hundreds or thousands of years.

Of course this would be unacceptable to the rest of the world. But if you look at things the way the Pentagon has since World War II and the Cold War this is exactly how it would be done. First, I think Iran would lob large missiles into Israel. Next, Israel would lob large missiles into Iran. Next Iran would up the ante with a nuclear missile at which point Israel and the United States would nuke Iran into oblivion. What are Russia and China going to do? I think this is the most important question people should be asking right now!

Also, it is obvious that it is not going to be a land war because Iran likely would win such a war because the United States and Israel are not prepared at this time for a land war against Iran.

Here a question needs to be asked, "If it is only corporate interests that are driving this war what about what the people want?" I don't think any people outside of corporate board rooms are being considered at all in this. This war is about profit. That's all. If it weren't about money it wouldn't happen at all and a detente could be reached like we did with the Soviets in the 50's through the 80's.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon. My grandfather told my father that our family line is directly related to Francis Bacon in England. When I grew up my parents owned a rare copy of The Biliteral Code of Francis Bacon. This particular decoding of the original Shakespearean manuscripts is based on A's and B's. Later my parents let a friend who studied such things borrow the book and then eventually we let this man donate it to the Saint Germain Foundation Library in Mt. Shasta.

According to this decoding, Francis Bacon was one of two illegitimate sons of Queen Elizabeth the First. She was so traumatized by the murder of her mother by her father that she wouldn't recognize either of her sons, according to this code. It is interesting to note also that Francis Bacon was such an amazing mind that he not only invented the Scientific Method but his code and cipher book was still during World War II the best around until computers started to be invented. In the Biliteral Code he also says that his brother was beheaded by his mother because his brother was going to out the fact that his mother had two sons she was not recognizing.

It had never occurred to me before today but I realized that if, in fact Francis Bacon was a son of Queen Elizabeth and actually did write the Shakespearean plays then that makes Queen Elizabeth a series of Greats and then Grandmother to not only myself but to a whole lot of my relatives in the United States that came here to the United States between 1720 and 1730 and now live not just in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kansas, and Illinois but probably in every state in the U.S. including Washington, Oregon and California.

Sanskrit and Tibetan

Sanskrit and Tibetan. Around 1969 my friend Anton was studying at UCLA. He eventually got his bachelor's degree there and a Masters Degree in History of Religion with an emphasis on Buddhism and Sanskrit. Since we were both avid mountain climbers and rock climbers at that time I would drive up from San Diego where I was going to college at the time and pick him up in my VW bug and we would pack it up with climbing equipment and supplies and head to the nearest big rock or mountain we wanted to climb next.

On the way sometimes we would stop at the Shambala Bookstore in Berkeley, California, because at the time that was the only place we knew of to buy Anton's Sanskrit dictionaries and advanced books. I believe they all were published in India at that time. Nowadays one can go online and get advanced translations from Sanskrit to English or vice versa. Anton is about as fluent as any westerner I know now in Sanskrit both reading writing and speaking. However, it is important to note that like Latin Sanskrit is a dead language with languages like Hindi being one of the many remnants just like French, Italian and Spanish and others are the remnants of Latin and are therefore called Latin languages.

Recently, a friend went through a breakup and wanted to remind herself to stay in the present. She is about 20 years younger than myself so I called Anton to assist with the translation. She wanted Sanskrit characters on her wrist saying: Be Present or Be here now. Online I found a
Sanskrit word, "Etad", which seemed to best represent this. Then we called Anton and he agreed that best represented the sentiment she wanted. So he wrote the script and faxed it to us. Then my wife who is an excellent artist did the writing in a calligraphy form. Next, our friend went to a reputable tattoo artist and she now has Be Here Now in Sanskrit on her inside right wrist.

I personally don't believe in tattoos as I am the wrong generation for that. My generation was long hair and beards and moving back to the country, to the land, away from the cities to start over a new generation less corrupted than the old. Every generation is somewhat successful with their goals and each following generation makes whatever changes they felt lacking in the parents actions to make a better world. I think it has always been this way.

In the process of researching "Be Here Now" in Sanskrit on the Internet I found out that the written Tibetan language was created by Tibetan Buddhist Monks to be able to translate into Tibetan all the Buddhist works from 2500 BC into the Tibetan language. So Tibetan is very Sanskrit like in its writing style and characters. I was sort of amazed to find that out as at one point I was learning Tibetan so I could be a cultural anthropologist to help preserve Tibetan ideas and culture from permanently disappearing from the earth. However, a divorce and custody battle ended that dream and I had to just try to psychologically and physically survive. Then I almost died in 1998 and had to retire. Now, however, since doctors have finally diagnosed the root causes of most of my physical problems I am now back to feeling 35 most of the time again. So mostly, I am 59 and feeling 35 most days and wondering what to do with the rest of my life having had to retire in 1998. I have taken up writing as an avocation and exercise a lot in nature with my dogs or on a bike but now my life is back to normal and I'm 59 I'm trying to figure out how I could something more positive with my life. I have mentored many younger people and helped people through many life crises etc. but sometimes it seems there is more I should be doing with my life so I continue praying for answers and one by one they come.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Crazy Wisdom

Crazy Wisdom. Crazy Wisdom is best defined as "The Wisdom Beyond Logic". Another name for it might be Intuitive Wisdom (intuitive Fred?)

My Tibetan Lama teachers and friends and even some Native American Medicine Men referred to me as Being "Crazy Wisdom". And sometimes Lamas would say "You are a Crazy Wisdom Incarnation". To me as I actually experience it I am usually the quickest to save someone from dying in a serious situation. I remember being at a church party and there was a little boy drowning in a pool with about 100 people watching. Though I was several tables away I was the only one who got up in dress clothes to save this boy.I was about 12 years old at the time. I remember thinking at the time, "What a bunch of assholes these church people are. They care more about appearances than people surviving." This was a watershed moment for me. This introduced me to the concept of just how many people talk the talk but how very few walk the walk. I realized right then that I was one of the very few who actually walk the walk and who will save safe a life when given the opportunity within moments.

So my point of view has absolutely nothing to do with getting your approval or kudos or even getting my ego stroked. I am only interested in one thing: to save enough lives through teaching right mindful compassionate thinking so that the human race doesn't go extinct here on earth anytime soon. You might laugh at me for saying this but I think you should go to Australia and talk to people there and then go to Alaska to the northern coasts and talk to people there and then go to Africa and talk to people whose tillable land is turning into desert at an alarming rate etc. etc. etc. You don't even have to leave the United States. You can look at Atlanta with less than 80 days water left for people to use. Or you can go to Southern California where they might tell you maybe they have had only 3 inches of rain when normal is 12 to 15 inches. This would explain to you why 80 mile an hour Santana winds blew power lines down and caused so much damage so quick that fire departments had to spend most of their time evacuating people so they wouldn't die in the resulting firestorms. They succeeded in reducing the loss of life but at great cost to homes and property. But California had learned awful lessons from the Cedar Fire of 2004 when there was much more loss of life than this time.

For even some humans to survive what is coming we must learn the old ways of physical and spiritual survival. We must learn to live close to the land once again. Because quite likely at some point there will not be Gasoline, diesel, nuclear power, electricity and our present technological civilization. Those who survive then will ride horses, will be able to live off the land, will have to make their own weapons for protecting themselves and for gathering food. I know this may be very sad for most of you including me. But I think it could come any time the way things are presently going on earth. Looking at the price per barrel of oil at over $93 gives us all this inkling of the coming future.

I think at the very least if we want our families and children to survive what comes next it would behoove us to prepare ourselves our children and our grandchildren physically, psychologically and spiritually for the inevitable.

When you Desensitize Any Civilization

When You Desensitize any Civilization. I believe the following article is based upon desensitizing a civilization.

The article has an agenda. It's intended purpose to to belittle those with the beliefs and to propagandize another point of view. By Belittling another point of view one can make people doubt their instincts. When you make people doubt their instincts you make them vulnerable to self doubt and self destruction.

Another problem I have with this article is that in the 1980's polls like this were taken and between 75% and 90% at that time believed in ESP and UFO's. So one must then take a point of view that either A. The government misinformation machinery has been successful in dumbing down the average American. or B. The Percentages are skewed to further manipulate the publics point of view or Both A and B. I tend to lean to both A. and B.

It reminds me of when Reincarnation was removed as a normal belief in Christianity in I believe the 3rd to the 5th Century as a way of bringing hell, fire and brimstone into being by the European Emperors at that time. The Emperors did this by putting the Pope in Prison until the Bible was changed. The purpose was to make the common people so afraid of death and hell that they could more easily be enslaved and controlled. If you notice reincarnation is still not reincorporated back into Christianity and the psychological and spiritual enslavement has continued in Western Culture ever since then because of this.

I have noticed in this era of political correctness that individuality has been lost. People are now afraid to have a different opinion than other people. This country used to relish individualism and a multiplicity of points of view. This no longer appears to be the case. If one now does not share a very narrow point of view then one is considered outcast of the upper echelons of society. Lately, there are multiple points of view that are being denigrated. I am from the old school of rugged individualism that has always made this country great. I say "The Hell with being Politically Correct because the end result is a form of fascism like Hitler created in Germany". Though the intentions of those trying to be politically correct are good, unfortunately in reality it just doesn't work in a practical sense and desensitizes like a new form of racism. Only this form of racism doesn't have to do with race but point of view. So anyone who doesn't share this point of view is ostracized, put down and denigrated.

Whatever happened to the many points of view that I grew up with? Now, if one is not politically correct, one may be denied jobs, advancement etc. This doesn't happen in such a way that someone could actually sue to get compensation but it happens subtly but irrevocably.

When I attended a four year university I began to notice that the same analytical and organization skills that I needed to get A's in a University were the same skills that tended to separate me from my humanity. I noticed that I was becoming computer like in my actions and responses. People are not just computer hardware andsoftware. If they are viewed that way it is a loss to civilization because human beings are thousands of times more than that. By narrowing ones point of view in search of a masters degree or a doctorate one can lose ones basic humanity and basic goodness in the process. Without ones instincts intact and without ones basic compassion intact one begins to literally become a robot. At that point it doesn't really matter if one has all the tea in China, because at that point one has lost what is most precious and valuable in living as a human being on earth.

When people who are educated in this way run the world, the world can only be headed to ruin. Because what becomes important to one so desensitized directly conflicts with the needs of the human race. One ends up with exactly what is happening on earth now. The poor starve and the rich get richer. Given a choice most of us would choose to be rich over being poor and dead but without some middle ground one winds up with billions of dead poor people and a few robotic rich who have permanently lost their humanity.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Sustainability. The following BBC article talks about how humans are failing to create sustainability in the worlds ecosystems.

The problem of not creating sustainable ecosystems or lifestyles is that this only exponentially creates problems in conjunction with Global Warming. If you create a mathematical formula and you keep increasing the number variables in regard to sustainability and Global warming what you get is a quick ticket to oblivion for all or most life on earth.

If one studies how civilizations like the Mayas and the Easter Island Culture collapsed it was that no one took into account their limited resources. Also, historically, limited resources are a sure fire way to create a war over those resources. So, in the middle of limited resources if people then fight over them then the reduction of those resources ends more quickly and the civlization suddenly ends in a great starvation or of both starvation and thirst combined. Because of the way the world presently uses resources I think we likely are headed for the starvation and thirst combined with a war over resources because this is what both human nature and history indicate.

However, there is one caveat to this. I believe that if the world's population goes below 500 million people and wars or global warming haven't completely devastated earth's capacity to regenerate then I believe that earth might regenerate again a world somewhat like we knew in the early 20th century within 5000 years or more.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's Hard Being a Precognitive Psychic

It's Hard Being a Precognitive Psychic. First of all, I have learned over my lifetime of being a natural precognitive psychic that most of the time you can't tell people what you see. If you tell people what you see and then they don't change and prevent what you see then the bad things I saw then happen and sometimes those left alive blame me. So to avoid that I usually try to redirect people so the bad thing doesn't happen. If that is successful then I don't get blamed for the bad thing and the bad thing doesn't happen and people don't die or get maimed and everyone but me is ignorant about the problem in the first place.

I sense many thing before they happen. Sometimes the only thing I can practically do is pray. I suppose it would be like if your son or daughter was dating someone who because of your life experience you knew was a complete mistake to be dating. If you are a precognitive psychic long enough it sort of becomes an ongoing useful tool just like eating, breathing, drinking water, like that. People who haven't spent the time to develop gifts like this would have to then compare being psychic to learning a skill, whether that skill was driving a car, riding a horse or motorcycle or writing. All these skills take a whole lot of practice if you want to be really good at any of them. Like they say, "Practice makes perfect".

Lately, what I have been experiencing on earth as a psychic is a whole lot of what I would have to call "World Post traumatic Stress Disorder". The problem of this is that normalcy has to be maintained by at least some of the human race. However, what seems to be happening is that so many species are going extinct at once on the planet now both plant and animal that all psychological balance of all species on the planet seems to be upset. There doesn't appear to be a real normal anywhere one looks. In this kind of reality the only normal seems to be the one each one of us generates inside ourselves through things like positive reinforcement and meditation and prayers and encouraging our friends and relatives and giving them hope so they can go on another day.

It appears that the balance of all species is affected by each extinction of any plant or animal. I'm not sure exactly how this works other than I can experience it as feelings as it happens because I have second sight. For example, when there is going to be an earthquake I sometimes get nauseated for up to a week or more. I'm usually relieved when the earthquake actually happens because then at least I know I'm not going to die and that I was just experiencing a pre-earthquake nausea. When the Indonesian Tsunami and Earthquake happened around Christmas 2004 I thought I was going to die for about a month it was so bad. Then another eerie thing happened. The heaven realms drew nearer to earth than they ever had in my lifetime. Then when the earthquake occured my nausea and headaches suddenly ended and I knew I wasn't going to die. I was relieved for myself and my family even though I was horrified at the deaths of almost 200,000 people from the Tsunami. Other psychics I know had the same experience and we compared notes after the Tsunami. I didn't know where and when I only knew something was coming, either death or an earthquake. It turned out to be both but me and my family were safe. This also explained why the heaven realms drew very near to earth during the weeks and months before the Tsunami and quake. They were preparing to receive about 200,000 souls.

I was speaking to a friend who is also a psychic in her 80's now. When I was only 21 and considering suicide she was a member of my parents church and she showed me how to invoke angels into a state near the physical when needed. I realized then that I didn't have to commit suicide because I could invoke the angels and heaven right here on earth. I definitely have had an amazing life.

Rancho Bernardo

Rancho Bernardo. I lived there in the early 1970's while I was attending college nearby. It was a fairly happy time of my life living there. I met my first wife while I lived there and even the first time she said "I Love you" to me was there even though I was quite surprised at the time.

Also, I had my second conscious out of body experience there. My first had been in the desert near Yucca Valley in a friend's cabin. I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and when I tried to turn the bathroom light on my arm went through the wall. I was terrified to find I was out of my physical body and very afraid I might not survive it at the time. So I laid down into my physical body after I found it in the next room sleeping and when we merged I woke up and my body was shaking. I got up and went home to Rancho Bernardo(about 2 hours by car) even though it was between 2am and 3 am then. As I drove away from the desert cabin I said, "God. You almost scared me to death. Please give me a good experience as this almost killed me!"

A month or two later God granted my wish. I woke up and sat up out of my body. I wasn't scared this time because I was still joined to my physical body from my hips to my toes. I turned around and saw my head and torso sleeping peacefully behind me and then I turned and saw another me walking in the door to my bedroom in Rancho Bernardo. It had an angelic look on its face and laid down into me and then we laid down into my physical body. I said to God, "Thank You God! That is what I wanted." I went to sleep feeling complete peace in God. My world paradigm had permanently altered because I had seen how aspects of my soul can exist separately from my physical body. Death from that moment on was only a memory and I stopped fearing it. I now see death as second birth because of that experience and I see my physical body as an instrument of my soul and God here on earth. At that moment my physical body became a reference point and I began to experience the whole universe just as I believe God had always intended.

Hearing that much of Rancho Bernardo had burned down this week it took me back to these amazing memories of experiences I had there in the early 1970's.

of Black Holes and Galaxies

Black Holes in Center of Growing Galaxies

New Research on Quasars in the far distance is in the following article.

As a precognitive psychic I have written about our Galaxy. What I found was that the Galaxy itself could best be described as an organism, maybe like a jellyfish floating in space. Another possibly more useful description would be a family of organisms or a colony of organisms.

It is my experience that our Galaxy was created by beings who do live in both matter and antimatter universes. They do not breathe air and are literally beings whose babies are suns. An adult of this species of beings might resemble a Nebula, for example, I'm not entirely certain about this because when I communicate they appear to be vague in describing themselves as adults. Possibly this is a form of self defense from beings like ourselves because we live such quick fast lives in a millisecond to them. They appear to function in a completely different sense of time and space as these beings have life spans of literally billions of years so each of our lives would be only a millisecond to them. They feed by taking dark matter and oscillating it slowly back and forth between antimatter to matter and back again. These beings can feed in either direction and our galaxy and for that matter all galaxies are the matter side of this oscillation. The Black Hole joins each galaxy to its polar opposite antimatter Galaxy side of the oscillation.

Since I cannot prove my Theory to you unless you are psychically gifted like myself it must remain in the realm of hypothesis at best for you.

I'm not sure how long it will be for scientists to corroborate what I'm saying. The biggest barrior of course for us it the time space and time compression barrior to validate what I am saying.

Follow Your Hunches

Follow You Hunches. I'm sure all of you at one time or another have said to yourselves, "I have a hunch about this. I think I'll follow it." Well. Imagine learning to do this all the time about most things and then using the scientific method to calibrate for success. That is what I have done in my life. However, in the end it all starts with a hunch or inkling of some sort. Learning when it is important to listen to these instincts will save you life and the lives of those in your life. I know. It has allowed me to help save my own life and many others over the years.

For me, it is a lot like being a parent and keeping an ear out for the call, distress or otherwise from your child 24 hours a day. That is about how it works for me. I'm not always following down a hunch but if I get one I drop everything and follow it to where it leads. Sometimes this is not possible because of various responsibilities. However, if life gives me the choice I always follow my hunches because I have always found that following hunches saves lives and protects all I hold near and dear from serious injuries both physical and emotional.

Do You Like Where You Live?

Do You Like Where You Live? If you do then you might be interested in what I have to say if you want where you live to stay as nice as it is right now.

If where you live is beautiful, with clean air and water and whatever else you find you like then you might want it to stay that way. Historically, when people first come into an area to settle they tend to overhunt, overfish, overgraze their animals etc. Soon that place is changing and not as nice as it was and many people then want to move on and ecologically devastate another area. I know that is not their intention, that is just what usually happens down through history.

If you live in a country like the United States there might be more laws in place to ecologically protect whatever area you are in. However, these laws aren't always enforced and some laws just don't seem to be useful to the ecology or humans in general and only benefit Corporate interests.

Where I live, for example there is an overabundance of deer. I have to be careful if people visit and then try to go out to their cars at night because they might startle a deer with unexpected consequences.

For example, I was riding my bicycle a few years ago and heard a girl about 13 crying and running after her dog. I looked at the dog and he was a black dog about 70 pounds and had obviously chased a buck with horns and had been thrown through the air and his flesh on his chest was torn away to his ribs by the horns. Deer know how to protect themselves very well having done it for thousands of years.

There are a lot less mountain lions around where I live to eat these deer and hunting where I live is completely forbidden. So people come from all over to golf and see the deer on many golf courses in this area. However, I have to be sure that My 70 pound dog is on leash on the streets so he isn't hurt by a deer or buck protecting itself.

What I'm trying to get at is that too much or too little of any of the species of creatures both plant and animal that had existed where you live for thousands of years begins to change forever the local ecology. It doesn't matter what the species of plants or animals is. It could be ants or bugs or birds or wasps or whatever. Too much or too little of whatever species it is permanently begins to change the ecology where you live to the point where it becomes something else entirely.

For example, over 50% of the Monterey Pines where I live have died and had to be removed during the last 8 years or so I have lived here. My theory is that too many houses, the removal of pine needle mulch and oak mulch of thousands of years has begun to make these trees vulnerable to things like pine beetles and pitch canker disease. It might also be the herbicides and pesticides used on many private gardens and golf courses. Whatever the cause or causes the forests are dying and if we are lucky 5% to 10% of the old trees will still be alive in another 10 years. Many of us are encouraging baby Monterey Pines to grow in our yards so they will be big within 25 to 50 years.

Where I live is very beautiful. I live on a peninsula that stretches out into the Pacific Ocean. The air here comes mainly off the ocean that has been purified for thousands of miles of ocean and storms and precipitation. In the ocean is an upwelling of water that brings nutrients to the area and so the ocean here is very rich with sea life from 5000 feet down in the trench to the shelfs of 100 feet or less on the coast.

Whatever you can do to help keep the balance of nature and the ecology where you live in balance will help future generations enjoy what you enjoy about where you live.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Fires and Disaster Capitalism

The Fires and Disaster Capitalism. I could tell you there is a new breed of capitalist out there but that wouldn't really be true. There have always been people gleefully trying to make a buck (or a billion) out of other people's suffering. However, now it is just much more multinational corporate in nature and more highly planned to not only make a buck out of people's suffering but to help create the suffering to speed up the money making process.

A good example of this kind of thinking took place during and after the 2004 tsunami where fishing villages were wiped out and before the surviving fishermen and their families could rebuild, resorts went up in their place and any surviving fishermen and families were simply pushed aside while they were vulnerable and grieving for their dead. Hurricane Katrina is another example. Many people were ecstatic over black neighborhoods being flooded and the way they completed the devastation and dislocation was to eliminate all public schools in the area and go with charter schools only. This so fragmented the poor communities that most of them in New Orleans have stayed in disrepair. Because as most people know communities tend to build community spirit around their children and their schools. When public schools go cohesion tends to be lost in a community, especially a poor community.

Now, here is another type of Hurricane Katrina except now it is a fire primarily in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties. I just found out none of my relatives lost their homes in any of the fires today. I felt relieved. However, this could be another opportunity for Disaster Capitalists to take advantage of the sufferings of others just like was done after Hurricane Katrina.

Look for International Disaster Capitalists to profit from all the forclosed homes throughout the United States as well. Also, look for Disaster Capitalists to try to kill the goose that lays the Golden eggs(the United States Economy) in various ways as well. The 1 to 2 trillion in borrowed money owed by american citizens for a war they didn't really want is Disaster Capitalism in action as well. I don't think there is anyone who doesn't agree with me at this point that multinational corporate greed based on Disaster Capitalism is beginning to completely destroy our American Democracy and most things we all love About the United States.

Hopefully, our democratic checks and balances will be allowed to create balance out of the present chaos we are presently experiencing as a democracy before the nation is permanently bankrupted to the point where any sensible person who can will leave.


Descartes. The French Philosopher Descartes is purported to have once said, "There is nothing so good that no bad may come of it and nothing so bad that no good may come of it." Since I first read this in my freshman college philosophy class I have noticed over the last 40 years or so that it was true.

Last night my wife and I were in Santa Cruz, California at a State and Federal Government question and answer forum concerning the spraying of a Checkmate pheromone insecticide product over Santa Cruz and that area. We went primarily to let people know that my wife was one of the 200 or more that became ill from the last spraying in September over populated areas on the Monterey County Coast from Carmel to Marina. As I listened to my wife speak to Mr. Kawamura who is head of the california dept. of Agriculture and appointed by our Governor I realized that even though I don't agree with his position because I don't want my wife or anyone else to get sick or to die because of the spraying that Mr. Kawamura believed in what he was doing and that this was better than malathion for what he perceives is an emergency. I guess I can understand that agribusiness is panicking now since food in the affected areas of the light brown apple moth is having difficulty being shipped beyond the affected counties infested with the light brown apple moth from Australia where it is a native species there.

However, I still can't understand why populated areas must be sprayed. I have no problem with this being sprayed over croplands wherever they may be. But it is a definite violation of the civil rights of all people and properties being sprayed by air. The majority of the people I know and have talked to about this are against being sprayed or having their property and possessions sprayed once a month for the next 3 years. I think even being sprayed once is insane and a very very very bad precedent not only for California but for the whole nation. If we don't trust what they are spraying now what will we be sprayed with in the future against our will? Most people feel about this a little like we would if all of us and our children were tied over a barrel and sodomized and then told it was okay and that there was nothing we could do about it. Think about it America you may be next!

I walked outside hearing the first twin engine sprayer plane fly over our home at 200 miles an hour at 500 feet elevation. I didn't stay to get the temporarily blinding mist in my eyes. That would just be stupid. (Though for critters of all sizes a direct hit in the eyes could cause permanent blindness if the critter can't wash it's eyes out with water.) I think we both can imagine the consequences of this for the nocturnal critters like raccoons, skunks, possums etc.
etc. etc. I failed to mention they are spraying 8 pm. to 5 am. If you've ever tried to sleep on a night after a pretty hot day with all your windows closed so you don't have to breathe the spray then you get the idea of what is happening right now to me and my family and everyone local. If you've ever tried to sleep with a loud twin engine aircraft making precision lawn mower like passes over where you live at 500 feet at 11:30 at night until 5 am you also get why people aren't happy including me.

Mr. Linburgh and his wife and child all got ill from the September Spraying on the Monterey Coast. He started a website for himself and others who wanted the spraying to stop. He spoke at the meeting about a Naval Post Graduate students 11 month old son who was exposed to the spraying and now has permanent lung damage from it. Mr. Linburgh asked Mr. Kawamura if doctors could prove that the boy had permanent lung damage from the spray if he would stop the spraying. Mr. Kawamura said, "Yes. He would stop the spraying if it could be proved."

When my wife mentioned at the meeting the research we did to find that one of the ingredients of the spray kills fish outright and interferes with zooplancton reproduction an expert told us that this chemical is a lot like clorine in that it is safe at a low dosage as in clorinated water through a tap. I don't know about you but I have never seen clorinated water as safe any time in my life and have chosen not to drink clorinated water if there was any other viable choice available for at least 30 years now.

Yes, Descartes, maybe something good will come from all this bad of being sprayed every month for the next 3 years or more but at least right now I can't see what it is. All I can see now is my rights and the rights of everyone between Santa Cruz and Carmel's rights being spit on and trampled and mutilated beyond recognition.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Safety First:The Next 10 Days

Safety First:The next 10 days. When I sat down to write this article my desk chair lock suddenly gave and the open water bottle in my hand sprayed water all over my computers and a hanging framed wall mirror behind my computers when the chair snapped back. I realized as I cleaned up the mess that I needed to be careful the way I worded what I was going to say.

First of all, as a psychic and I hope an intelligent person it is obvious to me that we are in a very similar historic position that reminds me of the crash of 1987. I guess as a psychic and as a student of history we have a 50-50 chance in the next ten days of repeating 1987 or worse in the worlds stock markets. So as someone who believes in compassion towards all life on earth and beyond I write this article. I believe that being diversified into many blue chip stocks, having some cash and savings available and not expecting to sell ones real estate for anything near what what could 3 years ago for 5 or ten years is a good bet on what one might need 10 days from now for the next 5 to 10 years. If one is into too risky of an investment(s) it might be difficult to recover if things go south. Also, it is very likely if things go south that the stock markets go south all over. Now this could just be a 20% stock adjustment and that would be the end of it. However, with adjustable mortgages going south it is difficult to predict exactly what will happen next. Since most people I know are sensibly invested they should be okay. However, there are many who like the high profits of risky investments and I worry about them during the next 10 days and after.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Disaster Capitalism Economics

Disaster Capitalism Economics. I just read about this last night. I suppose I have known that there have always been people willing to profit from other peoples suffering. I suppose it could even be said that American colonists profited from the sufferings of the native Americans who died from smallpox and wars starting in the 1600's. However, though some may profit from such ventures I prefer to live with my conscience and move in other ways. I put the article I read on the subject here for whoever is interested in studying about this. I plan to read this book if only to better understand how those without a conscience are profiting from the suffering of others.

Unfortunately, it appears that there is more money behind Disaster Capitalism Economics than there is presently working for humanitarian causes on earth. So what is the end result? Left unchecked my guess is that the human race and most life on this planet might go extinct within 100 to 1000 years because of these and other factors. Here is the article I read and the book it introduces.

When I tried to use the link above I failed because they archive their articles. So here is the book name and author instead. "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" by Naomi Klein who is an investigative reporter. On the back cover of the book this quote by John Le Carre begin quote regarding book "Impassioned, hugely informative, wonderfully controversial, and scary as hell." I think I would agree with all these assessments. Though there have always been people who created crises down through the centuries, I don't know if it has ever been done on the scale of today worldwide. I would say as a psychic that there is no living thing on earth that is not suffering in some way known or unknown to them caused directly or indirectly by disaster capitalism now and/or in the past.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Burma(Myanmar) is being Clear Cut

Burma is Being Clear Cut. Since I first heard that Burma's gasoline was 5 times more than it had been the week before I had been trying to make sense of that fact. The next week, 30,000 monks started demonstrating and people were dying in the streets along with the Japanese journalist many of us saw on TV here in the west.

Soon after this I believe I have discovered why gasoline is 5 times normal price in Burma. Burma is being Clear Cut and sold to the Chinese starting in North Burma and cutting toward the South. Most trees in Burma are being cut down one by one. This wood is being put into products in China that are sold to the United States (very likely in places like WalMart). By jacking up gas prices 5 times less people in Burma would be able to see for themselves the clear cutting of all their forests in the north because they definitely would never hear about it on tv or radio or Burmese newspaper.

So people are dying because Americans and all the rest want cheap goods and Americans aren't being told the full truth. I believe I have stumbled upon it. What do you think America? Are cheap goods worth the deaths, tortures and imprisonments of thousands of people?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ancient Moken Wisdom

Ancient Moken Wisdom. Many of the most ancient peoples and to so called civilized peoples, primitives, are some of the ones who will best help those who will eventually survive the Global Weather changes and tsunamis and earthquakes, droughts, deluges and the like that will come now and in the future.

I was eating breakfast at a restaurant with my family and a friend this morning. My friend had heard about Mokens whose tribe was the only group that was hit by the big Tsunami that did not lose any members at all. The Tsunami was and is called among other things, The Indian Ocean Earthquake, the Indonesian Tsunami or the Day after Christmas Tsunami of 2004 (December 26th 2004).

It turned out that the only group that was hit by the tsunami at full strength that did not lose any members was one tribe of Mokens who live on the Andaman Islands of Thailand. They are sea nomadic peoples and don't have a written language and are sometimes called Sea Gypsies. In their language there is no word for worry, when, or want because the whole tribe shares with each other. When is not important because there is only now. Worry is not important because they always have each other. Want is not important because they all share whatever they have with each other.

When the day of the tsunami arrived a tribal elder noticed the ancient signs. A so called civilized person might not notice but someone who lives close to the earth and sea must notice everything to survive. An elder of the Moken tribe noticed first that all the birds moved to higher ground on the island. Then he noticed all wild animals were moving away to higher ground too. He talked to his daughter about this and she said, "Old man, you must be drunk." However, as he got everyone in the tribe to notice that all the birds and animals had left for higher ground they realized he was right as this was the ancient tribal sign for a tsunami recorded for thousands of years within their verbal histories passed down through the elders of the tribe. So everyone either went to higher ground or they got in their boats and sailed and paddled out to sea. On their way they met other sailors not of their tribe and told them of the coming tsunami. These sailors didn't believe them and they all died because their boats were in very shallow waters fishing. But all the Mokens were far out to sea or on high ground so every Moken in that tribe lived who had been warned of the signs.

There is another thing if one lives near any ocean to be aware of. If the ocean suddenly goes out hundreds or thousands of feet from the normal shore of where you are and this isn't a normal thing that happens every day. Don't run out and gather the fish and crabs and all. Run for higher ground instead. If there is no higher ground then climb a tree or a coconut palm and tie yourself in because a tsunami is coming and you might not survive otherwise.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love. I started reading the first few pages of this book at However, I was immediately mesmerized by her truthful, humorous, self deprecating style of writing that I would almost call Zen like in its style. Though I'm still in the beginning chapters I find it a very empowering powering book for young women of all ages. I have not read any book in the last 3 or 4 years that I felt was more important in the realm of self discovery and self realization in a very truthful context than this book. Elizabeth Gilbert's writing style is the envy of any writers I know. Though men might want to shy away from this book, remember if you want to keep your girlfriend, wife, lover etc. it would behoove you to read this book to better understand your significant other as well as what is meaningful to the human race in general including yourselves, men.

In Tibetan Buddhism there is a concept I love. It is called right mindful compassionate thought. In other words "What is the most intelligent useful pragmatic way to help people in a compassionate way the most efficient way possible?" I believe this book is an excellent example of this kind of thinking.

Anything is Possible

Anything is possible. As a precognitive psychic when I observe people I notice that only about 25% at most of truly gifted people actually use their gifts in a conscious way. For example, if one had arms and hands but didn't believe they could use them and handcuffed them behind ones back 24 hours a day then life could be very difficult indeed for such a person. Likewise people who deny their gifts are doing this every day. So this is what the average 75% of the gifted people of the world do.

Yes, getting empowered in feeling safe and comfortable using ones gifts is not an easy thing. However, unless enough of us humans actually learn to use our gifts to benefit all beings then all species on earth (or at least most humans) will go extinct. So it behooves each of us to realize that literally anything is possible.

Some might say: "Well that is magical thinking and should be stopped." My answer to such people is that as a species we didn't just survive on linear thinking alone for thousands of years. All mankind have incredible non-linear abilities either in potentiality or in actuality. I have met thousands of people who have learned to develop one or more of these abilities and they are all over the world and they are of all religions and no religions and they are everywhere.

If you ever find yourself in a serious survival situation and out of cell phone range your non-linear abilities are at least equally as important as your linear abilities in fact I would say your linear abilities go down to being only about 10% to 25% of what allows you to survive. People who only live with creature comforts might not understand this properly.

To test my theory go camping for 2 to 4 days with no cellphones, no motorhomes or vans or truck campers, no portable tv's, no Sony Walkmans or anything else electronic and see what I'm talking about. If you can handle it go camping with a group of like minded friends or just one other person. Take no electronic devices or any books of any kind so you have to live with your own thoughts. After these 2 to 4 days without cars, people, or anything electronic or even any books tell me what was the single most important thing you learned about what it is to be human?

Ethnic Cleansing: Then and Now

Ethnic Cleansing Then and Now. Turkey: What are you doing? Ethnic cleansing went out with the Ottoman Empire we all thought. Turkey has been very secular and acting like Europe and the United States could trust it in possibly Nato and the European Union. However, now Turkey is posturing more like a nation on the verge of joining Iran and Syria. Because what appears to be happening is a move to exterminate all Christian Kurds just like most Christian Armenians were exterminated 100 years ago by former Turkish rulers of the Ottoman Empire. Since Turkey now has a historic reputation of exterminating Christian minorities in their own country or near their country I think it is important for Europe and the United States to monitor what happens next very closely.

It is possible that if Turkey does a blitzkrieg on Kurds in Southern Turkey and Northern Iraq that 80% of the Kurds will be dead before the U.S. or European Union can respond. At that point the most Christian nations could do is to punish Turkey with sanctions economically after the fact. I do fear this scenario may be next before the new year!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Judge Orders Moth Spraying Halted

The Article of the name above is at the following internet address below if you are interested.

If you have read any of my articles on the subject of pheromone spraying where I live in California then you know I am pretty happy that the spraying has stopped at least for now. Santa Cruz is now also suing to stop the spraying in their area November 4th through 9th.

The permanent stopping of the spraying of densely populated areas is important to me mainly because it is a health hazard. Most people around the world have gotten used to government lying to them on one level or another. So most aware people started doing research into the spraying of this area of Coastal California because there is no reason to believe that what they said was safe to spray really was. So as a result several groups are getting together to fight the spraying through legal action. More individuals and groups are joining every day because we have not been told the truth about the spraying on many many fronts. Not only is it threatening the health of hundreds of people in the short term but how many humans will be affected long term in regard to asthmatic and other breathing problems? We also found out the first time we were sprayed that the pheromone also affects most moths and butterflies including the monarch butterfly that our area is famous for.

If farmers want their fields sprayed that is one thing but spraying this over densely populated areas and using the people there as guinea pigs is unforgiveable.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

There are no problems only opportunities

There are no problems only opportunities. In 1994 someone gave me this gem of an idea. At the time I was going through a really horrific divorce and was 46 years old. Because there were 4 children in the marriage(yours, mine and ours) I didn't believe I could survive this particular divorce at that age and keep my life together.

However, a friend of mine whose wife had just died a year before in their swimming pool was there for me because he had just had to survive something really awful. His reaction to his wife dying was to have a serious heart attack and almost die. When he came to visit he was wearing a nitroglycerine patch to stay alive.

He looked at me and said, "The only way you are going to survive something this awful is to take to heart the statement 'There are no problems only opportunities.' As I began to think about how this might work I realized it might save my life.(Though at the time I was willing to do almost anything to protect my children from this awful coming event previous to this I hadn't been willing to do what it would take for me to survive this event.)

How it saves ones life is this: Because you refuse to view any problem as a problem this first relieves ones stress because problems cause stress. Next, one looks for the opportunities that are associated with whatever situation one is in. In my case I was separated and I was unhappy so I started looking for a new companion to help me survive my life. Within two months I had turned my life around in every way. I went from wanting to go out into the woods to fast until I died to realizing that my youngest daughter needed me alive to protect her legally and otherwise. I succeeded in meeting several ladies that I dated and within 1 year remarried and have been very happy in that marriage ever since. Though I wasn't able to get full custody of my youngest daughter then aged 5 I was able to get joint legal custody of her so I could see her 9 weeks a year at my home and during vacations traveling with my new family.

Though I was angry that I couldn't get full custody of my daughter I kept moving in positive directions. When my five year old turned 7 I had a new baby daughter with my new wife. My then 7 year old had asked for a baby sister. Now my 7 year old is almost 19 and has been in college over a year now. My youngest is in a private school and now I'm retired.

So even when something impossible happens in your life if you take "There are no problems only opportunities" to heart you might just survive it with flying colors.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Being Responsible 2

Being Responsible 2. This is a part 2 to the last article. I would call this, "Preparing for the Inevitable". Once again I'm speaking as a precognitive psychic. Many times people talk about stopping global climate change. I think that is misleading. As a psychic I'd like to say that you might be able to slow what is coming down but at this point it can't be stopped. Even if all carbon emissions on the planet stopped cold right now and all humans disappeared from the planet this instant, the following would still happen. For me, as I look into the future the biggest single problem to maintaining life on earth is the winds. Some time within the next 100 to 1000 years depending on what humans decide to do winds will slowly increase below 5000 feet to 7000 feet in elevation until the average wind below 7000 feet in elevation would be 90 miles per hour to 130 miles per hour. I don't know how many of you have been in a 100 mile per hour wind. I have while mountain climbing and I was knocked down again and again and again. Unless you are tied to something you cannot stand or walk in 100 mile per hour winds. But it is worse than that. There will be gusts a few times a year most places below 7000 feet of up to 500 miles per hour. As you can imagine one cannot really have a life that most of us live unless we lived in a protected valley somewhere in Tibet under these conditions as all of Tibet is above 8000 feet in elevation.(There are places also like this in many other parts of the world).

The second inevitable thing even if all carbon emissions ended today permanently would be that within 1000 years both ice caps would be permanently gone and not come back even during the winters. I would estimate the recovery time for earths climate to be somewhere between 1000 to 3 or 5000 years to get back to what we experienced during the 20th century here on earth.

I AM NOT WRITING THIS TO SCARE YOU. My purpose is a responsible one. I am trying like you to find a solution to this problem so that mankind can survive what it has created for itself.
By telling you what I know as a psychic one or more of you might find some feasible way to avoid this catastrophe.

Being a Responsible Precognitive Psychic

Being a responsible precognitive psychic I feel I have a duty to share the future I presently see coming. It is not a pretty one. However, to me the whole purpose of being a psychic who can see the future is to tell people what is coming so they can change it to a better one.

If nothing changes from the way the human race is presently moving I expect a 95% die off of humans within 1000 years. Whether this will lead to a total technological collapse that takes the human race back to the stone age again I can't say. What I can say with absolute certainty is that unless something major happens to change the way people live their lives on earth the 95% die off within 1000 years is inevitable. I suppose the good news is that earth might regenerate herself once again like she did when the large dinosaurs went extinct. The bad news for humans is that it is very possible that we might lose all technical and written and artistic culture of the past 10,000 years or more. A 95% die off would leave approximately 350,000,000 people still alive. Which 350,000,000 people are alive and from what area of earth they live in would tell what aspects of culture would survive on into the future. For example, if there was one or more nuclear wars the people who would likely survive would be very remote and without major technology (at least they would be without the technology to replace the technology they presently had when things ended)

However, if there were no major wars then it would be more likely that people in large cities might be the ones who survived over the people more remote. They would do this by maintaining greenhouses and by the use of solar power and recycling water when their were droughts and the use of wind power and wave power. In this scenario the more remote people wouldn't survive because of winds over 100 miles and hour most days under 5000 feet in altitude and floods and droughts.

Unfortunately, it is possible, even though it is presently implausible to most humans that this scenario could play out within 100 years.

Like I said, what I'm speaking of could happen within 100 years if we humans are really stupid. It could happen 1000 years from now if we are less stupid as a race. In the end it's up to all of us to make sure what we care about survives at all!

There is another scenario that even though it is a potential scenario it is much less likely. As a psychic I realize it is possible for up to 14 billion people to live sustainable lives on earth. However, most people would be unwilling to do what it would take to create a sustainable world for this many. Living on the surface of earth the way we presently do only 200 to 500 million people can be sustained indefinitely(thousands of years or more). However, if humans en mass lived underground and ONLY used the surface for farming, transportation and recreation then earth could sustain 12 to 14 billion people. This is the only practical way to sustain as many people as we presently have on earth.

If humans insist on the present numbers living on the surface then I believe the ecosystem earth will create the demise of all but 200 million to 500 million humans on the surface between 100 and 1000 years from now.

Bumblebees Disappearing

Bumblebees Disappearing: Just two years ago bumblebees had found a way into my attic and built a nest. I got stung a couple of times trying to prevent their entry. (I was successful). However, I always liked bumblebees because their black and yellow coats sitting on flowers gathering nectar always interested me as a child. However, now I'm hearing that bumblebees much like honeybees are disappearing so quick that no one has had time to put them on the list of endangered species.
The following article documents this:;_ylt

Monday, October 8, 2007

Heads up: Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Baja California

Heads up: Oregon, Nevada, Arizona& Baja California. This is a public service announcement. Look for a moth that looks similar to an Oak Moth that eats oak leaves. However, this moth eats the leaves and needles of about 1000 varieties of plants and trees including but not limited to pine, Oak, redwood, etc. It also is a potential threat to many crops. Since it has obviously traveled beyond California by average people moving ornamental plants that have these moth eggs hiding likely under the leaves of the plants being moving county to county and state to state. Therefore when these 300 to 1500 moth eggs per female moth hatch a whole new infestation will exist wherever that is and whatever state it is in.

Since the Australian Light Brown Apple Moth was only discovered early this year in Alameda county California it is believed by scientists here that it has already been here for several years because it has already been found in 11 or more counties in California. So it is extremely likely that there are pockets of these moths in neighboring states or all even all the way up into Canada or Mexico by now. Since they are such prolific breeders in the number of eggs per female produced you might see 100 or more of them per tree or bush or other plant they are interested in as here in California. They look very much like the Oak moth being brown in color except you will see them in about 1000 or more plant and tree varieties. They will eat all the leaves off of any plant they like and then lay their eggs (I believe) under the leaves of a plant they like. Then people or companies take these plants to other states or counties and the problem starts all over again. They remind me a little of what locusts can do only they will do one plant until it is pretty much bare and then move on. Then when they breed and die another generation starts the same process either there or wherever the plants or leaves are transported to.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Problem with a Mercenary Army

The Problem with Mercenary Army. My father taught me about why we had a draft when I grew up. He said the problem is that a professional army sometimes, especially in places like Africa, South America and Southeast Asia tends to put its own interests above the people of that nation.
So, he told me that America had a draft so that the Army would stay loyal to the people of the nation and not its own special interests. Though I support the permanent end of the draft I also see what my father was talking about. Both the American Military and the American and World Military Industrial complex have similar interests. Those interests are that they get enough money to stay in business. So if there aren't any real wars then wars must be manufactured through political propaganda so that the Military and the American and World Military Industrial Complex can stay in business and get enough money to keep going and growing.

President Eisenhower gave a speech when he left office as President of the United States warning the american people and the world the dangers of leaving the military industrial complex intact after World War II. And as I have said a Professional military and the military industrial complex have mutual interests and this can be bad for the general public as Eisenhower warned.

Now we are dealing with mercenaries who work for companies like Blackwater that as of now only answer to their corporate heads or the highest bidder whoever that may be. Though individual mercenaries might individually or collectively owe allegiance to the United States or Europe or whatever country they hail from in the end they owe their allegiance to whoever is paying them. And who is usually paying them is not a country but a multinational mercenary corporation whose loyalty is ultimately to its own profit bottom line and to any stockholders investing in their company. Any companies that don't function this way don't stay in business very long. So ultimately no corporation actually owes its final allegiance to any one country. It only owes its allegiance to whomever helps it stay in business.

For any of you who have a business background out there you know this is just common sense and a part of the pragmatic reality necessary to be in business and to stay in business.

So now we have a whole new kind of mercenary for the world to deal with who is unaccountable to any nation state as of now. They seem to function in a sort of no man's land that organizations like the CIA and the NSA and others function in worldwide. Nothing is actually what it appears to be so no facts can actually be ultimately trusted. For that is always the basic nature of clandestine activities worldwide.

It appears to me that the Iraq war may be winding down just out of pure emotional exhaustion of all the major players in it. The only ones that don't presently appear to be exhausted are Iran, Israel and Syria. Most players like the United States appear to be moving to a new strategy. What it is I can't really say at present. I'm not sure anyone else outside of a government think tank knows the coming strategy either.

Make a Difference!

Make a Difference! Lately I have been reading polls as to presidential and congressional approval by the American people. Both polls are that the president and Congress have an approval rating somewhere between 25% and 33 % which is the lowest approval rating in U.S. History. If you were driving down the street a drunk driver swaying back and forth between four lanes on a freeway wouldn't even have a 25% to 33% chance of injuring or killing you and your family! Think about it!

Our Government is out of control mainly because Government representatives have to answer to too many corporations and special interests. It has gotten to the point where unless you are bought and paid for, and by the way if someone buys you they expect something in return. There are no free rides.

Therefore, if we want ourselves and our families and friends protected and not harmed by our government then we owe it to ourselves to bring our government back under the will of the people rather than the will of big multinational corporations and special interests the way it is now. Unless we can either as private citizens buy back or vote back the government that will actually be there for us then we need to do something new so we have a government that actually is there to represent the common man.

Since multinational corporations now have bought our government and turned it against us the people one way to start to change this is to find out what corporations are working against our best interests. If you find a corporation that is working against your best interests or the best interests of your nation then do NOT buy anything it makes and don't support it in any way. If you have stock in a company that is doing bad things in America or the world sell your stock in that company and invest it somewhere else better in a company that is doing some good.

Second, write your Governors, congressmen or congresswomen and Senators and tell them what you think.

For example, lately I have written everyone that I can think of to try to make them stop spraying populated areas by air where I live. There is nothing locally here on the Central California Coast that has had the residents here more pissed off the last 30 years than to learn that we may be sprayed every month from Santa Cruz county south to Carmel and inland through Salinas until 2010. The spraying each time is three or four days and done at night. Do I or the residents trust what we are being sprayed with? Not Really. Not after Iraq and Katrina and the torture of prisoners. This just isn't the country I grew up in anymore and I know of people who moved to Canada or Europe several years ago because they were just so disgusted with this nations foreign policy moves.

Since the crazy way the Iraq War has been run and the crazy third world nightmare response to Hurricane Katrina most of us realize that our Federal Government is completely dysfunctional and not necessarily a friend to the common people of the United States. The question then becomes "Who then is benefiting from the misappropriations of our tax dollars?"

Like most everyone else in the polls I trust the government now to to something positive for me about 25% to 33% of the time. The other 70 to 75% of the time I do not trust the government to do anything to help me or any other American citizen. In fact, more and more people are afraid of their government in this country much like most people in 3rd world countries. I hope this can change in time for the majority of the people who live here in America to physically survive it.

When our Government at every level is more dangerous than 100,000 drunk drivers on the freeway are to my well being and the citizens of our nation then something just has to change!

Life is what it is when you're there

Life is what it is when you're there. When I was a child this was a very hard concept to grasp because of all the truisms being dumped on me at once. Everything seemed conditional. So "Get up and make your bed or I won't fix you breakfast" or "Pick up your toys or you can't go outside" became the conditional rules of the game for that moment in life.

Later when I was 6 to 9 years old it was, "If you don't go to church with us you can't watch TV all week." That was a big one for me because we didn't have a TV until 1954 when I turned 6 in Tujunga California near the mountains on the outskirts of the Los Angeles area. So I went to church and walked down the main church aisle waving a little American flag while the adults sang, "Onward Chrstian Soldiers" and then we all pledged our allegiance to the American flag. I remember at age 6 thinking "One nation under God and to the elephant for which we stand." I remember wondering about that. Eventually I realized it was "and to the republic for which we stand.". Whenever we church youthlets walked down the aisle while they were singing "Onward Christian Soldiers" the adults singing and praying really seemed to see us as Christian soldiers like little Jesuses walking down the aisle. I remember feeling more than a little intimidated by this as I was forced to do this although all the attention and adulation was very ego gratifying. I knew these people prayed for me and the other children both there and when they went home. I've found the more people one has praying for one the better as long as those people praying are compassionate prayers as I grew up.

When I got older at say 10 years old I would say, "I'm not feeing well don't make me go to church." Sometimes that would work and sometimes it wouldn't. At 10 I got childhood epilepsy and so got a lot more attention and sympathy from this ailment. My experience of it was very strange. Once every 6 months or so when I was stressed out about doing well on a test at school I would have a nightmare and my nightmare would become real in that I would almost die in a seizure. My experience was that I did die during the seizure and then I would wake up leaning against a wall and sitting on the floor shaking. My parents were very worried about me surviving to adulthood. I got a lot of sympathy and my parents realizing that stress caused these seizures stopped pressuring me so much to get straight A's in all my subjects. So I found I had more time to think about things. One of the things I thought about then was suicide because I wasn't sure if I was going to grow up at all. So if I didn't have a future then suicide seemed the logical option.

However, by age 14 I was finally terrified enough by these experiences of dying and found both religion and God and went to my parents church about 3 or 4 times a week so I could bring God into my body with me to the point where I would stop these seizures. This happened when I was about 15. However, there I was with God living in my body with me just like an old Testament Prophet and now what was I going to do? So I finally realized I was only going to be allowed to live in a human body if God lived in my body with me so I just accepted it. My physical appearance suddenly changed after that and all sorts of girls and women started falling in love with me. At first this made me jealous because I knew they were falling in love with God in my body. But after a time I just accepted that God and I were like husband and wife in the same body so we were the same person. I just accepted the God-Fred Fusion after that because it was the pragmatic thing to do.(Life is what it is when you're there).

However, I felt very conflicted in an idealistic sense. There is a story I have heard about someone who goes to the Himalayas to find a wise man and when he gets there he asks the wise man, "What is the secret of Life?" The wise man says, "God decisions." The seeker says, "But how do I make good decisions?" The wise man says, "Bad decisions." This was also my life in my teens trying to figure out what to do with God in my body with me because most other teens hadn't invoked God consciously in their bodies yet and some might never have the need to because they would always be like children even as adults.

I realized that the average person I met could not do what I could because they hadn't invoked God into their bodies so that it was not an even playing field. So I resolved not to be in competition in any way with people who literally had no way to compete with God. So I resolved to be like an older brother or father like being to all beings who could accept me in this way. I resolved not to scare people with my divine gifts unless they were threatening my life or the lives of my friends or relatives. And even then I would only scare them. I wouldn't really harm them in any way. This experience would only tend to bring them to God and their own personal experiences with God, Jesus and the Angels.

What I'm really writing about here is my slow shift from the idealism of youth to the pragmatism of someone with experience who is doing everything in their power to keep their family, friends, neighbors and civilization in a direction that is beneficial to all beings who live on earth and beyond.

So, it is my experience that even as adults there are adults who are children, there are adults who are adults and there are adults who are avatars and then are adults who are like Jesus or Angels incarnate. If there is a good reason I will ascertain which category a person is in while I'm around them in the first 5 or 10 seconds I'm in there presence. This is important because the state of consciousness of a person radiates from them so it can be read like a book by someone like myself. So how I talk to one type of state of consciousness is different than how I would talk to someone in a different state of consciousness.

I sometimes meet babies that are Avatars or incarnate angels and I can telepath with them and I am incredibly blessed. Since all such things are always a circle it always becomes infinite mutual blessings for all involved.

When I was a child growing up the most important thing seemed to be idealism. However, as a full adult the most important thing seems to be compassion with wisdom and pragmatism. In other words the compassionate wisdom born of long experience. Life is what it is when you're there.

Friday, October 5, 2007

ESP 101

ESP 101. All life on earth is made of cells whether it is a one celled amoeba or a human, a giraffe or a tree or whatever organism it is. It is said that 90% of the genetic material of all living things on earth is exactly the same. So it should come as no surprise to anyone to understand that all cells communicate with each other whether they are in colonies as in a human or the lonely amoeba communicating with his or her kind to obtain good food or finding out about danger etc.

In fact, cells could not function in colonies either separately or together in various types of colonies within a human body unless they could communicate 24 hours a day from birth. These cell colonies make up, for example brain or neuron cell colonies, heart muscle colonies of cells or even muscle colonies found throughout the body that allow us to move with a combination of nerve colonies in conjunction with muscle colonies.

In fact it could be said that humans are each a cell in the cell colony of mankind and that people like Jesus or Buddha are the ones who popularize a beautiful new idea like Compassion for Buddha, Grace and forgiveness for Jesus. However, if you view humans like cells in the human cell colony of earth, Buddha was the seed idea but Buddhism is a communication between all Buddhists who have ever lived or will ever live. Likewise, Christianity is a communication between all Christians who have ever lived or will ever live. Jesus started the idea of Christian Brotherhood, Grace and forgiveness but it is all the other cells who love this idea that continue to communicate it to other cells. The same is true of Buddhism and all other religions. So each culture and religion then communicates its own style of needs and likes to all the other human cells.

Now, let's take it to the individual human as a cell level. A human being can choose to focus the awareness of all the cells in his body in a myriad of different ways. Most people are pretty lazy and so don't do much with this ability. However, monks of all religions learn to focus the attention of all the cells in their bodies toward a noble goal. Those who are balanced enough and have enough common sense and compassionate intentions and actions toward all beings succeed in their noble goals to a greater or lesser degree according to their inherent abilities.

So, every aware being can develop whatever cells they have in their bodies to do amazing things. All they need is a very good reason or an emergency to find out that they can do very amazing things. The range of possible things that these people's cells in their bodies and in resonance with 1 or many other humans cells are beyond even my imagination to comprehend. I know what I can do by God's Grace. I know what I could do in an emergency by God's Grace and the answer in the end is: I can do whatever God needs me to as I realize experientially from my life experience that this capacity is literally infinite. Whether each of you realizes this or not the same is true potentially for all of you reading this now.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Buddha Maitreya

Buddha Maitreya. When I was a child I was born with second sight. As an adult I learned about spontaneous accomplishment. I learned that both Jesus and Buddha were two of the proponents of this kind of manifestation. It is being in the right place at the right time in such perfect synchronicity that amazing miracles happened all the time in and around their presence. At some point about 20 to 30 years ago I realized that the Coming Buddha Maitreya and the Second Coming of Jesus were the same thing and the same being! I guess what I'm saying is that it appears to be the right time for this. What do you think?

Pheromone Spraying with polymers and Urea

Representative Laird on behalf of the cities being sprayed by air against the will of the citizens has done some research. It turns out that no one is allowed to know exactly what we are being sprayed with because of patent violations so the ingredients are secret even though NO tests have ever been done with the pheromones they are spraying over populated areas. Representative Laird has found out, however, that the propelent used contains either organic polymers and/or urea. So I guess that means either something akin to fiberglass resin polymers or Cow pee raining down on Marina, Seaside, Monterey, Pebble Beach, Carmel and soon to Salinas and Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz County. When I looked up polymers I found this page:

For urea I found this page:

Unfortunately, the spraying is now becoming as we gather evidence as bad or worse than anything we could have imagined. The only situation I can remember worse than this was 20 or more years ago when populated areas were sprayed with Malathion and many people got sick, got cancer and some died. Since there doesn't seem to be anyone listening to the people on Monterey Peninsula and since no one seems to care a whit about our wishes in this I'm beginning to get scared of what I'm seeing. It is starting to take on a macabre quality and I think the rest of California and the rest of the states need to be prepared for this experience where you live eventually too. Because nothing is being done to stop the Australian light brown apple moth from moving county to county and state to state on ornamental plants, trees, and crops in the form of 300 to 1500 eggs per female moth. Though there are some laws to prevent some crops out of state there is no legislation yet that I know of to prevent the spreading of ornamental plants and trees by both individuals and companies. The eggs of the moth are so small that almost no one would find them until it is to late for your area. Since this moth has likely been in Northern California for several years before it was discovered this spring it is likely already in pockets in the neighboring states like Oregon, Nevada and possibly Arizona and Baja California. It is very likely in Arizona and Baja because it is already in Los Angeles County as it is one of the 11 counties in California that the moth has been found in.

Hazards of Urea according to Wikipedia:

Urea can be irritating to skin and eyes. Too high concentrations in the blood can cause damage to organs of the body. Low concentrations of urea such as in urine are not dangerous.

It has been found that urea can cause algal blooms to produce toxins, and urea in runoff from fertilizers may play a role in the increase of toxic blooms.[1]

Repeated or prolonged contact with urea in fertiliser form on the skin may cause dermatitis. The substance also irritates the eyes, the skin and the respiratory tract. The substance decomposes on heating above melting point producing toxic gases. Reacts violently with strong oxidants, nitrites, inorganic chlorides, chlorites and perchlorates causing fire and explosion hazard.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Burma-Death by Warlords

Burma-Death By Warlords. It is beginning to sound more and more like ethnic cleansing of the Buddhist monks and all civilians who support them by the warlord rulers who obviously don't care if any of the people of Burma survive, only their selfish needs as warlords are addressed.
There are two examples of past atrocities that are beginning to compare with this. The worst example was in Cambodia following the Viet Nam War and sometimes called the Killing fields where 6 million or more Cambodians were exterminated like they were rats by Pol Pots regime and left to rot in the killing fields. The other example was when Tibet was invaded by the Chinese and Tibetan Buddhist lamas and nuns were forced to copulate before they were killed. Before that they were forced to watch their 1000 year old Buddhist temples be destroyed. Both Cambodia and the Tibet example were very similar to what this appears to be turning into. The likely result in the end will be the economic collapse of the Warlord Government of Burma. However, millions likely will die in this arduous process. Neither China, nor Japan, nor Thailand, Nor the U.S. or Europe are likely to send troops. Possibly, the United Nations peacekeepers will be allowed in to re-establish some sanity to the ethnic cleansing of a nation of its own people and culture.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Culture Shock

Culture Shock. Note:The following took place in 1985 and 1986 while I was in Japan, Thailand, Nepal and India. All these countries have changed a lot since this happened in many many ways. So don't expect any of what I'm saying here to be true at all anymore.

In December 1985 I had only been to the lower 48 states of the U.S. and Hawaii, Canada and Mexico. Only Mexico and to a lesser degree Hawaii prepared me for what I was to experience in Asia. At the time I remember saying to my wife and kids before we left for Asia, "This experience will probably be the most like going to another planet that we could experience on earth." The real experience proved this statement correct and more so.

Out in the country in India away from the tourist traps people in the hundreds gathered around us to see people with green eyes and light colored skin. They wanted to touch our hair and even feel the hair on our arms. None of us were prepared for this. None of us ever got used to hundreds or thousands of people gathering in a circle staring at us. In their culture it would be impolite not to stare. In their culture it would be impolite not to try and touch.

My then 14 year old stepson said, "These people think we are gold plated E.T.'s" He was right.
Even though at the time we were just average middle class Americans from Coastal California we could not have been more different to these people than if we came from the moon. Thousands of People begged us to take them with us to the United States. Hundreds of people begged us to take their 15 to 17 year old daughters with us as au pairs for our children aged then 10 to 14. Since most of these kinds of people had no formal education or documentation of their births there was no legal way to help them even if we had wanted to. Some people we came very close to bringing to the United States with us. For example, Deshek, a 22 year old Tibetan man living in Dharmsala, India. He was an educated Buddhist scholar but we realized his vision of what the United States was really like was too much of a dream and nothing we could share could dissuade his ideas of what America really was. We sensed that he would be broken by the truth of America if he came here to live. There is this dream throughout the world of an America whose streets are paved with gold and that everything is easy. You and I who live in America know that though there is opportunity here in America but that the truth can be very difficult to deal with on other levels. In America you can get a lot but what you get can cost ones soul in some ways. People in other countries often just can't relate to the truth of what it is really like to be here and live here for real. And people who can't get to the truth of America likely would be talking to themselves on some street corner once they got here.

One of the hardest experiences was of a beautiful tribal girl that her parents wanted to give to us while we were in Helambu, Nepal trekking. We had to pretend that we didn't understand what they wanted. After that, about 1000 people from her tribe cussed us out as they passed us. We could never understand them nor they us. After the 50th set of people stopped to swear in their language at us and we politely said, "hello. How are you?" we finally got disgusted with this and started to act polite as we swore back at them. This gave us great satisfaction and we didn't get murdered. And as far as I know they didn't understand a word because they were all uneducated.

At times I wonder why it was so important for them to give us their daughter. Maybe she was being forced to marry someone she didn't want. Maybe she wanted to go to America. Maybe she was pregnant and if she wasn't married she would be killed. We never knew. These are the kinds of strange experiences one could have in the Himalayas in the 1980's. Even when I started to seriously consider trying to take her with us I realized she wouldn't have a birth certificate because of being rural and tribal. That was the end of it right there.

Then there was the beautiful 16 year old girl dressed all in white that got on the bus in Pathankot on our way to Dharmsala. I was sitting next to my wife on the bus on the aisle so she walked up to me and locked her knees on my thigh. I looked over at my wife and she sort of shrugged like, I don't know why she's doing this either. No one on the bus seemed to think anything of it. I later believed she was just bracing herself for all the bumbs and chuckholes as the bus bounced along. Later at her stop she simply got off without looking back.

Another time in New Delhi an older lady who once had been beautiful begged me for money while in some sort of gypsy costume. When I ignored her she got down on her knees and grabbed my thigh. As a westerner in this kind of compromising position I didn't see any recourse to giving her a few coins. When I gave her the coins she released my thigh and thanked me. I was very relieved because one never knows what the local customs are throughout India since there are about 300 languages spoken there and with English being the least universally offensive to all the locals.

It was a once in a lifetime experience for 4 months for the 5 of us. We spent 2 weeks in Thailand coming and another week or so returning to the U.S. We spent a couple of Days in Kathmandu, Nepal and then went to Bodhgaya, India to meet our friend. What was nice was that we met two old friends there. One of them was there that we hadn't expected from Alaska.
All five of us in my family's lives were permanently enriched and changed by this experience. Though we had to deal with dead bodies that didn't get picked up in the streets on multiple occasions, in general we were more amazed by our experiences than dismayed. I talked to an American who said, "I have a love hate relationship with India. Some of the worst things I've ever seen have been here but also some of the most wonderful and amazing things have also happened while I have been visiting here." This sort of summed up my experiences too.

The absolute worst culture shock was coming home to America. Everyone was hiding in their cars, and apartments and homes and not walking or talking or even arguing over prices on the street markets together. I found the real reality though harsh was in India and Nepal. The fake reality was here in America. Though it is much safer to live here in America it is also a lot more fake like living in Disneyland. However, would you rather see dead bodies on the streets that no one ever comes for to take them away or live in Disneyland? Most people on earth would make the same decision that you and I have and live in America.